Test drive updated Lada Granta FL

copper fact: Grant s “X-Face” not figured out in the streets, ask the question “What a model?”. But still, despite the radical restyling, inside it for the most part “ancient kind Grant” with all its advantages and disadvantages. for the most, but not completely! AvtoVAZ has taken many “point” measures. Now we train on versions with the ITUC and hydromechanical automatic transmission, and try to understand the impact of this “akupunkturnoy therapies”.

needles outside, needle inside

About the latest optics should speak not only in the context of the external aesthetics of the form: we have high hopes, she will be able to deliver a grant from one of the branded shortcomings - not very good head light. Not to be unfounded, We have already sent a request to that, How to change the strength and character of the light beam - and while we note, that the cut-off from the new headlights accurate (although the factory setting of headlights appeared imperfect), and the light is subjectively better, than the "old" version.

Another change appearance will mark the front of the only experts: Now the nozzle window washer moved from the hood to the frill under the windshield. Sami injectors from the factory, by the way, "Fan" - sprayed liquid is not a dot, and across the surface of the glass. On one of the 2-test machines, true, injector driver's side grist in a strictly horizontal direction, but it's stuff. More upset the, that at the technical level here nothing has changed: trapeze wiper is rather weak, and they move with play relative to each other, a janitor as before crude reserves broad strip along the rack, and the resulting blind zone can not hide one, and a few pedestrians.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

Lada Granta in the back of a car

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

Lada Granta in the back liftbek

But beating machine, in the rear of the look is not on the updated bumpers, and not even on the ground of license plate, that the car moved to the trunk lid. This feature will be celebrated except taxis, which are parked in the wrong places, opening the trunk lid, to hide ID. But other than that, there is another innovation, which is already fully enjoy all.

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Moving license plate attachment points with the bumper on the boot lid at the Grants and brought even more important innovation. appreciate all, especially owners dorestaylingovoy sedans!

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Making a full circle around the car, We sit down inside. Chair meets a rather unfriendly profile: it is convex like a pillow, and at the back, in which a result, even at the maximum lowered down the chair seems a tall landing, and the back pressure on the spine. Generally, We are pleased to be the only people with a completely flat back, but the "athletes", who "even though sunken chest, but spin the wheel ", be glad to, When the seat will'll sit according to their anthropometry. But the range of height adjustment of the seat is quite solid - sorry, that the wheel continues to be governed only by the angle.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

auto plant, We turn on the air conditioner, and we continue to feel the new fines. So, New internal handles of opening of doors - not bad: the loop is made by a natural grip, and the internal profile allows you to simply cling to it. same here, in the pros, We write and central air vents of the climate system, Taken from the former Kalina and X fringed strips, and closes the organizer at the top of the front panel.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

But also some disadvantages, unfortunately, remained the same: small glove box, narrow pockets in the doors and do not have vyshtampovok Bottle, and cup holders on the center console, too little and allow you to put except that a plastic cup on 200 milliliters - a glass or bottle will abut the "beard" panel and stop working with manual lever. And a couple of offensive detail manifests itself in the sunny weather: not all of the lights in the cabin as well not bad, as a new instrument panel illumination unobtrusive snow white.

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In sunny weather, driving the latest Grants something please, but something compels distraction.

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Those, who expect stories about gaps in the finger, lyuftyaschih buttons and curved plastic, naturally, can traditionally find food for fun. For instance, the gap between the cover and the glove box front panel rovnenky, but too wide, button on the lever of the automatic transmission still walking under the finger, and beautiful air vents on the center panel, which replaced prostetski kruglyasha, do not cancel the existence of an untidy on the fin plastic washer their adjustment.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

Not without industrial "jokes" assembly: те, who like to collect stories about their, can be written in the asset a couple.

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Those, who love to discuss-assembly flaws VAZ cars, and in the latest Grant will find an excuse to talk. #lada #Granta

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Concluding the review of salon, mention a couple of points, with which the driver is also in contact on a regular basis: it handbrake and gear lever. They can be written in the conditional neutral: handbrake on Grant all such as tight, and "improved ergonomics" lever handle - faster marketing, rather than tangible, as is the case with a knob INC, which has become a large and angular,. Someone celebrate, it is more uhvatisty, and someone will say, the old round was more pleasant to the touch - but in any case,, this stuff on the aspects of level.

Back row and trunk noticeable not changed - so it's time to start the engine and find out, in practice, the configuration reflected in transmission, suspension and engine.

Taunts and subtleties

Set up the engine to get it off, "dorestayla" not folding key, which handed down buttons opening and closing doors and trunk - Grant personally, at least in the rich pickings, unusual folding key, like Vesta, I would not have prevented. Vibration at idle, naturally, I will not go away: Motor recalls for himself "and the word, and deed ", and in the case, if the car is equipped automatic transmission, the switch from the "parking" in the "drive" chuvstvuesch literally back.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

Rolling out on the road, wonder has nice - 106-strong "mechanical» Granta responds to pedal alive, Hot and sound .... Yes, improving the dynamics of the main pair to increase the gear case 3,7 to 3,9 practical experience can hardly, as tiny increase in fuel consumption, but work with the mechanism - that's it, at your fingertips. Unfortunately, "Neobkatannaya" gearbox on the machine to run in 800 km claims to be non-ideal definition of inclusion of transfers: sometimes the lever "part" like clockwork, and from time to time with little effort.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

Acceleration to 100 km / h

PSG 106 HP. / ACH 98 HP.
10.6 with / 13.1 with

But most disappointing yet not this, and that, that the positive effect of the change of the main gear in terms of noise and vibration loading, and was spotless homeopathic. Box as before howls in second gear, and in general is not fun quietness. cable drive, of course, reduces vibrations to a minimum on the lever, but this minimum as previously mentioned, than most brothers. Completes the picture is not the most informative grip, which although it has a fairly easy pedal, It has a rather sharp turn point: newcomer would have to get used to. Or buy a car with an automatic transmission - to do with it as before better.

Although, Grants that the popularity of version with automatic transmission is very low Jatco (this year in total sales it took a bit more 1%), This unit solves half the running defects: car not only becomes "simple" in the management of, but also gets rid of the noise transmission, keeping only the noise of the engine. The difference in 8 Horse power (106 MCP against 98 with automatic transmission) virtually no effect on the traction: it here 145 nm against 148, and at the time of the peak of the motor goes even a bit earlier. So "dvuhpedalnaya" version of Granta indeed seems the best option in urban criteria: a bunch of "motor-box" works almost flawlessly, and only occasionally a four machine shows excessive zeal, dramatically throwing off a couple of gears and the "undermining" the engine when not the accelerator pedal is fully depressed.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

maneuverability Grants, on assurances of engineers, It became a bit better due to the migration of shock absorbers and power steering. They sincerely want to believe in the word - experience, these options can be in practice only in a painstaking comparative test. However, the general feeling of maneuverability - positive: car moderate falls in the corners, quite willing to respond to the helm, and thus a weak spot in the end turns out to be, perhaps, not even the machine itself, a regular tire Pirelli Cinturato, who resemble their yelps, it is not even a version Sport, and the usual budgetary sedan. Small issues caused except setting the EUR: in near-zero effort expected a small area, but when you turn the steering wheel to move it gives an artificial memory of "feedback", becomes more viscous - but the impression instead of feeling full due to the front wheels, that sit at the "spring-loaded" gaming wheel.

fuel consumption

PSG 106 HP. / ACH 98 HP.
6.5 l / 7.2 l

But the most concrete, impressive and brilliant sense when driving on the latest Granta became permissiveness, which gives a suspension. About, a grant, take care of happiness, granted you, for it is only possible for him to agree to sustain all the minor flaws of this car. Chassis, like Gargantua, greedily swallows all, she throws fate, mocker mitigating large pits and causing more and more to try to find the limit, followed by a punch. We find the limit and failed during the test: even the broken road to the mountain Strelna, that in Togliatti, It turned out to be an idle amusement. But such an ideal behavior of the suspension over large bumps did not exclude the transfer of vibrations to the body of the little "washboard": on road segments with speed chipped coating machine inevitably "buzzing", based shiver.

General domestic background noise - it, perhaps, the main drawback Lada Granta. Hand on heart, let us say, it is possible to forgive non-ideal docking parts cabin, you can get used to the nuances of ergonomics and shortcomings in the organization of interior space - but from the constant sound can not escape. howls box, sings his song engine, creak "cricket" in the front panel, "Sigh" the air conditioner - and now you are automatically pull to adjust the audio volume, annoyance twirling another couple of units.

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

The very sound system, by the way, very friendly - it happened without any problems to connect your phone via Bluetooth, bearing in mind also the SD-card. Disappointed not even the sound quality - it is then expected flat, but not annoying, and that, that regular USB-connector flatly refused to charge the phone attached to it.

supplies yholok

Completing a test drive, ... we do not say goodbye with Granta. After another portion of fascinating - is yet to come: in the version with manual AMT test was not provided, namely it did a great job. on the whole 30% accelerated gear shift, added a button Sport, which allows you to keep the transfer - for example,, when overtaking, and included in the list of motion mode "creeping" mode for traffic jams and generally did the job box more logical and smooth. How all this will be noticeable in practice? While the question - but we will tell about it, as soon as we get on the test car with the "robot".

Test drive refreshed Lada Granta FL

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