Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Weird scratch on the bodywork, suspicious activity around the machine or conflicting neighbors, prone to wars for parking, suggest the idea to put the car in the parking lot under video surveillance sharp-eyed. So, We begin to build simple, but effective fixed tracking system, figuring in all aspects and subtleties!

Services and conditions

To begin with, that CCTV systems are distinguished on the basis of the storage of information - on site, or in the "cloud". Storage "on site" attracts self-sufficiency - assembled equipment, mounted, I set up - and for himself the owner! But such a concept requires constantly working computer or desktop DVR, performing his role - in any case, this equipment must have high capacity hard drive, web access for remote viewing video footage, as well as the placement of the "iron" in dry and warm.

Other "cloud" version looks smarter - once in the default system is meant access to the Internet, then logically there and store the recorded video stream, tightly protected from intruders, uvoloch capable flash drive or break vinchster. The "cloud" version is simpler and equipment - it has already requested placement in the warmth and under the roof, because it has no hard drive, fans and other vulnerable sites.

BUT, means - choose as a video archive storage server cloudy. "Cloud" services are now providing 10's services - such, how CamDrive, I-Cam, YouLook, Gideon, SpaceCam, NoviCloud, Ezviz and other.

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Follow fork, where we slow down - Equipment, with which it works, namely - IP-video cameras. Some services support all cameras, and some - only their own, with proprietary software.

1-s attracted by the opportunity to buy a camera for symbolic means - for example,, on Avito or AliEkspress. 2-s more, but are convenient, that they do not need software shaman, routers, addresses, and so on - when you connect to a wired or wireless internet proprietary camera itself simultaneously connected with its "cloud" and tune in general do not need anything! Far not everyone is happy to stay on the ability of the system administrator, so we choose the second option.

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Soup / DVRs

A new look at the combo device: test Fujida Karma Slim

Fujida Karma Slim
Remember, in ancient Soviet joke of the 80 Japanese tourists in the USSR I asked our question – «What's In My Fist?» He decided to make a joke – «telly!» The Japanese also delighted – «Right, and how much…




3-s a question of fundamental properties - paid or free plan to use to store the video from the camera, and access to. We all love free services and software, of which at the moment the sea. However, free fares for all videooblakov very limited: the amount of disk storage space and time - paltry, for anything harsh fact is not suitable for ..., if you have not reviewed and do not save a video on the same day, when it was recorded, all is lost. If we build a serious and benign (even domestic level) system, You have to choose premium services, assuming reliable long-term storage archive with multiple redundancy.


Since as a service for our experimental system, we chose one of the most famous and large - CamDrive — then we take the camera brand, "Kamdrayverskie", brands Beward. For service only works with its equipment, Software that does not imply any connection settings — as soon as the camera sees internet access, it automatically begins to send a video stream to the accumulation CamDrive, in your personal account.

For the test we have two cameras — CamDrive CD630 and CamDrive CD630-4G. It is virtually identical in device characteristics, perfectly suitable for monitoring car parking.

CamDrive CD630 optimal for installation on the outside of the frame of the window in the apartment, to monitor the car near the house. It is connected by cable to a home router with the same wired internet, and power supply to the adapter.

CamDrive CD630-4G, the corresponding index «4G» in the title, also designed for external mounting, but it requires only 220 V for food, videotraffik and sends a "cloud" of the mobile communication channel. She can look after your car there, which connect to the wired Internet vydelenka no ability. properly, CD630-4G, as a gadget, more curious, so the story will focus on her.

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

In both chambers used megapixel ¼ inch HD resolution (1280×720, 25 fps), from well-known brand Omni Vision. Chambers are weatherproof embodiment, with integrated and automatically activates the night infrared illumination. Massive infrared diodes included in the light sensor of the twilight signal, so that the camera switches to night vision mode, so that the image is not interrupted by lack of light. Illumination range acts - about 25 meters. the image from the camera at night becomes black and white, but it remains quite clear. This mode allows you to operate the camera in full gloom, which is important when installing surveillance systems in garages or underground parking lots.

But when CD630 is connected to the power adapter and the router directly via wires, CD630-4G then provided with a special interface unit. This waterproof box for external installation close to the camera, in which a power adapter 220 volt, 3G / 4G-modem, and "climate system" for the modem, machine comprising heating by temperature sensors. This function is extremely important, because at temperatures below zero modems often become unstable.

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot


Lens - part of the chamber, but there is an important nuance, who need to know!
Location of the camera and the distance to your car in each specific case — individual. But in any case, a frame with the object of observation must be configured correctly - that the car also has a significant space in the frame, and was not a "point". To do this, the camera needs a lens with a focal length, optimal for your distance. If the camera-to-machine 10 meters - requires one focal length, If weaving - a completely different. Varioobaektiv (Zoom in a simple), which can zoom in or remove an object in the frame, seriously increases the cost of the camera, because in CamDrive family applies line obektivov- "fixes" — the same camera model can be ordered with different lenses. Respectively, before you buy need to determine — what should be the area of ​​your camera review, and it must fall within the area of ​​its observation. This realization will allow to choose the right lens:

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

For the hero of this review, Camera CamDrive CD630-4G, доступны 5 M12 standard lenses with different focal lengths — 2.8 mm, 3.6 mm, 6 mm, 12 мм и 16 mm. These numbers define the approximation of the lens and its viewing angle - with increasing distance to the monitored object must increase the focal length and taper angle. When you select should not be taken with the lens coverage area more, than is necessary - "in reserve". For the wider the angle of view of the lens, will separate the finer details of the image. Viewing angle horizontal from the lens 2.8 mm — 70°, in 3.6 mm — 57°, in 6 mm — 36°, in 12 mm — 18°, in 16 mm — 14°. Graphically simulate the conditions and determine the lens will help special calculator.

Directly from our test camera had a lens with a focal length 2.8 svetosiloy mm f2.0. Such a lens is considered to be a bright and wide, и оптимален для размещения камеры поблизости охраняемого объекта – например, для слежения за автомобилем, стоящим около дачного или загородного дома, на организованной парковке либо в гараже.

Мобильный веб

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Soup / DVRs

От создателей плееров: тест регистраторов Ritmix AVR-830G и AVR-675

Ritmix AVR-830G
Ritmix AVR-830Gэто традиционный видеорегистратор с высококачественным многолинзовым объективом с просветленными стеклами, большим трехдюймовым дисплеем и HDMI-видеовыходом. Устройство выстроено на




Для высококачественной передачи видеопотока нужен хороший, «толстый» интернет-канал. Траффа камера генерирует довольно много. В день при базовом тарифе 256 кбит/сек она вышлет на сервер около 2-2,5 гб. По факту ей требуется 50-70 гб в месяц – более точно можно посчитать на особом калькуляторе, который определяет объем трафика в зависимости от избранного качества видео.

Если вы монтируете камеру на внешнюю сторону оконной рамы в квартире для наблюдения за машиной у подъезда либо на придомовой стоянке, проблем нет – камера просто подключается к вашему домашнему роутеру в хоть какое свободное гнездо с разъемом для сетевого кабеля.
Если же камера ставится в гараже, на даче либо на коммерческой парковке, где кабельного веба нет, канал связи уже придется использовать беспроводной. В этом случае придется узнать, какие операторы предлагают 3G/4G покрытие в месте установки камеры и избрать SIM-карту с подходящим по цене и гб тарифом.

Need to mark, что многие тарифы, симпатичные на первый взгляд, могут оказаться не полностью подходящими. Вам понадобятся честный безлимит (существует, но уникальность!), или стабильные 50-70 Гб в месяц в режиме 24/7 (встречается почаще), well, or, least, тарифный план с дневной/ночной тарификацией (более экономный вариант). В последнем случае, in the afternoon, после исчерпания определенного предела, трафф либо отключается, либо снижает скорость до неприемлемой, а ночью скорость максимальна и даже объем может не ограничиваться. В этом варианте умная камера копит на собственной встроенной 4-гигабайтной флеш-памяти видео, которое не получилось отправить в облачное хранилище днем, а ночью, когда интернет-коннект восстанавливается, отснятый поток пакетом уходит на сервер.

В 4G-камерах CamDrive употребляется модем Huawei E3372, популярная, распространенная и очень надежная модель:

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot


Легкое подключение системы видеонаблюдения – основная особенность CamDrive и других схожих сервисов, рассчитанных на самого обыденного человека, электротехнические навыки которого ограничены умением поменять шнур у настольной лампы, а айтишные – на уровне домашнего юзера компьютера.

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Восемь обычных пунктов – и все готово! Заходим в собственный личный кабинет по паролю из карточки, прилагаемой к каждой камеречерез веб-интерфейс на любом устройстве, либо через мобильное приложение CamDrive на телефоне/планшете, и делаем несложные настройки: разрешение съемки, расписание работы, SMS либо e-mail-оповещения. Также вы можете настроить чувствительность сенсора движения и отрегулировать сектор детекции движения в кадре. Это позволяет уменьшить объем видеотраффика, исключив мельтешение людей и машин, передвигающихся в отдалении от вашего автомобиля и не приближающихся к нему. Если в кадре будет непрерывная «движуха», это считается 100%-й детекцией. В этом случае трафик максимален и время хранения архива – около 7 Days. Next, как у любого видеорегистратора, будут стираться старенькые записи, освобождая место для новых. Если же движение в кадре составит около 30% от времени работа, то время и хранения архива возрастает втрое!

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Ну и одно из основных удобств системы – простой доступ к накрепко хранимому в облаке видео! Архив комфортно структурирован по месяцам, дням и часам, а просматривать его можно с хоть какого устройства, где есть интернет-браузер или через особое мобильное приложение CamDrive.

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot
Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Video surveillance of the car in the parking lot

Выражаем благодарность компании CamDrive за предоставленные камеры.

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