Test-drive A6 II

Test-drive A6 II

Audi rarely indulges own fans revolutions in design. But when it happens, ingolshtadtsy detached from the soul. TT, A5, R8 - no need to go far for examples. But the glitter of sports cars just fades, when it comes to her. he, that grabbed the first A8 commenced business on the formation of the style Audi as a full-fledged player of the premium segment. A milestone in the history of Audi - A6 second generation C5 in the back.



Just imagine for themselves the potential buyer of choice flour business sedan 1997 year. Decent, slightly heavy W210, wiry, but not the least representative E39 — such clear and familiar. And then there is the new A6 and confuses all maps. The car is deprived of some particularly bright parts, but the organic combination of round body and angular surfaces optics leads Audi to consider again and again. No one is imitating the design, Peter Schreyer managed to reflect the exterior of their offspring the same core values, wherewith so proud of competitors. There, where ever busy business owner of sees the austere appearance of a classic car, romantic will find references to the concept of the first TT and Soup of the older sisters S6 and RS6.

Test-drive A6 II

Test-drive A6 II Test-drive A6 II Test-drive A6 II


Laconic interior design course continues, take the first A8. Modest appeal of strict lines, verified ergonomics and quality of the German old regime framed by a light gray leather and carbon fiber. Browsing the electrified Recaro, taken from the RS6, and compressing the three-spoke steering wheel S-line, the best kind you can imagine.

Rear passengers will also not be offended. A wide doorway provides a comfortable fit. Human growth in the region 190 see just sits down himself for a, without touching the knees of the front seat. To the envy of other real limousines have regular heating, and from prying eyes can hide, raising the curtains on the side windows. Not in vain A6 regularly used as a "personal computers" thrifty businessmen and officials middling.

In move

Due to the wide choice of engines and transmissions to light sometimes appeared quite busy options "sixes". In our case, we have no unusual for Audi turbo engine combined with rarely occurring in the premium business-class manual. Under the hood, covered with aspirated volume V6 2,4 liter capacity 170 HP. Coupled with the five-speed it is working mechanics.

Test-drive A6 II


V6 2,4 l., 170 HP.

The torque aspirated only slightly higher than popular "turbochetverku" 1,8. But shame on, that all 230 Nm available only since 3 200 rev / min, rather than actually to idle, quickly fizzles. Without whistling turbine driving on the A6 does not become boring. Yes, there is not provoking the exploits turbopodhvatov, but traction on bottoms enough even when accelerating uphill. By the clutch pedal, even if it is an anachronism to business class car in zero — no complaints. The actuator is configured to conscience, the foot is not tired.

Whether on-site mechanics variator — and A6 would be turned into a typical express eternally entertaining businessman, which is the least interesting road fun. But here the motor-gearbox couple running smoothly, as an experienced partner and professional provocateurs. By pleasing clarity box works only one claim — no sixth gear. for engine, demonstrating openly horse character and well trained voice, willingly turns to cutoff. Feeling, that pilotiruesh solid sedan, evaporates rapidly and irreversibly.

Test-drive A6 II

Logical addition — crisp, always showing adequate feedback wheel. When cornering, the car pursues a given rate. The growth rate does not change anything fundamentally: slopes still low, Audi still dispassionate. On the A6 highway — a born trucker. Plunging riders in the peaceful atmosphere of calm and comfort, car, like, not noticing patches and sections of asphalt, arrow flies straight.

Audi A6 II
consumption 100 km

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
12-14 10 13

Four-wheel drive had a chance to experience the fight. Climb the sand hill? Simply. Here it is just down was more difficult. Helplessly rowing wheels, A6 is administered to all stronger. I had to push. Liberation "Germans" of the sand captivity took only ten minutes. In fact it was necessary to blame only himself. Footprints in the sand was soft-spoken — Audi sat on its belly. In short, pinning their hopes on the quattro, and head to think too should. Four-wheel drive on the A6 — only weapon to defeat turns and source of driving pleasure on any surface. Important, but far not the only item on the menu, business old Audi.

Test-drive A6 II

purchase history

В начале 2017 , in connection with the completion of the family, Peter thought about changing cars. His then Volkswagen Bora did not suit in the first place the size of. Subaru and Lexus quickly fall away: life is more than lying to the old "German". It remains to choose between Volkswagen Passat B5 and Audi A6 C5. The power of love to comfort the soul more than lying to the last. Search flawless version, which I must have had a manual gearbox and four-wheel drive, It took almost four months.

Test-drive A6 II Test-drive A6 II

Что типично, Ads for the sale of specific A6 not cling perfectly. photo, if done on a phone camera a decade ago, it was hard to believe even the body only with cosmetic touch-up. In fact it turned out to be a car, imported to Russia 2006 year, and since then has only two owners. Judging by the condition of interior, run in the 218 000 It has been truthful. All variants inspected previously had similar mileage, but the state alone, steering wheel and pedals read as, that he is underestimated and a half times. The last argument to the purchase of 450 000 Audi rubles 2002 of release became fully own front suspension.


After buying the Audi went to the scale TO. It has been replaced by oil, filters (oil, air, fuel, salon), candles, pump, thermostat, coupling a cooling system and a bearing sleeve Kondyuk. Since the seller answer to the question about the date of the last replacement of the timing belt has been uncertain, something changed and it, along with rollers and tensioners. A bit later, replace the ignition coil and high-voltage wires. When they began to "tire" front shock absorbers, it was decided to upgrade the entire suspension. To do this, they have been bought and installed a set of springs Eibach Pro-Kit with a recess on 30 mm, spring Koni STR.T, front levers and Lemforder suspension strut.

Test-drive A6 II

When there was a small vibration at idle and tremors when you press the gas, engine mountings have changed and the box. Motor support, it was decided to put only original, and the box set Corteco. After substitution of the vibration disappeared. In the summer of, when the temperature outside was the reach +27 WITH, and the oil temperature began to reach into town 110, and when driving fast and all 115 degrees, it was decided to wash the radiators. Peter did it all yourself, for previously removing the front bumper. As a result, the heat temperature has to rise above 100 degrees. on the run 227 000 km was made substitution fluid at all nodes of transmission. Judging by the color and smell, none of the previous owners did not do it.

Ever since buying the car showed a small oil zhor. Over time, he grew up a little and 1 000 km has started to make 160-200 ml and about the track 400-500 ml in town, which is why in the end it was decided that the engine bulkhead. When the bulkhead completed cleaning valve covers and ventilation of crankcase gases, and grinding the valve. Ring were changed, liners, intake manifold gasket, release pads, valve stem seals and cylinder head gasket. What is interesting, in spite of the oil consumption, opening at a run in the 235 000 km has shown almost a khon.

When soured breakup rear traction, which are not meant to touch a plant, Peter decided to move to the rear suspension. Apart from the actual breakup rods were replaced: stabilizer support, bushings of the upper and lower arms, saylentbloki rear trunnions, anthers SHRUS, and one external cutting SHRUS.

Test-drive A6 II

In the summer of, on the run 250 000 km engine start time troit, and there was a loss of traction during acceleration. To eliminate the problems have been consistently replacing nozzles (easy cleaning does not help), fuel pump, fuel pressure regulator and gauge MAF.

Test-drive A6 II

Staff A6 saloon that upset the owner of the lack of skin and stylish accessories. Because of this, he decided to sacrifice authenticity and hit in the revision: so there were seats with electrically adjustable and heated, door cards with shutters and carbon lining, Taken from the RS6. He graduated painting wheel S-line, installed instead of the regular chetyrehspitsevy. Along the way were changed jammed buttons and switches. Remained without abnormal parts and appearance: he received taillights Hella Black, Rear spoiler from RS6 and lower side moldings from S6.

Test-drive A6 II Test-drive A6 II


actual mileage — 250 000 kilometers. The car is used as a family car every day and meets its owner.


THEN with substitution of the engine oil (Ravenol SVS 5W-40) and filters — every 7 500 km
Fuel consumption in urban - 12-14 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the track - 10 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle — 13 L / 100 km
Fuel — AI-95


The plans - to continue to refine the car, setting the best parts to your taste. Outside, it is necessary to refresh the paintwork, inside - to complement the interior of the handle INC S-line. Technology also remains on the sidelines: the front axle must stand calipers on the version 2,7 biturbo, and on the back — from S6.

Test-drive A6 II

model history

2-second generation A6, received in-plant index C5, It debuted in 1997 year. Business Class from Audi was very rich in variety of versions. Only the line of gasoline engines numbered thirteen variations of atmospheric and turbovannyh "fours", V6 and V8 power from 125 to 480 (version RS6 Plus) HP. Diesel customers can choose from the "fours" and the "sixes" power of 110 to 179 HP. The original version relied wheel drive, others A6 were available with quattro all-wheel drive. In addition to the two types of mechanics and five 6 conventional machine speeds and was available option with variator. AT 1999 by bodies palette expanded first generation Allroad wagon.

Audi A6 '1997-2001

Audi Allroad '2000-06

experienced in 2002 year planned facelift, A6 C5 in 2004 year passed the baton to the next generation.

Test-drive A6 II

Audi A6 '2001-04

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