Test drive the Moskvich 407

Test drive the Moskvich 407

In front of me a car moderate light gray, who turned 56 years old. Umopomrachitelyno, that looks, Salon and all units have ravenostvo original 60s: there is no obvious borrowing from the later models, or modern machinery. Carp turned out only to "non-native" optical elements of the standard round headlights. In short, this Moskvich can go though the exhibition, though in a museum, even for filming ... and we are now just a half-turn to start the engine and get out on the roads of general use.


his, dear

this car — of late, 1962 of the year. This essential clarification, since Muscovites index 407 with 1957 by 1963 years, experienced a lot of large and small upgrades. In the early and late copies of this model different gearboxes and rear axles. I'm not talking about such a "trifle", as different cladding, rear lights and backrests. In turn, model 407 different from its own predecessor 402 engine, and from his own successor 403 - front suspension, steering and pedal assembly.

What if someone does not come up, but I can confidently say, These machines were unique domestic development, they are not backed up with any foreign cars. Во-1-х, chief designer of the series AF machines. Andronov, worn out with the first-generation copy Moskvich 400-420, I could not tolerate direct borrowing from foreign counterparts and forbade his subordinates designers copy. Secondly, already in the 50's of our cars made with a view to export to any country, and means, directly raised the question, as they would say at the moment, "Copyright", or, as they said then, Patent purity structure nodes and the outer shape of the car.

Test drive the Moskvich 407 Test drive the Moskvich 407

Yes, against the background of imported vehicles of the same age Muscovite does not possess the complete original, its shape is completely corresponds to the fashion and style of the then. But clearly he has no analogue! Moreover, there, that in this car at full programmke into account the mistakes of others. Body with "exaggerated" the sidewalls, hood, roof and trunk only looks proportional, there is no unnecessary "inflate" and heaviness, which in the 50s we sinned many European and South American car. All external parts, in perfectly tailored suit, perfectly matched one to one. Let us not forget, which Andronov was a professional artist-painter and carefully treated with the outer appearance of the factory cars. So that the harmonic appearance of Muscovites - a monument to good taste Andronov.

Metal comfort 50s

Small key unlock the padlock, integrated into the door handle button. The handle is very comfortable pitch. for this, that opens the door from the inside, by the way, also.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

Salon, naturally, not so big, in Volga GAZ-21, but it is not close. This is very conducive deliberately thin front seat. He integral cushion for the driver and passenger, but set back separately. The sofa in the middle of a convex, and its edge is palpable "roll" down. The seat is very soft and comfortable, and that the head restraint in those days was not - no big deal. Sofa itself can be moved closer to the steering wheel, and it is possible to push. And, you can still move the seat all the way forward, push back the backrest and at the rear of the sofa cushion to get a real smooth "double" surface. In the 50s there were, that the long journey the driver and passengers will be able to, thus expanding seat, settle comfortably for the night. Then the practice is often.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

Inside, unusual by today's standards a lot of "bare metal", painted in body color. This dashboard body with a pleasant sloping top, composite frame of the windscreen, control column cover, of the doors. But in the era of the Muscovite is a typical pattern, and the color of the body were usually nice looking.

Seat upholstery and door combination of cloth and artificial leather. This machine "red salon", but we met more often bright blue and bright green interiors. But brown plastic lining of the instrument cluster, glove box and ashtrays around seemingly pleasant, but tricky. Plastic Soviet cars reflect the imperfection of what was then the chemical industry materials. Even the well-preserved cars lining on the panel of the time warp, and then crumble into powder. But at the moment there were entrepreneurs, earning in the production and sale of "Novodel" plastic of old cars.

Test drive the Moskvich 407 Test drive the Moskvich 407

Very good visibility: highest glass, rack tilted "right". Curved windshield Moskvich-402 with almost the same body was, by the way, 1-th in the USSR. From the driver's seat are perfectly visible dimensions: ramps of the wings are the high, and when reversing see the edges of the rear.

Wheel of a snow-white plastic is very beautiful. Hub with large reddish button protrudes above the surface of the rim and "looks" at the driver. Bottom steering column - Signal switching ring, installed separately from the steering wheel. turn signal switch extraordinary - in the form of a small lever, situated on the left column is not, and on top. On machines of this family can include "turn signals", without removing hands from the "donut", but simply tilting the thumb.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

Other young drivers stumped placing the gear lever. It is located on the control column there, where the majority of modern cars cut one wiper, and this is a typical "trick" too many machines 50-60s, how our, and imported cars.

Ignition across the bottom of the dashboard situated exactly halfway. The key is virtually the same, as the door. turn, and together with the ignition devices alive four arrows. To the left of the round speedometer - ammeter and petrol level indicator, Right - oil pressure sensor in the engine and the coolant temperature at the radiator. appliances beautiful, with chrome frame. Their location resembles some models of Mercedes-Benz '50s, for example, famous Ponton w120. Only in the German machine tools are made in one piece, and the "Moskvich" speedometer, right and left dials - separate parts. Here and there on the circle speedometer hiding tiny Blue ogonochek, pointing, that included the main beam headlights.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

Small clutch pedal and brake "grow" from the floor. They are placed at a comfortable angle, and the efforts of their low. Suspended gas pedal, like a spoon, not much different from the one, which have significantly younger age Moskvich 2140. Near the castle - like as though carved from ivory handles "choke", turn marker and close the light in the headlights, switches the heater and "janitors". When the oven is turned on, inside its pen, straight through the light plastic, shining light.

Paradise for conservative

Moskvich factories as well, like at least some carbureted car. must, pulling the "leak", close the choke valve in carburettor, and later already include the ignition key starter. Since childhood, I love the sound of the engine Muscovites 407, 403 and 408! Idling motor "humming", how satisfied cat. You add a little gas, It begins pleasantly sated "growl". On the street - not the month of May, and will have to burn a little fuel to warm up. Pulling the chrome handle left, I close the radiator shutters - fan here, as in most cars of the last century, constantly spinning. In winter, the blinds can not open at all.

water temperature rose arrow - can drive. I translate the lever on the column and up - with hardly perceptible trigger includes a first.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

know, Why lever is bent, like tail? AT 1960 , the Muscovites have introduced four-stage box. Prior to this three-stage was, and located in the same arm was straight wand. Transfer there cut in very different, as well, both on the Volga GAZ-21 or on Victory. New lever once pointed chauffeur, which is a box and how to change gears on the machine.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

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I touch, I accelerate and move on to the second, moving "tail" on down. When he reached the third - from himself skyward, to the fourth - by themselves down. Useful to pass backwards - to the end of himself and up. Take the plastic tip of the arm in a fist, and to translate the transfer here is very nice, everything is included is perfect - a mechanism with longish rods and levers adjusted literate spices. Wheel easy and accurate, Machine comes with confidence in the turns, and very nice build, both in front of you in front of the road indicates the red flag - mascot in the middle of the hood. When you turn on the direction indicators, Flashing red flame, Left alone to attach the upper slope of the panel. More than an old car that his family had not yet been.

Under bodrenkoe rumbling motor and gears slight whine of the box I spin through the narrow streets of the village holiday. To depart from the oncoming cars simply: narrow car perfectly helm. by the way, there is already a rear axle with hypoid gears, embedded in the end 1960 of the year. On the previous engines was the usual bevel gear, produced when the corresponding sound.

Leaving the busy federal highway. moderate 45 l.s. quite enough, to integrate into the new century, the flow of cars and confidence in him to keep. But exceed the speed and overtake everyone around not hunt. we must not forget, the tires immediately diagonal, brake drum without power, and there is absolutely no safety belts. Yes, these are the cars in his youth taught me not "drive" without the need for the latter, keep your distance more, slow down a bit early. But if you must, and on such a car you can include a lower gear, and adjust to the unusual inclusion of "turn signal", quickly jump out of the series in a row.

Huge 15-inch wheels allow "ignore" or small pits, or "speed bumps", confidently drive through outright road. And if you hunt to go on smooth asphalt and podinamichnee pouverennee, you can change the tires on 13-inch popular dimension 175 / 70R13. Discs of "Moskvich" 412/2140 stand on the same stud without alterations. museum authenticity? But we are changing on modern machines winter tires to summer and back. Here it is just as difficult, Only you should be able to pick up and throw off each wheel chrome cap, and later "prischolknut" his back.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

It's starting to rain. Thin wiper brushes arranged symmetrically, as well, in the "loaf" UAZ. When they work, in the center is still noticeable untreated area. Get used to it, you can. true, work "wipers" curious. Poddaosh engine speed - "run" faster, at low speed - slower. Simply wiper drive is not electronic, and mechanical, cable from the camshaft. it, perhaps, the most "archaic" host in the car. A few more "annoying" lack of washer. He appears only in the subsequent models Moskvich-403. But if the road is wet, well behaved narrow diagonal tires - they are like a knife cut the water column.

Let me strshny conservative, but I am happy to go so, holding such a thin "bone" steering wheel rim, operated transmissions column, listen to the sounds of live motor, boxes, exhaust system, the howling wind outside the window, do not rush and do not "twist" old engine.

The car for the enamored

It's getting dark. To stop and dig into pockets. In the center of the ceiling, like a sewn from flannelette blankets, There is a large stylish cover, the included handle latch. Inside the two light bulbs, that perfectly illuminate the entire interior. Such as the ceiling will remain in Moscow Moskvich to the early '70s, in IZhah and "eared" Zaporozhets - until the end of the decade.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

The heater in the car runs completely normal, especially if you open the door in front of the windscreen vozduhopritoka. You can remove the jacket and hang it on a hook on the B-pillar. Pity, in this instance is not preserved tube radio. And yet he does not have hours. In some complete sets of 407's and 403's, they were elegant, in ebonite body. And standing on the ceiling directly above the rear-view mirror.

Well, fine, trip to Moscow Oldtimer nothing, except pleasure, give me can not. Watch closely the car in the parking lot. know, eg, as the trunk opens here? The handle of the cabin. Only where it is? Some can not find. And it is under the rear seat and somehow right. Reach out to the driver - not the problem. Leans forward front seat, stretches out his right hand and dostaosh. But what if behind someone sits? for example, cute leggy passenger. I do not just amused: I planted behind the girl and was going to accidentally open the trunk. Source, youth…

Test drive the Moskvich 407

Good, vernёmsya for trunk. Cover much input on the back. Loading height higher, than in the Volga GAZ-21, but below, than Moskvich 412, 2140 or Zhiguli. Right under the luggage compartment at the back of the room covered with bracket fuel tank filler neck. This is exactly the Muscovites until the model 2140 and even at the museum layout 3-5-6. This know-how Andronov. At the gas station does not matter, right or left side drive to the column and gasoline night they shall not cleave. Yes, smaller trunk, than Moskvich-2140 and Lada, much space is spare wheel. But also all, you need to take away possible. He is a very interesting illuminated at night. On the outer side of the boot lid - "dizaynisty" lighting the lamp housing numbers, while the rear right in front of the same bulbs - a window, closed mica. Through it the lamp-lit room at the same time illuminates the inside of the boot. Clever and simple, like all excellent. by the way, tailgate hinges are on the outside. How do they prevent other modern sedans!

A taillights specifically to such Moskvich already in the 50's for the first time isolated section received direction indicator, stoplight and sidelight. On Volga until GAZ-3110, Zhiguli VAZ-2101 and VAZ-2103 "stop" and "size" are combined.

Hood opens the handle under the dashboard, but it is also right. And also you can get a driver's seat. Now it is better to plant in the front passenger, that the elbow was on her knees. Well, right car for lovers!

I will go, look, under the hood. Connector cover smooth "lip" rests on the upper timber cladding. You need to shove his hand and squeeze the safety hook, He left the middle of the machine. hood light, loop ordinary, no complex kinematics and springs, as in the Volga.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

Here he is, honored 1.4-liter engine. Single-chamber carburetor is on the left, intake manifold very complex - from the inside there are hidden pipe heating. During these machines do not all been available antifreeze. Houses on the stove warmed up a bucket of water and poured into the radiator. Kipyatochek, once in the cooling system, warmed mixture enters the cylinder.

Strainer cleaning oil here is directly on the engine, and not on the mudguard body, like Muscovite-408. A is, with the engine lubrication system it connects "neubivaemaya" copper tube, instead of rubber hoses.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

The ignition distributor at the top and at hand, coil - on the engine shield. And to adjust the valves do not need to remove the entire valve cover, small enough to unscrew the cap with wing nuts.

But conscientious copper brake fluid reservoir. This is not some kind of plastic! A clutch fluid reservoir is not completely: his arm drive, failure will not leave never.

Test drive the Moskvich 407

Creator Victor Kulyov thanks for giving car.

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