Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

With the transfer to the platform SGP Subaru Forester has lost a fifth-generation manual transmission and center differential, but it was structurally revised engines and retained the full right to be called "symmetrical". Razbiraemsya, how it happened and why is it all.

Oh, and how many jokes with love and affection born in the environment of Subaru fans took to our Russian people! true, all of them - mostly about the "evil ryksy". Well, here, for example. "Why WRX owners do not greet each other at the evening gathering? And so, that has greeted the morning on the service ". Or. "Change the oil every 5 thousand. kilometers, and motor - every 50 '. And so on, we will not dwell on the review of confessions owners, although a timely change of oil will certainly talk: unlike other manufacturers, Subaru's not only tirelessly reminds us of a change of water in the "machine", but also taking into account the criterion of operating in Russia, strongly recommends that you do it more often, even if "analyzes" — good ones.

The geometry and geography

To begin clarify one basic term - "symmetric four-wheel drive". His equally traders, Subaru owners and is repeated with enviable persistence, in particular in cases, when they hear the question: "Why is it so expensive". In the case of Subaru Forester - this is not an equal distribution of torque between the front and rear wheels, although up to the previous generation version with manual gearbox was fitted with a more symmetric interaxle bevel gear differential, which the, as is clear from the name, equally distributing and traction between the front and rear wheels. Recall, that it blocked the viscous coupling, the geometric theme, generally, having no relations.

For Subaru "Symmetrical AWD" — it is primarily symmetry, became the first feature more (doing-what Subaru 360 and its variants do not count) car brand. Front-wheel drive with longitudinal power unit in this class - such in 1966 go and look for year. Specifically, this arrangement and formed the base of the first all-wheel drive model Subaru 1300G 4WD Van, released in 1971 year moderate edition commissioned by the power company Tohoku. This was the first "Symmetrical AWD" — with plug rear wheels, but, naturally, without differential between axes.

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Acceleration to 100 kmh

9.5 seconds

"Symmetric" scheme uses the Subaru still: on versions with a manual gearbox and differential for the merits of symmetry uses a system of "shaft in the shaft", on versions with automatic transmission and the clutch shaft to the front differential interwheel positioned below the input shaft. BUT, actually, Why Subaru so rests on this "symmetry"? It's very simple: when turning it does extra moments of inertia about the vertical vehicle axis, i.e, "Symmetrical" agility is better than any other, although over time the importance of this factor, naturally, decreases.

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On the Russian market there is a fifth-generation Forester. From the first sight clear, that mark #Subaru opted for evolution, rather than a revolution. Unprecedented #Forester built on the SGP global modular platform, but retained the stylistic Harmonies with the previous generation. However, enough and differences. #subaru forester # # subaruforester #subaruforester

Publication of Kolosa.ru (@kolesaru) 5 Oct 2018 at 1:37 PDT

With the fifth generation Forester, its owners have no choice between "automatic" and the handle, that is understandable: Forester is mainly sold in the United States, where mechanical box is not held in high esteem. Coupled with the "mechanics" has disappeared, and a center differential, but the CVT with the clutch in the transfer case was. Unsure, please take it as an axiom, that unlock the clutch is only one method: uproot fuse, which is responsible for the pressure-reducing valve, regulating the pressure on the clutch piston. Simply put: the rear wheels Subaru power is always fed.

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019 Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019 Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019 Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019


220 mm

This clutch - in general, a unique "subarovskoe" phenomenon. Because of manufacturing variability, it does not dock to the casing of the rear axle, as in the transverse arrangement of the power unit, but directly to the box and it works in the same "box oil". On the one hand - the beauty and engineering savings, with another, permanently closed, though not quite, coupling - is a source of wear debris. That is why in the automatic transmission CVT subarovskoy Lineartronic, where already two more clutch, the manufacturer recommends changing the oil every 45 thousand. km, and our Russian office urges to change the fluid every boxed 30 thousand. km. But, agree, better to be prepared for such an eventuality, than initially believed advertising and does not change the fluid in the "machine", and later be faced with the need to fork out a tidy sum for a full bulkhead assembly. It remains to add, what, as before the clutch is completely closed, moreover, for all modes, but only up to speed 40 kmh.

Dear transmission

Recall, that ever since the hydromechanical "automatic" in the Subaru was never given the possibility of manual control circuit clutch, if a, naturally, Except for couplings like those, that WRX STI used for the center differential lock. And this time, the Japanese themselves have not changed, at least, if we are not talking about the most expensive configuration for Preium ES 2,5 million rubles. Specifically on the wealthy buyers decided to break in the Japanese X-Mode system.

Unlike all previous test drives Subaru, in which I had to participate, This time the organizers decided not to continue the route along the swamps and gullies, because I used the X-Mode rather for hedging. On the site of the pass Goderzi to Batumi from the sky poured rain itself - from the category of "wall", that refused to work even EyeSight system, which, we thought before, not to confuse nothing more than.

On slippery surfaces, code, it seemed, because pouring water sky, ground coupling did not exist, I first turned on the washer X-Mode program from «Snow-Dirt» (Snow - dirt), and then «D / Snow-Mud» ("The deepest snow- deep mud "). Go tell, that the second mode is more than useful for a slow ride on the "peresechonke", because its activation electronics switches off the stabilization system. Moreover, he asks the driver confident driving skills beyond the asphalt. But «Snow-Dirt» we fully recommend for slippery roads, although, on account bolshennomu, "Forester", is not equipped with X-Mode, not scare icing, zaporoshonnym snow asphalt, abundant rain soaked primer: when you need electronics increases the water pressure on the clutch clutch, and from time to time heard the creaking of shoes: electronic purses forerunning wheels, falling in a water wedge.

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

As to the variator, then the insignificant change of gear ratios, can reflect, that this is exactly the same node, which would at the same Forester. And here and there! In 1-x, and most importantly, chain, which, as before supplying the German company LuK, Now recruited from smaller units. This gives her the opportunity to work on the smallest radius and reduces mechanical losses. In addition, Engineers changed the torque converter housing, and housing box itself, Friction brake pads reverse gear (Now they are more resistant to wear) control unit and transferred from the cabin to the box body. The latter is due to the optimization of wiring — before the power went to the car body harness, and now — with engine harness.

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Go to the manual mode, you can, without taking your hands off the steering wheel, but in order, to electronics are not returned to the automatic programmke, better to use the selector. The response of the engine to the accelerator pedal becomes sharper, and in dosing traction motor abilities FB25 added.

Before, moving on to the engine, which more with the change of generation Impreza underwent significant upgrades (but until then Forester continued to be installed in an outdated form), note, that a fundamental change of the variator "subarovtsy" consider expanding the range of gear ratios with 6,28 to 7,02, claiming, it expanded and "up" and "down", i.e, and starting speed has become more and at higher speeds saves more fuel.

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Well, if you look only at the numbers, which give pulleys, and there is, but the main steam from the new "Forester" has become less. On account of its leaves, that the range has shifted only "up", upwards. This assertion Subaru Tecnica, however, refutes, as it is necessary to take into account more and gear ratio "donut", disclosed at the start. Вобщем, they do not disclose these figures, so it remains to believe their word.

Op-op oppozitochka ...

It's time to go to the motors. On the test we had the 2.5-liter unit FB25, which simultaneously with the changes in the power system (Subaru finally ran across a distributed on direct injection), and increased efficiency. Previously, torque peaked at 4000 rev / min, now it is shifted further - to 4400 rev / min, that given the moderate increase traction (239 nm against 235 nm) It does not seem to promote the improvement of dynamics. And indeed, not to tell, that unprecedented pulyat Forester became stronger than before, at least the last, when accelerating from a standstill to "hundreds": now improved a whole on 0,3 seconds and is now 9,5 with. And the cost of this shovel motors?

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Few of the new engines #Subaru #Forester. #subaru forester # # subaruforester #subaruforester

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After all, there was a serious modernization. Yes, the volume remains the same, indices also — FB20 for 2,0 and FB25 for 2,5, but the amount of modification pulls on a "new generation". Here are just a short list, what changed: neck connecting rod, crankshaft and main bearings, rods, pistons and piston rings, cylinder liners, exhaust valves and valve springs, water pump, valve lid, head gasket - and beyond, and further, and further.

Subaru Forester SK
Claimed consumption 100 km

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
9,3 6,3 7,4

you can add more to this list a dozen and a half alone, important positions. About tom, and why engineers have introduced each of these changes, we, can be fully, We will do a separate article, at this point an important question: why, in principle, automakers are on such expenditure. It is due to excessive 0,3 seconds acceleration from the 2.5-liter version?

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Naturally, No - all for "ecology" and decrease fuel consumption, we will appreciate on a comparative test, but for now let us return to the novelty, noting, yet, that the 2.0-liter engine dynamics become better perceptible: It was 11,8 s to "weave", It was - 10,3. So to test manual gearbox with the new 2.0-LTL motor, but, miserably, will not succeed, Only if Impreza somewhere in America.

Subaru Forester SKKratkie specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm:
4 625 x 1 815 x 1 730

Оснащенная масса:
1 630 kg

FB25 2,5 l., 185 HP. / 136 kW at 5800 rev / min

variable speed drive

Drive unit:

full speed:
207 kmh

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

But here's satisfaction - the suspension has become even better. The last time the structural changes are taking place not with the last change of generations, and the last restyling of the previous generation. Even then, "subarovtsy" reached solely by mechanical means so superior handling "Forester" on peresechonke, that other competitors were able to come near to him only equipping its compact krossoovery electronic gadgets like banks oppression. Especially gratifying, the reserves to improve the suspension is not exhausted. Again, Our test track is not facilitated a full-fledged "suspensorial" tests, Well but on the asphalt, we evaluated the car. In manual mode the variator, with retention of revolutions of the motor in the midrange, with little or no inclination - oh, it's nice cut to "Forike" on streamers! And in manual mode, the electronics keeps pace even reddish zone ...

However, I commend all the praise the. Not a fancy "Shumka" — at high speeds in the cabin leaks "aerodynamics" and disturbance from rolling tires, in which the voice is woven boxer. leather, which will fit the steering wheel and seats - slippery, obviously not the highest class. She is, naturally, satisfy unassuming American public, special, taking into account the low price, but spoiled Europeans - hardly. And the Russians, provided, that the ruble prices will be in the area 2 — 2,5 millions — almost too.

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019 Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

Archaic architecture cabin - it, naturally, a long-standing feature, But do not worry fans of the brand, very comfortable, relaxation chairs - again the South American style, another is not the most obvious advantage.

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Inspected the interior of the new #Subaru #Forester. A little innovation and useful features. #subaru forester # # subaruforester #subaruforester

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By itself, "Forik" became palpably better: a wide rear door aperture, "Frisky" electric opening tailgate, dramatically improved the uniformity of heating of salon (I used to have a measured morzla left leg, when I was driving), inflated easy boarding-disembarking from the second row, dramatically increase functionality, 3-position heating front and rear seats (including back) and so on.

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The # Subaru listened to pozhelaniyaem owners. Now the actuator rear door on the new #Forester faster. #subaru forester # # subaruforester #subaruforester

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Of the sad loss of the fifth generation — refusal to turbovannyh motors. 2-liter FA20F, in the Russian version of a derated 253 to 241 hp, Now Forester does not rely. At least, while the turbo engine — none of this, or some other, It will not appear in the US, nor in Europe, neither in Russia. However, admittedly, and that the demand for turbo Forester though there was, but weak. So, for 8 months 2018 Forester XT last year, chetvortnogo generation SJ, choose 99 buyers, ie only 3,6% the total number of buyers, "Forester" , of which it had accumulated in January-August 2718 person.


Generally, unprecedented "Forik" I liked. However, definitive conclusions will create, as usual, compared. We have already picked up for him a strong and, on many fronts, perhaps, only competitor rival. expect.

Test drive and technical review of the Subaru Forester SK 2019

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