Should I buy a Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 thousand

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

In some ways the first generation Jeep Cherokee at the moment is similar to the Mercedes-Benz G-Klasse, about which we had read recently: and the, and other trademarks are the nineties era. 'Gel', true, phenomenally I stayed on the line, but Cherokee is found only in the secondary market, and already in "indecent old" machines. But there are not a bad side: Our colleagues from Auto Avito give a hint, if for a decent G-Klasse should be given a million, for the first-generation Grand Cherokee ZJ with the index - in three times less: You can find a decent copy of the approximately 350 thousand. Let us examine, how justified such a purchase, and what to pay attention when choosing a.


Unlike many rivals, born on a common platform with pickups and inherited from their frame, and even springs, Grand Cherokee from the first generation found their concept SUV with a monocoque body and the spring suspension. Yes, suspension immediately dependent, because both the front, and rear beam axle set for, but, yet the least, in the comfort of a "passenger" approach affects positively. And from the point of view of the machine of choice, youngest items which celebrate the twentieth anniversary, but most have survived to old age in a quarter of a century, no frame - largely plus, and not less. After all, the frame, anyway - numbered element, and even with a good preservation of the body "foundation" without numbers or with holes reduces the feasibility of buying virtually to zero.

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) ‘1993–96

Yet the least, when you select does not need to look at the, what is not, on this, Jeep that is - that is,, кузов. Even if from the outside it is a solid, bottom rust there is plenty, so it will be necessary to check not only the VIN, but also the state power body parts, as well as the bottoms and seams, including the hood and trunk space. Innate craving for decomposition at the "Grand" is not, but the resistance to corrosion it concerns the American stolidly, so povybirat of several options for a whole have.

Separate line at this stage it is worth noting the machine, with off-road training and "martial" past: many of the Jeeps, not fallen victim to clashes in the nineties, currently ply the dirt. Pay attention to their stands only if, If you buy a car for the same purposes - in an unpleasant case of increased wear of the mechanics and the increased volumes of rust due to constant swimming and dirt in the cavities is not exactly delight.

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

Jeep Grand Cherokee ‘1993–96

And then - on the ninetieth: worth remembering, that most of these machines is very rich past, Therefore, verification of documents and their compliance with the "iron" should be very closely. Attention should be paid to all: severe accident, ugony, pledges, problems with registration and so on - that have the ability to help the modern services on comprehensive audit of such Avtoteki. Well, apart from the fact, should be considered, that many car experienced engine substitution - in this case unit, replaces a deceased, It should be similar to him. Variants with "economical swap" for the least amount of motor, as well as the reverse situation (which in the case of the Grand Cherokee is very possible because of the love of motor 5,9), inevitably cause problems during re-registration, and from them is to refuse.

Equipment at the Grand Cherokee was very decent, but now, after 20 years old, it is excellent only partly. Moody heated front seats, difficulties of Electrical and curious EVIC - board computer with a self-check function and defects and issues warning, which often throws up surprises: these are just some of the common difficulties, that may be encountered during operation. In addition, including weaknesses often noted weak hinges and "puddle" condensate at the feet of the front passenger. But the "Grand" it is difficult to find without the air conditioner, with 1996 year became two airbags (initially in the driver's equipment includes only), and another restyling 1996 year brought OBD II diagnostic connector, whereby the life of the owners (including current) It became easier.

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

The interior Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) ‘1993–96

List of motors, which is equipped Grand Cherokee ZJ in the back, wide enough, and it is good in terms of the ability to choose. this choice, true, It is still controversial: each option has both pros, and disadvantages. Let's go in order: the base and the only diesel engine, based on the volume and structure nizhnevalnoy pushers driven valve called 425 OHV, supplied by the Italian company VM Motori. This unit is still without a concrete injection and two valves per cylinder, but with a turbine, and "Grande" gives 114 HP. and 300 Нм момента. In general, its reliability can not complain, but the engine is not the most pleasant in operation (noise, consumption), and repairs (difficulties in finding spare parts). In addition, it is usually mixed with a five-speed manual gearbox Aisin AX-15, further frustrating customers, I did not expect such a dirty trick from an old "American". WITH 1995 year of this couple in cars for North America declined due to low demand, and these units were available only by jeep for Europe, which differ index ZG, turn signals on the front wings and orange sections in rear lights.

Other engines in Cherokee petrol, and most of them are small-bore - a 4-liter unit developing AMC, which is also called according to the working volume in inches: AMC 242. This is not a V8, I row "Six", but expected nizhnevalnoy archaic structure - how, вобщем, and all the other engines in Grand Cherokee. In view of its own simplicity (distributed injection, forcing low and so on) the engine became famous as a very reliable, with the possible resource to half a kilometer. However, when you buy should immediately take into account the desires and ambitions: this engine, outstanding 190 HP. and 305 nm, sufficient only for a peaceful movement, but already much greedy.

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) ‘1993–96

Base pair for it is all the same mechanics of Aisin, a candidate - four-stage automatic TorqueFlite A500 family of Chrysler index 42RE. This box has a history even from the late '80s, when a three-stage machine added Overdrive mode, and therefore expected repairable, despite the fact that all parts can be slightly more complicated. However, it is not necessary to be afraid of, and repair will not be expensive. The main problem here - to find the right service.

A subsequent version of the engine - this is a real V8 on 5,2 liter proud naming Magnum. Here, too, the construction nizhnevalnaya, rod in the actuator valves and two valves per cylinder,, but already 225 HP. and 407 Nm of torque. The owners love it for the highest resource, excellent sound and high-torque, but the fuel consumption had even less humane, and motor vehicle tax in virtually 20 thousands of cars worth 350 thousand worth considering prior to buying. truth, walk rumors about with motor vehicles, OB vehicles whose power is shown in 150 hp, but it should be recognized, that when in doubt, re-registration with the traffic police inspector can verify its real power and to oblige the holder to modify the PTS. With such motor is aggregated more massive automatic transmissions TorqueFlite 44RE or 46RE. Hold for them all the same theses, as for the younger boxes, adjusted for the, they work in a more moderate regime, having a large stock of the transmitted torque.

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

Test drives / solitary

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But on top of the motor range is worth 5.9-liter Magnum, outstanding 245 HP. and 468 nm. With the Grand Cherokee engine was manufactured only in the final year of production - 1998, and the total number is less issued jeeps 15 thousand. Yet the least, on sale these machines really find - and we were in charge of the well-preserved specimen. But to buy an option with the 5.9-liter engine can only advise the, who well understands, why they need the old SUV on 2-axles, with mediocre brakes and terrible rate of 98-octane gasoline, but clocked up hundreds of 7 seconds. In other words, go to extremes you should not, and from a rational point of view, it all comes down to a choice between a 4-liter "six" and a 5.2-liter V8.

Unlike many rivals, "Grand" will make the potential buyer to choose another box and chart, since they are already four. The most by ordinary can be considered rare rear-wheel drive car, but the main choice is the preference for one of the 3 four-wheel drive variations. First - Command-Trac, is a conventional circuit-half desks with attached through chain peredkom razdatku index NP231. There is no center differential, so that in the normal mode, the vehicle is rear-wheel drive, but can be enabled if necessary, not only to all-wheel drive, but downshift a gear ratio 2,72.

2-the second option transmission - it Selec-Trac with razdatkoy NP242. Тут, unlike the previous, has a center differential can be locked, but preserved and 2WD mode. In this way, you can constantly move both rear-wheel drive, and in full, and include off-road lock the center differential and ponizhaykoy with the same transmission ratio 2,72. 3-s also an option called producer Quadra-Trac and implies razdatki index NV249. Here a center differential has been added to the viscous coupling, which to 1996 The Governing differential lock, providing at constantly increasing patency incorporated wheel drive, and with 1996 year - rassredotachivaniem torque between the axles, going to the «on demand» circuit connecting the front and rear axle when slippage. Well drivedown, as in the past razdatok, here, of course, I have not disappeared anywhere.

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

Jeep Grand Cherokee (ZJ) ‘1993–96

Taking into account, that the available powertrain options differ depending on the installed engine, customer in advance to prioritize. And at the same time to reconcile, the service after purchase must necessarily include the substitution of oil, not only in the engine, transmission and axles, but in razdatke, but before buying a full drive performance is necessary to pay special attention.

Drawing conclusions from the above, a good choice when buying a Cherokee, if we come to this business, It can be considered a car like this. Four-liter engine is not that much ruin spending and taxes, permanent all-wheel drive will not embarrass in the yard in winter, and the absence of traces of off-road operation promises more or less a good chance of a successful inspection of the bottom. The main thing - to napolirovanny body, dusted chemistry salon and carefully laundered hood space does not recover after an accident with associated guidance "marafeta" for verbovaniya naive buyer. After all, this Grand Cherokee trusting people probably seen plenty of ...

Should I take the Jeep Grand Cherokee I for 350 тыщ рублей

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