Week in Moscow on karsheringe

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

Russian business handy 15 years for, to assess the prospects for short-term car rentals and organize the first service in the country, offer this service. I was useful year for the, to be interested in and sign in to that system, and two for, to begin to really enjoy it.


you must say, I and a couple of times before trying to use the established "Yandeks.Drayv" application, but each time the result was the same: free machines nearby places, where I had to go, just did not turn out. As a result, the decision was made in the style of "Well, yes, and God be with him", locked up application, I called a taxi, or stomped toward the bus stops. Yet the least, my interest in the subject supported the diverse reaction to the phenomenon karshering, thus by both peers and acquaintances, or simply the Internet audience.

some have argued, it is the most excellent invention of mankind after the wheel, that they no longer need in your car, and that will not soon be no buses, a taxi, and will be a solid karshering. Other branilisʹ, that from happening karsheringa one continuous harm: and drive, users of rental cars somehow, since then their regret, not just their, and throw them anywhere, and the driving they experience one disorder, because the salons are dirty and shabby. Generally, stay for a week without own car, I decided, it's time to dive into the magical world and to understand karsheringa, it is good, convenient and profitable, as one write, and how realistic those prepyadstviya, which others write.

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

1-the first experience of using karsheringom turned out pretty saturated: ride needed a lot. The availability of rental cars obviously increased: apparently, quantity turned into quality, cars in karsheringa systems became more, and the situation is "necessary to go, and cars are not near "occurred not very often, although I used only one roll system. Registration on multiple systems will make it even more rare, but completely exclude still fails. Monitoring the situation in the home screen applications (I quickly signed up after the first couple of trips in several systems, who have not yet used — for the purity of the experience) revealed, that the situation for even 1 day changes frequently. Then all the regions are filled with icons of available vehicles, then suddenly turns, that before the coming of the car to go almost half an hour, that given the weather does not deliver any joy.

Week in Moscow on karsheringe Week in Moscow on karsheringe Week in Moscow on karsheringe

In general, the situation looks like this: If you do not have a car, or you for some reason can not or do not want to use his, then with a fairly high probability you will be able to find a solution to karsheringa systems. Only here the guarantee of having a rental car at the right time and in the right place nobody will give you. In this situation, there are certain consequences prose.

let us say, you are planning to go to a large supermarket, located from you 10 minute time away: 10 minutes there and 10 minutes ago - it 140 rubles, not such a big amount. But that's coming out of the store with a cart full of products for a week, you may well be able to detect, that car, left you in the parking lot, someone has used, and other free karsheringovyh cars in the parking lot there, as well as, что есть — again the, go 10 minute.

Можно, naturally, simply retain your reserved car, This allows the system. But how will you be in store? Quarter of an hour? Half an hour? Time? And all this time the counter is ticking, so to 140 rubles for the trip there and back may well add another 200 rubles for the wait. But here too, you decide, to pay for the convenience or not. Well, if you go to one of the many shopping centers, located on the outer side of Ring, the choice and you will not: the system simply does not allow you to finish a trip to a place like this. Whether you like it or not, but the only possibility — translate car in standby mode and to pay for all the time, that you will be at the mall.

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

Now about the fleet. The system «Yandex.Drayv" it is based on low-end models build Patriotic: Kia Rio sedan and hatchback Rio X-Line, Volkswagen Polo, Skoda Rapid и Octavia, as well as front-Reno Kaptur. The tariff for the use of them is 7-8 rubles per minute. A separate category of the cars of premium brands: BMW 520i, Mercedes-Benz E 200, Genesis G70, Audi Q3 and even Porsche Macan. clear, such that the car rental is more expensive, from 10 before 14 rubles per minute, and every minute behind the wheel of Porsche will cost 22 ruble! again the same, These categories are not open to all: drivers on phones with small screens, the experience they just do not appear. And here we gradually turn to the question of economy — in particular, in comparison with the use of a taxi.

1 / 5

2 / 5

3 / 5

4 / 5

5 / 5

If you drive through the streets relatively free, the, the fastest, ride in a rented car to get at least percent 40-50 less, if the driver of the car call. But if you go to the opposite end of the city, and even in "the mirror" time, the cost of such a trip may be higher, at the same time in two! Indeed, in a taxi you pay for the distance, and karsheringe — during. And if you decide to treat yourself to the comfort and lease premium model, the difference may be just a big. for example, I had to go to the south of Moscow in the company, northwardly, on the outer side of Ring. The near affordable car proved Genesis G70. The cost of travel was 1 760 rubles — though, that the taxi would have cost RUR 600!

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

We have to use premium cars and yet another problem. All the low-end models are equipped with special head units with tremendous screens and installed Yandex Auto Systems, which receives and "Yandex Navigator". But in all the premium model head units were regular media systems, but navigation applets are not installed on them. In a word, You are going to ride on a BMW, Mercedes или Genesis — do not forget to take a suction cup bracket, cable for charging the phone and, на всякий случай, the cigarette lighter adapter.

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

Now about the condition of the car. For all the time of my experience on the use of karsheringom I came across only one seriously warped car. It was the Kia Rio X-Line with a crumpled starboard and absent the front right turn signal repeater — but inside the car it was in quite decent condition. Yet the least, a couple of times I had to spend time photographing little damage and chipping on bumper, It is found that damage was not easy: weather, and potochnee, снег, deicing road dirt and reagents, covering the lower part of the body, forced to be particularly vigilant. Alas, application "Yandeks.Drayv" does not give any of information about the previously mentioned damages, and be responsible for the acts of others like you do not want.

1 / 2

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If we talk about the serious technical faults, something with them I encountered only twice, both times — automotive premium brands. In Genesis G70 worked toggle modes of operation of the automatic transmission, I do not know, whether it was really a malfunction, or operator of the system deliberately left only Comfort mode. But in the BMW 520i is not working servo longitudinal movement of the driver's seat. Needless to say, that the trip came not the best. Plus, right side window was so dirty, that in the side mirror could see only some vague spots. I'd braked and rubbed the window, but suitable cloth in the pocket was not. In a word, that still left the trip.

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

Of premium cars in karsheringe sense is not enough. Trips to them are unreasonably expensive, but because of their technical complexity; the risk of breakage is significantly higher. На мой взгляд, if you really need a reason for a road car, easier to take it in the ordinary service lease for a specific trip.

As for the budget models, the Volkswagen Polo was in perfect condition, at Renault Kaptur burning "check", Skoda Rapid skrepeli Pads, while the Kia Rio X-Line did not burn button illumination. In the latter case, I'm not even sure, that the problem was of a technical nature: may be, I had to press a button or turn the knob, I just did not know what. And here we gradually move to yet another fundamental point.

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

The fact, you know your own personal car thoroughly. Placing controls you perfectly familiar, and every feature you can turn on despite. But the unfamiliar car can make some problems — if not the most severe, but still unpleasant. Take despite the fact that to the proverbial "stick" in the Renault Kaptur. Not enough, that it is located behind the thick steering wheel spokes, so also the buttons on it are located above and, and bottom, and rear. And to enjoy all the capabilities offered by this device, you need to know clearly, some of the buttons and the buttons for what function is responsible. And you need to get used to using this tool to the touch — because the ability to see the buttons while driving you will not.

Week in Moscow on karsheringe

But this — half woes. The trouble can happen, If you incorrectly estimate the dynamic capabilities of the car rental. And it happens so, and not so rarely. I caught the eye of the photograph the yard of a car-care center, virtually littered with broken car in fining companies karsheringovyh. by the way, there are people, who say, that use karsheringom — It is like to wear underwear strangers, but I will leave this kind of approval particularly impressionable natures.

Now let's talk about such subjective matters, like comfort and driving pleasure. It would seem that, you want comfort — Take Mercedes or Genesis, drayverskih you want small joys — look, Do not expect close to a free BMW or Audi. But here's what is sad: cars premium brands or middle class, for karsheringa become almost exclusively in the base set, with a very low cost for the model finishing materials. Because renting a "premium segment", get ready for disappointment: plastic can be of the same variety, as in embodiment economy car.

1 / 4

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3 / 4

4 / 4

In terms of driving pleasure, I confidently surrender first place Volkswagen Polo — his control and management of the most intelligible, with a clear reverse connection, and the automatic transmission works correctly and confidently, providing excellent traction control in all modes. kind of, Skoda Rapid in all the same, but I like the Volkswagen Polo a little more. All cars, I've used, They were in excellent condition and spotless inside.

Very good and Kia Rio X-Line, but this impression is slightly spoils pustovat wheel. Renault Kaptur stands. One side, his most voluminous cabin, his best sovladevaet suspension with obstacles such as "speed bumps", and in general it is the only crossover in this brand, but in other way — far not everyone likes the wonders of French ergonomics, as well as the operation of the variator.

1 / 3

2 / 3

3 / 3

But usability karsheringom determined not only advantages and disadvantages of cars. Equally important is the work of a mobile application. Appendix "Yandex.Drayv" comfortable enough, but there are some drawbacks. On one of them I have already mentioned: the app does not inform about the previously identified lesions. I think, the operator is not very happy that, that for the remaining cars on the strip with light injuries spilling pictures shaft after each user — But they still need to compare and see, whether new. In-2-x, the app does not allow to put a filter on a specific model, you would prefer the rest, or vice versa, We would not want to take, in principle,.

The case of certain prepyadstviya with your positioning on stage, when you have booked a car and moving into his foot. If it happens in a familiar area, it is not so scary. But in unfamiliar places, you can simply make a mistake, pass by (especially in the dark), to turn the wrong way, and the accuracy of the GPS dramatically decreases between houses, especially in a dense housing. Finally, at the end of the trip at your disposal there is no function "report a problem" — You can only communicate with customer support or send photos. But what, for example, I could take a picture in the case of not working Power Seat?

Well, in conclusion, I can only say, what, in my opinion, karshering can not change any taxi, no personal car. But the matter is necessary and convenient, has its own, unique niche. So I, perhaps, I will continue to use it quite actively.

P.S. it was curious? There is good news: this is just one of a series of materials karsheringe, where we understand the service and its features inside and out. To read the rest, you can go over here and find out all the answers.

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