Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Private property! No trespassing! Authorized vehicles only! swearing, every time I unwrapped a roaring monster bristling at Google-maps in a vain attempt to find the roads, It does not belong to any landlord or is not protected by the state as part of the State Park. But this California, baby! Everything is divided down to us…

Dropping the keyboard tears inability to 100% use the enormous potential of this off-road vehicle, I tell, What HMMWV wins Russian "Tiger", which had to do with the Land Rover Defender and the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph, and why at the end of the test I realized, that the civilian Hummer H1 I like even more than, than his army congener.

Hamvy, Batthyány Hammera

Admit, the phrase "Army Hammer" in the title, I used to simply, to not confuse the reader letter combination HMMWV, all realized, what is this about. In fact, everything in front…

HMMWV stands for High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, that is "highly mobile multipurpose vehicle Wheel", and one hundred percent "by his surname, name and patronymic," his name is AM General HMMWV M998. But as the Americans do not like the passion for abbreviations, life tend to simplicity and instead of inspiring terror chthonic GBUZ MIATS prefer to simply write Clinic, in the daily life of the car called conformable Humvee, ie "Humvee".

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Create these machines 1984 years and to this day at the company AM General in Mishawaka town, Indiana. Here, from 1992 to 2006 produced Hummer H1 - plain clothes version of "Humvee", which had the same box and chassis, but more comfortable interior and a choice of engines, including gasoline, of which we have never put on a HMMWV. In 1999 godu rights to Hummer brand sold to General Motors. Show in 2002 , the Hummer H2, who later became popular among rappers in chains and pimps in furs, produced there, in Mishawaka, but at the technical level to the Humvee I did not have any work at all - this is the machine to "trolley» GMT820, pure gasoline, and much more, "asphalt".

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Hummer H1, Hummer H2, HMMWV M1038

Eventually, before you get behind the wheel, say a few words of criticism HMMWV. A huge number of Russian authors of articles on the military theme with a certain share of sarcasm Humvee remember the victims during US military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan in the 2000s. And conclude from this, The car proved to be insufficiently protected and completely failed in combat criteria.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Here it is necessary to make a clarification. The basic version of the Humvee in general has no reservations, and its main role — cross country. Armored HMMWV versions have, but they made them in relatively small quantities. All 80s and 90s, when the US army perceived part in more or less "traditional" military conflicts with the front and rear — in Panama, The Persian Gulf and Somalia, the machines were not many complaints. The criticism in the American press, then picked up by our "experts", It began in the 2000s, when unprotected HMMWV sent to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998 Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Фото: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Humvee

Humvee became easy prey for militants, attacking from ambush: without armor were vulnerable to ordinary firearms, and armored units of ordinary lacked. Besides, not only Humvee, and no matter what (!) unarmored car with a flat bottom fatally dangerous for the driver and passengers in the event of a landmine explosion.

Фото: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Humvee

Фото: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Humvee

HMMWV M1151 '2007-present.

HMMWV M1114 ‘1994–2007я

HMMWV '1994 asl.

HMMWV M1114 ‘1994–2007

Given the protracted nature of contemporary conflicts and their involvement in formal civilians, difficult to distinguish from members of extremist groups, with 2007 year, more than 10 years, army uniform transplanted to MRAP — more languid armored vehicles protected class with a V-shaped bottom, scattering blast.

Generally, mistakes in the strategy, and the strategy will leave on the conscience of the American officers, ohulnuyu criticism Humvee — on the conscience of the critics themselves, and give tribute to the engineers, do more, easy, incredibly passable and reliable car.

Sergeant in the civilian

What unites Humvee with Defender? Right: cubism forms, which in the American jeep unreported even to the absolute, but to Breda. And yet - the widespread use of aluminum! Yes, let it and army equipment, but the design of a relief - it's growth and flotation, and load capacity. So bodyshell duralumin, engine cover - fiberglass, and the doors generally easily removable canvas, with simple plastic locks on the springs and the "windows" on the lightning.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998 Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

A trip to the Humvee - a continuous attraction, which begins with the first minute. Shut for a an easy "wicket", looks around the spartan environment, painted in body color, and proceed to the start-up procedure, is worthy of, to write about it kutsee video.

Adventures with the Army Humvee begin with engine start, which you need to perform a method ? And pay attention to the key size. About both the mailbox. Test drive HMMWV visit Kolesa.ru at the beginning of the next week! #humvee #hmmwv #amgeneral #usarmy #armyjeep

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If you close your eyes, you can imagine for yourself, you're in Kamaz. Acoustic similarity is easy to explain: as well, as well as the Mongolian truck, have under the hood of a Humvee - diesel V8, which gives not only a characteristic rumbling, turning into a roar as the speed lift, but "vosmorochnye" overtone, so pleasant to my ear.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Engine from Detroit Diesel - the embodiment of old school. no boost, mechanical injection pump, indirect injection through vihrekamery, a single camshaft to collapse and block the drive via valve lifters-pushrody. Kickback - 185 forces in 3 600 rev / min, and 447 nm at 2 100 rev / min. It works all very loudly and noticeably stink of diesel fuel. Box - only automatic, 4-speed GM 4L80E, very robust and designed for trucks, buses, armored personnel carriers, and languid limousines Rolls-Royce.

The gas pedal on the Humvees need to push full foot, of people. Since diesel "torque", transmission and "short" (total gear ratio of the box — 5,24:1!), then very quickly our "highly mobile vehicle," still will not go. But hold out in the stream.

As controlled dimensions Humvee closely stream? "rides" Do aspirated 6.2-liter diesel? As with visibility? All the answers for 1 moment ? #humvee #hmmwv #amgeneral #usarmy #armyjeep

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These shots I wrote almost the first minutes of the trip, and then rather quickly mastered the dimensions. In fact, feel the dimensions on the Humvee is not difficult, than any other car. In a sense, even easier! Front edge is clearly visible thanks to the protruding grille "kengooryatniki".

The behavior of the undercarriage on the irregularities? Well, generally, predictable. suspension arms, which nails can be driven ship, if desired (but better not), together with springs and dampers perfectly insulate the frame from vibrations and oscillations of different amplitudes. But the body squeaks, lids of boxes under the rear seats strum ... The whole cacophony of a few spoil the memory.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Managed Humvee relatively easily - with steering gear and trapeze has GUR, and it is well balanced effort. Maneuvering in tight spaces and at low speeds do not need to turn into a contest of arm-wrestling: turn the steering wheel can be a little thin right one (and can be left, but not very comfortable stretch) — thank the owner for a set pen, referred to in the domestic environment gazelistov "fungus".

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

By the way, this is hard to believe, but the diameter of the turning of the wall to wall at the American all-terrain vehicle is very modest — Total 25 feet, That is 7,62 m (this value is very startled — with a tape measure is not measured, but cross-checked on a number of sources: throughout this figure — prim.avt.). for comparison, у Toyota Land Cruiser 200 this 11,8 m, in Reno Logan — 10,7.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

At the same time and at relatively high by the standards of HMMWV speeds in the control no backlash, no feeling, that the steering wheel is living his own life, communicating with the wheels as far as the. You can note, that "zero pustovat", but I will not - not the kind of vehicle category. Main, that you can go without a sense of inferiority both open wide primers, and the narrow winding paths glamorous suburbs of Los Angeles.

I unzipped the canvas doors, threw transparent sektsiyu-«window», stuck clot elbow toward the oncoming air, and forward — catch the "likes" of passers-by and drivers, are at stoplights interested, "how is it". Fine, friend! Sam kicks!

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

On dalnyak on this machine to go, naturally, can, but the impression of the trip will be specific. About the noise I have said — his lot. Consumption, according to my approximate measurements, is no less 20 l. on 100 km, plus a very, very well, sense of speed. On 50 km / h, in which an ordinary civilian car floats, barely audible rustling tires, Humvee as performs the operation "Storm and Stress". Exceed the permissible limit would not be desirable. At one point on the road tried to accelerate to 100 km / h - is the limit on the speedometer. thought, that there is more in store, but on this trip long and deafening.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

true, after the test drive, I realized, that something did not hear. And more specifically — characteristic of domestic appliances howling bridges, either at a set rate, audio resetting gas. But gearboxes only in bridges are already six!

Besides, on the Humvee has a kind of "Army cruise control". It works something like this:

What is formidable army cruise control? Watch the video to test drive a real military Humvee straight from Los Angeles ? #humvee #hmmwv #amgeneral #usarmy #armyjeep

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Strongly liked seats. Adjusting solely on height in 3 fixed positions - it's okay. But why are not long cushion and backrest? My back start to ache almost half an hour drive. I think, that the purely technical ability to improve the convenience of the driver were, but the army logic works differently. Apparently, It is to say thank you for, that does not need to sit on a wooden bench, and despite the fact that at least the layer of soft padding.

As close to the fighting

As I read in the beginning, for a long time I tried to find a more or less decent roads, to make spectacular shots in an attempt to post the wheels and the video with the rise of the mountain… This idea failed: maximum, what happened to find in the overly civilized California - it's such a compactor hill.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

And why, actually, I tried to find Offroad? Fact, that the box and chassis in Humvees downright ask in a very wild place. Judge for yourself:

Under the Humvee can fit comfortably, more here 40 cm ground clearance. And more — very curious construction of the transmission and undercarriage! #humvee #hmmwv #amgeneral #usarmy #armyjeep # # Hammer hamvy

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At this point the skeptical reader, He narrowed his eyes and move his head a bit to the side, tell: wait a minute, let me! After gantry bridges with 3 gearboxes - this is not an invention of AM General. Our Russian UAZ-3151 had the same, called "military", at the same time to buy a car with them in the cabin could be the dealer. More gantry bridges have the opportunity to boast of ATVs German Mercedes-Benz Unimog, Austrian Puch Pinzgauer, Swedish Volvo C303 Laplander, Czech Tatra all-wheel drive trucks, Soviet-Ukrainian LuAZ-969 and not only.

But only Humvee and Toyota Mega Cruiser (and, It's possible, have any other, rarer machines) bridges "flexible" — That is, torque is transmitted from the "axial" on Wheel Gear through the half-line with the joints of equal angular velocities (collapses). A what, actually, It allows you to install on the vehicle independent suspension, improving maneuverability and flotation.

Naturally, All three differentials then blocked, so Humvee can move, yet despite the fact that the least one wheel has grip on a hard surface. true, forced locking center differential locked only, and bridges — "Samobloki» Torsen type with limited torque rassredotachivaniem (Three versions were forced, but we - the standard).

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Characteristics geometric cross promise truly memories chumovye. For example, angle of entry is 47 degrees, the vertical height of the obstacle, by which it is guaranteed to take away — 45 cm. The main thing, to have the courage of the driver!

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Here again, the skeptical reader should smile in his mustache and ask: It is far leave your heavy Humvee on the ground or snow myagenko? And then a surprise: Army all-terrain vehicle equipped with mass - is less, than the ordinary Toyota Land Cruiser 200! HMMWV depending on modification pulls on 2,36-2,67 tons, a "KruZak" — on 2,4-2,72. But how, Holmes? Largely thanks to lightweight construction, about which we had read in the beginning. Новый Land Rover Discovery, which also has a duralumin body, with a diesel engine, let us say, weighs slightly less — 2,23 tons.

Well, if you associate with military vehicles, the above-mentioned Toyota Mega Cruiser 4-cylinder dizelkom - is 2,9 tons, and the Russian "Tiger" (GAZ-2975) even unarmored embodiment weighs as much 5,3. That's really on something in the field, I would not even venture to call in…

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Generally, numbers and facts are, that I want to throw everything and go on an adventure away from the Los Angeles personal property. For example, somewhere in the region of the Great Canyon in Arizona, where we tested all the same in the past year Land Rover Discovery. There's a 30-year old Humvee to set the heat recruits ... I bring a similar trip to a "list of dreams". And I make notes, it is better to choose is still a civilian version of Hummer H1, where the same outstanding chassis and gearbox, but you can choose a more powerful turbodiesel, and in the cabin there is a more or less conventional seats and air conditioning. Although it must be confessed, Spartan army performing, which goes "to the noise and dust", has its irrational charm.

Iraq — Nebraska — California

car owner, Matt Reno from Los Angeles, calls her Gracie. He bought a HMMWV 1988 with the release of the auction, who conducted a military base in Nebraska — Army intensively rasprodaot order outdated transport in fleet renewal. ATVs from AM General evenly forced out JLTV — "Lungs common tactical vehicle" from the company Oshkosh, which differ mainly "inborn" protected min (produced at the moment Humvee sent exclusively for export).

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

At the service of peace in Nebraska, According to the documents, the machine was brought from "hot spots" in the 2006 year. Where exactly he was carrying before the service Gracie, unclear, but judging by native dirty the yellow coat color (Americans call this color "Desert Tan Carc"), somewhere in Iraq or Afghanistan. She drove a fighter and cargo, in the fighting, it seems, I was not involved — this is generally caused a good original condition.

Full restoration Gracie was not required — generally do not require the intervention of the engine and gearbox, except for changing the oil and consumables. Matt anew colored body inside and outside, Frayed changed doors and seats prosizhennye, I put new batteries, I replaced two tires… And all! It had little to modify the car to "civil" use: set the "music", hitch trailer, converter to supply 12-volt network trailer on a 24-volt Humvee network, and in addition — new optics. As a connoisseur of runoff yangtaymerov, I can not mention, coloring sites that made carelessly (interior, it seems, did not understand — some warning lights partially shaded), and the lights would be great to feel alien and without LED.

Lazy Sundays are for being with the ones you #love #liveriveted #airstream #globetrotter #rvlife #glamping #homeonwheels #rivetedlife #tinyliving #humvee #milspec #hmmwv #hummer @planb.supply #wanderluster #liveriveted #malibu #maliburvpark @maliburvpark @guidobudani #turo #turolax #turo #TuroLAX #graciethehumvee

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So in any other way, Balzac in his age Gracie comes in great shape — she was lucky to be rescued and the Taliban attack, and of the press are being retired. At the moment it "works" as a rental car in P2P karsheringe (where private persons rent machines to each other) and from time to time it carries Matt and his family on a trip to Southern California, dragging a large vintage Airstream trailer house.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998 Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998 Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

By the way, if suddenly Gracie, like me, fuse your soul, then she has akk in Instagram — sign up, to add to your belt a little warm Californian wind with the smell of diesel fuel.

Test drive military Hummer, AM General HMMWV M998

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