"Winter" special version of Chevrolet Niva 2015 (price, a photo)

In the beginning of November 2015 year in Russia began selling SUV Chevrolet Niva in spetsversii «Winter Edition».

The equipment consists of car winter wiper blades, roof rails, includes windscreen with electric heating, excessive capacity battery (64 BUT·ч), seats with modern upholstery and adjustable lumbar support front, heated rear seats, radio with speakers and rims 7Jx16H2 dark color with Continental tires. Body SUV painted in the color of "iceberg".

«winter» spetsversiya Chevrolet Niva 2015 (price, a photo)

Photo «Winter» Chevrolet Niva Winter Edition 2016. http://autompv.ru/

Dimensions model: длина — 4056 mm, ширина — 2120 mm, высота — 1690 mm, and the value of the wheelbase — 2450 mm. vehicle weight is 1860 kg.

«winter» spetsversiya Chevrolet Niva 2015 (price, a photo)

«winter» spetsversiya Chevrolet Niva 2015 (price, a photo)

Technical properties

The jeep movement is the same 1.69-liter gasoline engine, developing 80 l.s. power and 127,4 Nm of torque. A couple of the motor Manual.

Fuel consumption at Chevrolet Niva Winter Edition combined cycle is 10,3 liters of 100 kilometers.

«winter» spetsversiya Chevrolet Niva 2015 (price, a photo)

photo salon

cost of

In Russia, the price of Chevrolet Niva Winter Edition will be 617 000 rubles. GM-AVTOVAZ plans to release all 600 this version of the car.

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