It is better to buy, Lada Granta или Renault Logan?

It is better to buy, Lada Granta или Renault Logan?

Renault Logan and Lada Granta - the old-timers and bestsellers economy class, survived the update this year. Logan refreshed is not so noticeable, Granta but not only received a new face, but also "absorbed" Kalina. However, the concept of, predstavyayut that these machines for their value, They were very similar. so, “Russian French descent” with a diamond on the grille or restyling Grant? By answering ten common questions, you will learn your exact answer.



It is better to buy, Lada Granta или Renault Logan? It is better to buy, Lada Granta или Renault Logan?

lada Granta

Renault Logan

Grant - one of our market's most affordable cars, while restyled version has a "face" in the style of Lada Vesta and boasts a variety of body, which never dreamed of Logan. But in terms of manageability and perfection in the details Lada still as before gives the updated Logan - which is why it is markedly less, that for someone to be the clincher. After the upgrade, the second generation of Logan remained true to himself, but was a bit more solid and "expensive", which is especially noticeable on the quality of finishing materials. "The Frenchman," a little more spacious cabin in Lada, and also differs more fun on the move behavior. However, you must pay for everything - base stands on Logan 150 with unnecessary (!) thousand higher, than 'drum »Granta, and elect a body type like will not work - only available vehicle.
1. 1-the first question - the first question. How important is for you to select the latitude?
«swallowing» Kalina, refreshed Grant is offered with four body styles: apart from the traditional sedan, it liftbek, hatchback and even a wagon! This property allows you to select a potential buyer to accurately select an option to taste and needs - someone Give «serious» trehobemnik, others prefer the wagon, but «young and hot» certainly prefer a hatchback or liftbek. Apart from single platform hatchback Sandero, Logan is offered with a single type of body - a traditional three-volume sedan, although in some countries (eg, neighboring Ukraine) Logan the second generation can be purchased in the form of a five-door wagon. We have the same customer can choose the engine, transmission equipment and Logan, but not his body type.
2. We place value: what is more important - the volume of the luggage compartment or space in the back seat?
Grant to the body in the car 91 mm shorter Renault Logan, while in terms of the luggage compartment models are comparable - 520 l declared. VDA of the method have frets against the 510-liter boot Reno. It is therefore more compact Grant predstavyaet much less room for rear passengers, while restyled Lada closer Logan in all directions. Nothing can be done - the effect with a shorter wheelbase ancient vazovskaya platform (2 476 mm), which has its roots as far back as «eighth» семейство. Truck Renault Logan base significantly longer: 2 634 mm vs. 2 476 mm Lada. it provides «Frenchman» the required reserve space on the second row. According to this indicator Logan "Go Large" Grant, in the back seat where three passengers will be cramped. Generally, Renault trunk inferior Grant sedan only symbolic 10 l., significantly outperforming while other versions on engine capacity Lada, including wagon.
3. Question on an abstract theme. Are you annoyed by little flaws?
Grants interior after renovation became a bit more elegant former, but small ergonomic «jokes» missing. For example, circular digitizing new dashboard «read» a bit worse, than classical Loganovsky, and the block has a climate-control exhibited no indication of temperature, and the degree of engine warm-up at the sign is not defined - it is not there. And visually, and tactile interior Logan a little nicer «kondovogo» interior Lada, but «of strange» making it much less in, despite the fact that they too meet. But after restyling Logan received an unprecedented steering wheel with convenient cross-section and an optional leather trim. But Logan, Grant and equally lacking adjust the steering column on the flight (You can only change its slope).
4. clarifying questions: Whether you are planning long trips on country highway?
Despite the new «Lockers» felt, the level of acoustic comfort Lada slightly inferior Logan. And the cruise control is not offered for grants even as a function of. Reno Logan - not Gran Turismo, but for distant trips, he will approach a big thanks to the best sound insulation and less «slackness» at high speeds. And in the two older trim (Drive и Style) It offered in cruise control as the basic equipment, which is very appropriate particularly during long country trips.
5. Unexpected offer: under an unlimited budget you would prefer Volvo S60 Cross Country or V60 Cross Country?
In line Granta until a version Cross, It occurred in the available for Kalina — but variations in its appearance is not, since it was represented in the general line at the time of restyling debut. And she, following trends, It is a cross-wagon version — but prestigious cross-sedan lineup Granta is not represented, for the purchase of such would have to save for Vesta Cross. Not so long ago we debuted cross-version of Logan, which is similar to the Sandero Stepway christened: in this sedan 195 mm ground clearance and the lining of the dark plastic on the perimeter of the body. Более того, to the already commercially available versions with the ITUC and the AKP in the not to distant future have to add a completely new: with the CVT X-Tronic, which will be combined with a 113-horsepower 1.6-liter engine. truth, in fulfilling Stepway already notable price gap between Granta and Logan increases even stronger…
6. The question of the scope of cargo: how often during operation, you have to lay down the rear seat?
To fold the rear seatback to Grant, you need to remove the headrests and slide the front seat forward or tilt it back, so that it does not rest against backrest of the second row. Vpribavok fold it in parts in proportion 60:40 get far not on all machines - for example, on sedans such consisting of a 2-part back is available only in the configuration Luxe. The back of the rear seat at Renault Logan in any configuration made up of parts in the ratio 1/3-2/3, and light at the same time to shoot is not necessary. The process is much faster, than Lada, since the transformation will not have to perform any additional gestures.
7. We continue to refine: if you have a trailer?
Some of factory options, available for Logan (eg, Hook) Lada available for all. In this case, the manufacturer offers for Granta quite useful accessories, but many of them (в частности, мультимедиа) - third-party production, and they are noticeably more expensive, than electronics stores. The manufacturer offers the owner of Logan's wide range of accessories, among which not only the arch and roof racks, but such a useful option for many, as a towbar, which meets all the requirements for durability and safety. And, as is the case with Lada, Logan can be equipped with standard alarm system and Parktronic, and also to order the unique floor mats and a variety of grid-trays in the trunk.
8. How do you treat abnormal electronics?
The top trim Granta equipped with heated front seats, heated mirrors and even windshield! But the factory remote start the engine with the key it does not, because startup enthusiasts will have to set the alarm with a similar function or run the engine to warm up his hands. In some trim (Drive и Style) Renault Logan is equipped with a remote start system the engine Renault Start, which allows you to start the engine before the trip and warm interior. Related «chip» It is not excessive in the Russian context, because it allows you to not expect in a cold car, until warmed lounge and earn «stove». The system also can be set to autorun at regular intervals.
9. The fundamental question when buying a car in this sector: how important is the cost to you?
Lada visibly accessible Renault - «admission ticket» for grants with the body of the car begins 420 000 rubles - that is,, on 130 with superfluous thousand less, than you need to pay for the most affordable Logan in Access configuration! Lada one airbag, onboard computer, ABS and air conditioning worth 461 500 rubles (Logan with "snowflake" - from 618 thousand). Even a top-Grant sedan Luxe complete with a 1.6-liter 16-valve engine and a four «gun» worth all 588 800 rubles - that is,, slightly more expensive than the basic Logan and by as much as 225 thousand rubles cheaper «maximum» Renault Logan in a complete Style. The cost of the updated Renault Logan starts at 554 000 rubles, but for the money in the car will not even air-conditioner, Logan which costs not less 618 thousand. More or less decent equipment or automatic transmission momentarily lifts the price tag to mark 700 000 rubles - that is,, on 100 with superfluous thousand rubles more «topovoy» grants! In this way, prices converted Lada and Renault hypothetically comparable, but «Frenchman» in a similar configuration in any case will be noticeably more expensive.
10. We will study the experience of the past: Have you previously owned a car with an automatic transmission?
Refreshments can be purchased at Grant «dvuhpedalnoy» versions, while a choice of a traditional automatic chetyrehstupny Jatco, and five-step "bot", allowing in addition to save money when buying the "automatic" Grants 30 000 rubles in comparison with a conventional automatic transmission. The latter can be considered a plus to all this for those, who earlier on vehicles with 2 pedals did not go: after the classic machine to "bot" Lada have long to get used to, and its working methods, probably, will cause longing for the good old AKP, even if chetyrehstupnoy. But as an alternative to mechanical AMT stands fully confident. As a nominee manual transmission Renault Logan is not only equipped with the most modern machine chetyrehstupnym DP2, which Logan in urban criteria also uses about a liter of fuel over, Grant than with automatic transmission company Jatco. «Dvuhpedalny» Logan expensive own similar counterpart to mechanics on 30 000 rubles - from 707 990 rub, while Grant with "robot" begins by 501 500 rub. But the temptation to save 30 thousand, by mechanized CP, Logan No — and this, may be, a plus — especially for those, Who, saved, I have suffered from the unusual algorithms of its work.

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