Test drive BMW 7 Series E32

Test drive BMW 7 Series E32

In the battle for the throne all good. Inspired by the success of the first "sevens", bavartsы in 1986 They were rushed to the attack at Mercedes-Benz with renewed vigor. Flagship instrument has become the second-generation car - E32.



Flagship vehicle is required in the first instance be known, impressive and to be able to combine current trends with the historical legacy of the brand (if available). Beauty, if all mixed in the correct proportions — will follow. In the fierce chief designer Klaus, oversee the project E32, came all.

Perhaps, is an executive car from the rest "chetyrehglazogo» BMW since decades looks the most balanced. Just looking at korotkobaznym "Seven", you know - the standard found. Coming closer, know, that the animal is not yet dangerous: narrow nostrils — sign 6 cylinders under the hood (option for other versions, which in the database relied wide nostrils radiator grille) — deprived "Seven" of the provisions of the severity. But a little and a silhouette, despite the meaningfulness of such details, still expresses neither indulgence drops.

Test drive BMW 7 Series E32


Saloon with front panel glorified brand architecture modest equipment. Despite the wide range of options available already, is here - at least wood and electric, no phones, and separate climate. Blasphemous for the wealthy end of the 80's - but almost perfectly for yangtaymera, in which the simpler, all the better. But for the safety of 32-year-old car, more than half of the life spent in Russia — excellent. Plastic is not faded, on veneers are practically no cracks, and the level of assembly is still the benchmark.

seats, upholstered in soft cozy velor, We have not lost form. dense packing, good back profile and palpable lateral support - all strictly here, despite the absence of the skin. Pity, that the first owner of stinted separate front armrest.

Behind clearly roomier, than E34 — additional 73 mm wheelbase not spent in vain. sofa soft, relaxed fit, ... but the feeling is not high-end cars. I miss the aristocratic mansions and representation options 740iL, which went back three years.

Test drive BMW 7 Series E32 Test drive BMW 7 Series E32

In move

THEN with substitution of the engine oil (Liqui Moly) and filters

every 5 000 km

According to the VIN-number production date blue sedan — 27.11.1986. In other words, it is one of the earliest instances of E32. Under the hood, a luxurious reclining forward — Bavarian specialties: row "Six» M30. Then, at the start of sales, a choice at all was not a lot: or six cylinders in a row, or just a five-liter V12 in the 300 forces. Immediately with 3 430 cc working volume removed 211 l.s. Torque - not worse, than other V8: 305 nm. dessert — Getrag five-speed mechanical.

Powerful representation car to "handle" — thing in something even more selfish, than a sport coupe. After all, this is the height of engineering thought of those years, Merit bavarskogo concern, embodied in metal — this is akin to share crime. And did not want to share. Big wheel unexpectedly sharp, AUTOPARTS rumors, No suspension is collected ..., Yet it is not just a "poor-rich version of the model": a conscious choice of driver software. From this perspective, conventional sedan equipment seems the logical choice.

Harsh grip does not tolerate wimps, but guess the response time from the first time. The engine pleasing instant reactions in gas and, in spite of the traditional BMW horse nature, show strong traction on bottoms. Seven perfectly pulls at second, one breath before being dispersed 80 km / h. The apparent loosening of the lever mechanics amuses selectivity, but transfer themselves clearly cut one. A couple of times, rolling over speed bumps, I stuck valiantly instead of the second quarter and went further, as if nothing had happened.

Fuel consumption in urban

16-17 l / 100 km

Without any adaptive intricacies of "Seven" as a professional rounds the irregularities, that never gave reason to doubt his representative essence. Meanwhile,, almost perfect weight distribution and finely honed independent suspension options allow you to relax on the line and come off in the corners almost like driving a sports car. Moreover, he feels it is. Adjusted for power is low and the "flagship" E32 mass of the uniqueness of obedient, clear and downright mesmerizing vividness reactions. So, magic "five" E34 slightly faded: Now I am familiar with her older sister.

purchase history

Such machines are already due to the low prices often buy accident, but occasionally - in this version. Here everything has been deliberately: Sergei — davneshny fan of the Bavarian brand. Over the past eight years, he managed to change the nine BMW, having on each day of the first-generation X5. Naturally, when the soul has requested yangtaymer, choice question mark did not stand.

According to an old memory search was started with E34, but did not find an instance of groomed — big problem. With E30, how and E21, also not lucky. Then Sergey has decided to turn his gaze on the flagship E32. there was hope, that in spite of the less than with the number of E34 vehicles in Russia, maintenance cost could save flagship dashing riders.

Fortunately, specifically a "lucky" and an instance arose on sale in a few months. Korotkobazny car the first year of production from row "six" and the mechanics arrived in the Russian Federation in 1998 year and had since been in the hands of all 2-owners. The results of the inspection and follow-up visit MREO almost startled all present: smooth body with native iron, a unique engine and the almost complete absence of rust. Absolutely complete interior was in very solid condition. In short, 135 000 rubles for the purchase were not spent in vain.


Taking into account the structural condition, complete and unproblematic documents, technical diagnostics prior to purchase has not been. Intuition is not summed up: a visit to the service shown, that E32 alive in this regard, many. Immediately after the purchase of an oil change was carried out in the engine, filters and spark. As the car stood long without movement, simple operation did not pass: and it took a repair.

For example, I had to change the clutch master cylinder and the brake in a circle, They were changed otgnivshie muffler mounting. Кроме того, I had to restore trapeze janitors: motor taken from the E34. Do not apply life on-board computer is also replaced by an analogue of the "five" (these parts are interchangeable), find on dismantling. Wheels with original, but ended his own life tires TRX service gave way to a 15-inch stamped discs. But the suspension of intervention is not claimed.


In view of the non-working to find the exact odometer mileage "Seven" is not possible. But judging by the state of suspension with unique levers, it is unlikely to exceed 200 000 km. Personal contribution Pitching in this "treasury" - 5 000 km.


THEN with substitution of the engine oil (Liqui Moly) and filters - every 5 000 km
Fuel consumption in urban - 16-17 l / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway - 12 l / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - 14 l / 100 km
Fuel — AI-95

Test drive BMW 7 Series E32


As we already know, car, Luckily, It was bought not for tuning, so that the plans for the future prosaic. Corrosion already intensively reminds himself, therefore a key objective - complete repainting with color of mandatory preservation factory. Along the way will be made and carefully dry cleaning salon with seat removal. From the detail necessary to order the duplicate ignition key and change in left front spring suspension.

model history

2-second generation of the executive sedan BMW, get the index E32, appeared in 1986 year. Flagman increased in size to 4 910 mm in the basic version. Кроме того, It appeared dlinnobaznaya modification of L (5 024 mm).

BMW 735i (E32) ‘1986–1992

BMW 735i (E32) ‘1986–1992

BMW 735i (E32) ‘1986–1992

Motor palette consisted of the traditional row "sixes" (3,0 — 188 l.s. and 3,5 — 211 hp) and a pair of V8 (3,0 on 218 l.s. and the 286-strong 4,0). Transmissions - five-speed mechanics and machines with four or five steps. Flagship BMW 750i / 750iL possessed five-liter V12 power 300 l.s. It is profitable to distinguish "Seven" from Mercedes-Benz W126, located a maximum V8.

Total circulation 2nd "sevens" was more than 310 thousand copies.

BMW 750iL (E32) ‘1987–1994

BMW 750iL (E32) ‘1987–1994

BMW 750iL (E32) ‘1987–1994

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