Test drive the renewed Mitsubishi Outlander 2018

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

"No money left, but you keep " – it is also about the Mitsubishi Motors. Here were able to bring to the Eclipse Cross the market and run a build in Kaluga new Pajero Sport - and thank God, Pajero and the fifth so far and does not smell, and the next generation Outlander would be time already seem to light… But instead - update, thus sufficiently cosmetic, not zatragivayuschiee powertrains – only suspension.


Вобщем, it's not so bad. Mitsubishi failed to restore sales to near pre-crisis levels. Three neighborhood 2018 year has been realized 31 203 Vehicle with 3 diamonds on wall, an increase of 117% compared with the same period last year. But if two years back Outlander carried the burden, "the brand breadwinner" virtually alone, and it accounted for if not a bit 80% sold cars, but this year the picture looks somewhat different. On Outlander for about 55%, still 20% It provides "Acting. flagship "face Pajero Sport, but everything else about equal split between Tolia returned to our market ASX, L200 and novice Eclipse Cross. Well, and closes the list sent to the "current margin", but resigned Pajero IV. Past flagship still enjoys a certain demand (for 9 months 2018 It has been sold 344 such jeep), so that the model will remain in our market before the end of next year, ie until, will operate until the certificate of approval of a vehicle type without the "ERA-GLONASS" system.

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018 Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Anyway, the backbone of the Mitsubishi line in Russia has been and remains Outlander. At present, he is registered in the first five mid-size crossovers of foreign brands, yielding sales Toyota RAV4 and VW Tiguan, but ahead of Nissan X-Trail and Mazda CX-5.

another update. What has changed?

The image of the car remains constant, but chrome crossbar was opaque and have acquired more graphically outlines, and the lower trim on the bumpers became heavier. As a result, the chromium was even greater, but the gloss - less.

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Update affected the appearance #Mitsubishi #Outlander very little, and a huge part of the changes can be regarded as a purely cosmetic. #mitsubishimotors #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishifamily #mitsubishicars #mitsubishilovers #mitsubishirussia #mitsubishiclub #mitsubishipower #mitsubishination

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But there are things more important and make-up. for example, All lighting fixtures headache, including near and high beam headlights, It became fully LED, means and longer service sources, and the world, similar in features to the natural. true, this fashionable novelty flaunt only version 2.4 Ultimate и 3.0 GT. On the "junior" trim all remains as before.

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018 Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018 Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Changes in the interior, too, can not be called revolutionary, but, yet the least, they are important enough. First of all, changed the profile of the front seats: on their backs appeared more developed lateral assistance. Secondly, designers have heard, finally, complaints about the lack of lighting in many buttons, primarily — those responsible for managing windows, and corrected this deficiency. Кроме того, All windows have received the automatic mode.

Paying tribute to the current "digital reality", designers moved the USB-connector on the front panel and add another, for second-row passengers. Finally, once the patient for Mitsubishi issue of soundproofing. clear, that times, when pro Outlander wrote, that "there is no noise insulation at all", that "large door panels without stiffeners ring, like an empty bucket ", It has long been a thing of the past, and the main difficulties have been solved even during the restyling 2015 of the year. But acoustic comfort and raised in this iteration, adding "Shumkov" in the rear, that was felt even when driving on asphalt on thorns (we tested the Outlander in Siberia, there is almost winter).

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Backlight window lifter buttons # Mitsubishi #Outlsnder, the necessity of which so much read as journalists, finally, perfected! Hooray, companions! #mitsubishimotors #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishifamily #mitsubishicars #mitsubishilovers #mitsubishirussia #mitsubishiclub #mitsubishipower #mitsubishination

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Get used to the variator

Since the range of engines and boxes remained constant, then the dynamic characteristics of the refreshed Outlander I can not say absolutely nothing new. More interesting remains GT version with a 3-liter V6 engine and 6-speed hydromechanics. Вобщем, and the 2.4-liter engine mated to a CVT also allows you to feel myself very confident and in town, and on the road. From a standing start and smooth acceleration persistent. But the behavior of the variator on overtaking at first seems a bit unusual: you "discover", momentum grows, but for a while the speed remains the same. But then the car starts to accelerate rapidly, wherein the acceleration lasts even a few seconds after, you took his foot off the gas pedal!

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Mitsubishi Outlander
Declared expenditure on 100 km at 2.4 a CVT 164 HP.

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
10 6,5 7,8

In terms of maneuverability Outlander also did not bring any surprises. I once again made sure, that the S-AWC system gives the driver complete sets GT number of significant superiority compared to other versions, well equipped "conventional" all-wheel drive, above all - due to the thrust vector control when cornering. Here's how: in the initial phase, when entering the arc, internal electronics retarding frontal wheel to create a yawing moment. The apex of the system begins to increase at the time of the rear axle, and at the exit of turn, when you have to dissolve the wheel, it also adds traction to the outer front wheel, not allowing the car very flattened trajectory.

Here you are not there

Basically, on the maneuverability could affect and change in the tuning of the suspension. Yet the least, installing damper enlarged diameter was, primarily, provide improved damping and inflated ride comfort over bumps at low speed. In addition, greater than the diameter of the shock absorbers, the later they overheat at high loads, for example, if you have to "hitting on all media" to "comb".

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

May be, If I, as usual during journalistic tests, mostly located or at the wheel, or "navigator" right front seat, I would have confirmed: Yes, smoothness rose slightly, but the directional stability does not worsened. But as it happens, that we were in the car were four, and a significant part of the route I had to hold back on the couch. Generally, I can say absolutely awe: feeling on the first and on the second row thus differ fundamentally!

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The most diverse fresh #Outlander steel change in the suspension setting. #mitsubishimotors #mitsubishioutlander #mitsubishifamily #mitsubishicars #mitsubishilovers #mitsubishirussia #mitsubishiclub #mitsubishipower #mitsubishination

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215 mm

You sit down in front - all excellent, the car goes like on rails, vertical accelerations seem completely normal for driving on asphalt is not very rovnenko. Transplanted back - and very quickly begin to feel the buildup, and longitudinally, and in the transverse direction. When this model is really family orientated operation, and neither I (with their 182 cm), nor my colleagues even more top growth is no shortage of space. There's generally a good idea, on the back seat, and the children are now on the road and still on the tablet have an opportunity to play with no time limit — appeared USB-slot allows it. If a, naturally, they do not begin to rock — then they will not be exact to computer games. in short, Mitsubishi engineers should still tinker with the suspension tuning Outlander — a car that clearly deserves.

Let's talk about the seals

Outlander love in a relatively spacious interior and large trunk, and more — for the opportunity to feed in-line four 92-m beznzinom to fully legally.

Good and all-terrain potential. Yes, due longish wheelbase Outlander base has a rather moderate geometric patency. But the company always pay attention to the fact, Check that the angles, and exit ramps are equal among themselves and constitute 21 degrees. Mitsubishi experts like to say, that the Outlander — he was like a cat, if I stuck somewhere head, and the rest of the body will take place. With regard to the car life meaning, if you drove through the barrier and tore the front bumper, then you are on the belly, the fastest, not sit down, and rear bumper remains intact.

Naturally, crossover in no way intended to participate in the trophy-raids, but to cope limp primer it is quite capable, and even flown into some ambush, he can get out of it yourself, without the help of the towline and folk methods such as "time, two, took!». the main thing — not to forget, where the ESP off button — the driver's seat it does not actually seen.

Mitsubishi Outlander (2.4 CVT)Short specifications
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm:
4 695 x 1 810 x 1 703

167 HP.

Maximum speed:
198 kmh

Acceleration to 100 kmh:
10,5 sec

variable speed drive

Drive unit:

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Well, in the end,, most painful question — the issue of cost. Alas, cars have slowly, Expensive but correctly, and Outlander is no exception. All equipment, from the original Inform 2WD with a two-liter engine to the GT with the best engine obemomV6 grown in value by exactly 50 000 rubles, that is the most a cheap Outlander now available for 1 639 000 rub, and the most expensive — for a round 2 400 000. But judging from the pace of sales, buyers it will not stop ...

From the history

1-the first crossover with the same name appeared in 2001 year (at home he wore the name Airtrek). 2-second generation model, Get through a while XL supplement to its own name, It was issued with 2005 by 2012 year, gained popularity as severe in our country, and around the world, and served as the basis for the 2-twin models, Citroen C-Crosser и Peugeot 4007. It came to, that the waiting queue stretched from on to 3-4 of the month, and 2010 SKD was organized in Kaluga.

Mitsubishi Airtrek '2001-05

Mitsubishi Outlander '2003-06

Mitsubishi Outlander '2005-12

Finally, in 2012 it was time to appear in the light of the third-generation model. In April, since its inception in Japan, in August, the car was officially unveiled in Russia, and in November the plant PMSMA Rus in Kaluga started the creation of a full cycle. Local assembly allowed to show the car at very attractive prices, and that, in combination with excellent consumer properties crossover, predetermined his popularity. Vehicle offered with 3 engine options. The two-liter 4B11 (146 hp, 196 nM) and 2.4 - liter 4B12 (167 hp, 222 nM), agregatirovalnnye with stepless Jatco CVT 8) served as well, "bread and butter", as well as the flagship of the line, and along with a spoon of caviar, Outlander GT has performed with a three-liter V6 6V31 (227 hp, 291 nm) and six-speed hydromechanics.

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

Mitsubishi Outlander '2012-14

AT 2014 It passed a small update, and in 2015 the exterior of the car has changed quite radically. The design of the third Outlander always scold for some impersonal and puffiness, and evil tongues even stuck the car the nickname "the sad samurai". But in 2014, the front part of the car received a brutal execution of corporate style Dynamic Shield, with appropriate chrome "pincers", and complete the GT flagship - even the newest system S-AWC all-wheel drive, which not only had an additional mode "Snow", but also provided a thrust vector control.

Mitsubishi Outlander '2014-15

Mitsubishi Outlander '2001-н.в.

Finally, in 2016 in the Russian-assembled vehicles appeared due to crossovers in this class set of electrical means to ensure the active safety, including over the lane control system, blind Spot, as well as adaptive cruise control.

Test drive Mitsubishi Outlander refreshed 2018

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