Test drive PAZ 672M

Test drive PAZ 672M

ling, if a lot of sin in this life, what in hell you can get behind the wheel of the bus, and to carry it in other (the least sinful) soul from the boiler to the boiler. And every 100 m sure will stop, where passengers will have to open the door. think, not that it is difficult? Like fun!


sluggishly, but surely

About the history of this bus we have a little bit but know, when they shared their impressions of the trip to the all-wheel drive version of PAZ-3201S. Will not be repeated, but let us briefly recall the most important moments of the birth of 672 th.

This bus can be attributed to the number of record holders at design time and the formation of the assembly flow. more precisely, "Antyrekordsmenov", for it is only "in the paper," he existed from 1957 to end 1959 of the year, and with the release of the first series of samples before he managed to reach five more years — to 1964 of the year. And when it all decided to release, something went wrong again, and as a result the first PAZ-672 welded in October 1967 of the year, exactly through 10 years after the initial design. the question arises: why it happened?

Test drive PAZ 672M

PAZ-672 '1964-67

By itself, something had to change in a bus, looking at the pre-production samples shortcomings. For example, brake system was separate drive on the front and rear axles. Also noticeable change body, increased glass area and reducing its weight. All this, naturally, cool delayed the process, but the main culprit is the protracted childbirth — GAS-53. The fact, that just at this time, GAZ experienced and implemented in the creation of this truck, old is replaced GAZ-52 and GAZ-51A. On the basis of the last precursor of PAZ-672 was built, PAZ-652, Well, based on the new GAZ-53 was built unprecedented PAZ-672. It seemed quite logical, but it was a little difficult: technical differences between GAZ-51A (and GAS-52) and new GAZ-53 significant, though outwardly they are very similar. GAS-52 — is the development of the GAZ-51 with row "six" under the hood, and the GAZ-53 was unprecedented at the time V8 engine. And before you put this engine in the bus, it was necessary to find out, how it will behave on a truck. But there are still bridges, Transmission ... All this slot inherited from the same GAZ-53. So do not blame the professionals from Pavlova, who for so long were busy with the bus: poperёd parents Hell lezt ugly, poperod truck build bus — even more so.

Test drive PAZ 672M

GAS-53 '1962-65

At this suffering martyr bus does not run out. His further continued hard "dopilivat", from time to time something in him changing. How to read the old man Hegel, any new quality there is only the result of the accumulated quantitative changes. He has to prove the truth of his words brought water, which becomes steam at a temperature accumulation, but if he had been born a little later, it could take as an example of PAZ-672. but Hegel, unfortunately, long dead. A PAZ-672 has accumulated so many configurations, that eventually became PAZ-672M.

Test drive PAZ 672M

PAZ-672m '1982-1989

clear, that the main task of the brought in structure adjustments — improve resource bus, which eventually became equal to as much as 330 tyscham kilometers (It is allowing some of its modifications to obtain a notable mark of quality "made in USSR"), but an exhaustive list of these changes would have taken all the disk space on our servers. for example, to reduce the noise in the engine compartment placed enlarged pump pulley GUR, did display oil pressure in the engine,, brought to the driver's door of the duct from the "stove", changed the profile springs, generator embedded in the relay-regulator, will increase the amount of the brake master cylinder ... It is a very incomplete list, actually it had more alterations.

Test drive PAZ 672M

wizard feature 672 from 672M shaped leatherette termoshumoizolyatsii front panel heating duct, tops handrail passenger seats with anti-pinch tubular coating and the decorative motif inner sheathing panels. And we, Ordinary mortals passengers, We can focus on the lighting equipment: front and rear dimensions and indicators have become not round, and rectangular in accordance with the UNECE Regulations. true, it came back in 1978 year, and the letter 'M model has a 82-m. But what it is four years for this bus? One day!

Test drive PAZ 672M

So was it worth to suffer for so long? From the standpoint of the modern world, this model is hopelessly out of date before launch in creation. But then there was another time, and people, and buses. And most importantly — roads, on which the SIS had to move relatively seamlessly. And since it had planned to drive in the tail and mane in districts, state farms and villages all over the USSR, and the requirements for it are appropriate.

almost truck, near the bus

Let's take a look at the outside PAZ. Of course, in bus, constructed based on the GAS-53, I had to get more ground clearance. The way it is — here it reaches 280 mm. In those bright times of any electronically controlled pneumatic suspensions and systems «Kneeling» did not know, because to climb this difficult PAZ, than modern Vector Next, but Russian grandmother in godforsaken parts were pleased with this bus. grandfather, the fastest, also. Well, the "muzzle" of the slot in combination with glazed roof and out at all memorable, and even cute. At the moment, to see such originality! "What times! Oh manners!” — He repeated to himself for Cicero, comparing PAZ-672M with modern buses. But he, unfortunately, long dead.

Test drive PAZ 672M

The front grille can be raised for access to the engine. Motor here, as I read, of GAS 53. This old school monster volume 4,25 l, developmental 115 l.s. at 3 200 revolutions per minute, and 285 Nm at the moment 2 000. But note: GAZ-53 model this motor is referred to respectively ZMZ-53, and on the groove it has its own name ZMZ-672. Can, between the motors there are some differences? bingo!

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We continue to dig in the ancient PAZ -672M. Motor he borrowed from GAZ -53, but the truck he was called ZMZ-53, and in the depths "pazika" he was at one point ZMZ-672. Why? Because the differences all the same there. small, but sufficient, To get your code. #Bus # PAZ

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So that the bus can boast kinship even with "shishiga" GAZ-66. That in general never breathtakingly, but commands respect.

Test drive PAZ 672M

Of the fascinating features of the exterior of the fuel tank flap note. He was not thin, and it has an appreciable vyshtampovki. The reason is, that the fuel tank cap neck (which is taken from? Правильно, of GAS 66!) beyond the side plating bus line, and under it was necessary to make such an unusual here vyshtampovki. but the original.

Test drive PAZ 672M

And one more flirtatious element — vyshtampovka on a rack near the front passenger door. Why this playful element need alpha male bus herds — not quite clear. But if you make fantasy, it is possible to reflect, it denotes a door for the exit. A back, means, entry.

Test drive PAZ 672M

Gearbox with a groove all shared the same GAZ-53, meaning, that she has four gears forward, one back and even third and fourth synchronizers gear.

But the "birdhouse", routing pointer above the windscreen, then a very small. However, and route numbers in the "keyway" were usually monosyllabic.

Test drive PAZ 672M

Appearance of the bus as it suggests, that he was not taken out from under the glass dome at the Paris Museum of Weights and Measures. And yet the least, this is the most that neither is a reference PAZ-672M in the form, in which it is used to keep track and on the road. I will say more: its mileage is not more 100 thousands of kilometers, that the bus quite a bit. After its birth in 1989 year (Yes, it is one of the latest released 672M) He worked on the farm in the Kirov region, and the last 18 (!) years generally has been removed from the register and stood there. Our experts RetroBus it in Novovyatsky Kirov region, where selflessly drove his own steam through Moscow to St. Petersburg, spending only good thing about the replacement of all major consumables.

first 50 km it was not a very good: clogged cooling system could not cope with the work, heated engine, the velocity of the hill does not exceed sleepy walking speed. I had to stop a couple of times and it washed. Later he had to return to the place of unscrewing the control column, replace the steering linkage, bit podshamanit electrician… Generally, This or a similar list of first-class entertainment can meet in any description of any driving of PAZ-672. So to St. Petersburg and lasted.

it, you realized, It was digression. Let us return to the story about the PAZ. Let's first look at salon, and then zaberomsya the holy of holies of any bus — the driver's seat.

Test drive PAZ 672M

frankly: in the salon looking nothing. There is no all these your zaryadok "yu-si-bi" and other refrigerators for beer. There's a seat with strong crossmembers (not to fly off the bus earlier time) and driver call button (so as not to depart later). And further — cool "pinwheel" on sliding window leaves, so similar to shape the profile of the rotor Mazda 13B (if you understand, what am I talking about). surprisingly, that these devices are on the bus survived: usually they fell away from here one of the first parts, lost "Lasik" on the road.

Of the options, "comfort" — hatches in the roof with a lever drive. This unpretentious citizens quite enough.

Test drive PAZ 672M

Generally gloomy day St. Petersburg salon looks very spiritual. Probably, then it would be appropriate to say "atmospheric", but I do not quite understand the meaning of the word. But if you realize, then so be it. And yet here, "Lampovo".

Another thing — driver's seat. PAZ designers so they could not tolerate this class, We have done everything, that the driver died at the stage of entering the cockpit. It is difficult to climb — it is highly, and only narrow and very uncomfortable footrest shifted forward due to the wheel arches. From harm and integrity remark, that designers Robur LO 3000 wheel arch not stir welded to the sidewall of a decent bandwagon, but the designers "keyway" such humanity, apparently, not a person.

subsequent surprise — It `s that, even climbing into the cockpit, I could not sit in it properly. With the growth of 180 cm and weighing 100 kg, I felt like a completely superfluous here. I would have said,, excess. Wedged between the seat and the wheel turned with difficulty. Who prevented even see five to seven push back the partition driver's seat? Damn them, I'm sorry for being rude, He knows.

Test drive PAZ 672M

The dashboard is familiar — the same stood at some 412-x Moskvich. But the pedals are not "stock": in late PAZ (which include our bus) levers of the pedals do not "curled". Why there are just such pedals — nobody knows.

To the right of the driver motor arranged. Did, why almost all 672M (and on ordinary 672-x) Motor cover is often pressed inward? I voiced an interesting version, которая, honestly, It is unlikely to be completely true, but because of it breathes cheerfulness, do not share it, I can not. ling, on a warm jacket it was very comfortable with all kinds of adultery pretty passenger — pig Liboje, to confess, milkmaid. As part of the test drive, I do not inspected, but it is likely, that the way it is. Despite the fact that I personally think, that the bus can take as chauffeur, that no collective farmers after the necessary will no longer be. try?

Test drive PAZ 672M

to save limbs!

That's just fine, that the bus has GUR! Therefore, that nothing good I could not see behind the wheel. Although, if you think, GUR here, too, from the GAZ-66.

person, pressed 'driving to the back seat, not very convenient to lift up your foot on the clutch pedal. And it has to turn up so high, as it moves through the town left kneecap begins to ache after 10 minutes. Good, that "gazonovskaya" box cheers relatively crisp switching. Of course, we should not forget when shifting from first gear about the double squeezing grip on second. obviously, with the obligatory scoring legs. puppy Pose, derived for a walk, combined with the narrowness gives an unforgettable experience.

Test drive PAZ 672M

But steering a bus listening to good. And its rim on the concepts of Russian buses are not too big, although it is usually thin and offset to the right with respect to the chair chauffeur.

Test drive PAZ 672M

Test drives / solitary

instead of roads: test drive the bus PAZ-3201S

sluggishly, but surely
I think, the first thing is to clarify, our PAZ – not just the rare, and a very rare bus, he's performing in the northern. These veterans in a living state there are only two (anyway,…




PAZ shows good momentum, especially in the first two gears. Later, he began a little upset their reluctance to go to the fourth. Potochnee, switch to it: I have to strongly spin motor in the third, dispersed and only later include a fourth transfer. And all the same speed of the crankshaft at the same time turn out to be, that "pull" actually falls from the "bottom". This "failure" when driving in town is very inconvenient.

Complicating matters roar of the engine, standing next to. There is less noise insulation, than subscribers in instagrame Vyacheslav Malezhik, and already on the speed 50 km / h starts laying the ears. true, and the maximum speed here a little: the track can be ridden km 70 h, will continue to be very uncomfortable.

At the beginning of this story I read, that in the process of modernization 672M received new brakes. They are quite unique: they have a hydraulic drive, but the amps on the front and rear axles — Hydro. Sami mechanisms, naturally, drum. If a little overdo it with the touch of the brake pedal, rear axle is very simply breaks down to skid, disinhibited and it is long. Therefore, be careful to slow down, but just not too delicately: force on the pedal is very perceptible. get used to it, of course, can, but trouble on the slippery road very likely.

Test drive PAZ 672M

Well, the funny thing here — This vacuum pen drive Doors. At each stop, you must admit and release passengers, and do it, as it turned out, quite simply.

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Open the doors to passengers on the PAZ-672 difficult, you open the Higgs boson. There, despite the fact that the Large Hadron Collider have helped, and in the groove of the driver can count only on themselves. #testdrayv # PAZ bus #

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Sometimes, this handle here transferred — painfully unsuccessful then it is worth.

At PAZ far not a bad review. Passenger car can hide from the bus driver just right in front of the front right corner. But the size felt just, and power steering helps to spin on small "patch", although the maximum angle of rotation of the front wheel could be more. Well, of course fluency does not go: it's all the same almost GAZ-53, and it is impossible to be soft constructively.

Test drive PAZ 672M

for sure, entirely possible that the bus can be deployed on a country road. They it is more appropriate, than asphalt and the more — highway. In addition, he has in the asset has excellent maintainability, which allowed "keyway" serve faithfully for many years,. true, their frequent maintenance "for slaughter" has made the once very popular bus (only 672M of their modification was released more than 90 thousand, and in all versions together — practically 300 thousand pieces) a rare and exciting machine.

During his long life (the last bus on the basis of 672, BakAZ-3219, It was released in Baku 1993 year) this machine was replaced 10's trades. She was with a tour bus, and mountain, and a mobile laboratory for examination of athletes, and refrigerator, and television hardware, and isothermal van, and even a hearse.

Test drive PAZ 672M

And let's be diligent: years old 40 ago that "Lasik" did not seem quite so terrible, as it seems today,. It's just we are spoiled, and "pazik" — aged.

We thank the company RetroBus, Fedor Chernousova and Leonid Onchukova for providing a test drive bus.

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