Test drive Porsche 965A

Test drive Porsche 965A

ling, that two of shame is in the family – pregnant daughter-eighth-and Zaporozhets. stupidity is. Like many other jokes about this car, people who composed, sitting in a bus, trams and trolley buses. "Humpback" in general is an amazing machine – he collected all the possible and impossible shortcomings, but nothing nicer and more comfortable on our roads has never been. AND, apparently, will not be.


Small Klopp to… hardy!

On the history of this car has been written as, that there is nothing new to say is simply unrealistic. We even once tried to dispel some myths about ZAZ 965, at the same time we tried to make it very convincingly. Will not be repeated, so we move on to slightly more interesting part of the story: о том, in Daniel's family had this machine. by the way, never name in society zazovodov Zaporozhets "constipation" — it is considered annoying in the extreme, and it can be obtained on the face front torsion bar suspension.

When Daniel was small, near his house was secured parking, where motorists put their car. One beautiful day she decided to build up, and there had to clean the machine. But one ZAZ 965 turned out nobody needed. He stood for a long time, the owner does not manifest itself, and the car began to move on spare parts in Daniel's room. What to do: baby very much like himself Zaporozhets ... But his mother did not want to Zaporozhets, so spare "Brokeback" was invited to make the room as far as possible, it is better — landfill. And collect a car a little Daniel then could not.

Test drive Porsche 965A

Later, he grew up and bought a huge machine. Greater compared to "humpback" — ZAZ 968M. But here is a failure: this car though Zaporozhets, but not that ... Dream without sleep quietly, and I had to seek it 965 th.

And in the end, a year after the purchase of the first plows the family came second a wonderful car with rear-layout. It was in 2012 year. It would seem that, happiness has come into the house, but no. And not because of, that the car had to pull out of the bushes, 6 years to repair and put the registration in MREO, and because, that Daniel's wife decided, that her husband zazovod — grief in the family. Honestly, some of it right. Roamed the expanses of the Web in search of spare parts the husband and reddish eyes — is more happiness. The car away from sin dragged to the cottage, and as long as all the usual guys on weekends during the day went to Auchan with their spouses and children, and in the evening blew a beer with friends, Daniel Kolupaev in his hunchbacked happiness. It had to do almost all.

Test drive Porsche 965A Test drive Porsche 965A

A machine, released in April 1968 of the year, Daniel has managed to 20 thousand rubles. Someone thinks, that's a lot, but in fact the "humpback" comparable with the whole body, and most importantly — documents, left so little, that bargain for the car would sacrilege.

And then went languishing during recovery plows. Find him on the details is not very easy, and in fact initially I thought Daniel even make their own plows export version — "Yalta". But the idea had to abandon: Firstly, worthless "farm" is already a rare car, Secondly, every small things for the "Yalta" is very expensive, and in the nature practically does not occur.

Test drive Porsche 965A

After 6 years restoring the car finally went on the streets of the town. She had just turned 50 years old — it's time to start a new life.

And laughter, and sin

Honestly, I was slightly surprised at the reaction of people passing by car. We rented a car during the day in the yard nemnogolyudnom, so that passers-by were few. Almost all of them were smiling, looking at Zaporozhets and asked ..., what kind of car. I'm not surprised that, we festivals ZIS confused with "polutorka", and Willis — are Studebekkerom, but to forget the legendary "humpbacked"… Or am I cool older, or too young people walking in the morning by car.

Test drive Porsche 965A Test drive Porsche 965A

For certain will surprise, but the bug, which seems a little, actually it has a real body trohobomny. If you turn on the imagination, it can even be suspected of a real machine sedan. true, two-door. Deliver me from the description of "graters Wasserman" (so named inventor called lattice vozduhopoglotiteley) and other well-known and visible things. I will only mention some interesting design elements.

Not a secret, that the development of plows designers painstakingly considered some foreign analogues. for example, Bond Minicar, Isetta, Fuldamobil, Lloyd 600, Goggomobil T300 и Zündapp Janus. Some still consider ZAZ 965 a copy of the Fiat 600. This is not exactly, but monocoque construction Zaporozhets indeed largely repeats fiatovskuyu. The bodies of all the other machines were for our conditions or insufficiently strong, or too expensive to make. ZAZ 965 It could be expensive, because I had to go to some tricks, which at the moment seem to be quite so budget.

Fiat 600 ‘1955–60

Goggomobil T300 ‘1955–68

Zündapp Janus

Бмв Isetta

Bond Minicar Mark G Tourer ‘1964

So, All sidewall body stamped from the 1st metal sheet. kind of, it turned out cheaply, but God forbid mash wing — will have to change the floor machines. But the front and rear windows are interchangeable. Limiters of doors made both in the pre-war trucks — from ordinary belts, and the motor not in any way attached to the body — in his car holding a three-point attachment to the transmission housing (the engine with a box represent a single power unit, which bottom is attached to the bottom, and from above by the rocker to the engine compartment wall).

Test drive Porsche 965A

But the "hunchback" can boast such technical solutions, which could not meet its foreign analogues. for example, front suspension had torsion, that allows you to travel on such roads, where all sorts of Fiats do not stick. The rear suspension was independent, A two-arm rocking with the diagonal axis. Such was not the Muscovites, nor even the Volga. true, rear wheels were "house" no load, and if in turn very press the gas, wheel could "hall" on the body. But this happened not so often: with motor 887 "Cubes" really do not drive.

Test drive Porsche 965A

But the engine itself is also very, very entertaining. It's pretty rare layout — V4. Something similar in the world produced a total of three companies, except ZAZ: Italian Lancia, AMC American and European Ford. And the latter did two totally different V4 — one for the market in England, other — for continental Europe. But back to Zaporozhets…

generally, ZAZovtsy originally wanted to build boxer 4-cylinder engine (like the one, that stood at the German Beetle) and even made a motor, but it was very difficult to maintain. Zaporozhets tried to thrust the two-cylinder motorcycle MD-65, but he was weak for cars. It had to be good, "twist", and from this his life before major repairs decreased to unacceptable 30 thousands of kilometers. Well, as well as the parallel with the development of plows wonder more and over conveyor amphibious TPK, and then we decided to do the motor for their one common. The result agreed configuration V4. At first, "humpback" was the engine MeMZ-965 volume 746 cm3 and power 23 hp, at 1962 engine appeared MeMZ-966 (887 cm3, 27 l. with.), and should MeMZ-966G standard in our car 1966 of the year — the same volume, but to give as much 30 l. with.

Test drive Porsche 965A


MeMZ-966G 30 l. with.

As you can imagine, This air-cooled engine. For early 1960 — most that: conventional antifreeze still not been, pour the water at night in the winter it was troublesome, so that purely theoretically air-cooled engine was the best decision. But in practice it is still heated ... Sometimes the owners themselves were to blame: altered air intakes, allowed him overgrown oil and gryazyuku, correctly exposed ignition timing.

Вобщем, and the design itself was not very successful: with the road flying dust, settling on the cylinder ribs, cylinder walls were thin, and fuel quality middle of the last century, too, did not differ. by the way, annotation manual explicitly states, it is necessary to wash the engine at least once a year, and the oil used for diesel engines entirely (eg, DP-11): oils for gasoline engines this engine did not fit.

As the Motor Plus you can call it an excellent maintainability, which contributed to its ease of disassembly of the machine, removable cylinders and low weight. The motor can be removed from the machine, take home with them and fix home in the kitchen, like in a cartoon about the urban population migration in Buttermilk.

Test drive Porsche 965A

Zaporozhets often try to offend, speaking, that in it there is absolutely no amenities. lie! Is there a convenience. Usually there is no stove, and convenience there. Although, actually, and there is a stove — autonomous, unreliable and fire. But with the comfort of order here.

First of all, climb into the belly of the sheepskin on wheels is not so difficult because of suicide door, which widen at an angle unimaginable. Secondly, there is a seat adjustment: the driver can adjust the seat back and forth or change the inclination of its backrest. There are even ahead of the 12-volt outlet, sun visors, interior lighting and a loop on the side near the roof racks (they are here instead of pens). Generally, very rich.

Sally and jumped!

Naturally, inside is not too roomy, and any owner of the machine, neither me nature is not deprived growth and a good complexion. And yet we are completely comfortably in the front seat. Especially seen on the Soviet machine of that time outdoor gear stick: adored him then put on the steering column. Even more surprisingly, what's a four-step gearbox, while synchromesh. Chic-modern and flight technical ideas! And I currently speak quite seriously: trohstupki then were still very popular.

The dashboard is also rich with us — with oil temperature indicator. At first, "humpback" it was not, and the temperature indicated only two warning lights — green and reddish. Well, and the other instruments and indicators for any ordinary car: fuel level indicator, warning lights turn on lights and direction indicators, odometer and speedometer, labeled by some joker up 120 kmh.

What, start the engine ...

Fine, he stands behind — despite the fact that he had not screaming the nose, so that it works noisily, but the sound insulation in the USSR in the mid 60's thought and knew less, than on the "Coca-Cola" and the Beatles. And now it is important to press the pedal is, you need to press, not a pair, which is under the sole of the 1st boot. Pedals here exactly for midgets, so gently clutch, includes a first transmission, even more carefully and find the gas pedal ... What kind of shaking? this — this feature of the work of adhesion, disc which has no damper. Someone with this "raskolbas" does not want to put up, and weak people are soul collective farms to other disks. shaking out, but along with it a sense of real leaves and plows.

Test drive Porsche 965A

Car steering wheel is very easy, you can use your loaf, that there should GUR. In fact, it, naturally, not, but if the car weighs less than seven hundred kg, the steering wheel is almost impossible to be heavy.

The low weight also affects the dynamics. Not to tell, The car-bullet, but on the first and second gear it accelerates well. At about 30 km / h it is already out of steam, and then overtake Zaporozhets can have any modern tin. Maximum speed, which managed to develop on the track, leaves no chance to get a penalty for exceeding the — 80 kmh. In this case, it becomes clear, that maneuverability for ZAZ alien to the concept of. Not enough, The tiny car even in the cramped yard was not very agile.

The suspension is left ambiguous impression. "Punch" her, probably, simply impossible, and to move the car quite myagenkaya. But when you move "speed bump" was of course, that the front suspension still stiff. According to the latest measure, If the cabin sit only two people. Anus bulge is much quieter.

Test drive Porsche 965A

there worldview, that the rear-seat sofa plows virtually no. Generally, I will not argue: in football there is no play. But honestly, then the checkers too. Behind us there could only take kids. But if we expand back, We get a good cargo area. And this is good, so that in the trunk of a lot will not put: and so he is very modest size, so also the busy 30-liter fuel tank and spare wheel.

Brakes for machines malehankih, Do not try to seem even race cars, very worthy. If a, of course, get a foot on the right pedal ...

Hepp end

In this one would finish the story, if not for one "but". After a few weeks of exploring this Zaporozhets, I vyznat, that the beautiful half of the family still recognized her husband rescued baby. And now picture "Brokeback" in a frame hangs on the wall of their house. Zaporozhets and he survived, and the family has not collapsed ... Is not that sweet machine?

Test drive Porsche 965A

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