Test drive Benltley Arnage R

Rocked the country a passion for iconic cars 80-90 grows. "Wild boars", "Sheikhs", "Boomers", "Sharks", "Cats" - coveted trophies, behind which there is a ruthless hunt. But if so, while increasing the rate gentlemen - Bentley Arnage R.


That year too I bet, but I can not unravel the secret lure English design. Bentley Arnage me, как досадно бы это не звучало, not help. In its exterior there (and thank God!) nothing really new compared to its predecessors. All the same heavy colonial style and become a child of royal blood.

Depending on the angle majestic body the brutal grim, the aristocratic restraint. This dichroic color version Mulliner, combining dark green dark top and bottom, confuses all maps. attention to detail — nesravnenna. Each of the many characters in the not crudely decorates, and proudly crowned. Large winged emblem like processed sculptor, a small side icons are embedded in the body, like jewels. Enjoy and lick for hours, but attracts salon.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R Test drive Benltley Arnage R
Test drive Benltley Arnage R Test drive Benltley Arnage R Test drive Benltley Arnage R


Classic interior handmade bulky front panel bedazzle ebony and intoxicating scent of red leather. Of noble materials can not escape if they wanted. piece of wood, implanted into the front panel, Feels weighs no less than 2-kg, and Connolly leather-covered ceiling and even the sun visors. The lion bit of hardware — brushed metal, nice a cooling arm. Each of the numerous switch devices on beauty will handicap the other chronographs. For, to move away from the culture shock and finish resemble caught in the shopping arcade native, it takes at least ten minutes.

Ergonomics Arnage very peculiar. Remote elektroregulirovok chairs the British was attached on the central tunnel, carefully closing curtain. By the choice of the right hand options to get used to, and in which case the patience. Electric motor work very slowly. There are memory and heating settings, but about massage and ventilation, as well as some distinct lateral support will have to forget.

Whatever the Bentley or had read about the orientation of their creations on the driver, and on the second row Arnage be more fun. vent, naturally, Barsky, obviously, Power has, and much more entertaining options. Each of the backrests of the front seats a secret. The left — magazine rack, the right holder for glasses. Minibar is nestled behind the center armrest, which converts into a small wooden table. His black polished surface and mirror in the rear rack, located exactly on the level of the face, give rise to associations with illegal pleasures in a luxury nightclub.

In move

Arnage was born with Bavarian V8 under the hood, but just right to get rid of a German Gift. Not the displacement, not a lot of effort, enough traction. Resign! What a difference a good old 6.75-liter Rolls-Royce V8 from the late 50's, vzbodrenny 2 turbochargers Garrett T3 to 405 HP.

Torque, taking into account the engine from Rolls-Royce, "sufficient": 835 Nm actually needed mastodon equipped weight over 2-and a half tons. Nizhnevalnomu dinosaur low speed under the hood does not care, there a thousand rpm on the tachometer or five times as much. "Craving is always there" — a more accurate description of. Therefore, the number of transmissions in the machine from GM — detail. boxes work for the time being completely invisible.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R


V8 6,75-all., 405 HP.

all changes, if you activate the sports mode,, disabling the stabilization system, stomp on the gas pedal, sparing leather floor carpet. Raised his hood and roared pohlesche other oil-kara, the closest relative of the royal limo rushes forward. With uncontrollably going downhill armored and joy, because he is the only representative of the high society hangouts, which allowed such behavior.

Sports in the usual sense for ordinary citizens This concludes. For an adequate braking will have to make some effort, to cope with the severe, but cotton floor brake pedal. Despite the pronounced feedback on the steering wheel, even sportrezhim suspension does not eliminate the sedan from imposing rolls. Habits in Arnage corners resembles a large modern SUV, that in view of the age, weight and dimensions can be considered a compliment.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R

In vain I waited for a ship ride and completely fenced off from the world of sound insulation. English sperm whale, without choking, swallows traffic fines, but shudders at the meeting with the tram rails, and large potholes. After 100 km / h in the cabin begins to seep annoying aerodynamic noises and rustling sandblasting of arches. not a crime, but definitely quieter W222.

Bentley Arnage R
Declared expenditure on 100 km

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
27 13 20

A comparison with any of the representatives of the "German troika" for Arnage - business nepriznatelnoe, but thoroughbred gentleman spit on plebeian standards. Filled with self-esteem, He looks down on all, without exception,, because his peers were not and there is no. Friend and fellow future enemy Rolls-Royce? Maybach? They also nice to stand in a traffic jam or slowly roll to the theater. But Arnage satisfaction of owning the sportiest limousine or sports car most limuzinoobraznym necessarily share with a hired driver.

purchase history

Four years of vehicle ownership — a long time. Whatever Anton liked his 320-strong BMW F06 Gran Coupe, he began to psychologically tired of it. With the replacement of all variations was not easy. New BMW - or "six", or "Five" - ​​not impressed. Looking for something purely male, brutal and impressive prompted Anton on a long-standing dream - Bentley Brooklands. Alas, the price of the old copies of the limited coupe only started from 10 million rubles. This situation has a two-door Continental end 90.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R

Then Anton began to monitor the market Arnage. It is interested only copies restyled with this English Engine capacity 6,75 l. From 2-View options did not fit any. Very conservative finishing first black skin and the root nut evokes sad thoughts about retirement. The second instance of Moscow, this was a full order, but turbovanny engine version T make sounds, obviously hinting at the need for an urgent overhaul. And this is according to rough estimates drawn to 600 000 rubles.

Lucky to the third embodiment, found in his native St. Petersburg. It appeared to be a two-color version of the Arnage R Mulliner in, vvezennыy in 2008 year German city 17 000 km. Anton met with the owner and the conditions for the exchange without any surcharges and additional diagnostics, replacing BMW 2012 with the release of mileage 58 000 km of Bentley 2005 , the city 78 000 km.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R

Interesting, what, abandoning Moscow Arnage T, Anton, seem to be, still I got the power car 465 HP. - at least the last, in the original documentation of the machine indicated specifically, this figure, even though according to manufacturer R version had a capacity of just over 400 forces. It is their, by the way, entered in the TCP - there is listed a number 405.


Newly acquired car was far from the standard: were heard knocking in the suspension and the control rail, burning error on the throttle. Yet the least, Arnage did not require immediate investments. Initially, Anton decided to deal with suspension. Diagnosis sentenced to a replacement bushings upper and lower arms plus front stabilizer bushings. the latest prices unpleasantly amazed — 26 000 rubles per one sleeve, which required eight, two on each of the front arm. Search substitutes did not give anything. But the service has been found in Moscow, specializing in perepressovke sleeves for at least some car. Price recovery one sleeve - 6 000 rubles.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R

Do computer diagnostics Arnage from an authorized dealer in St. Petersburg worth 40 000 rubles. In addition, for this is called a specialist from Moscow, because your computer is not in St. Petersburg dealer. Two informal service with the necessary facilities are in Moscow, and they always turn. Therefore, the price - 5 000 rubles for the service.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R

Knocking control rack has been moved. The new node, ordered through informal service, would cost 200 000 rubles. Worked through once revived after bulkhead wipers and cleaning. Otherwise, the would have to buy new trapeze janitors, and the cost of one piece, going to the assembly with a motor — 80 000 rubles. The substitution of the brake pads at a cost of around 20 000 rubles. As long as it was the only time, when the opportunity to use aftermarket parts.


Personal mileage Antonio Arnage with last year while up 1 500 km. Vehicle slowly in the order given. Body, LCP which was in poor condition, was deteylinga function. Investments in the car already exceeded 400 000 rubles.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R


THEN with substitution of the engine oil — every 10 000 km
Fuel consumption in urban — 27 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway in — 13 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle — 20 L / 100 km
Fuel — AI-95


Foreground on the amendments — music upgrade. Naturally, no "collective farm" will not be: brand new speakers will be installed in a regular place, and the ability to connect your phone and flash drives is covered.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R

In addition, you need to deal with the electrician (в частности, with the failure of the driver's seat electric drive) revive regular retractable screen and bring it to modern navigation. After conducting a full cleaning will be dismantled and missed to eliminate squeaks salon, improved insulation. The approximate budget for bringing up the standard Arnage - 600 000 rubles.

model history

The premiere of the flagship Bentley and his similar Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph held in 1998 year. 1-s version of the Arnage equipped finalized in turbovannym Cosworth V8 4,4 BMW's power 354 HP. (569 nm). This version has an additional symbol Green Label with a suitable color scheme posters. Option Red Label, see later, equipped with the proven V8 volume 6,75 liter capacity 405 HP. (830 nm) paired with a gun chetyrohskorostnym GM 4L80-E. AT 2000 , the creation of Green Label was discontinued.

Test drive Benltley Arnage R

Bentley Arnage Red Label ‘1999–2002

WITH 2002 palette, the modifications included a version of the Arnage R (405 hp, 835 nm) и Arnage T (465 hp, 875 nm). For more demanding clients extended version has been proposed. After restyling Arnage was bifurcated head optics and upgraded engines. Arnage R began to develop 456 HP. and 875 nm, and the flagship Arnage T - 507 HP. and terrible 1 000 nm. Issue model lasted until 2009 of the year.

Bentley Arnage R ‘2002–04

Bentley Arnage T ‘2002–04

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