Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

The idea to make a convertible out of a simple mass model is not new, but in the middle of the two thousandth she was overcome almost automakers of the world. French people, of course, encouraging entered in brawl - not for nothing that the phrase "the main thing to get involved in the fight, and there come what may "love to ascribe to Napoleon. One of the instigators of the fight purse shy, but lusting original purchaser was Renault Megane CC second generation.



The very emergence of the second light Megane caused a stir in the middle class. In place of the feminine, round lines predecessor came to the brink of bold style is not amenable to systematize Renault Avantime. Attack on customers and competitors was ruthless. First, the French once all nontrivial 3-door hatchback, а потом, dimmed the passion more restrained sedan and station wagon, ventured to issue a convertible hardtop.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC
Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

Faceted design successfully fit into the aesthetics of the two-door body. Duplex studio Karmann roof design does not look like an alien. Due to the high, rising towards the stern strip podokonnoj, feed and trunk — the most controversial elements of this kind of body — look harmoniously. Thus, regardless of the position of the roof.


Interior convertible, by itself, repeats this in other Megane. This means accurate assembly and wealth soft "rubberized" plastic with a pleasant texture. But thanks to the variety of red skin such details begin to notice not earlier than 10 minutes. Reception is not new, but it always works, especially if you do not skimp on the decor. The French were generous and camouflaged red seat, doors, plus steering lever and handbrake box.

The seats are padded and unobtrusive lateral support set a relaxed mood. later, in motion understand, that the decision was correct - there was no need to put here buckets from Megan RS. truth, even in their absence, and the availability of back sofa convertible is ready to accommodate no more than three people: sit behind the driver even average height prevents the almost complete lack of legroom.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

In move

I insert in the slot across the bottom of the central console proprietary card renoshnuyu, squeeze myagenko, long-stroke clutch pedal and press on the large button «Start». Fifteen years back the French alone this technique to fascinate many buyers. Of the variety of motors black Megan went to a two-liter "Quartet» F4R. Known to many by Duster engine develops here 135 HP. and 191 nm.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

He has to work together with a six-speed mechanics - and, do you know, all have such a partner. roll lever, that is located on a rational distance from the steering wheel — a pleasure. The actuator is configured perfectly, move a minimum, transfer switch simply and clearly. the, what do you need, To maintain a toned French motor, loving the average turnover. truth, in any case, the speaker is only satisfactory — within ten seconds during acceleration to weave. Always late French subjects offered a convertible with two-liter turbo engine. But, unfortunately, in the case of open Megane is not the only power.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

Lack of rigidity of the body - the bane of many congenital convertibles, and only in particular those, that share a platform with mass models. Megan, which is already not called a model of control, This ailment struck not joke. Forget about the meeting, responsiveness and unambiguous response — no matter what the command is executed only after a two-second thoughts. Steering convertible listened enthusiastically waiter, knows exactly, that from the customer tips he can not see. The slopes in the turns better cooled the ardor of ice shower.

Renault Megane II CC
consumption 100 km

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
13 9 11

But the smoothness is good. Подвеска — As with other relatives: conventional McPherson front, curl back support. Small pits and bumps it digests, without choking. Obstacles larger practiced more clearly, but to outright discomfort still far away. truth, should lay down the roof — and a convertible, even without a windscreen obmyslennoy pleasing interior aerodynamics, convulsive shudders over when meeting with each pit. But the stately drive up to the restaurant on the pavement strength he has enough. In anticipation of a charming companion, catching himself bewildered eyes ("Renault does convertibles?»), you can indulge in thoughts about imperfection and the lure of universal things.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

purchase history

After a few years away by Alexander realized crossovers, he wants only convertible. Sold Honda CR-V, He singled out the purchase of not more than 500 000 rubles. The main aspects were the presence of a rigid roof and low maintenance costs. The last parameter canceling options like Mercedes Benz SLK. A choice of mid-size cars were convertible Volkswagen Eos, Peugeot 307, Ford Focus, Opel Astra и Renault Megane. At last, Alexander decided the brakes.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

Throughout the Russian Federation in the sale was found only three of similar cars. Unfortunately, a copy of the native of St. Petersburg is not amused. The general condition was at C grade, and complete absent want leather interior. But the model is already firmly lodged in the display when you select.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

As a result, it was decided to go to the Arkhangelsk region in Kotlas, which remained second in the list of convertible. The trip was full of adventure already though, if only because, that Alexander was getting to the point of using the online services joint visits with 2 transfers - and all because of, trains and planes do not come by date. But it was worth it. clean, manicured convertible 2005 with the release of relatives in the city 170 000 km Alexander waited in a warm room. The cost has been agreed with the seller in advance, because after a couple of hours Megane drove the new home owner.


Immediately after Megane winter went to TO. Additionally the oil in the engine and gearbox, filters (oil, air, salon) and the candles have been replaced steering rack complete with tips and lower motor support. After revision suspension under substitution headed front levers front suspension assembly with ball bearings, pillow block bearings, seals drives, rack and stabilizer bushings, rear springs and bushings rear beam. Later it was modified wheel bearings and brake discs with pads in a circle. costs, true, see, that most of the details are bought and changed solely for the prevention of.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

Never painted body has sought to restore the LPC. At first Alexander thought to limit the pair of painting, polishing and spot repair several dents malehankih. But since the total cost of all of the above did not differ from the price of a complete repainting, it was decided to paint the body completely. Color, Alexander decided to leave the factory, making further processing clay coating.

Due to the stone, unsuccessfully emitted from under the wheels of a passing car, I had to change the rear window shattered. Since the delivery of unique parts is about one and a half months, Alexander had the courage to make the glass-made. Unfortunately, the result is unsatisfactory: Glaziers original form again failed, heating absent, but because of incorrect measurements made glass had to be customized for site. Better course, than to go to a sealed polyethylene clearance, but in the end still I was actually just ordered for the original 25 000 rubles.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

As a preventive measure carried out cleaning nozzles and throttle. Since the timing belt on Megan never changed, and already I began to whistle one of the rollers, Timing how sdela served. He was also replaced by the crankshaft pulley in conjunction with seals, drive belt, water pump and the fuel pump motor. Because of the loud noise during operation have to get a new interior heater motor. Later, a roof was made: Change the oil in the hydraulic pump, Lubricate all hinges and moving parts of the mechanism, Clean and lubricate all seals and gum, make cleaning gutters.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC


Less than a year of ownership Alexander increment run on Megane 10 000 km. Convertible without problems used in everyday operation and never ceases to please totally budgetary cost of service. for example, bulkhead suspension and brakes substitution cost approximately 40 000 rubles.


THEN with substitution of the engine oil (ELF EVOLUTION 900 SXR 5W30) and filters - every 8 000 km
Fuel consumption in urban - 13 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway - 9 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - 11 L / 100 km
Fuel - AI-95


Some of the plans, you can guess at the sight of the photograph: you need to rebuild the cabin, which require attention rubbed plastic and worn leather steering wheel and driver's seat. Alexander knows it, so this work - the first in the queue.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

model history

Coupe-cabriolet based on the second generation Renault Megane appeared in 2003 year. The model has received a folding roof design studio Karmann. In gasoline engines list number "four" volume 1,6 and 2,0 l. Last turboversii in power 163 HP. clocked convertible to 100 km / h 8,7 seconds. Diesel palette consisted of motors 1,5 (106 hp), 1,9 (110-130 hp) and 2,0 (150 hp). Transmissions - five- and six-speed mechanics and four-Machine.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

Renault Megane CC '2003-06

Having gone through a restyling in 2006 year, Megan CC left the assembly line in 2010 year.

Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC Test drive a convertible Renault Megane II CC

Renault Megane CC '2006-10

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