Overview of the Soviet compressor for tire inflation

If you think, that the manual T-Car pump - is the lowest stage of evolution, you're wrong. In the mid-twentieth century, the drivers did not dream modern comfort, and in order, simply to pump up the wheel, it is sometimes necessary to use these tools, which are able to terrify tender motorist XXI century.

Now set equipping most cars only includes a jack and a spare wheel. And in the "early" days of the driver supplied in a more serious way. For example, a set of known "Volzanka" GAS-21 includes a tool set already from 3 positions tens, includes "nail file" (plastic plate with weld abrasive for cleaning contact breaker) and permanent solidolny grease gun pins. The vehicle type 69 GAS-inflated flotation or 66 there was a full-time blowtorch to heat the engine running before winter, but in the trunk of traditional Lada, in addition to the same jack and spare wheel, one time at the factory put probe to adjust the valves and spark gaps, as well as ... a stroboscope for checking and setting the ignition timing! Generally, met many fascinating, for dealer service of worship was not, by definition,, and previous generations of motorists were not an example of today's rukastogo.

But the complete truck tool, such as GAZ-63, GAZ-51 and some other, as well as off-road vehicle GAZ-69 met in the midst of other harsh irons very interesting device. It was called a pretty straightforward and quite accurately - "device for tire inflation," and was a very long hose with a cylindrical nozzle, at the end of which there was a candle carving. Its use in our days are frightened would have caused the modern motorist. To pump them wheel, the driver of the motor ... twisted one spark plug, are screwed instead of the pump nozzle devices, I connected a hose to the nipple wheel and start the engine at idle. Troilus engine, shivering, Well but quietly rattled, and worked as a cylinder shut off the pump, pumping air into the tire without the smallest effort on the part of the driver. We are not easily found today has become a very rare artifact and fully explored its.

Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation

Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation

Ersatz pump

Such antediluvian method was relevant for passenger cars and trucks, without a hood pneumatic compressor bleed air and tap. Thus widget developed pressure to five atmospheres, because instruction often recommended to control the pressure in the wheel gauge in order to avoid its transfer.

Inside the device was straightforward. In it were placed only two-way valve passing, type nipples - membrane and ball. After one sign in the air valve cylinder, and in the other - out in an inflatable tire. In books on vehicle operation such internal device "ersatz pump" indicates so:

Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation

To use the "adapt" to the different types of thread for screwing in cars spark plug hole was dual - diameter 14 mm for passenger cars such as the UAZ, and 18 GAS mm for type-51 and other trucks.

Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation

Many arise reasonable perplexing: the engine continues to run (let in "minus one cylinder" mode), a carburettor - supplied in common to all the cylinders of the intake manifold mixture benzovozdushnoy. A, means, cylinder, used as a pump, of tact embarks, as it should be, It sucks a mixture benzovozdushnoy, which then pushes into the hose! Is it the air, Saturated gasoline vapor, not spoil over time, the rubber in the tire chamber, which is inflated so exotic way?

In fact, so there was no problem, and wheel pumped ordinary atmospheric air. Since the air inlet in the device was a little more than the total opening of the intake valve open, the cylinder was filled with the path of least resistance, that is - outside, instead of the intake manifold. When the downstroke the cylinder sucks air soilless, he also blown during the course of working. Therefore, this device is not only included in the vehicle, but it falls within the wide implementation as an amateur consumer car accessories. We produce it in 50-60 years of the twentieth century, the capital plant "Compressor" — for example, in 1968 was it worth it 7 rubles 50 kopecks. On the packaging box in large letters was written - "Tire, boats, mattresses!»

Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation

Непременно, have inquiring minds can not help but have some questions, albeit purely theoretical - and whether it is possible to use the device on a modern car?

Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation

Articles / Practice

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Surprisingly, can! And even more effectively, if on the old carburetor engines, for which it was developed. But — subject to certain criteria.

The main problem is actually one: on many modern engines the old gadget can simply not get into narrow and deep spark plug well. But if you still manage to do it (as is, or with the implementation of any-adapter tube with candle carving), it will be necessary to remove the electrical connectors with the fuel injector of the cylinder and the ignition coil, If "reel" personal for each cylinder. If the coil is used as a single unit, the candle must be screwed in again to connect to the high-voltage wire and fasten the "weight" of the car, to spark beating idly beating between the electrodes candles, not spoiled coil Winding lumbago.

Since injection engines running on three cylinders more stable gasoline, and unplugged nozzle completely block the fuel supply to the pump cylinder became, such "retrosistema" is buildable and fully modern car. But after her work might have to delete the "check Engin".

Through the thickness of the centuries

In this hard to believe, but this archaic accessory is not gone forever, and there is also produced to this day abroad. В основном, true, for motorcyclists. One of its variations - «Engine powered air pump» of the unknown in our country, a US manufacturer of tire-repair accessories Stop&Go International.

Overview of Russian compressor for tire inflation

Система, basically, one hundred percent identical to the one, that was used for decades back: technical differences it has no. It is intended for carburetor bikes as a single, and with 2 cylinders. In the case of a two-cylinder engine manufacturers devaysa offer to start the engine "in one pot", and in the case of a single-cylinder - drain the fuel from the carburetor float chamber, turn off the ignition and turn the crank or electric starter even ... Kick! Last thing, true, definitely not for the feeble men. In the opinion of one of the owners of such devices on foreign motoforume, he had to 90 kicking foot on Kickstarter, to drive in a completely flat tire own Honda XL 250 pressure in 15 pounds per square inch, that resembles only one atmosphere ...

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