Test drive updated UAZ "Patriot" 2019

Sugar poured rains, Antarctica sprouted eggplant, the reserve was dead bear healthy: Ulyanovsk plant decided to test-drive Patriot refreshed before they descended from the conveyor of industrial vehicles arrive in dealerships. Such previously never existed. Never, despite the fact that it - already the fourth restyling of those 13 years old, that the leader of the Ulyanovsk range stands on the conveyor. And the second in the last two years. Again? Yes!

Recall, that the whole torturing path of renewal of the Patriot — it is a continuous struggle to initially laid down in the design flaw. So, by 2012 it in 2016 year there was a gearbox in a car, and then transfer case with electronically controlled by the Korean company Dymos. And more — Multifunction with height adjustable, and then on the flight steering column, multimedia device with navigation and rear view camera, Automatic wheel couplings, stabilizer of transverse resistance in the rear suspension, LEDs and even airbags…

How to Alas, by some "innate" deficiencies Patriot heal all the same could not be. This "Japanese" back door, overlapping approach to the trunk from the pavement, and missing engine power, especially at low revs, and "well-known reliability", and much more. Most prirekany defiance Patriot on asphalt, because neither reads, but most of his life in this class of car is carried out in the city and on the highway, only occasionally bringing their owners in inaccessible places.

And for starters — Here you all the updates for the Patriot 1 moment:

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The essence of the last update # # UAZ Patriot — in one minute. We apologize for the noise in the picture! On the Kola Peninsula today windy 🙂 On Monday Kolesa.ru wait on a detailed test drive from Andrey Fate! #uazpatriot #offroad #4×4 #4x4offroad #uaz #uazrussia

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How to Train Your Alabai

UAZ Patriot testing after the pre-previous restyling 2014 of the year, I wrote about it this way: "The voice of the steering informativeness, the sensitivity in the near-zero area just fun. it is not, this informative. Constantly chuvstvuesch yourself for a walk with a young Kobelkov on a leash, that and strive to fall to a predetermined path ... And this kobelek - not any Spitz, and serious like dog Alabai, so if it really bear somewhere in the direction of, stop dog will be tough ... "

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019 Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019 Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

The reason for such "alabayskogo" behavior — too small castor angle, i.e. caster front wheels in the longitudinal plane. All these things are very well known UAZ owners, worked out ways to solve problems and complete castor kits, changing the angle of inclination of pins. But the plant designers have decided to deal with the problem in the most radical way, and installed on the front axle of the Patriot UAZ Pros. Here not only the angle is greater than, but also uses open knuckles, which gave reduced by 0,8 m turning radius.


210 mm

From the same UAZ Pros — and new (despite the fact that he still has a worm gear) steering, other construction control rods and steering damper. the, who has ever received a UAZ-spoke steering wheel on the fingers, flown at speeds in some pit, will not ask: "And for what he, the damper?" Besides, vertical load is now perceived not only lower, but the upper kingpin, which increases the overall reliability of the site.

But this did not stop: under the hood was prescribed engine ZMZ-409 052. increased to 9,8 compression ratio, modified valve timing, reinforced cylinder head, Timing-row chain, new pistons, valves and camshafts allowed to withdraw from the same volume 2,7 l 150 HP. power and 235 nm traction, increasing the performance on 15 HP. and 18 nm, respectively. It would seem that, small surcharge, but in fact the torque peak has shifted from 3 800 to 2 650 revolutions, and in the area of 1 500 to 2 000 speed up time of at least 30-35 nm, and this is a significant.

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

And worked with a box, improving selectivity and reducing the lever moves. But the most important thing — Now the lever consists of two parts, between which is located an acoustic damper. Previously, the lever was such an antenna, regularly transmitting vibrations to the driver's hand, and transmission rumble — directly to the salon. Substantially redesigned and the rear suspension: in springs only left two sheets, total hardness decreased 6%, and adjustable stabilizer lateral stability thickness — with 21 mm 18.

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019 Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

here, perhaps, and all the main points… The external appearance of the car has not undergone any changes. One can not consider changes in the appearance of full-alloy wheels with a new design and new color options? Well, everything else will tell during the journey on the Kola Peninsula.

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Patriots on asphalt

Our route begins with more than hundreds of kilometers for a very decent asphalt road P-21 Murmansk-Pechenga. road congestion — moderate, so that you can go fast enough. And the first, that you understand, so is, that trajectory resistance Patriot changed for the better radically! On the straight the car actually does not require a rudder and closely follows this course, without unpredictable sharahanie from side to side. But here is the exact "zero" on the steering wheel as it was not, and no ... Turn "donut" on 15-20 degrees in one direction or the other party does not lead to any noticeable effects. But here is the first "high-spirited" turn me just scared: rear suspension gave way, and in turn the vehicle has come to slope intimidating, wherein only the rear! no really, I just "ears" is not enough ... In general,, I'm here, that he took to slow down a rule on bends up 60-70 kmh, despite the fact that on the straight and 110 It felt like a "comfort zone".

Well, it is worth saying a few words about the salon. During the previous update 2016 , the Patriot was a very decent Multifunction leather braid (instead of plastic misery, which is so not like me in 2014), but lost myagenko plastic on the front panel. Instead, he had a soft bow, but in 2016 it is not one of my colleagues to pay attention. apparently, because, they understood: model motivated audience is very sensitive to the issue price, so that the introduction of new systems sought to give us something to sacrifice in the interest of.

today's update, as I said in the video, salon actually touched, except for one point: and on the front, and on the middle rack appeared strong handles, indeed facilitate landing on both rows of seats. After all, because of the nature of the frame geometry of the floor at the UAZ Patriot is indeed very high, and I will not undertake to repeat the word, that my wife uttered, when he climbed into the cabin and found, for what would grab.

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019 Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Checking castling

Almost all of our route ran along the front line the roads, or built by the Germans, or our, and over the past few years after the war, the road is better not to become. specifically, there, on steep rocky climbs, You could feel, that Patriot's engine appeared "lower classes", refreshed and that the car continues to stubbornly climb even at low revs, no disruptions in slip.

Average fuel consumption in the 100 km

11,5 l

Actually, on many sites I went to 4H mode, only then, not to stop to connect the front axle (Yes, downshifting occurs only during a full stop, and the front axle can connect at speeds up to 60 km / h, but better to be safe) before countless fords: still "freeze" the output is only due to the fact, you're too lazy to do this operation, it would be too sad.

But the advantages of changing the rear axle option I somehow did not feel: Patriot before differed hefty suspension moves, and use the rear differential lock, I decided to just one place, and that to a large extent reinsuring. Just one of the cars going in front of me all the same "to hang out" and stalled, and I wanted to show the class and pass this place clean ...

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

As for comfort, then all is not easy here. The noise in the cabin really became less, and on the go is now quite possible to talk in a low voice with a man, Sit in the back seat. But still, it seems to me, Future owners will decide together, that the additional soundproofing will not prevent, special — in the field of motor shield. Therefore, that the main component of the noise in the cabin did not wheel or aerodynamic noise, namely, the motor growling.

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Do not get me feel and increase driving comfort due to the reduction of the rear suspension stiffness. for sure, so many hours riding on this Kamenyuki pits and did not become perceived as an infinite test on a shaker, need not spring and spring, and bellows. Anyway, journey is actually on the same route to the Land Rover Discovery has left such feelings endless shaking, and Zamora and significantly less.

Just get me right: I'm not trying to advocate for the Patriot equipped adjustable air suspension and do not try to compare the level of comfort in the car with the Disco level. Very much different price categories have. I just think, that the rear suspension designers too clever by half: valkost rose in rapid cornering, but some harsh advantages when driving on a bad road to get failed.

I liked the new clutch LUK: to work with him was much simpler. But the brakes demanded addiction — initially empty pedal, and then a sharp and rigid operation. Generally, perhaps, it was the individual characteristics of a specific vehicle ...

Price restyling

Yes, refreshed Patriot definitely got better, especially in terms of behavior on the pavement, and another step closer to the standard. Only the looming this ideal is still far enough ... I think, that by themselves present improvements are unlikely to result in meaningful sales growth. Most likely, they simply allow them to maintain the current level of, although the price of the car, certainly, will increase.

UAZ PatriotKratkie technical properties
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm:
4 750 x 1 900 x 1 910

equipped with weight:
2 125 kg

petrol, 2,7 l, 149,6 hp, 235,4 nm

mechanical, 5-speed

Drive unit:
full, plug

Maximum speed:
150 kmh

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

Officially, the price of the refreshed car has not been announced, but on "TORGMASH" website, the largest dealer of UAZ, they already have! Open hits bundling "Classic" and "Classic FLEET" for 766 500 and 746 500 rubles, respectively. Unlike these 2-versions is, that the "Classic FLEET» will be equipped with a bridge and a box of old structures, Lockers and hard instead of pile. Further there are versions of "Optimum" (866 500 rubles), "Prestige" (969 000 rubles) and "Maximum" (1 049 000 rubles), while any one of them, except FLEET, can be supplemented with "expedition set", which is about the cost 200 000 rubles (before forwarding option came as a separate fixed equipment). comes, that in general the price cars 2019 model year will increase by 30-35 thousand.

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

What's Next?

The initial cost

746 500 rubles

UAZ continue to work on improving the car, and no later than next year promise to firmly put the assembly flow version with automatic transmission, the Belgian office Punch, as well as the return of diesel under the hood — but not disastrous ZMZ-514, and some have not yet called engine foreign mark. That's when, may be, in the consumer audience configuration there will be serious ... And of course, the plant is necessary to systematically work to increase the quality of. Because by the end of our three-day itinerary (true, to be honest, hard enough) suspension began to publish other sounds, the cabin was got a whole herd of crickets, a rearview camera was in the beginning with the defective matrix, so that on the screen instead of the pictures were just some whitish spots. But in general, the future of the model does not cause me how some harsh fears, because at least some competition Patriot in its price category can make except that the Russian-Chinese DW Hower, and the patency of the inferior.

Test Drive UAZ refreshed «patriot» 2019

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