Test Drive IL – 2126 cross-hatchback

Luxury cars today with the prefix "cross" are in fact virtually city car, and increased from their usually not passable, What about the price. Generally, if factory-cross versions of sedans and hatchbacks are worthless, but on a normal four-wheel drive does not have enough money, true "cross" can be made with your own hands is actually for a penny.

The hero of this story - the IL-2126 Ode 2002 Year of release. This car is one of our readers has got for himself as an auxiliary machine for a ride to the cottage, fishing and hunting. It is not very comfortable for everyday journeys, so through the town its owner moves to another car. But on the weekends of active stall necessarily driven out "cross-hedgehog", how fondly called IZhey their owners.


Outline appearance "Izhod", one side, foolishly, and on the other - not so many of them have remained in the live form, and not every car owner 20-25 years of age, ask him about the "hedgehog", Gathering to remember, that it is generally for the make and model.

View 2126 traditional for hatchbacks and, basically, even relatively harmonious. Despite the fact that no foreign automotive design and history of the people just celebrate its outlines some "erzatsnost", Soviet characteristic car factories "second tier", to which the Udmurt enterprise. this machine, as Tavria, throughout the production and sales in the nation sadly called "nine for the poor" ... Actually, headlamps the car really borrowed from the VAZ "Nine", Yet other elements of the body - their own, other "nashemarok" not suitable. dynamic type, common to many hatchbacks, Ode at very spoil ridiculous "sagging" rear wheel arches, reminiscent of a similar decision in the Daewoo Nexia.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback


Inside the car, "the waist wood". IL-2126 Not at all, of course, specifically this instance.

Like many Russian auto and early Russian era, Oda sinned strshnoy structure vnutrisalonnoe plastic dashboard skins and. At the time of its occurrence domestic designers did not know how to design a huge plastic arrays, and dash with the tunnel floor and the rest of the cabin resounded, script and hrustelo, that your orchestra. All connections of plastic parts suffer fragility, curvature, samodeformatsii tendency to over time, and about protivoskripnoy sizing compounds conversation did not go at all.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Bring to the brain initially wretched design desire was not, because dash Iža, floor tunnel, door trim, plating rear arches of the trunk and the rest of the decorative laminate owner simply removed completely and introduced the trash for a couple of visits. Instead it was made a new "dashboard" of plywood, then fitted by a "merry Sitchikov" - in the sense of, svetlenkie kovrolinchikom. The same was done with the doors.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Lightness and ease of the appeal with the car hints, that its owner was obviously close to the philosophy of the famous St. Petersburg pofigizma Mitki art community, adhering to a, he just came up to the car with a hatchet and, splûnuv papirosku, I cut off all the excess. As a result, due to the style of the such army miniaturism succeeded Chief — get rid of the endless "noise concert" in the cabin.

Severe "kolhozingom" covered and a rear row of seats. Actually, and a seat, and his back was also removed and discarded. Instead, they had a flat floor from plywood - flush with the boot floor. The car became almost double. The purpose of such a compromise alteration was the formation of the bed rookery, required when hunting and fishing trips.

If the machine could sleep, fully stretched, People with above-average growth, I had to make an extra removable "table" with removable legs as. After moving aside the front passenger seat all the way forward, "table" replaces the rear passenger footwell. Finally got a sleeper allowed to lie on the surface rovnenko, comfortably stretched out at full length.


Buying for symbolic means of rear-wheel drive Ode, its current owner deliberately sought a copy dranenky and shabby, which is not a pity will continue to fight and scratch on bushes and trees. But this machine was supposed to be a perfectly strong rapids and bottom, so as not to have to deal with costly and completely meaningless at such a cheap car can-painting work. Actually, such a copy and it has been found for the 30 000 rubles. For transformation "hedgehog" in the "cross-hatch" three lungs events were planned.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback


340 mm

1-th - setting self-locking differential in the rear axle, allowing the wheels of the rear axle when slippage coupled together by row and massive mud. Although, that samobloki on VAZ "classics" do many manufacturers, Ode for they do not fit - the bridge at the "hedgehog" in spite of the fact that similar to vazovskiy, but it has its original design. In other words, ready serial samoblokov Ode to nature was not, until the matter is attended to the owner of the hero of this story. He began a correspondence with all the Russian manufacturers of self-locking differentials, and one of them suddenly agreed to develop a modification under the IL-2126! Для этого, true, required standard. On the free classified ads website was quickly found odovsky bridge in Chelyabinsk, housed developer, money remitted to the seller of the bridge, followed by representatives of the manufacturer samoblokov came and took him away. As a result, a few months later founder of the venture received the first free copy of a factory limited-slip differential for the IL-2126, and even bought the bridge, which was used as a reference.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

2-th event - Body Lift. Front desk stood a homemade polypropylene spacer width 45 mm, behind - the rubber spacers 50 mm, reinforced by springs VAZ-2104 and elongated spring. Elevator, of course, foolish for true off-road canons, and how can we liftuy, limited clearance smallish rear axle gear hanging ... Still, after lifting clearance under the thresholds have battened down the machine became equal 340 millimeters, that in the format of "cross-hatch" very good.

To lift may include also a small "circumcision", which has undergone a "hedgehog" — from the front bumper has been sawn grinder lower "lip" in height about 4-5 cm, reducing the entry angle.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Third - rubber PAL and higher. Ekstrabyudzhetnym solution was the installation of home on 13-inch forged wheels toothed chamber tires AI-168U.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

this tire, need to say, unique ... and in good, and in the bad old sense. First of all it is unique, that it was developed in the USSR in the 60s, but for some reason released today, although it's hard to believe. "Cursed" for its manufacturing Altay Tire Plant — It's possible, as God's punishment for the redemption of the Almighty have any of his old sins.

AI-168U — tires with a very high profile. They even unique 13-x drives the wheels so high, that only one centimeter behind do not reach the front edge of arches! But the main thing — it is almost the only existing 13-m diameter rubber, which can not truthfully be classified as AT — "Oll terrejn".

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

"AIshka" terrible roars and howls on the asphalt, unprincipled road holding, but these old-school dirt tires are working really great!


Izh 2126 - the machine initially not very cleverly designed and owns the weight inherent problems. first, that the holder did - replace "proprietary" buggy Omsk five-speed transmission on the trouble-free, as a Kalashnikov, chetyrehstupnuyu box of VAZ "classics". In a society izhevodov "fittin g" are known for their penchant for mass unexpected failure due to bursting and collapsing hub gear, though, that spare parts for them there from the word "completely". Risks and expected, while the box gets stuck in a few hundredths of kilometers from home, not worth it.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Articles / History

Overboard and out of time: Izhevsk why Oda had not ascended to the success of the orbit

New on the old yeast
Located in Udmurtia carmaker new model was needed also for, not only nominally present, but also to seize a foothold in foreign markets. to go, as well as…




To install vazovskoy PPC had to make an incision on a couple of centimeters of tail propeller shaft and recycle back yoke and the pillow box - is standard procedure when changing boxes on the Odet. Then the owner peretryahnul full suspension and the whole brake system with alteration with a diagonal to the "front / rear" and the substitution of a sluggish moskvichovskogo master cylinder, vakuumnika and rear wheel cylinders on VAZ. Lifted and moved the control rack.

And then ... then the owner of the car turned up for ridiculous money Injection engine from zhiguley- "quartet", which was installed instead of the regular carburetor «bolt-on» assembly. true, «Bolt-on» applied only to motor - with its periphery had to tinker. Since the control unit ITELMA, walked complete with engine, required for the operation of two lambda probes, are pricey, and the desire to weld the "carburetor" silencer fastening element for them was missing, I had to go to the "shaman". In exchange for regular computer with a slight surcharge was obtained pereshito ECU «January» optimized firmware for the traditional "vasomotors", It does not require any lambdas, or knock sensor, or adsorber. Gasoline pump was taken volgovskih, external type.

properly, within hobbiynoy loving owner to tinkering with his own hands glands, the car was checked to virtually all. Effort and money it ispila lot ... And then it is reasonable to question - in fact,, what the budget nature of such a decision? Would not it cheaper to buy an old, but living Niva or UAZ ?

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

question faithful, but the answer is simple! For 30 000 rubles, spent on the purchase of the car specifically, the same Niva can only be purchased at the receiving end in the form of ferrous metal and that of the ferrous metal. A reincarnation of the drain Oda in "cross-hatch", It includes only liftovku (is free), samoblok (is free + 3 000 rubles for the transport company services), and new wheels (5 500 rubles). All the other above-mentioned work on the repair and prevention of the owner made solely out of love for perfectionism and direct communication with the reincarnation of a car in "cross-hatch" had. Basically, machine and without all this fuss in the beginning was quite a move on ... But this is not our way, Shura! (with)

In move

As might be wait, strongly Zadran body "cross-hatch", whose chassis and katabatic version was very far from samples drayverskoy sharpness, It led to an even more significant decrease in stability and controllability. Maximum comfortable speed "cross-Ode" in a straight line - 80-85 kmh. Generally, it was obvious and predictable - everything was started for the pros, that too many.

Maximum comfortable speed

80-85 kmh

Speed ​​bumps are passed without any braking, and vibro-comb, warning shot at the wheels of the approaching crosswalk, is not heard in the cabin, despite the absence of allusions to sound insulation.

Well, actually, the main thing - riding on the road, where the car shows exactly, which sought him! Limited-slip differential rather quickly picks up both wheels on the rear axle when moving forward, and when moving back - and at an instant, giving a short slip, even when leaving the garage in reverse. The main stop - axle gear, which the, generally, pretty easy to sit on the hill, then samobloka opportunities are useless. For this reason, the driving style of "cross-hatch" is not like the style of driving this SUV. Difficult parts have to slip and fly off vnatyag, as in any city "puzoterke". but liftovka, toothy tires and samoblok still allow concrete to move, and not get bogged down.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Yes, "Cross-hatch" does not indicate any results of Oise, or even on good tires Niva, but, Nevertheless, superior maneuverability virtually any urban wheel drive crossover, of which there are the owner of the "hedgehog" has already had to go around and, Jams, and even support drag.

model history

Hatchback IL-2126 manufactured at the factory with the Udmurt 1990 years to 2005 inclusive. To 2000 , the model is called the orbit and produces negligible circulation due to financial and organizational turmoil in the enterprise. Significant serial production began only virtually 2000 of the year, after the change of the owner to "IL-Auto" and restart the model under the name Oda.

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Complete 2126 '1990-99

The car had a rear-wheel drive, manual five-speed transmission, engines UZAM volume 1,7-2,0 liter and 1.6-liter VAZ-2106. In recent years, Ode staged injection version of the motors and the "digital" dashboards from the VAZ-2110.

The body "wagon" Oda was very ugly, and was called the plot; there were also rare version of "Hunter" in the pick-up body.

2004-2005 set-21261 Fabula '

Complete 2126

All-wheel drive variations of the Ode and The plots were only a few thousand made — they did as the plant itself (in lite), and Udmurt partner company "Norma-Avto". 4x4 version, different brand plastic bodywork, equipped razdatkoy, built-in PPC, and instead of the center differential lock manual differential were overestimated friction type "kvayf".

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Izh 2126-060 Oda 4 × 4 '2002-05

It should be noted, that in the early 2000's famous Ode to a large-scale marketing campaign with the participation of well-known TV host Leonid Yakubovich on TV, in the press and on various kinds of posters and banners. A key advantage of the car was specified galvanized body, on which many bought. In fact, it was very ambiguous galvanized, For advertising did not specify its volume. And he is the first machine was very small, while growing gradually and slowly. As a result, Oda 2002-2004 s resists corrosion very badsome, but earlier rottenness with a bang, as the VAZ "classics".

Test Drive IL - 2126 cross-hatchback

Izh 2126 Oda '2002-2005

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