Car creating history LAF 4101

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

Only the most "advanced" car owners can remember, that the era of the automobile industry in Kazakhstan started fifteen years back with the release of the VAZ-21213 "Niva". And that, if you really will strain. However, this is - the official story, and there are other. And it began not with Niva, but with a completely different car, and fifteen, but 30 лет назад.


The story began in the same town, where on a plan of the creators of the movie "Gentlemen of Fortune" hero Basil Alibabaevicha mother lived. It is in Jambul in 1996 year private entrepreneur planned to try their hand in the design of vehicles of their own design. Who would softly, that this idea is not out of the ordinary, and then, in the most devastation peak, the heads of the people were sick on the other, and most did not care, who and what is conceived. However, owner of the largest service station in the region seemed to, it is entirely feasible.

Proper name

obviously, at the beginning of this path no harsh developments did not bode. It all boils down to a change in the finished vehicle designs. In the first case, the Niva jeep were removed top and doors and reinforced body. Thus Alexander Loktev (the same businessman) He received a chaise for his hobbies hunting. Subsequent project was the wrecker, built on the basis of GAZ-53 truck. It was necessary for business.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

Both cars have successfully passed the factory certification and have received factory index, than the designer is very proud. But here on the proposed him in Nizhny Novgorod, the index for the third car, he refused ...

In the autumn 1997 , the businessman decided a major step - the construction of car, which until that time had no analogues in the middle of production models. Choice of direction fell in the direction of the highest degree of off-road vehicles, and basic construction methods have become "hybridization" and refinement. If you delve into the details, the frame is used for the project, bridges, and razdatka wheel truck GAZ-66, body and interior of the car GAZ-24, slider, box and the front wings a GAZ-53. At the exit left something looks awkward, endowed with the controversial design decisions, which include foreign "facade" and the desire to make of the car using the wagon frame and awning.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101 The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101 The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

GAZ-66, GAZ-24 Volga, GAS-53

But in spite of this, its purpose vehicle acquitted. During the first jeep trips easily passed the fords, overcome steep climbs, fully adequately acted on the roads of general use. It was then that the idea to the creation of its own brand and the organization of small-scale release of similar machines. true, for, to claim for himself as for automakers, As a car, and its creator was required to pass a number of tests .

For the reason that, in Kazakhstan at that time there was no 1st-Automobile Research Institute, in the local traffic police department has been sent a request for support in the evaluation of an SUV. There's a businessman's initiative was received with understanding and gathered a group, which in addition to those of ordinary skill became Head.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

GAS-66 '1964-99

Many measuring instruments had to find. Some borrowed in neighboring areas, some were purchased in Russia. But in the end the group received the following indicators: 2,5-ton car is able to reach the highest speed 98,5 kmh, to overcome the 45.4-degree climbs, boost water barriers depth 1,4 m. The machine can carry a payload in 850 kg.

For comparison, the tests took part GAZ-66. obviously, cars had fundamentally different purpose, but wanted to learn more: What are the benefits of car truncated base? 1-th, which was better than — turn radius, which amounted to nine meters. The second and more fundamental advantage was the radius of the longitudinal cross, ie the ability of a machine to overcome a very drastic change of the longitudinal profile of the road (mound, speech). There, where "shishiga" sat down on the belly, natter (the so called new car, true, while in absentia) I slipped stride.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

GAS-66 '1964-99

When testing is complete representatives of traffic police congratulated creator jeep, but made it clear, that of registration without a municipal certificate of conformity can be no question. In this case, all were well aware, that Kazakhstan was not the 1st state institutions, which would have issued such a document. So the businessman got into a vicious circle, from which the only way out was seen factory index Gorky Automobile Plant, assigned after successful testing machines in Russia. But in this case, an independent brand would have to forget: Car was called to GAZ, and the creator would allow only assign a proper name. Such a plot is not arranged Lokteva, but the situation was not in his favor. Why corresponding request was made in Nizhny Novgorod, in response to which the registered right, when and where to deliver the jeep.

The businessman was confident, the car all the tests will be successful, However, the trip did not hurry, putting it in every way.

In the meantime, we began to receive the first orders for the construction of such vehicles. Despite the complexity of the, dismiss them did not. Not having on hand the official permission, They released three more machines. The main difference was the appearance, devoid of "ponderous faces" — this time the body donors were the more modern Volga GAZ-31029, and in their way have decided not to add.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

Each of the vehicles passed the same test cycle, and that the first sample, and that it has helped quite by chance to solve the basic problem. For the next trip unique jeep on the riverbed watched the stranger, then introduced the journalist of the newspaper "Kazakhstanskaya Pravda". Thanks to its material, the newspaper learned about the car "at the top", and from the President's office in the city government came to a fateful businessman notice: within two days, the car and its creator were to arrive in Astana.

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said — fabricated. Two all-terrain vehicle hit the road. On-site car destination visited President Nursultan Nazarbayev, then I asked the designer, what are its direct problem. After their conversation all the issues with the passage of state certification and mass production permits have been resolved. The official name, assigned car, It began to sound like LAF 4101, from the initials of founder Alexander Fedorovich Loktev . but to say, that all the problems in this ended, must not.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

Rise and Fall

Along with the newly incoming orders began to appear and new demands from customers. For example, many did not like, that used parts were in use in the manufacture of all-terrain vehicles (though perfectly restored). Urgently had to sign a contract with GAZ to supply components and assemblies. At first, the Volga, whose bodies were used in the project, were purchased from a local dealer is one hundred percent complete ones, but soon GAS helped to solve this problem - to adjust sending only the exterior and interior.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

its cost is significantly increased due to the requirements to the car of the new requirements. If at the beginning of the all-terrain vehicle, depending on the configuration requested by 8 to 10 thousands of dollars, now the prices have started with a mark of 15 thousand. In spite of this, confident in the bright future of his project Loktev decided to defer the implementation of the newly acquired furniture factory, where the installed equipment, built a welding and paint shop.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

For the enthusiasm necessary to tell about some of the wishes of the customer. For example, among them was listed automatic transmission. The solution of the puzzles, amateurs avtostariny say today, podoshli "a barbaric». In one of the GAZ-13 Chaika former "gorkomovskih" garages was found with quite serviceable engine and gearbox. They moved into one of the jeeps. And if the engine during operation prirekany there should not have been, the gearbox with push-button switch is always including the problem of the party limo and with very few exceptions no longer serve 20-25 thousands of kilometers. Now it would be interesting to find out, as the fate of the instance.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

less bright, but much more promising number of modifications Lafayette with diesel engines Minsk production. The four-cylinder diesel engines have the highest torque, a much higher life, and the most important thing — It was significantly more economical. Unfortunately, such vehicles have released little, and those came under sunset production.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

Difficulties began when, that many customers on the background of the crisis was raging scare cost. Major customers in the face of the army, fire, Emergency Situations Ministry and a number of other structures have not found the funds for the purchase of cars they need. But the negotiations were long and were initiated by them ...

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The result was sad. Official production lasted a little more than five years, for which it was made about fifty cars, each of which, looking at pictures, It can be called unique. And the acquisition of a furniture factory, in the walls of which started the transfer of production, I did not become vsepolnotsennym home to the first Kazakhstani car. Now, looking at him, no longer say, that this place could become the first car factory of the country. At the moment, there deserted and deserted.

The history of the creation of the LAF car 4101

P.S. Surprisingly, after the termination of the LAF car production in Kazakhstan is taking another attempt crossing army truck GAZ-66 with a civilian car. AT 2007 year 109th repair plant in Yereimentau received an order at the ready bonneted Party SUVs (Get the name of BARS-01) for the army. How many cars were produced, for sure it is not clear, but their difference from Zhambyl terrain vehicle has become the standard length of the wheelbase and stretched body of the jeep UAZ-31512.

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