The first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

With Cherry Tiggo 8 We first met at the Beijing Motor Show this year. Since April then something changed: Crossover has received official prices and will go on sale at home, and we again paid a visit to China, to get to know him. After the appearance of this model in the Russian market is officially described as "very probable", and the price of the seven-seat crossover - two times lower, than, for example, in Korean classmates! Whether he will thus offer, from which will be able to not give the most economic of the family?

not enough, but not too much

For full-time acquaintance with us, unfortunately, there was not much time: programm test drive includes many models, and to optimize the process, the organizers have brought them to track the training center Mercedes-AMG in Beijing, allocated for each car two laps, saturated areas with different traffic modes. However, this time was totally sufficient, to draw the first conclusions and determine with the, if we continue to distribute vain Tiggo 8 "advances", so aggressively to mention it interesting for our market. So, We tacked on and leave the pit lane.

One of the "mysteries", who hid himself in to the senior line of the Tiggo - this is, as he will miss the turbo motor capacity only 1,5 l. After all, he's playing on the same field, that, for example, unprecedented Hyundai Santa Fe: "Chinese" loses 7 total length in cm (4 770 mm vs. 4 700) and 5,5 in wheelbase (2 765 mm vs. 2 710), but in general, the same optional predstavyaet 7 seats in the cabin and a solid trunk with the possibility of transformation. Here are just at the time as "Korean" show petrol engine volume 2,4 liter and 2.2-liter diesel (and similar Kia Sorento Prime - more and 3.5-liter gasoline V6), in one embodiment Tiggo: This 1.5-liter motor turbovanny SQRE4T15B, We are entrusted with the hopes of the Chinese people (if not all, then at least the last, who buys a car). The unit is fairly modern - it has the phase shifters in the inlet and outlet, It has similarities with Euro-6 and outputs 147 HP. By the way, Timing chain here - although it can hardly be considered a huge plus in this working volume and, respectively, load: despite the fact, A what «on paper» peak torque begins with 1 750 rev / min, turn the engine still has, and an easy life do not bode chain.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

In practice, it is necessary to consider two more facts. Firstly, in the course of a few motor helps the, that Tiggo 8 not only a bit less, but also easier to the same Korean brothers: if Santa Fe has a curb weight 1,8-2 tons, then China's "eight" characteristics range from 1 481 to 1 541 pounds. As a result, "turbozhuzhzhalka", leaving at a peak moment in 210 nm, naturally, He recalls his insistent sound, but not annoying nor excessive volume, or at slow. However, all of the above is valid only at low loading: if the word "equipment" as applied to the mass is replaced by "complete", the case probably will go much worse.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8


SQRE4T15B, 1,5 l, 147 HP.

But we must keep in mind also the second nuance: the likelihood, that machines, who will go for export, the above arguments have the opportunity to be generally irrelevant. Even when we first met with the model at the Motor Show in Beijing, we celebrated, that the 1.5-liter engine - is largely an attempt to offer Chinese customers the most attractive price, since the tax rate on motors larger volume of higher, (a) 1,5 liter - this is a very good compromise between power and profitable. But Chery there are other engines of its own design - for example, F4J16, which has 1,6 liter volume, concrete injection and turbocharging, and outputs the already 190 HP. and 285 Nm of torque. These figures are considerably enliven the prospect - but first should wait for some action or official statements from the manufacturer about his interest in the export model.

Another factor, working for the benefit of the perception of a crossover on the go - a mechanized dual clutch transmission. The Chinese do not hide, that developed it together with experts from Getrag, and lozhut great hopes on it. Here, true, Total 6 Transmission, but a bunch of "motor-box" works really spore, without worry in the settings or desire correctness switch to manual mode. Here applied "fresh" clutch pack by Getrag, and claims specialists from Cherry, they run-box in all weather conditions, from heat to extreme cold. This is, generally, We check already in the case of, if the crossover is all the same to come to us, and while it is taxied on the snake.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

To strike a balance between elasticity and power consumption - one of the main problems in the tuning of the suspension, especially in the car, aimed at the mixed operation scenarios of good and bad roads. The Chery coped with this task quite decently: Relaying on the crossover tilts moderately, and even the highest center of gravity is not so very "falls" out of rotation. The main thing here - do not overdo it with speed, otherwise it, as befits bolshennomu front wheel drive car, He begins to slip from the movement line. steering wheel, by the way, It is expected pustovat: Electronic power steering, and although the effort on the steering wheel is not completely zero, on the front wheel position can only speculate on the direction of travel. But the wheel is quite sharp — about 3,5 turns from lock to lock, and dosing the rotation angle is not difficult for relaying.


Having entered a bunch of rapid turns, slow down: manageability and slopes we have a little understood, but the power consumption of the chassis and its hardness is even greater interest. On track to break the suspension, naturally, nowhere - but it is possible to show the trick and jump on the curbs: even this technique has revealed many interesting things among test machines. Tiggo here showed himself well: on the steering wheel is transmitted only a small part of the vibrations, suspension dampens the "washboard" fully successful, and on the trajectory of the machine is level, Only slightly jumping squealing tires on the inside of the turn. Obviously, small buffeting in the cabin at the same time there, but the interior behaves decently: in the general background noise nothing rattles, and the front panel remains mute.

As in adult companions

Skated two laps, zarulivaem back to the pits, to explore the interior. The interior of the Chinese came, frankly, pleasant: unobtrusive asymmetry front panel, comfortable seats, upholstered in perforated kozhzamom (heated, but without ventilation), soft plastic with imitation stitching ... There were, naturally, and without blunders - blunders fingers on the "brilliant" edging the central tunnel and the control wheel keys, that look is unnecessary. Aesthetes have the opportunity to find fault with promiscuity texture finishing materials: on the front panel of the insert "aluminum" shiny plastic, and around the gear lever - matt paste psevdoderevyannye. But no creaks nothing, It does not walk when pressed and no noise while driving.

Even on closer look on the front panel will not find any washers or regulators choice of driving modes and off-road transmission options: Drive the Tiggo 8 - only the front, and adventures, despite its clearance in 200 mm, he certainly does not aim. It is fully expected given the fact, as in China, and other markets to pay extra for all-wheel drive is ready to a very small part of the audience, and one of the main objectives in the development of "eight", as we already know, It was competitive price. So that the costs of elaboration of a full drive were attributed to potentially stranded.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

Furnishings, by the way - with the obvious claim to own style. engine start button is moved from the blind zone under the wheel to a central tunnel, a temperature control unit on the climate screen is inscribed, displaying the value, a multimedia system screen is integrated into a single unit with the air and the button emergency gang - do not lose. But without the disadvantages of not done: for example, management of this most multimediykoy logic is very ambiguous - the physical buttons below the screen are not rendered, and in the block behind the selector lever, and located in the same physical volume control. The presence of the latter - this is, certainly, OK, and the sense in the arrangement of buttons at hand, lying on the arm, generally clear. But you can guess, Some operations require the alternation works with buttons and touchscreen, and to carry them on the go, have to "swing" the hand, distracted from the road. same here, in cons, we can write a small glove box (bardachok) and not the most comfortable design a digital dashboard: speedometer and tachometer vertical, and coolant temperature gauge and fuel level are marked with white dashes along the same white edging, merging with it and making it impossible to read at a quick cursory glance.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

2-second and third row seats pleasing spaciousness. We can not say, that space is king - but legroom with a low growth (about 170 cm) with a huge stock, and the second row to the same ride on a sled, allowing you to adjust not only the angle of the backrest, but the space between the rows within 260 mm. 3-third row - is not quite "nominal": at the same growth fit there for a short trip totally real. true, the second row will have to move a little forward, sacrificing comfort all "residents stern".

The trunk of the seven-seat version with third-row seats spread out - a reason to be upset. If the same "reference level» Santa Fe is 328 l., here - all 192, and that the calculation load to the ceiling. In fact, here it goes down a couple of backpacks and a sports bag. However, if passengers will no longer 5, it is possible to "pull the strings" and pushed back 2-rear seats forward, freeing is almost 900 liters of space, both in the implementation of two-row. Adding the same vision second row, to the ceiling can "pour" 1 930 l..

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

By the way, the total memory of the Tiggo 8 as a model, actually reached "adulthood", like a motivated competitor, supported study of small things. For instance, trunk opening "kick" under the rear bumper immediately available, as well as the possibility, digging in menus, adjust the opening angle of the tailgate, which contributes to open it in a limited height. Thus tailgate closure is accompanied by animation on the dashboard.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

Itself this dashboard, as we already know, It can not be called a model of information content and readability of information, and resolution color monitor does not strike picture clarity. However multimediyka in their abilities fully meets the requirements of today's users: it can be connected for remote control, it has Face Detection, and the owner of the fingerprint and can distribute Web.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

But also in the elaboration of detail not without gaps: for example, organization of luggage space in the Tiggo 8 rather primitive. There is only blind, socket 12 V yes hatch into a tiny underground - no Veins, or even a backlight is not provided. But in the 900-liter space without it will grustnovato ...

We look forward to whether?

As part of a potential exit Tiggo 8 our market so far nothing has changed: we as before keep in mind, A what, According to the head of the press service of Chery, "The probability of this model in Russia is extremely high". Whether increased our personal enthusiasm for the model after a short test drive? Perhaps. But, as well as in the domestic market, almost all will depend on, what price the plug will stand for the model, which will surely be imported to us from China.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

Price Cherry Tiggo 8 in the Chinese market

98 800 – 142 800 yuan
988 000 – 1 428 000 rubles

At this point a crossover at home offered at a cost of 98 800 5 yuan per-seat basic version with manual transmission, and the seven-seater is worth at least 101 800 yuan: multiplying these numbers by 10 according to the current exchange rate, you can get an idea of ​​the ruble equivalent. Best execution Tiggo 8 are 136 800 and 142 800 yuan 5 and 7 respectively - and taking into account, that this money even includes a panoramic roof, Security systems such as band control and multimediyka with access to the web, this is a very interesting offer. It remains only to wait and see, how many tens or hundreds of thousands of this amount will add certification procedures and payment of customs duties. If you look, for example, of Tiggo 2, also imported from China, he added in the value relative to the home market from 200 to 300 thousand rubles — but to his "home" prices 500-700 thousand is good 40%. If Tiggo 8 "Grow fat" on the same 200-300 thousand, its market position accurately remain completely confident and we.

1-the first test drive Chery Tiggo 8

But it is now clear, that this sector will be very interesting offer: because, for example, Hyundai Santa Fe for the asking at least 2 million rubles, with leather interior and a good multimediykoy its price is approaching 2,5 millions, and top version (despite the fact that, It is to recognize, and better equipped, than the "Chinese") costs 2,7 million, while for the panoramic roof and the third row of seats will have to pay more 130 thousand rubles. I.e, Chery offers largely comparable car at a price two times lower — and in the criteria of our recovering markets for many it may be the main argument in the decision.

We express our gratitude to the company for the company Xingyuan Auto test drive.

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