The first test drive Zotye Coupa

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

After the failure on our car market Zotye Z300 Chinese brand makes the first attempt to expand the range of. Since the end of October in conjunction with the mid-size crossovers T600 at dealerships represented by his closest relative Coupa, which differs from the "veteran" is not "kupeobraznym" body, as one might reflect, and the presence of the classical six-speed automatic. But the most fascinating, that the 1.5-liter turbo engine in the T600 and Coupa - Various, and even from different manufacturers. And this is quite a surprise!


At home or crossover Zotye Coupa, проще говоря, T600 Cup, as it is called in China, It was presented last spring at the show in Shanghai. Local media noted here, news that the body is not different from the body "parent" model T600: only at the expense of cosmetic products such as dark plastic-pillar designers achieved the effect of the falling roof strip, in fact relatively commonplace T600 is nowhere falls. Meanwhile,, major changes had to be under the hood, and assist us in the certification documents, issued on cars Rosstandart. Well tell, Who could have imagined, that 1.5-liter turbo, mounted on Coupa - is not the same, that stands on the T600!

On the T600 set the unit of the 1st of the most powerful automotive holdings of China - the company SAIC. Motor Index - 15S4G, working volume - 1 498 "Cubes", return - 215 nm 150 HP. On Zotye Coupa - motor from an obscure Ruizhang (Tongling) Technologies (TNN4G15TA) capacity in 1 502 "Cube" and return to the 207 nm 143 HP.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

The substitution of the motor favorably affect the maintenance regulations, despite the fact that the oil for the first time, as before, should be changed after 2 thousands of kilometers. Then - on 10 tyschah and every 10 or thousands every year (whichever comes first). Recall, that substitution of T600 oil 1.5 liter engine requires more often - every six months with the same restriction on run, and when the hard criteria of operation and did every 5 thousand kilometers or through 3 месяца!

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa 1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa 1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

Hydro machine from Harbin Dongan Automotive (A6F5), which was not available on T600, not asking for such an aggressive prevention - then change oil only every 60 thousand kilometers or 72 месяца (whichever comes first). besides, that the manual box LD525 from companies Chongqing landai powertrain, which put on the two crossover Zotye, again the need to replace the already 2 tyschah run, further - on 40 thousands, and on every 40 thousand.

Hands touch the steering wheel only!

Generally, with an aggregate part figured out - now Salon. According Coupa interior has actually resembles T600, unsurprisingly, because between the machines for six years difference. Более того, T600 and he himself has also not recall, because in China, presented the second-generation model. The difference here is not in the details - the Coupa salon and center panel a different architecture, and wheel, composition and instrumentation — i.e, it does not update, is the realization of new ideas.

Coupa - this is not a Chinese "quote pad" outdated European models, it is currently completely full from the position of interior design car. Particular attention is drawn to the device panel: a great readability, perfect choice of font settings on dials — laconically, just, clear. The impression, that this panel of any modern "German". Monochrome display something similar to folksvagenovsky, only much simpler - and in terms of functionality, and a set of data.

Chinese engineers have provided another option - digital. is he, honestly, not so presentable and literally spoil the whole picture - I saw it on the Chinese exhibitions. Digital screen on Coupa has become particularly expensive versions, that Russian representative wisely decided not to order.

Another thing, that the onboard computer on the analog panel for some reason you can not manage the keys on the multifunction steering wheel: on our test swatch on the steering wheel spokes were both plugs. Instead, these plugs are placed really control buttons, but only on the version with digital flap! To cope with the trip computer on the analog version, necessary to reach a hand to the mechanical button, is housed in the lower right corner of the instrument panel. All the same button turns have to reset the readings, moving from one tab to another. uncomfortable. On the left side on the panel also has a button, but it is generally not involved ...

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa 1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

Not everywhere in the interior Coupa demonstrates the high quality of materials: let us say, the upper part of the central panel - of rigid plastic, end - of myagenko, but unsightly, on giving a pleasant tactile feelings, bottom - again, hard plastic. Against this background, there is not a bit of a stranger premium looks wheel: with good perforated leather, successful in girth, although, may be, bit tonkovat.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

More of the features of Chinese national automobile industry: navigation in the car provided, but it is still, как досадно бы это не звучало, Chinese, as well as some obscure position on the control screen multimedia system. Meanwhile,, The same tab with radio - fully readable, simple and logical. Is that the image lacks a bit more contrast.

Hard, but not hvatko

The seat was quite comfortable, true, with little or no lateral support as a cushion, and on the back. The upper packing layer harsh, what, вобщем, and well - does not sink back, but the upper part of the back feels really sticks out forward. One side, it does not cause huge inconvenience, as and lumbar support (adjustable in a very wide range of), It can be pulled far ahead, with another — great to be borne, and longitudinal adjustment of headrest: it is something just not enough.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

Generally, This chair has a more serious flaws. It is not very much going down: tall drivers, preferring vertical landing, They have the ability to simply stretch his head on the ceiling. when my 176 cm to the ceiling left me 3-4 cm, i.e, in thickness ladoshki, and it is - with the maximum lowered chair. In this position, the pillow to ceiling 91 cm — everyone can recognize, fit or not.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

Taller passengers will, of course, miss and adjust the driver's seat in the longitudinal direction - its range is limited, but on the flight steering adjustment will miss all. Более того, have questions, and tilt the control column: I would like to be able to pick up the "steering wheel", in this case, not only for convenience,, but also to, so that in the event that the airbag is not slammed the driver's chest.

Any obvious absurdities in the front row is not seen — except that an electric passenger seat adjustment buttons, which for some reason are located on the left side back. I.e, adjust the passenger seat to the driver more comfortable.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

What about heating? As in T600, until it can only be ordered from dealers as devaysa, but after the following year in the Belarusian "Unison" will begin build on a full cycle, China has already start to arrive seats "heaters".

In the second row once again raises the question about the lack of space, but not for the head, and Foot, wherein, not for the knees, and lower legs. They just run into the rigid edge of the seat pad. it, sure, can be avoided, just need to bend your knees more, but to sit with his legs pulled up not quite convenient. Generally, not to tell, according to the capacity of Zotye Coupa was like a mid-size crossover - no, ordinary compact.

Rustles loudly - riding quietly

Motor run button, get under way. ABOUT, a tangible pick-up ... Alas!! Already on the speed 50 km / h the effect of eroding the turbine. apparently, engineers picked the impeller diameter is very malehankih: it is only at the start, but in the medium speed zone, and at the top of allowance drawn from it is almost there. Ahead of rivals in a slow city traffic - please. Stayer win on the road at speeds 80-90 km / h and up to virtually impossible Zotye Coupa, especially if in addition to the driver and the car still live load.

Acceleration to 100 kmh

10 seconds

Generally, this is true, if the mode selector switch base D - the dashboard at this time burns letter E, apparently, meaning «Eco», because it may well be, that such behavior of the machine is fully justified. Try to turn the sports mode button S square, adjacent to selector — but how would Alas, virtually nothing has changed. The engine really starts just rastoropnee respond to acts with the accelerator pedal, nervously tossing momentum, but at gas dump electronics immediately "drops" arrow, let us say, with 4 000 to 2 000 rev / min. by the way, to E mode, in which case they fall almost to idle: arrow indicates about 1 100 rev / min at a relatively high speed — около 60-80 kmh. I.e, S button, on account bolshennomu, It gives no "sport", but the manual mode (position selector in position M) already it allows to keep the momentum and - when you reset the gas they fall not very — and, the most important thing, crankshaft twist stronger. Instead of the five-plus thousand revolutions, in which E and S is increased step, crawls up arrow 5 800 rev / min, despite the fact that the red zone on the tachometer placed even higher.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

Dimensions (D / W / AT)

4 654 / 1 893 / 1 696 mm

Meanwhile,, even in the dynamics of M in the middle and the highest speed range remains mediocre. But do not tell, so that the driver feels on a particular discomfort - still some minimum dynamics of the machine give. And all this lethargy turns completely moderate fuel consumption, Although not all "Chinese" slow-moving cars have a moderate appetite. To make Coupa have more 10 liters per hundred outside the city limits, you must work hard: here consumption lies within the boundaries of 8,5-9,0 L / 100 km.

By the way, it plays a relatively low weight (1 690 kg), what, again the, not typical for most "Chinese". With regard to traffic, the cork, naturally, add machine appetite, but not that much, as one might expect. It is safe to expect no more than 10 L / 100 km. It's a pity, that machines are certified for 95-octane gasoline.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa 1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

Hydromechanical box opposite, It causes great sympathy. In some modes, from time to time you can feel the jolt when switching, but in fact - have no serious complaints: 6 Transmission alternate gently and completely predictable algorithm.

Electric Power Steering though somewhat longish by today's standards - a bit more than three turns lock to lock — when maneuvering at moderate speeds does not cause inconvenience, and in the near-zero position is virtually no voids. But the driver should increase speed, stand at the arc, or start a "slalom", as the Zotye Coupa immediately discovers his entire unfitness for such a kind of exercises.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

full speed

180 kmh

In 1-x, at a high speed machine keeps uncertainly movement line, requiring constant adjustment of the driver, which makes quite unnecessary stress. The mite contributes to instability and suspension behavior to brutal modes, flows into a light tremor. Shortly speaking, on Zotye Coupa need to go slowly. In this case, and the host is not an issue, and the suspension will be completely comfortable, with a decent smoothness. Only, in essence, its obvious drawback - it is a bad road connections tolerability of single and small obstacles even in uniform motion and high speed. As for the standard "traffic police", the elastic elements Coupa controlled by them only for speeds easily 20-25 kmh — if you run into these "guardians about" active, suspension begins to rumble, and is close to breakdown. truth, while at the wheel is not transmitted impact force.

Correctly will not stop by Zotye Coupa in field, all the same it is formally crossover. Look under the bottom: rear independent suspension under the arm near the wheels on the unladen vehicle 20 cm clearance, closer to the center - 22 cm, under exhaust pipe, is curved in the area of ​​the geometrical axis of the rear wheels - the least 20 cm. At the base of the lowest point - back exhaust, about giving 20 cm: i.e, everything seems to be nothing, and the load machine is able to overcome the bumpy primer. And confirmed that.

1-the first test drive Zotye Coupa

But I was very confused by the point of the subframe mounting: of the bolt heads to the ground - only 16 cm, and in front of a plastic, but not flimsy housing sump a little more - 17 cm. And despite the fact that in the fields of suspension behaves completely comfortable, especially at speeds up to 40 kmh, and it does not create a feeling of a lack of really strong especially the wheels turn when driving on dirt road, all the same Zotye Coupa - this machine primarily asphalt, city. She, naturally, will travel if required somewhere along the gravel road or in the tall grass, but it is desirable, so it was still not too far away from home ...

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