Should I buy a Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

When it comes to the G-Class from Mercedes-Benz, never complete without fine words and pompous phrases. Unless you are on the forum "Helice" hosts, Of course - there is initial enthusiasm has usually subsided, and on the first plan came more domestic issues. But to get to the number of owners Gelandewagen, it first needs to buy, and before that - right to choose. And, of course, for cheap - approximately the price of a top Kia Rio. Our colleagues from Auto Avito give a hint, that the market bottom on the G-Klasse - it's about 500-600 thousand, but given, it's not a Volkswagen Golf II, it is better not to take risks and to budget more: about one million. Or "it is better not to risk" - means not to think about such a purchase?


It would seem that, famous Gelandewagen should combine all the best of Toyota Mark II and Chevrolet Suburban, about which we had read recently. I.e, be great, aggressive, powerful, reliable and comfortable. According to the latest measure, almost all, one's own "Gelika" has not yet been, calculated specifically for this. What this proves to be true in reality, and even taking into account the price of about a million? try to understand.

First of all define the age: considering far not the highest budget, calculate the cost of the machine with index W463 to restyling - that is,, issued with 1990 by 2006 year. In-2-x, as banal as it may sound, by G-class is probably waiting for maximum coolness, meaning, that all sorts of "ex-army" and very old-school options, we also did not motivate. Well and thirdly, recall another thesis, clear, like a day: if suddenly a million in sales there was some sort of charged versions Gelendvagen, is seriously count on, that it is possible to go, as naive, how to lead children to the concert group "Leningrad". Generally, maximum simplicity with maximum safety - that's the best description, what to look for.

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

Mercedes-benz (W463) ‘1998–2002

1-first the catch when choosing a used "Gelika" is, that his body is far not so monumental and immortal, his appearance. Corrosion shamelessly occupying not only the frame, but also all the usual problem areas of the body: Windshield frame, thresholds, arches, bottoms of doors, as well as the door hinges, which immediately stick out. Lumbering locks do not need to be surprised - it's factory feature, but afraid of rotten places on the bottom is totally worth it. But with no less passion should be inspected and the frame - the more it here even more "dangerous" element, than the body. After the frame - a license plate assembly, recorded in documents, and unreadable or broken frame number - it is guaranteed prepyadstviya reissuance machines. So it must be checked like the proverbial number for integrity, and the frame itself for safety: she may be (potochnee, will be) rusty, but not rotten and undigested.

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

Mercedes-Benz S-Klasse (Br.463) '1990-present.

We note in passing, that when you select should pay attention to the machines, who are not prepared to drive off road. Ordinary 'road racing' wheels and the lack of off-road attributes - the best option. If the car is shod with "ateshku" or bragging "lift" or some more signs of "active" operation, it is an occasion to inspect at least her condition even more closely. Indeed, the presence of 2-bridges and three locks drives owners to look for opportunities outside the machine, but guarantees, that after each race at the fords in the bridges inspected and changed oil, and often washed to the bottom of the cavity of dirt and served universal joints, which fall within the zone of increased risk, and are expensive, no one will. And the electrician permanent bathing does not like.

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

Mercedes-benz (W463) ‘2002–2006

As part of the engine there is almost everything went smoothly: in the sense, that the choice is large enough, successful and more options, than useless. Among the petrol engines occupy a large share of V6 and V8 Series M112 and M113, respectively - and specifically, they are well suited to the role of a successful choice. This robust aggregates with duralumin unit, three valves per cylinder and a timing chain, and volume in 3,2 and 5 l. accordingly, they give 215 and 296 HP. respectively, that, coupled with its torque promises absolutely sufficient dynamics.

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

Under the hood of the Mercedes-benz (W463) ‘2000–02

Of the shortcomings can be noted except that the tendency to oil consumption, as well as to techam out of the cylinder head covers, that is interconnected, but not "mutually uravnovesheno». But still it is worth understanding, that the fuel consumption of these engines is directly dependent on driving style, and remembering the moderate purchase budget, perhaps, worth a look and on diesel engines. Here attention should OM612 and OM642 engines with direct injection common rail, as well as more old-school OM606, a prechamber ignition system and a mechanical pump. Last easier to tolerate the poor quality of diesel fuel, but the engines do not like to overheating and moisture in the fuel. But the dynamics of these engines are not so bad, and fuel consumption, especially if you worry about it, It will be less tangible, than gasoline versions. So taking into account, that diesel cars on the market have enough, there are plenty to choose.

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

Engine Mercedes-Benz OM642

Considering, that million budget basically get the machine, issued about 2000 of the year, the box does not have to choose: it is likely to 5G-Tronic, or a five-speed automatic transmission with index 722.6. She is, Unlike their predecessors, It has an electrical control and torque converter lock, as well as the highest resource and decent maintainability. Km traveled half a million in normal service for it can be considered fully achievable. true, when the half-million expire ...

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

Mercedes-benz (W463) ‘2000–02

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?


From game to reality: whether to buy a Nissan Skyline R34 for 800 thousand rubles?

Nissan Skyline – this, perhaps, the case, when in spite of the good reliability, has become the main driver of success is not even that, and sports status. «Skai», generation after generation receives the coupe version with an obvious bias…




Yes, yes, One of the main problems the G-Class in addition to the rusting of iron and finding suitable units in the living state - this is the highest value of virtually all, which is due to repairs. rule, that "different machines just do not sell", in the case of the "Helice" goes to extraordinary levels: buying troubled car for a million, you can just spend on bringing it to order another half of that amount - and this is usually the client is not prepared. So popular axiom, it is impossible to take a used car on the last money, then more relevant than ever - in stock is always worth bearing in spite of the fact that a tenth of the purchase price. In another kind of machine it is frightening not only to others, but also for the owner.

Reminder, that when you buy should be given the most attention not only to the technical condition, but also the legal purity of the machine, it seems there's not excessive. But we still recall, that by virtue of their status G-klasse in the past may have been involved in such debacles and fraud, and that it is difficult to come up with, so to spend even a little time and money on inspection of documents and the emergency passed with the help of online services, such as Avtoteka, it is imperative.

by the way, Another quite justified caveat when choosing a car - is to pay attention to the machine is not black: This lowers the risk of some popularity among car thieves (in the past, and in the future) and arrogant, but careless "riders". After all, a real cool "Helice" must necessarily be black and tightly toned - but the least pompous silver SUV, possibly, I spent the least busy life. Generally, one of the good options for buying looks So: not dark car with the old, but unpretentious and reliable pre-chamber diesel engine OM606, five-speed automatic, original PTS and no signs of permanent off-road operation. And what would be its residual life, show only excellent diagnosis and time ....

Should I take Mercedes-Benz G-Class in a million?

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Well, one more traditional, but in the case of «gelendvagenom» especially urgent advice — this «not save». In such machines saved hundred or can turn in times bolshennymi expenditure for maintenance and repairs. So if the inspection machine with a million in your pocket over and over again shows, that the purchase is not justified — can, should increment to the budget 1,5 millions, and then «flawless» state another vehicle like it in practice, will though be «worthy of his years».

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