The first test drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

joyfully, that in preparation for the decisive attack on the headquarters of Hyundai Creta Avtovaz prevailed line "hawks": Lada XRAY Cross have provided a wide range of enemy weapons. Meanwhile,, vazovskiy crossover could appear on the battlefield, not only naked, but in a very homely camouflage, What designer Steve Mattin Lada could not prevent. by the way, Specifically he was the main warlord in Togliatti. Specifically, with his light hand weapons process was launched. Than? Tell things first.


Gathering's understand with prices, to avoid troubles happened. At first glance, that the difference between Lada XRAY Cross and Lada XRAY - significant, at 100 thousand. rubles, but it is not. For ordinary XRAY base engine - VAZ-21129 (1,6-liter in 106 hp), for XRAY Cross - already VAZ-21179 (1,8-liter in 122 hp), because if you compare similar modifications, the difference obtained in the area 50 thousand.

However, w, this is not a reason for joy: basic configuration Classic does not make sense to take, as they are not equipped with Ride Select system, paired with a working EDL - imitation mezhdukolesnogo differential lock. It is this combination and gives Togliatti novelty significant proportion of the properties on the roads. properly, then it makes sense to remind about the engine VAZ-21179: Only with it comes increased engagement with the drive plate in diameter 215 mm vs. 200 mm on other engines. And therefore, opportunity singe friction linings in the fields - is significantly lower.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

As for the boxes - it is again the same familiar to owners XRAY machine from Reno (JR5-523), calculated by the input time before 210 nm, besides, that the VAZ-21179 engine produces at maximum 177 nm. Gear ratios for XRAY Cross - have not changed: the words of the project manager XRAY Oleg Grunenkova, when to the ordinary "Iksreyu" with a motor 1.8 We picked up a pair of, engineers have been kept in mind XRAY Cross version with larger wheels.

Meanwhile,, more than ever, if we XRAY Cross important external appearance, After all, design solutions, proposed by designer Steve Mattin, It becomes a prerequisite for extensive technical modifications. And actually, What is remarkable XRAY Cross excluding aluminum roof rails, that, visible, it seems, from all angles and rely on all trim levels?

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You, naturally, paid attention, that compared with ordinary XRAY novelty slightly parted breadth, became as though stockier, despite the fact, that the height of its increased. This is due to the fact, that after the occurrence of plastic clothes, including wheel arch extensions, no increment was impossible to track, although initially chassis really did not plan to touch and not to go into unnecessary costs. but, as they say themselves Togliatti, machine reamers and gauge of the former looked awful. At the same time, and we do not have an option Steve - very well, he proposed to place the wheels.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

Actually, Machine visually parted laterally in part through the use of tires with a wider profile: test XRAY Cross was wearing a set of all-season Continental ContiCross Contact dimension 215/50 R 17. Recall, that the 17-inch wheels on an ordinary XRAY goes wide 205 mm, that is, Bus added to the side of 5 mm. Please note, that the rubber for XRAY Cross delivers not Pirelli - a longtime partner Avtovaz. Ostensibly colleagues from Pirelli simply not been able to offer tires, who stood at once and requirements for noise and have had so necessary for XRAY Cross hook. As regards cooperation with Continental, the assurances Oleg Grunenkova, New tires were practically developed anew, in particular was chosen recipe consistency, the most relevant characteristics of the suspension. This is particularly Wheels XRAY Cross.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

Coupled with the increased tire and track: ahead to 1503 mm (It was — 1492 mm), behind — to 1546 mm (It was 1532 mm), I played on that range of positive measures: Rear appeared modified in view of the emergence of disk brake lever, and front - new driveshafts to the wheels. Let's take a look at the new Lada XRAY below - you can see everything perfectly, perhaps, but new cross-resistance stabilizer bar which has become much longer.

As for the ground clearance, nominally increased from 195 mm 215, but, in fact, on the unladen vehicle we are not secure 195 mm: the lowest point was the cross tie front subframe, it can be clearly seen on the video.

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But the new drive shafts is not really brand new, i.e, not entirely new. Oleg told Grunenkov, that portion of the shaft from the boxes borrowed from everyday XRAY, portion of the shaft from the wheel - is taken from the Lada Vesta Cross (as knuckle). Designed anew only the middle part, and which has raised the length. The new L-shaped lever appeared too nepoprostu: task was to bring XRAY Cross maneuverability to Vesta, and I came out even better.

As for the wheels - they, as is clear from the history of the tires, also new, Moreover, 17 inches - is not the limit: director of the project is set to push and 18 inches, it offers first! Closing the topic of wheels, note, that designer Steve Mattin has received special praise for the engineering workshop, that drew a "great and cheap in production".

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

Plastic body kit is a dual mounting - mechanical (klipsami) and adhesive. This should ensure the longevity of the operation is asphalt, It regards the protection of the bottom of the motor, as it was evident from the video, Now the motor is positioned above the stretcher and take punches to the front cross member, himself tray covered with a plastic insurance anther. Sam subframe - standard, from the B0 platform, but modified in the direction of strengthening.

Before, moving a sled specifically impressions, look at the fundamental changes in the interior.

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With regard to the control column, recall, that the range of its angle adjustment is 5 degrees. But, obviously, that's not all the modernization of the cabin. For example, instead of a single-stage three-stage heated seats appeared, and in addition, Now will sit in the warmth and the second row passengers, true, in their only heated cushion.

Cushion rear seats are now shifted back so, the point H (for dummy, by which the design seat - it is the center of the hip joint) I shifted back to 25 mm. I.e, Now the rear passengers began to sit more upright (angle "dam" back down by 2 degrees - to 24 degrees), due to which the increased legroom.

Front seats - too original, they have clearly marked sections of the side support, a backrest can be folded so, what happens virtually flat ground for long loads. Notably, that they had already provided a place to put side airbags! maybe, This option may occur with the first dose enhancements.

Front seat for XRAY Cross delivers Faurecia - its plant is not simply placed near, but it is fully synchronized with the flow assembly tolyattinskim. Faurecia at the facilities of electronics "sees", which the vehicle is currently located on the assembly, and seat ripen in time for the time, when they need to set them in the salon.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video 1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

Full-scale production of the new XRAY Cross launched in Togliatti on the B0 strip 11 October, but, us to test drive the cars were given more of the pre-production batches, which old - 6 months, In this sense, we were asked not to pay attention to certain flaws assembly salon.

These front seats look much better, than "work". lateral support section, very marked visually, in the corners barely hold, and indeed the rest did not become a comfortable support for the body of the driver: I interviewed dozens of colleagues of different complexion and have not found any of the 1st, who have praised the chair. The upper layer was back - very soft, simply falls back, especially around the waist. Wherein, recall, vehicle designed for travel. In any case, the, who will meet in the distant road would be good to learn the proper vertical landing, benefit adjustable steering wheel height gives is now more freedom in choosing a comfortable position. By the way, and pillow for long journeys is still a bit short.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

Let's estimate, and whether the "Lada" at the moment of decent seats? And what - have! Yes, despite the fact that at least the base Vesta. Why not adapt? Oleg Grunenkov explains this logistics: power company Daywon, who won in a row for the supply of seats for "Vesta", based in Izhevsk, and drive them from Izhevsk Togliatti costly. Really, AvtoVAZ is already enough of this logistics, when in Izhevsk collected Granta liftback - while completing traveled back and forth: initially as a single storage unit, then - as a part of the car.

On the second row, oddly enough, Riding seemed more comfortable - and not only because of, it has become more space for knees and not only so, that under the front seat, you can put your feet relaxed (as well as on the base here XRAY inner runners are on the tunnel). Simple back design seemed to me a much more useful for long-term stay in the car, than the front backrests.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

Kazakh road, which we dissected on XRAY Cross, not to tell, so it is very good, so they immediately drew attention to another fundamental improvement. Gone reaction on the steering wheel, occurred before, when the wheel lands on uneven, in a hole, asphalt pothole. I checked on the feelings and the primer and even on gravel roads, where we floated with speeds above a hundred and: "Bagel" was much more comfortable as the old. The secret is simple: elektrogidrousilitel, where unhurried pump created a working fluid pressure late, was changed to a well-tuned electric power.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

The only thing, what's left to overcome - light strikes the transverse road connections. Quite a long section - about two hundred kilometers we have done on high-speed tarmac, which is the highest speed into a "washboard" with unceasing trembling on the steering wheel. In fairness it should be noted, that there is the return from the compounds it at high speeds. properly, what what, but we rate ourselves for not refuse ...

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Many elements of soundproofing got XRAY Cross from the normal version. let us say, even with the launch of version 1.8 myagenkie sound-absorbing pads front arches were introduced - now added to them pile base plates (in the area of ​​rapids). generally, NVH-packs are equipped with doors and sides, engine compartment and the bottom, rear arches and trunk. And throughout these measures have worked and tires - notable, but the engine compartment disappoint: 1,8-liter unit starts to differ from the crowd starting from 3000 rev / min, after a thousand more have to strain your voice, and on 5000 rev / min comes complete acoustic discomfort. On the other hand, hardly our ordinary motorist, in contrast to the Kazakh, every day goes by Zhiguli with such speed ...

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

By the way: due to the increased weight - but only on a body added unnecessary 40 kg, the car lost in the dynamics. Ordinary XRAY accelerates to "hundreds" of 10,4 with a "hung" — totally agree 10,9 with. And increased fuel consumption: passport in the combined cycle the car became eats 7,5 L / 100 km instead of 7,2 but this does not tally with our measurements. Yes, on the road the car just comes out of eight liters, but in the town clogged with traffic lights will be ten, and in Sport mode, which lower - higher 11 L / 100 km. Вобщем, the novelty has advantages not only in terms of maneuverability and stability of the asphalt, what, clearly it should have been a better vosled for increasing track. Now the car a little later triggered stabilization system simply because the overall behavior has become stable. This is especially noticeable when braking.

Lada XRAY Cross
Declared expenditure on 100 km with manual gearbox

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
9,7 6,3 7,5

Special pleasure I received on gravel road: such confidence XRAY before definitely did not show. The machine is perfectly controlled gas in gentle bends, no goats, and does not lose the critical braking rate, not straying off course with a sharp decline stage. Occasionally I had to catch XRAY Cross lightweight skid, but, and here the car showed its full complaisance. Another would be to add a little engine torque and the severity of the reaction gas, More to improve the clarity of inclusion of transfers, More to do much less "hole" in the near-zero area.

By the way: Oleg Grunenkov the question about the prospects for growth returns 1.8-liter engine said: "Naturally, the prospects of this engine have, just do not ask me about the timing of the start of a new version of ". clear, that unit - metal, It can be loaded and loading, Now if only in a subsequent iteration is not to be mistaken with oil consumption as it was on the first version of the VAZ-21179. Presently, they say, fixed.

However, all this for the new XRAY Cross is not important. The main thing - it's the puck. Yes, yes, in the cabin on the front panel starting with version Comfort (from 809 900 rub.) washer set modes of operation of the power unit Ride Select. In addition to the basic mode, it allows you to choose a program Sport, improving engine response, and three applets-disabled stabilization system: "Sand", "Snow / dirt "and« ESC OFF », which works differently imitation lock. Umopomrachitelyno, but it is in sport mode stabilization is not disabled! Similarly vazovtsy could not explain, but clarified, that if we will be something not to be missed in the Ride Select, they are ready to correct algorithm.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

One of the routes of our site took place near the field with a rather loose soil: leg with a pitch nearly sinking a centimeter or two. It does not bother "Lada" — not without difficulty,, with probuksovkami, but I traveled on this swell, without having to switch the washer and so it was decided to, it assumes no tangible marketing load, as nature has thrown me a great opportunity to establish themselves in working opinion. As commissioned by the evening began to throw the snow in the morning and affirmed perfect conditions to test the Ride Select. say outright: This is not a panacea for all problems and the weather does not guarantee passage of the most difficult soils. Primarily working with Ride Select asks the driver a confident skill of handling the gas pedal, wherein in all modes.

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

First, I tried on a small system, Roll the asphalt is not the rise, generously covered with snow. It turned, He went to great "Snow Mode / mud": gently pedaling gas can achieve the, that electronics, pinching the front brake discs, neatly pulled the car to rise. However, with an increase in slope or - even worse, appearance, rolled up the slippery coating areas, This program expires. And what helps? Oddly enough - the most common base mode. It is in him (It is to create memories) simulate a differential lock system works very efficiently and most active.

Then I climbed up on the lift using the program from Sport, then disabled ESC, and I drove the top, hopelessly skidding and turning the wheel, all the time trying to catch the clutch wheel, which was beginning to slip and braked. In the end, I still drove the top, when the puck was in the "snowflake", but, oddly enough, It helps he was the most savvy drivers. And it would be great - without any of these undertakings and take in one fell swoop to drive up the hill to the all-wheel drive XRAY Cross ...

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

To her, razmechtalisy. Project a top manager told us, that at one time tolyatintsy tried to find an acceptable solution to the cost and consider all structural analogues. let us say, Semi mount coupling on the support rear wheels, how to Suzuki SX4, but, still "numbers do not add", and the gradual weakening of the ruble and made entirely abandon the idea, because the clutch will not accurately imported.

Кроме того, in the next two years will go into production brand new Lada 4×4 — here it will be quite accurate and all-wheel drive, As vazovtsы molvyat behind the scenes, on the B0 platform, i.e, on the same, on what and XRAY. The question, Why then get into the neighbor's garden?

Lada XRAY CrossKratkie technical properties
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm:
4 171 x 1 810 x 1 645

1.8 l., 122 HP.

mechanical 5 steps / automatic, one clutch

Maximum speed:
180 / 176 kmh

Acceleration to 100 kmh:
10,9 / 12,7 sec

Drive unit:

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

Shortly speaking, Oleg Grunenkov concluded our conversation by 4x4 version since: "From a business perspective, in terms of investment still needs to be firmly, so we need to make rational decisions, to consistently stay on the market ". Whereupon the discussion on all-wheel drive on XRAY could finish, were it not for our undying hope of militarism Steve Mattin. And here he will take, how to paint on anything, as a sketched thumbnail, How to add a couple of strokes needed, you look, and do not get out engineers - will clutch prisobachivat ...

1-the first test-drive Lada XRAY Cross: Technical analysis and video

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