Test drive the Oka with two motors: in the front and in the back

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

I was driving on the M11 in Tver from Peter in the snow and in fact the night. Reasons for any thought had a lot of, but only one question hovered in the head: what for? Why was it necessary to build such Oka? In Tver, the issue, can say, I dropped by itself. From this distraught stools really undercooked soft spot! This is a horse, drunk a bottle of vodka palonoy! This Oca flies, how fucking mortar Baba Yaga, which is tucked pure enriched uranium. While there, where others simply do not doedut.


Madness of the brave ...

As you may have figured out, the main "chip" of the Oka hidden in her back ....

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What is the tuning of the Oka? Wheels from Samara, «prioromotor»… Well no, a kindergarten. If we are to climb with a hammer brought to perfection in design, only with harsh intentions. #VAZ Oka # tuning #

Publication of Kolosa.ru (@kolesaru) 6 January 2019 in 11:22 PST

At least some of the normal human (i.e, not jeepers) the question arises: why so? After all, there is a fully human way of tuning. for example, plug in "okurik" engine from the Priory and / or transmission of the Niva (to-be, the, that someone thinks of game, other good practices). The answer is simple: this — very easy way, which have long been paved. And right guys such roads do not walk, they are trying to come up with something of their own. Well, it is laudatory. Especially that the transmission of the Niva — thing is not so much languid, much too strong for the body of the Oka. It would have to be one hundred percent to profile, otherwise there is a risk to tie a knot. And such Oka outside will not be so similar to everyday Oka. Get some cramps, cramps and build just did not want to.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

Because Alexander Ivanov came up with this fascinating idea: Do not make the Oka with 2 motors and, of course, four-wheel drive? In August 2018 , the idea began to implement, in September we have already made the first visit. to be honest, impressive pace. On the other hand, how else could be, if unfortunate donor "okuriki" lashed out at once the whole mass of people, each of which on jeeps preparation eaten more than one dog (of course, liftovannuyu)? truth, the first studio work was completed on overcooking body: she moved to a different location, and the car was handed over to her, can say, technical Pope — Andrew Morkovkina. That's just it, and told, both from the usual Okie got to do extraordinary Okello (to-be, the name of this machine have changed, too!).

so, body digested. For what? Then, that should stand behind the power unit from another Oka. Specifically powerplant — motor, gearbox and clutch. Well, and excluding them — and drives. To do this, in the trunk of the Oka welded into the front of the body of the donor car. After that it was possible to set the second engine. Which the, true, first had to "otkapitalit" — he shamelessly ate butter. More than anything with motors did, they have remained the same 0.75-liter VAZ-11113 with 33 HP. in the interior of the twin cylinder block.

And now heading Unbelievable begins: each motor has its own equipment and even suspension Transmission. I.e, and ahead, and the back has one generator, one BATTERY (second battery stood behind the driver's seat), by independent cooling system, food and, by itself, ignition. And such schemes has its advantages.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

In 1-x, Each of the motors absolutely autonomous. You can run only the front and ride, as usual Oka. Can — only the rear, and then this machine can "bring down sideways" — drive comes back. Well, you can make the car hum of both motors and drive a four-wheel drive.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

In-2-x, everybody knows, that additional units take part of the motor power. And if all the equipment to "hang" on one engine, more or less reach the synchronous operation of two motors will be unrealistic (especially when they and so little power and volume).

Since such a tandem working?

Itself for itself

I confess, I'm more likely to motivate, how it all syncs. It turned, that way. generally no.

We have already resulted in, that each of the motors can be run separately, and even on each of them can be driven individually. It remains unclear, how working together two transmissions? Yes does not work! In the floor sticking two levers, and each of them allows you to select any transfer. «BUT» — autonomy. Clear, that driving this car will demand a certain dexterity, but to this we shall return.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

I would not be taken aback, if he saw at the feet of the two clutch pedal. But at least some idea of ​​the madness has its limits, so the pedal all the same one. truth, I had to abandon the regular rope drive and assemble hydraulic cylinders of VAZ "classics".

The accelerator pedal is too general, and this synchronization is completed.

The car turned out relatively small moves suspensions, and it is not very difficult to hang diagonally. Therefore, there has not been without mezhdukolesnyh locks. Rear differential just brewed, but standing in front of samoblok "Shaft-Racing" — steer with differential brewed it would be difficult. That was enough for quite harsh off-road.

The steering is left to staff. by the way, since the rear suspension — is nothing else as the front, it turned out kind of like a type MacPherson, but without managing rail, which is simply removed. Well, and thrust brewed. Basically, it can be done thruster (design allows a), but as long as your hands before it did not reach.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

Although some tuning Oki begins to install it on the wheels of the Zhiguli. Here, in addition to 13-inch wheels, there is also a lift to 12 cm (after all, car built for off-road). And so the wheels did not touch the arch, Castor had little change. Simple adjustment increment could base on 4 cm, moving both axes to 2 cm apart. Outside, this almost negligible, and that, this car — causing a very creative group of technicians, issued mainly just the same wheels. Two exhaust pipes, derived in rapids, see, not all, and the label "4x4" some take as a joke. And in vain.

There, where the infantry will not pass, not proberutsya and tankers

To test this car would be better in the mud, but she, despicable, not only frozen, but it was covered with snow. So Andrew povoz me in the fields and ravines. There, despite the fact that there would be a lot of snow and steep slopes. As we turned to our landfill, I was slightly disappointed: he was very exciting for Oka, and a tractor near I beheld. Well, in an extreme case, this machine weighs 760 kg, about 100 kg heavier than usual Okie, so we pushed.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

The interior will not outline — here almost all, like an old broken-down Oka. truth, panels, the right of the steering wheel, There are two additional switch: ignition and starter button for the rear engine. Well, the most tsimes — two levers KP. One — at a permanent site, other — bit shifted back. How they work? There are three options.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

1-th — go, as usual Oka. You can not even start the rear engine. In this case, the car goes virtually the same, both laden serial Oka. nothing exciting.

The second option — Rear engine start, and front drown. Or just leave it in neutral gear box. Then Oka rides like ... Well,, something like Zhiguli "classic" — not so fast, but the snow turns possible podriftit.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

3-third option — the most ineresting. Run both motors, Depress the clutch, includes a first transmission on a first box, later we turn to the second, then release the clutch. And now, under our small tractor, which the, but, He likes to drive at high speeds. obviously, to go to any other transfer, operation with both transfer arms 2-PPC will repeat. And it must be done quickly, so as not to lose speed.

If the four-wheel drive is not needed, just turn it off — switched one of the boxes in the neutral. what specific — depends on mood. but I will note, that steep climbs rear-wheel drive turned out to be markedly more effective than the front.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

Deep snow on car rides very confident! Generally, ordinary front-wheel Oka there, too, feels good — It helps low weight, but Ocellus, naturally, It is much more. Still, it is not only all-wheel drive, but is above, and the diameter of the wheels has more. According to the Andrei, in the mud, she is not inferior to not only crossovers, but a real SUV. In addition, it has an additional championship: its track misses the track more languid and large machines. So many SUVs look at Okello, as bald from Brazzers in his half-hour commercials: Yes OK, It can not be! For myself sad, but… can.

Specific words deserves a sound machine.

Look at this publication in Instagram

This Oka with 2 motors going there, Okushko where others do not even stick. But the main — sound 2-0.75-liter engines. Free bomb) ## # testdrayv VAZ Oka

Publication of Kolosa.ru (@kolesaru) 9 January 2019 in 11:00 PST

Outside, naturally, sounds funny, but if you sit inside, rear motor sound can be heard very well. That at least proves, that VAZ some Shumka all there is. Although, can, it is only the engine shield.

And both engines in general awakens little Okello, but wild little animal. Still 1,5 l — is not 0,75, and the power turns out good for so little weight. On the route it generally flies to 150 kmh. Further — fearfully.

What's Next?

Of course, such projects in one place is not worth. They constantly "dopilivat", I am trying to achieve perfection. So what to expect from Okello?

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

Already on the day of our test drive car was on the winch installation. Well, It's clear: jeep without "swans" — it is some nonsense.

The plans have a more notable change. Firstly, Andrew thinks about installing onboard redkutorov. Yes, this is a good way to get "ponizhaykoy" — not to put the same here also a transfer case with a low near!

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

In-2-x, a rear axle, probably, also have to put samoblok. If you put a differential brewed evil rubber, have the ability to suffer drives, so it will not interfere samoblok.

B-3, at Oka there is one drawback — slight "growth". There, UAZ which can climb wading, Oka just buried. There is an exit. This ... buoyancy! Foam in all possible cavities and sealed the boat from the middle part of the body, by Andrei views, Okello help sail. At least there, where a car can go the highest. And especially there, where they do not have the opportunity to go too.

Test drive the Oka with 2 motors: in the front and in the back

May be, have little to alter the stern: Rear engine radiator stands behind the motor, oncoming air is not cooled and, may be, would be effective in the heat is not enough. While air flow there through a small slot, and this is now missing. But in the summer — view.

AND, finally, last thing. At Okello has a chance all the same to replace two of its motor of the motor from on Priory. And then it becomes not just floating and off-road, but also fiendishly frisky. The greatest king in the world-Oka. And all the other Oka, who have not yet had time to rot, she will be jealous.

Thank tehcentr «Max-Motor», company 4h4Sport, Andrew personally Morkovkina and Alexander Ivanov for providing a test drive car.

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