Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Dispute about, that the steeper - Lada or Moskvich, old just enough, how old cars themselves. He usually gets to matters of abstract large and small based on facts. More than this can not endure, and if science is still installed, that the egg came first, the chicken, then we will create not less than important statement and finally put an end to the endless debate between fans of Muscovites and Lada. And before you start to compare, note: Publications founder - owner of both machines.

The history of confrontation

officially approved, that the Soviet Union "there is no competition between car factories". competition was! And in the popular on "small" class cars. Three plants to produce cars close dimension with a close working volume of the engine, comparable capacity and speed comparable properties. Generally quite comparable with a set of consumer characteristics and comparable price.

Two automobile produced Muscovites, actually competing with each other. In the mid-70s the leaders of AZLK and "Izhmash" tried to negotiate, form a single range, but he remained on paper only. It had no success attempt to produce jointly a car-taxi to Izhevsk body and metropolitan taxi equipment. However, the owners of Moscow and Izhevsk machine understood each other perfectly - the interchangeability of parts was close to complete. But the owners of the main competitor, Zhiguli, they did not understand since the 1970's. "How? It's tin tin, not a machine!”.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

I have never been biased or negative attitude to the, nor to another brand. And both machines at one point became for me a continuing indefinitely the current day.

Will compare "Lux" and "Seven": VAZ-2103 is still developed in another decade. Both machines are played the same role in the "Table of Ranks" own factory. both were considered, as they would say at the moment, "Top Models", "Flagships". They are almost the same age - AZLK issued the "Suite" at the end of 1980, VAZ seventh model - in 1982. Both were the result of the restyling of multiple models of the mid-60s, also virtually the same age. Only Muscovites in the years of this series of bodies received an extraordinary engine 412, fundamentally different, than the former 408. Zhiguli, and in 2005 is not much different from what 80 similar machines, except that the added fifth gear in a box.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Design will not judge, this is a very subjective criterion. Both machines are rovnenko lines and good proportions.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

The interiors are typical for its time, but it seems, that extensive Lada Salon at shoulder level and tangible wider door openings. He is a bit richer equipment - has the right door lock, button turn the light in all of salon 4 doors, not only in the driver and right rear, there tachometer.

On this, I'm afraid, dignity of VAZ production practically and end. I have the feeling, that made Zhiguli, as a "cheap car", And Muscovites constructed "as needed", regardless of the production costs.

Behind the wheel

Landing at the wheel in the Moskvich is incomparably more convenient. The steering wheel should strictly to the driver and is tilted as needed, pedal — comfortable. Motor shield is placed far away, and legroom are much.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

At Lada wheel very slightly tilted and shifted to the right of the driver, engine shield constrains feet big men. Separate conversation - pedal. they stick out, like knives, aimed at the driver's feet! I have countless pairs of winter and summer shoes earned monotonous damage - the sole burst across exactly in the place, where the foot presses the pedal. And the effort on the steering wheel and pedals in less Moskvich, than Zhiguli, despite the fact that it may depend on the specific machine adjustments.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

At VAZ-2107 was a "blind" control lamps, wheel overlaps a part of them and, most unpleasant, alarm button.

world view, that in the colder winter Moskvich, I do not share. In my machines in the cold equally warm - you can ride in a light clothes, bare-headed. They say, Moskvich stronger in frosted glass. The VAZ-2107 is not better.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Finally, the main. It is believed, that Zhiguli more clearly included transfer. Yes, they arm "grows" out of the box, and the Muscovites remote drive. I once decided the problem of the accuracy of switching gears a visit to a good specialist, which grossed drive Moskvich from new parts and factory strictly according to the summary. Lever travel longer, than the Lada, but clarity does it not worse. A noisy vazovskaya five-speed is not less than, than a box Moskvich.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Another plus Moskvich - a well-configured and a roomy trunk. And how well established the neck of the fuel tank! Not right or left. Chief designer of AZLK Alexander Fedorovich Andronov wrote, it allows you to drive up to the column, at least some party. And the trunk lock simultaneously locks the hatch with the rear number, and he - covers the tank cap. At Lada tank is not protected by anything. Gasoline stolen, merging and the Soviet, and in the post-Soviet era.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107 Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Moskvich-2140 and VAZ-2107

It is believed, that due to the low center of gravity on Zhiguli can go at a higher speed in the rotation. Alas, not comment on - I used to slow down before the turn. But my feeling, on similar to the popular Lada tire dimension 175 / 70R13 Muscovite holds the road is no worse. Just do not play "museum restoration", installing on Muscovites old diagonal "native" rubber such as M-145 or M-100. From it - only with the maneuverability problems.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

At Lada bit sharper steering, but not much and not critical. But in terms of maneuverability - heaven and earth! Muscovites due to a much larger angle of rotation of the front wheels with a sunset turn around on a dime, where Zhiguli dorgaeshsya several times back and forth. And this — with very close length of the base.

My feeling, Muscovites have better flotation and more energy intensive front suspension.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

And how do you prince unreliability VAZ ball bearings? They say, leaf springs in the rear suspension Moskvich "is not comme il faut". As for me, on our roads 70-80s, they were much more practical, vazovskiy than "a set of bones".

With a hammer at the ready

The principal Soviet (and not only) quality time - the maintainability. Here, kind of, Muscovite wins again.

It is much easier to get to the starter and the generator, but at Zhiguli "at hand" is the distributor of ignition . true, his replacement - a science. Shaft drive gear, and how to catch its correct position — mystery to the layman. Muscovites have installation of the distributor - a simple operation. It should be virtually insert the key into the lock, and this is done only in one position.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107


ling, when passing from the water barriers Muscovite flooding valve and engine stalling. With me it happened to someone else's car - unkempt van Moskvich-434 famous for its sloppiness owner. And in his "suite" I was driving a much more confident deepest puddles. It all depends on the state of high-voltage wires, and in particular - the protective rubber caps at their ends. If the caps are new and of good rubber, there is no problem. You can even wash the engine hose. A van, where I stalled, the owner simply threw caps, as he did on all own cars.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107


In my views, Moskvich aluminum cylinder block with wet liners are much better, Zhiguli than cast iron without sleeves. When severe repairs easier to change the sleeve, than bore block. Ufa dural pan and valve cover cuter, Volga than steel stamping, and better cooling. The only championship in the engine Zhiguli - when changing the oil easier to remove and install a filter.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Moskvich gearbox noticeably smaller and lighter, Clutch set separately housing, and therefore, easier to change the clutch. Rumors about "unreliability" Muscovite carton factory denies report AZLK of comparative tests in equal criteria three types of boxes: staff 412, promising CP-9 and VAZ. Most reliable proved to be ... just full-time! "Ninth" harm experimental character assembly. And at Moskvich no crotch support, no rubber propeller shaft coupling. After all, when something is not, then there is nothing to break.

A replacement brake pads? The disc brakes Moskvich in the worst case, you can break the pin - penny piece. And here to replace it with a new. We need to knock the pins Zhiguli, and at least one when it is possible to knock out together with eyelet cylinder. Then go under the substitution the entire cylinders. And the cast-steel rear drums Moskvich removed usually without problems, but elegant aluminum drums Lada often tightly stick to the hubs.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Russian VAZ in time was one advantage - more powerful, than the AZLK, Network branded technical centers, where the owner of the car could at least theoretically count on presale and competent service. Muscovites have often suffered from a lack of "predprodazhki" and allegedly "skillful hands" owners, which simply was broken their cars illiterate repairs. That's where crept rumors of "unreliability" of the brand.

I leave well

Moskvitch 2140 worthy disappeared from the scene in 1988 It was not "obsolete", but in fact the modern by the standards of what was then the Soviet reality car. For changing 2140 I came a very interesting (though not very well done) M-2141, Well, and that it was further from the entire production — do you remember.

Comparative test drive Moskvitch-2140 and VAZ-2107

Zhiguli, sadly, to 2012 It was turned into a mass consumer goods obsolete. Let's not put it in the negative Zhiguli (It is not the fault of the car, and something else), but such a delay on the conveyor hopelessly outdated "classic" strong blow to its reputation. In this case, not only the "classic", and the whole plant. Well, and the ratio of the plant, by itself, projected and its products.

So, who we will call the winner? no one. Therefore, the couple "M" + "F" — the only true, and let them live peacefully.

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