Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

About him not love to remember the parents, and his own kids changed their last name. Instead, the board of honor for the withdrawal of the brand to new horizons - dark ingratitude and forgetfulness. crossover, aware of the bitter vicissitudes firsthand - Mercedes-Benz ML W163.


In a day, when I decided to write an article specifically about W163, I met just two of M-Class . insignia? Faster, ghosts. rusty, with the through holes in the back, they were almost indistinguishable in a thick cloud of smoky exhaust sizom. Dusherazderayuschee spectacle. to shoot and hand rose, yes there is nothing.

Thank God, such a fate not all M-Class . Yes, it does not cause ecstasy seizure, as the W124, but the design of Mercedes turn of the century - in principle slippery topic, and W163 — obviously not the main the ugly duckling. Body, work on which he had a hand Bruno Sacco, precisely demands respect. Especially when it comes to a converted copy in silver of the limited version of Inspiration, characterized special 17-inch wheels, original optics and stylized AMG grille and front bumper.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163 Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163 Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163


Much to the chagrin of all lovers, that carries on for itself a three-beam star, M-Class saloons of the first years of manufacture materials and assembly level competed with American Tracians. Interior restyling W163 conceptually not changed, inviting me to enjoy an interesting combination of lightness and monumentality W220 W124 in the scenery with dark wood. But the main thing - that the quality of finishing, he really looked like a Mercedes. Of the parts particularly graceful curve memorized leather inserts on the door panel.

chairs, upholstered in thick leather with a snow-white stitching, in mersedesovsky cozy, has a position, the actuator and memory options, and the presence of distinct lateral support for hints, that the creators of M-Class wondered not only about the American buyers. On the second row passengers have taken care especially. Hospitably wide doorway, has its own remote climate control, and space in the legs — the envy of other business class. A good place for relaxation under a Bose audio system with subwoofer and amplifier.

In move

After restyling W163 received their full order refreshed version of the legendary M112. To V6 at considerable volume in 3,7 liter engine develops 235 HP. It is appropriate enough for the base class, or S-SL — the only passenger of Mercedes, which was available this engine. But what about the "slononkom", which weighs above two tons?

M-Class goes from place steadily, with a sense of the pros and, Consequently, with a slight delay. Acceleration built up gradually, a leisurely five-step machine work 5G-Tronic. Support of nowhere to wait: sportrezhim not provided. We can only endure in anticipation, when the tachometer needle pass mark in 3 000 rev / min, and will come into play all 344 nm traction.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Despite the higher landing, in the M-Class is difficult to escape the feeling the trip on the classic Benz, although the crossover this intensely resists. Energy-intensive suspension absolutely do not care about the quality of coatings. it equally, not choking, swallows small and medium-sized bulge, but quickly rush on the broken pavement in the M-Class — torment. Salon, pleasing decent level of sound insulation, creaks and bryakaet on each bulge. Crickets American assembly live in it even after the restyling. Completely spared from this scourge only indigenous "Germans" like the M-Class 55 AMG.


V6 3,7 l., 235 HP.

In passing the M-Class turns no expert. High body pretty heels, and pustovat wheel deprives the latter conviction. This old man judging by today's standards. But sober reasoning, for a frame of the jeep off the mark, not applying for a driver's antics, M-Class keeps a stiff upper lip. main -vspomnit, that premium crossover — It does not always have the big brother of hot hatchback. At cruising speed not higher 110 kmh, with a stable aerobatics, and whose worth fifteen Mercedes, M-Class pleases predictable and understandable reaction.
Off road — a similar situation. Creators awarded M-Class powerful frame longerons, the same four-wheel drive with a symmetric distribution of torque between the axles and electronic traction system 4-ETS, in the case of sending a slipping traction on wheels, having the best engagement of the road. Throw Splitter, rather big clearance in 213 mm and a rather short overhangs — and get serious off-road tool. Than, by the way, extensively used by many current owners, thereby reducing the already small populations living W163.

Mercedes-Benz M-Class W163
consumption 100 km

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
18 10 14

And this is the main problem of M-Class . Good off-road performance, simplicity and strength design — the first crossover Mercedes waiting for not only this. To chagrin, W163 did not strictly follow all the precepts of a three-beam star. For what, actually, and paid.

purchase history

TO 2016 , Alexander realized, that matured seats on the SUV. At first he planned to buy first-generation Volkswagen Touareg, but later, remembering, what sensations gave his last W210, I understood, he wants only to Mercedes. Besides, Alexander was a familiar mechanic, specializing specifically in the Mercedes - and this is a very important factor when choosing a used car.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

In spite of a sufficient number of offerings on the market, find live M-Class W163 was not easy. In addition, Alexander found a restyled car only with the motor M112. Looking for a couple of days, three cars in the price range from 400 to 500 thousand, he realized, that there are shortcomings in all, but more interesting option is the first instance.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163 Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Diagnostics has identified the need for replacement of the timing chain, valve stem seals and a valve cover, as well as cleaning of crankcase ventilation gases. pleased, that compression was normal, and an endoscope is not found traces of burrs in cylinders. The audit found the lift, it is necessary to change the steering tips and outboard bearing cardan. Also did not work audio. deciding, that car 2003 model year with a range of 195 000 miles is applicable issues, Alexander bought for W163 400 000 rubles.


Also, when the diagnosis turned out that the previous owner replaced all the brake lines, except one - between the rear wheels. Alexander decided to fix it, but I did not have time ...: the brakes are gone after a powerful braking, It is broken just the very tube.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Missing one day on pit road was the cause of the dashboard the entire error garlands. After stopping at a gas station Mercedes stopped at all wind up. It turned, that the blame for not technique, and curves of the hands of experts, filmed once and cracked generator to positive lead terminal. Specifically, it is disconnected and in contact with the pit.

Already when purchasing M-Class mercilessly smoked, and a valve cover gasket leaking oil. A large OT for motor, consumes about 2 liters of oil on 1 000 km, It began with the replacement of the timing chain on the analogy of Iwis. Then the valve seals were replaced. Valve covers Alexander laundered to a state new, I cleared the ventilation system and changed the ventilation hoses. After substitution of the chain tensioner and the engine oil change as the hours earned.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Through 5 000 miles in diagnosing the front brake wheels went under substitution together with the pads and pad wear sensor. Also had to sort out the two front calipers. When it was the turn to change the bearing mounted cardan, it just fell out of the support. Alexander put the spare part from Febi. Serious repair the generator resulted in the replacement of brushes, diode bridge, bearing, relay-regulator and manifold. All work is carried out in a specialized service for repair of starters and generators.

Substitution has already howled mercilessly wheel bearings in the rear axle, Alexander created yourself with a friend. The most difficult part was disassembled and is extruded old bearings, who just broke into two pieces when pressing out.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

After the huge motor MOT almost a year worked fine and did not eat butter, Alexander is changed once a 7-8 thousands of kilometers. But "maslozhornoe" the past is not passed in vain for him: cranked two inserts on the second cylinder. When dismantling the motor, removing the pan, Master saw wallows there crumpled crank liner, Moreover, these cylinders were in good condition. Most likely, reason was clogged oil channels, oil pressure and overheating crankshaft. After dismantling the motor has been completely washed out, what it took a day or two and 26 liters of petrol. We have changed everything pads, shoes chain tensioner, fittings, seals, indigenous and connecting rod bearings. Crankshaft went to repair, a head block — to grind. after assembly,, installation and filling process fluids its first twisted without coils, rose oil to the engine. After starting the engine initially I worked hard, but then leveled off.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163


During the two years of ownership will increase the mileage of Alexander M-Class to 246 000 miles. No tuning has not been. It changed the windshield, in the cabin there was a full-time working instead of the media, that went with the purchase. In the past six months he went through almost the entire suspension, including the breakup of traction, control terminals and bushings, and stabilizer wheel bearings in a circle. It was also replaced the fuel pump, candles and oil flow meter and updated in a box, razdatke and bridges. When submenu oil Alexander, having tried and Liqui Moly Mobil, I stopped the choice on Addinol. With him the engine runs more smoothly and quietly.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Parts cheer wide selection. If the original is too expensive, there is always the opportunity to purchase high-quality counterparts like Lemforder, are sometimes cheaper in some times. This is very valuable, because the experience of Alexander maintaining M-Class in the running state asks about regular investments 10 000 rubles per month.


TO with the substitution of oil (Addinol) Filters in the engine and - once a 7 000 km
Fuel consumption in urban - 18 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway - 10 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - 14 L / 100 km
Fuel - AI-95


How to Alas, in connection with a mortgage, Alexander had to put the car on sale. If not for that event he would continue with pleasure went to M-Class , an alternative which does not see for yourself.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

model history

The main novelty 1997 years of Mercedes-Benz was the M-Class W163. frame, to be independent with pendants, equipped with permanent all-wheel drive, 5-seater and seven-seater as standard for extra charge — he became the first crossover brand.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Mercedes-Benz M-Class' 1997-2001

W163 motor palette was similar to that of the Mercedes cars of the same model years. This petrol "four" M111, M112 series V6, "Eight» M113 and diesel OM 612 и ON 628. The main box was pyatistiskorostnoy Machine, but there were versions with five-speed mechanics. The role played flagship M-Class 55 AMG power 347 HP.

Mercedes-Benz ML 55 AMG ‘2000–03

Under the hood of the Mercedes-Benz ML 55 AMG ‘2000–03

Having survived a planned restyling in 2001 year, 1-the first M-Class has given way in the changer 2005 year.

Test drive Mercedes-Benz ML W163

Mercedes-Benz M-Class' 2001-05

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