Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

Slap on the highway, capable of off-road, richly stocked and at the technical level advanced - it is seven years was king of the hill, failing to lure into their network almost half a million people. One side, to do a remake of the hit itself - is like a continuation of the Titanic shoot, on the other - is the word “need to”. Today, we are heir to that same "brick" of the '90s - Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ.


Gangster century is short - that is great for the primitive accumulation of capital, It can not be the whole lifestyle. Even steep should be able to adapt. But a person can not lose: its not usvoyut, and the enemies will trample.

Following the global trend, with the change of generations of Grand Cherokee has grown in size and sewed for himself new uniforms instead of the rough robber robes predecessor. Rounded body panels, It became a dynamic silhouette, there was more unique optics. But grin branded grille and muscular arches hint, jokes that this guy is still bad.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ


Completely redesigned interior echoes the exterior - fangled circularity used in moderation, so as not to slip into a dull biodesign. Due to the German influence became more decent plastics and careful assembly, but failed to get rid of Americanisms. Controls rude, knobs and buttons as though taken from the pickup. That there is only one mirror control unit, reminiscent of a TV remote control.


Options Laredo - Holy basic simplicity. Despite upholstered in leather too wide, but generally comfortable armchairs with electric, more than she had nothing to boast. Kondyuk, Power windows and mirrors, Cruise control, Easy music and impermissible lack of heated seats. Before the unfortunate small volume of the glove compartment is compensated deepest armrest.

In the background the couch waiting for the guests too vertical landing pad and a bit short, but complain about the lack of places of sin. Pity, that delight in the expanse can only two - at the middle part of the sofa can withstand only very short trip. Center armrest is not provided, and a pair of cupholders are registered in the list of facilities and socket, powered directly from the battery.


In move

Under the second mask Grand Cherokee, As in the case with the predecessor, hid several diverse personalities. bounder Laredo 4.0 - the most simple-minded of their. His row "Six", More known over the past generation, after upgrading outputs 190 HP. shyly, if consider, that the gearbox works chetyrohstepenchaty old machine, and a curb weight of the Jeep - in the area 1,8 tons.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

But Jeep wanted to spit on the little things. Grand Cherokee gas reacts with the sharpness bandit, Sensing an oblique glance at his side. Instantly, ʙez zaminok, immediately into action. Old school! Automatic - as the prudent banker, can well dispose of the capital entrusted to him, equaling 310 nm. The whole thrust in store already available from 3 000 rev / min. Standing jump, naturally, not so impressive, like the ancient "Grand" with a V8 or Lincoln Navigator, but console ourselves, that it is only the "base", I do not have exactly.

Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ
consumption 100 km

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
17 12 16

Sharp at the start, Further Jeep starts to behave like a who visited the saloon sheriff. Movement a little bit sloppy, wheel has become noticeably more acute, despite the fact that the reactive force would be and more. But the confident gait. If the old Grand Cherokee just flew forward brick, preferring to give the hook to seven miles away, than contact with turns, the more rigid suspension heir allows him more confident, without frightening the banks to hold on to the road. But with smoothness - without changes. Jeep everything just keeps you in good shape, equally elastically, on the verge of permissible stiffness in response to everything that comes under the wheels.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

And all so, that associates the suspension with the change of generations have not gone away. Grand Cherokee is not going to willingly lose universal fighter title. Thanks to the Selec-Trac razdatke the driver always has a choice between rear, plug and permanent all-wheel drive. On a completely otvyaznyh roads handy locking differentials plus climbing gear. Generally, in which case, run the tractor will be very far away. But where to go? For once in your life to save an Indian real needs every paleface.

purchase history

To 2014 by Cyril became clear, it's time to find the correct replacement Grand Cherokee ZJ, that had served him faithfully for several years. Find similar Jeep in good condition did not work, already well-preserved specimens of asking for more money. The search was delayed, ZJ old man got up the next long repair, as well as weekly trips to the country has not been canceled, It was bought Niva. But communication with the Russian car industry is not set.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

Starting to look Ford Maverick, Mitsubishi Pajero and Land Rover Discovery Cyril decided to add to this list and the Grand Cherokee WJ. Test drive assured him, heir ZJ, having incorporated the best features of ancestor, has become a modern and comfortable. Suitable specimen was found in one of the car showrooms, engaged in the sale of second-hand cars. It was a jeep arrived from the United States 2001 Year of release, who had to change in Russia 2-hosts and change 180 000 miles. Car salon manager has kindly agreed to take Jeep in the profile service for the diagnosis, which showed only need planned maintenance and replacement of rubber. Grand Cherokee has managed Cyril 350 000 rubles.


The most severe repairs Grand Cherokee suffered after an accident. On the road, moving away from him to leave on an oncoming car pull over Kirill. There, snesya on the road a couple of pines, he flew into a ditch. Worked driver airbag, right side was damaged cars. But Cyril decided to restore the Jeep. hood have changed, "TV", radiators, front right fender, passenger door and the front panel, and still had to stretch, which has forged a centimeter Right Upright. Repair parts, taking into account cost the approximately 300 000 rubles.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

PetrolTank Grand Cherokee made of very thick double-layer cellophane, but its protection - Steel. So when stuffed dirt between them, protection starts rapidly corrode. Cyril noticed in time, What else slightly - and it will lose the gas tank on the way. Since the new protection costs almost 30 000 rubles, I had to find alternative b / a, which is in great demand for disassembly.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

at run 220 000 miles began with a box problem. It began to disappear second gear, and I began to run across the machine in emergency mode. Everything was decided a substitution locking ring shank AKP - a rather ordinary failure in this run. Repair takes several hours, despite the fact that to remove the box itself is not necessary. The problem is, that the ring itself is usually supplied to order.

At the moment, Jeep is not working air conditioner: taking off on the road a stone broke the radiator. And because all proprietary grille, having a very wide slit. But the suspension of intervention required only at the end of last year. Were replace bushings front and rear stabilizers, saylentbloki upper and lower arm front suspension and rear suspension bushings lower arm. Next it was the only thing with a regular grease crosspieces of cardan shafts and control.


For four years, the mileage has increased to Jeep 240 000 miles.


TO with the substitution of oil (original Mopar) Filters in the engine and - once a 10 000 km
Fuel consumption in urban - 17 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the track - 12 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - 16 L / 100 km
Fuel - RON 92


You must serve suspension, replacing the spring and spring. Leave with a true friend is not going to Kirill. Comfortable, passable, reliability and simplicity - his candidacy, he still does not see.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

model history

Of the second generation were started in the bestseller Jeep 1998 year. Philosophy Grand Cherokee, do during the alliance Daimler Chrysler, It has remained the same - polunesuschy body UniFrame, beam axle in the suspension, basic wheel drive all-wheel drive and two options Gearing.

Test drive Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ

Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999–2003

Motor palette of the four engines was half of diesels - it was the units of the 3,1 (138 hp) and 2,7 (161 hp) l. The range of petrol engines, as before, The "Six" 4,0, forced to 190 HP. The role of the leader was assigned V8 4,7 (235-265 hp). Transmissions - four- and a five-speed automatic.

In major markets 2nd Grand Cherokee sold to 2004 year.

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