Tuning VAZ-2109

Tuning VAZ-2109

Brown and black can not connect to suit, tell us stereotypes. But then put the rubber on the CD "house" is also impossible - but if that did not make, style stance simply would not have been formed. And if Alex did not join Stans, serious black body and noble brown interior, before our eyes would not have appeared this "nine".



This VAZ-2109 1988 year - the first car Alexei, re-export hatchback initially reddish, slightly ennobled dealer "dopami". For example, car back then, late 80s, headlamp cleaners were installed, Ashtray for rear passengers and a gearbox with an unusual main pair. In fact, concept further improvements, appeared on many years later, It was a continuation of these details. The goal of Alexei was an understatement by the canons of Stans, preservation of stock Body, but the addition of the rarest car dealer options, interesting wheels and completion of interior with the introduction of more high-quality materials.

Tuning VAZ-2109


Rare and interesting "dopa" seek out as it is not necessary. Of course, first striking fact, that "nine" structurally underestimated, but then look clings to the extraordinary detail. First of all, it is the original front optics Hella Morette - object sighs for many, who modifies Samara. Moving povdol board, Further notes mirror Hagus, top spoiler and spoiler on the trunk lid of Pheba.

Tuning VAZ-2109

Tuning VAZ-2109 Tuning VAZ-2109

Also because of foreign dealer options can be seen in the size of bumpers, which were installed by dealers for the South American and Canadian market. On the front bumper mounted "lip" - but not old school, and Novodel, own production. Well worth the car on the rims Bridgestone TR-S 1981 of the year (which has been extended to 8,5 inches in front and 9 inches in the rear) with Continental ContiSportContact tires of dimension 195/40 R14. Body, with the last red plant, repainted in black.

Tuning VAZ-2109


LADA Samara is quite difficult to give in an underestimation, especially in front of the. To do this, cut prihodmtsya, digest and refine the many elements, without which no cost and then. As a result, for comfortable movement on the car engine is so low on the raised 8 cm, since he first Samara is very low, and even if a small understatement already gives problems. "Elevator" motor made by new non-standard bearings.

Tuning VAZ-2109

In addition, I had to pick up all the suspension mounting, remove the stabilizer, Both enhance spar, change the shape of the inner rear arches, put the spacers under the ball, and perform countless other, smaller improvements. For a more robust set of tranquility homemade motor protection. Sam engine left the standard 1.3-liter, even piston remained intact. But the issue a little changed: set to "spider" 4-2-1 and continuous-flow ejection in the 51st pipe, but with the stock muffler.

Tuning VAZ-2109

Racks are made to order: they give underestimation 140 mm. And yes, then applied it is conventional stubs, suspension is collected without the "screws". Destruction is now minus 6 degrees on the front axle and minus 7 degrees at the rear. Finishing work on the suspension included exhibiting quite good fitmenta (wheel position relative to the arch).

Tuning VAZ-2109

Tuning VAZ-2109 Tuning VAZ-2109 Tuning VAZ-2109


Salon "Nine" was supposed to save the factory form, but to buy "luxury plaque". Brown tone for this turned out to be just what we needed, especially in combination with tree, is added here considerably. But first, full sound insulation has been performed.

Tuning VAZ-2109

This "base" Alex started to be added as new elements, and old, but received a new incarnation. For example, Recaro front appeared polukovshi, and the rear sofa borrowed from Honda. All this pereshito the skin - like dashboard pad, and insert the card in the door. The ceiling mounted dealer watches. Wood accents include wheel Momo Futura, Japanese quick adapter for steering, wood handle Porsche gearbox lever and a special fetish Alexei - specially made wooden handles of opening of doors and the extension to the handbrake. From inconspicuous be noted sun visors with mirrors and lighting of the Mercedes E-Class. As we remember, the idea was to bring the car to the relatives and spare parts dealers special stages, but these visors were almost completely similar to the drain in shape and size - had only to do the wiring and new fixtures.

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Багажник, obviously, I did not stay empty: here is assembled entirely typical installation - a pair of large three-way speakers, subwoofer and a pair of amplifiers, and the raised floor of laminate.

Tuning VAZ-2109


At first it was a car for each day. At some point in their lives, even working. But at the moment «nine», sure, It became a day or machine output. It Alexey basically traveling to different stencil activities, as the city moves very rarely. Reason vpolne transparent: is an understatement, the whole machine is in excellent technical condition and without problems to travel long distances on their own under. In winter, the car is not in use.

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tuning, as you know, does not end, but only suspended. But the judgment on the installation of new manufacturing options still have: в частности, plans to find a home air conditioner.

Besides, will and general improvements: eg, change parts of the passenger compartment, manhole installation, Shaving underhood space. A lot of plans and ideas, but implementation remains the most worthy of attention. So after a nine-season crowd definitely surprised with something new.

Tuning VAZ-2109

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