Should I buy an Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Уверен, readers expect another epic opus about trying to find the elderly at a price premium of three Solaris. For example, Q7 for 700 thousand. I confess, first, we have planned - good, on the market quite tired out horses, which left only to shoot. But it became clear in the course of inspections, These cars cost even for a million dollars can be very interesting. Stocking up on popcorn - are looking for a flagship for fully decent money.


What and where to seek?

If you are not allergic to huge crossovers or Volkswagen as a whole, it is not obozhaty Q7, probably, невозможно. clear, that the taste and color of all the markers are different, but in its class such elegance does not have any rival. Big, comfortable, richly equipped, also riding almost in passenger ... What could overshadow everyday life a happy medium?

In the case of Q7 with mileage step from love to hatred can be overcome in one visit service centers. Disastrously expensive to maintain even during the warranty, and even "killed" by past owners of the car will be an occasion for the most ferocious negative emotions pretty fast. And if he is a "bad motor" ...

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

The choice of car

Optional Audi Q7 4L with probegom: corrosion of the body and the electronic problem

The origin and relatives
When VW released his highly successful Touareg, а Porsche – soplatformenny Cayenne, Audi for some time remained without a huge crossover. The exact reasons are now difficult to establish, rather…




so, what is "bad motor"? Firstly, this 4,2 FSI (BAR). A set of potential problems there are much wider, than conventional modern engines folksvagenovsky: stretching the timing chain, Low resource pump and nozzle direct injection. The electronic system is supplied engines ignition coils, and from time to time and some sensors. Well, the cherry on the cake — alyusilovoe coating cylinder wall, bully which will make you familiar with the methods of modern aluminum overhaul of engines and prices on beushnye machines. Generally, motor so for themselves.

But as it happens, that the other petrol engines are not much better. If you are ready for any suffering, but would not pass for "tractor", you'll have to find a car with 3,6 FSI (BHK). It will be a bit better, чем 4,2 FSI, but the substitution of the timing chain and the problems with the fuel supply equipment to huge runs are guaranteed in the same way.

There are a series of petrol engines 3,0 TFSI (it CJWE, CTWB, CJTC, CJWC, CJTB, CJWB, Chnaa и CTWA). Machines with them will be fresh for the year of release (not over 2011 of the year), but they suffer bullies. And yet there is not a very successful compressor supercharging, and most importantly — with them on the Q7 does not set a very good eight-step automatic transmission ZF 8HP45. For a long time she did not usually rides, and the repair leaves expensive.

So, that then look? diesel! Yes, on their tremendous runs will be a problem with the fuel supply equipment (common rail, you see), but all diesels 3,0 TDI (BUG, GOOD, CASB, HOUSE, CJGA) — best, that can be found in the Q7. by the way, the market value of the three-liter Q7 2009-2010 of the year, if you believe our evaluation service (and reason not to believe we do not have), It varies in the area 1,1-1,2 million rubles. Because these options we will see.

In the latter case goes and 4.2-liter TDI (BTR, CCFC, CCFA). By itself, Bullet with him Q7 funny, but not for long: can not withstand the AKP. Despite the fact that, confess, with diesels worth the best PTC, which may be on Q7 — Aisin TR60SN. There is also a "middling" ZF 6HP21, which stands usually with petrol 3,6 FSI. Not phenomenally reliable box, but apparently "tenacious", than 8HP45.

Well, and about hitting his abilities finally a few words six-liter W12 diesel. If you do not sleep with the daughter of a Rockefeller, it is best not to mess with him: on these machines just "vzhigali", and mystical torque very quickly strikes up in the box assembly. And the suspension with the heavy engine have hard times. Even a little "ushatannaya" the Q7 with this engine can devastate a small small business. However, Sales of such cars practically no, so let's look more vserasprostranennye version. Note, that the choice was very poor: Sales Q7 is not much, and it fits our budget quite small machines.


Now we will start with the examination of the most expensive cars. The fact, that she had found such a surprise, the potential existence of which in the Q7, I do not even think out.

so, very good outside the car 2012 Year of release. Price a bit higher than planned — million three hundred thousand, but the car is so good, that it will certainly need to look. Especially, that there is always an occasion for bargaining. Motor — three-liter diesel (eventually all cars were caught just with this engine), run — 140 thousands of kilometers.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Inspection with feeler gauge faster pleased, than upset: on the back of the door there is putty. Well, бывает. Other places are not broken, the rest of the paint native.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Salon is also perfectly preserved. Very likely, that run here conscientious: all buttons and krutilki-vertelki look new. And the skin is amazingly preserved, and only on the sidewall of the driver's seat is a little warped and worn. But it's the little things.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

What you can complain about? In 1-x, does not work the left rear door handle. Unfortunately, This disease not only Q7, but also some other Audi with keyless entry. A good reason to bargain!

Secondly, very similar, that one headlight on the car is not a native. Shoot to prove it, we did not, but there is such fear. Steal lights Q7 with ease and passion — they fasten weak latches, and stand as a donor kidneys. Some attachment to "muzzle" twist here too, someone had.

B-3, with the machine and have to buy new tires. And "to put on" the Q7 — it will not buy four "Yaroslavl" R14 to Priora. So on this occasion, too, you can try to start bargaining. Albeit from a very muddy outlook.

For motor no complaints, It runs smoothly. As with the entire passenger compartment electrics. be happy, that a car with air suspension in the arches everything looks neat and well-groomed.

1 / 3

2 / 3

3 / 3

Generally, good car. But ... In the TCP had written, that motor gasoline here. In this case, the VIN of "beating" diesel, and the inside of the document by hand in the field "Special notes" inscribed, that the engine is still diesel. Inscribed ordinary ballpoint pen, without signatures and seals. Honestly, I have not seen this, and how looking at it in MREO, I do not know. May be, if you go to the registration of the merchant, All ends well. So that risk can be, but before that, all the same it is necessary to check the car from a dealer of his scanner: Q7 very complex car, to buy it after a cursory inspection and thickness gauge. This obviously will not be enough.

On a last resort

next car, seem to be, so milked its owner, that he did not have enough money even for his service.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Начнём с того, the car from all sides in small cleavages, scuffs and scratches, and the right front door and even repainted.

Well branded "plaques" — on any form.

LKP Q7 destroy not too difficult, and many minor chips just spit. breakwater, then half of the machine duralumin, she is ... Well,, Aluminum is also oxidized, eventually becoming a snow-white powder. And half of it is very small, in fact the most "traumatic" places — edge of the arches and doors — made after all of the ferrous metal. Therefore, leave the chips unattended forever wrong.

In addition, at the bottom of the windshield there is a crack. Here the god ordered to bargain.

1 / 6

2 / 6

3 / 6

4 / 6

5 / 6

6 / 6

by the way, note, how the "wipers": they duralumin trapeze, which surprised many often suffer from corrosion and sour. If the "wipers" walking on glass is too slow, you can again try to bring down the price.

Diesel works well (although recall, that without a diagnosis can not say anything definite). Even on the level of oil worth.

But here in one of the pipes we see oil raid. Yes, motor Pomy, but from the radiator hose not got. "Shuba" there, confess, authoritative! And if there was oil, inspect the engine must be particularly careful.

1 / 2

2 / 2

А сейчас — finishing touch, hinting, that means the machine does not spoil.

If a person does not have enough money on tires, on a normal service it could also save. And the probability of this is almost one hundred percent.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Well, there are some questions to the salon. Claimed mileage cars 2009 of the year — 140 thousands of kilometers. The figure itself is incomprehensible, And given the lack of service books (that "lost" one of the five previous owners, ha-ha) and the degree of wear of the cabin, we can talk about 240 tyschah. If you do not notice anything immediately on the steering wheel, take a look to the seam — we'll see, zatort as the steering wheel rim.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Одним словом, not a good option. And the demand for it 1,1 million, what, to be honest, many. Well, and buying Q7 in disrepair (especially air suspension) It can only be a millionaire with the shot in the head.

The white ship

Удивительно, but on the third attempt he managed to find a car, where you can go if you do not go home, then at least to the dealer for a complete diagnosis before you buy. this car 2010 year run 180 thousands of kilometers, He had only one owner of, and still have the service book and all documents, confirming his service.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Naturally, not seen on the white body a certain number of chips can not be. And they are not only at the edges of the door (that the Q7 is actually normal), but also on the edge of the roof. But impossible not to rejoice the fact of touching, that the owner was trying to at least something to do with them and touch up some chips itself.

And there are no painted element! Very fine.

1 / 7

2 / 7

3 / 7

4 / 7

5 / 7

6 / 7

7 / 7

Salon See, he should look at the Q7 city under 200 thousand. Even the steering wheel is the best preserved, than the previous car with mileage on 40 thousand less (what we, to be honest, damn thing did not believe).

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

radio cassette player — around the head

We are in the old Automama c Premium prefer not to communicate in principle — in most cases, examination and diagnosis is like a good car, and after a while it starts to almost fall apart. In the best case, after several visits to the auto-service car will be sold at a loss, at worst — It will be well on the court and exhausting nerves.

In August, he asked the customer to us — I wanted to sell the Audi Q7 2009 year with a gasoline engine 3,6. In his words, He divorced his wife and shared property, so I do not even fielded a car on a bulletin board, immediately called us. We arrived for a visit. From age Q7 could expect anything: dying motor, We reached our last kilometers of the box, legal problems and dark history. But the car proved to be very much alive.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

According to the body was a few «shoals», but nothing criminal, given the age of. Jammed right front door, painted front fenders, there are a few scratches and chips, damaged mirror, broken reflector on the rear bumper.

1 / 5

2 / 5

3 / 5

4 / 5

5 / 5

Despite the run in 170 thousands of kilometers, interior in Alcantara and leather looked pretty well. Even the armrest on the driver's door has not lost its presentation. Plus, the karma of this machine was the equipment with hatches, sports seats, four-zone climate control and other «buns».

1 / 3

2 / 3

3 / 3

By the motor and gearbox issues have arisen either during test drive, any diagnosis. Because the car took a little less one million rubles.

Should I take the Audi Q7 l for 1,2 million rubles

Sold the car through 3 месяца. Here and there, a week after the sale of call and customer complained, that the car did not catch the radio, and then completely burned amplifier. We agreed with partner 100 conduct another diagnosis, in which it was found a lot of electrical errors. Not so long ago, the former owner changed the head unit to another from a rich set — and the nee branilasʹ machine. Partner services repaired amplifier, and we send a car to re-flash to official dealers at the expense of the company.


To purchase Q7 is better to have more money, than we wanted to spend. At least half a million, and better — two. If you do not have much money, and I do not want to compromise in the face of Q5, then do not take the funds for quality diagnosis in the profile service. After Q7 for a million have diagnosed very carefully — from the ceiling to the floor, checking not only the engine and box, but all the electronic components and chassis. And in any case to prepare for the same costs for the planned and not planned maintenance during operation. Even in the fully "live" machine 150-200 thousand a year will leave simply and naturally.

Pollfor the money would take for himself Q7?

Yes! The car is worth it

No, reluctance to invest in it all

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