The first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

I played enough - and I'm glad! With start restyled version Kia Sportage from Russia left "European" version with a 1.6-liter turbo machine and a clutch 2. Instead it for "sport" component is now responsible "American" with 2.4 liter naturally aspirated engine and traditional hydromechanics in six steps. Alas, the abandonment of the turbine sporting habits in popular Korean crossover diminished ...


"The opposition we - craft barren and empty, it is not in the value of the people ", - didactically Vyazemsky Pushkin wrote two hundred years back. Over the past two centuries this assertion is not lost power, and even acquired new connotations. here, perhaps, and technical: in progressive "Germany" already being ruled daunsayzing and riotous color blooms "green", and in our part of the word "turbine", as of old - that is almost a dirty. And now, for a liter of petrol requires nearly 50 rubles, and we as before do not need a boost, no injection, no two clutches. We agree to drive less and save when buying: only 1,87% the new owners of Kia Sportage in the period from January to August, gave preference to two-liter diesel or petrol engine 1,6 T-GDI turbocharged, paired with a box of DCT. The last and most turned out to be 0,15% or… 35 person. anchor one's hope, Russian representative Kia celebrate troublemakers honorable certificates and vouchers to Siberia.

The news of the expulsion version 1,6 T-GDI of the Russian program has reached us during the Capital International Motor Show, which for obvious reasons Sportage was not the main star. Because, let's look to consolidate, the difference between the altered version from its predecessor.


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Behind the following configuration: new picture lights, reworked bumper with turn signals, as before, lowered superfluous low, slightly modified silver apron and two shiny exhaust pipe systems for expensive versions.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage 1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

As for the complete GT-Line, you beheld in the video, now it is no longer available for diesel. And despite the fact that it is not the most expensive version - there is Premium - specifically GT-line package includes paddle shifters and a truncated bottom wheel, which areas are covered with magnificent Prof. grip perforated leather, besides, that the upper section - of smooth slippery skin. so here, in other versions - no petals, or perforation, or even reddish lines, on which you can also find salon GT-Line. meanwhile, incompatibility of diesel versions with Service GT-Line - this does not defeat the rights of the unit on the languid fuel. Firstly, paired with it is not working six-, and only eight-speed, in 2-x, as it turned out, not so necessary to the updated Sportage these petals.

The power unit in the "diesel + 8AKP "we have tried to Хэндэ Tucson, so in the limited time and mileage test route decided on one hundred percent focus on a new market for our modification of the atmospheric 2.4-liter GDI engine. as per usual, The abbreviation for the power supply system with direct injection. The unit that we again perfectly familiar and Kia Sorento Prime, и по be Optima, but when installed on Sportage, we did not know it. In contrast, let us say, of the American public - particularly overseas Sportage 2,4 GDI 6AT presented for three years - since, both entered the market model of the fourth generation.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

immediately a reservation, "American" is this - allegedly, because to us this modification comes to Kaliningrad "Autotor" (Like the other two - with two-liter diesel engine and 2,0 no MPI) by rail in the form of kits from the Slovak plant. The fact, that version 2,4 Theta GDI need more direction and in the Middle East, because at the time the release of this version and settled in Europe. As for the US, to "Sporteydzhi" generally come with a factory in South Korea. We got a copy of the test, already assembled otvortochnym way in Kaliningrad. Assembling restyled Sportage goes on currently in full swing, so to 1 November, when they open implementation, dealers will receive the right amount of machines.

Pro appearance we've talked, but forget about the interior - here, too, there is a change. For example, horizontal spokes manager gave new wheel design: now they are decorated with chrome trim. Excess chromium around the central monitor multimedia system (800 x 480 points, 115 ppi), in front of, removed - it is undoubtedly a good solution, because now the interior looks richer, roughly as in older Sorento Prime: in chrome screen taken together with the adjacent baffles.

truth, great to take the next step: add a seat more inch of width of the screen, then it is a design decision would be completed. Generally, the most remarkable in the cabin - it inherited from its predecessor myagenko, pleasant to touch the top of the plastic central panel. On the background of the lower section and looks rather weak, let alone tactile impressions concedes immeasurably.

As for power plant, the turbine, naturally, You can not love, but the petrol motor is almost all adds. Even numbers 1,6 T-GDI ahead 2,4 GDI. "Disgraced" engine showed a maximum thrust at around 265 Nm and seems to be slightly ahead of a completely new engine, with its 237 nm. But the moment the regiment in the old unit has gone from 1 500 rev / min, and the new peak is only necessary on 4 000 rev / min. Specifically, it gives the gulf of impressions on the dynamics and traction control, which will collapse the driver's expectation of a "sports Sporteydzhe". Fortunately, we learned, emotional shock only threatens 35 people, But journalists - well, work this.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

so, bumper Sportage, as before, It offers a range of modes of operation of the power unit, consisting of Eco, Comfort and Sport. We started with the basic program, nothing we have not hit, including low fuel consumption. Like all atmospheric "big" engines, Theta 2,4 It requires manual control, so that even careful Eco mode on the one hand the car comes a few relaxed, "Vegetable" reaction, with another, It does not provide a fully expected savings, in this case, not only in the city and even in mixed mode. Urban cycle immediately, immediately asks for more 12 L / 100 km, as if the driver or neatly pressed gas. Lack of stop&start and usual for "Koreans" high machine weight (in this case, more 1,6 tons) do their work, despite the fact that the electronics at the earliest possible stage jumps to overcharge.

The gas pedal - a few sluggish, inert. Temper traction control is almost independent of the mode of operation of the power unit, despite the fact that the combination of the manual gearbox and Sport mode still gives a lot more abilities - at least, It allows you to delay the pace in the middle and upper spectra. properly, box in this case increases, only when the tachometer needle passes for 6 000 rev / min. Ability to slow down steps are somewhat limited: Yes, from the third to the second box switches already at 85 kmh, but appreciable speed reset occurs. Can not do without the manual mode and when overtaking on the track, in particular with a velocity 80-100 kmh. Specifically, in these conditions the power shortage is felt particularly keenly. As for the petals, they are ergonomically designed, comfortable, use them - it is a pleasure, and it is absolutely in the long run, can not say, that they are not loaded functionally.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

curious, that the best petrol version is no different suspension and steering of the other - at least, they say about this technique Kia. Steering - no more sports, and summer resort, family, for day or weekend trips, however, "Hole" in the near-zero position slightly visible, but w, sharpness is still not enough.

Suspension, as before, it does not matter to cope with individual irregularities, not only loudly responding to any contact with a pothole in the asphalt, but also transferring some of the efforts in the salon. This remembrance, that the noise while still far fewer - probably on, that together with the restyling of several engineers improved the sound insulation of the tunnel, although not say, up to and restyling of all the noise in the cabin from it proceeded specifically.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

Meanwhile,, the whole machine is quiet enough: aerodynamics hardly heard even 130 kmh, Bus bother only if under the wheels of the old asphalt scherblony, which has long been in a good time to be replaced. So that the main source of noise in the updated Sportage, but, potochnee, on the version 2,4, We recognize the right engine. With heavy use of the gas pedal is already on 2 500 rev / min in the cabin becomes a problem to talk. At the same time, in stationary modes, albeit at high speeds, noise can still be considered moderate.

More about suspension. In general, it is comfortable, providing good smoothness. Of course, in rapid cornering machine heels, and, if the driver at the entrance to the wheel sharply dornet, Suspension may even "break under", but measured driving it does not cause irritation. Vertical oscillations of bolshennomu account could be repaired more perfect, Korean engineers here still has room to grow.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

A few words on the front seats: at first glance, then downright everything is perfect, However, the first hundred kilometers traveled talks about the need for change. Firstly, I would add the headrest adjustment in the longitudinal direction, in 2-x, I would make a longitudinal profile of the backrest more pronounced. In this case, not even changing the top (relatively myagenko) filler layer, could provide a more comfortable fit, as well - the middle part of the back a few falls. B-3, I would definitely increased the operating range of the lumbar support - this to me turned out to be unanimous ten respondents colleagues of different height and build. To some of them and not enough lateral support, but in my opinion, this is the least important position when not sports like Cars.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage 1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

Unfortunately, we were not allowed to ride even on the road to easy, and I would like to look at, how the 2.4-liter unit on the ground and grassy inclines. Generally, and without a clear direction for future development. For example, Dynamax clutch from Magna holds a positive locking only to 30 kmh, then snap clutch weakens, and after 40 km / h unit goes into the "free" mode. meanwhile, on assurances of engineers Kia, in principle, it can quite freely and to hold a lock 60 kmh. But they fundamentally do not go to such a setting, leaving in store "a fool" and fear, that the owners will burn clutches in the fields.

Next - Clearance. If you look at the bottom, then the base boundaries almost everywhere pretty decent ground clearance - more 21 cm on an empty machine. But there are two places, that spoils, eating a few cm: this resonator plate behind the front axle and the rear exhaust pipe wriggle.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

Does it even Sportage 2,4-liter engine needed? And without it, even in a state predrestaylingovom Korean crossover ahead of its rival perpetual, Toyota RAV4. Or inheritance Sportage - this unassuming buyer, which enjoys frail 2-liter unit, weakened alliance with automatic? According to the latest measure, if next year the number of owners version 2,4 compared with the "technician", it will be windfall.

1-the first test drive of updated Kia Sportage

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