Test drive GAZ-2304 “Burlak”

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

As in the life of any person there are ups and downs, and the fate of the automobile are as years of prosperity, and decay time. But if the spirit of man weak at the moment of crisis hung or goes to panel, the car manufacturers are trying to build something strange, but promising. GAS, eg, I built a model of "Burlak".


What you nafig… pickup?

Yes, there was a time ... on the Volga went only decent uncle, inhabitants of the Caucasian republics, and taxi drivers, I sang Shevchuk, boys majors. And then poured into the country foreign cars. And people have learned, that huge premium cars can be silent, in them may be even air conditioning, and they do not always come with oil.

But the Volga became a cheap. Used GAZ-24 and GAZ-2410 were worth in the early '90s is not so much, and the new GAZ-31029 on the background of the "seven" BMW in the back of E32 and Mercedes W124 seemed fully accessible. But not prestigious. And the other trump cards of these machines were practically no: "Cool" they looked only at the background Moskvich-2140 and VAZ-2106.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

GAZ-24-10 «Volga» ‘1986–92

demand fell, passenger flow assembly started idle. Then guide the then SA «GAS» It decided to upload it latest products — Utility Vehicles new series.

The fastest, incomplete loading conveyor has played a role in the development of the overall concept car. anticipated, that it should be enough to unify with cars, to start its production in a passenger conveyor has become very easy and cheap.

1-s attempts to build such a pick-up taken in 1992 year. Outside, the car was very similar to the "Burlak", but in fact he was only just recycled "Volga" GAZ-31029, differing only in the presence of the body instead of the rear seats and the boot. Chassis, base in 2 800 mm — it was all exactly the same, like ordinary car. apparently, this experience is recognized bad — otherwise explain that, that from that option immediately rejected, and for the design took seriously. And 1994 , the light appeared the first real "Boatmen".

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

GAZ-2304 «Burlak» Experienced '1993-94

2-attempts to get more successful. truth, outside is too big ears sticking out of "Volga" — but if something went well, why change it?

And if read seriously, the GAZ-2304 (an index gained new model) similar to "barge" is far from all sides. And the real shock may cause the frame of the car. She's here, "integrated", and if in Russian — welded to the cab longitudinal members, which is half of GAZ-31029. This tubular frame out of a very massive, although the calculated load capacity of the machine is not much — 700 kg. But strength in store, as it seems, there is: at GAZ have always known, what monsters there are in the midst of their customers. Well, if "barzhevody" in a moment of spiritual haze in conventional Volga could shove 600 kg, then load the "Burlak" ton — sacred thing.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

By itself, rear suspension, too, must have been the latest. There are some differences from the GAZ-31029 are visible to the naked eye.

Look at this publication in Instagram

If the front «Burlak» and the GAZ-31029 — one person, that they stand out from the bottom. Well, at least the rear. #GAZ truck # # Burlak

Publication of Kolosa.ru (@kolesaru) 18 January 2019 in 12:02 PST

But the front suspension went from an ordinary truck Volga. As the motor, Transmission, grip and rear axle. by the way, base of this machine is more than, than the 31029, on 30 cm and achieves 3,1 m.

Electrician also differs only in the back of "oblique", which could be slightly different depending on add-ons. A lot of add-ons intended. In our case it is isothermal van, and could be more cargo van, combi van for eight people, and even pick-up with dump platform. In addition, We are considering the possibility of building on the basis of "Burlak" special vehicles for the police and emergency assistance. I can not say anything about the tipper platform (it is entirely possible, that such modifications do not have general), but the other add-ons done on the GAZ, without resorting to foreign companies.

If you look closely to the car, it becomes a natural, that the Volga then ends just behind the doors. At the plant were not too lazy to make new molds for the sidewall, standing on the site of the central rack of the car, and a rear wall of the cab. These parts are made exclusively for the "Burlak", and on the other they are not cars GAZ. As small triangles mirror bracket. Mirror here from the Gazelle, but the attachment — the original.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак" Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

Another difference cabins "Burlak" and 31029 noticeable on the roof. In "Burlak" have regular openings with bolts, which are mounted slight fairing, and behind him — trunk. We no fairing and luggage compartment, but on the web to find a picture of the machine with them can be. Especially, that photo "Burlak" there is not so much, in principle,.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

Sides are two worthy of attention the details. first — Stamping with slits for ventilation of the cockpit. agree, such "graters" is not on the other Volgas. And the second — horizontal vyshtampovka. It is not as visible in the isothermal van, but the on-board "Burlak" this line continued vyshtampovka on a cargo body. So that attention to detail was all the same, do not immediately make waves on the Volga!

From here and the Gazelle gas tank. He stands behind the cab, and our car is perfectly visible. In fact, it should cover the tool boxes under the wagon, but they did not survive.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

Well if we are talking about safety, say a few words about, why "Burlak" looks a bit shabby .... to be honest, there is nothing to explain: it is still virtually Volga, and in another way it is 22 , the look can not.

Look at this publication in Instagram

Only lazy people do not scolded GAS for the love of their products quickly and unconditionally zarzhavevat. «Burlak» — not an exception. Modern Gaza do not zarzhavevayut. But it is not exactly. #GAZ truck #

Publication of Kolosa.ru (@kolesaru) 17 January 2019 in 8:01 PST

In general the fate of our specimen strange. this machine 1996 of release Leonid bought from the factory. In this case, as in the series it did not go, documents it was not. Potochnee, there was no PTS, but it was a set of documents on the body and the motor (more precisely, Help-account). But then, in 2004 year, out was pretty simple: It was bought decommissioned Volga GAZ-24-17 (cab with the engine, running on LPG), which were "changed" the most body and the motor. And the car came to legalize, And according to the rules of the time — completely legal.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

A year later, "Burlak" was sold to the merchant, who drove him in the tail and mane. Hard to say, exactly how many car passed, but at reasonable estimates — more than one hundred thousand. AT 2012 , the car stopped, and 2013 , Leonid bought it back. Not even bought, and traded on the trailer for the car. In "Burlak" still has a future — it will recover, but while it itself, some have.

so, as I read, the engine then the same, as on 31029 — ZMZ-402. It is recognizable to all "volgolyubam" four-cylinder unit volume 2,445 l, developmental 100 HP. A fascinating feature — GON stamp on the vacuum amplifier. No, this car nobody hijacked from the garage of the Special Purpose, whose name can not be called. Just as in the Gaza while we marked some details on prototypes.

Well, but otherwise — ryadovaya Volga. This is especially noticeable in.

"Burlak" in harness

If you do not turn my head and look straight ahead, then you can only see the 29th Volga. Panel, controls — everything, as ordinary "barge". Here are just mirrors more here. Regardless of, What stands behind the superstructure, in the rear wall of the cab there is a window. We through it litsezreem only insulated booth, so our car is the use of it does not have. Well, will be as true truck drivers to be guided only by the side mirror.

Sound 402nd motor pigeons hearing any fan of old school. Yes, it does not work very quietly, but very smoothly. And his muttering all the pleasant buzz of modern internal combustion polutoralitrovyh misunderstandings.

And that's what always amused Volga, so it's a pedal assembly and the clarity of the KP. At the foot of a lot of places, and feet in the shoes of the 45th size pedals are not confused. Depress the clutch, includes first and ... popyorli! Yes, to ride on the machine hard. It is necessary to shove.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

In addition to confess, that the normal test drive did not work: In St. Petersburg, as luck, threw snow, and our car is shod with summer tires, besides "bald". And if in a straight line even though would somehow you can go, in any rotation of the heavy rear-drive car strove to turn backwards. Faces with the images on the dashboard looked at this involuntary drift very sadly and disapprovingly, so the gas pedal had to work neatly.

What distinguishes this car — so it is very myagenkaya suspension. "Burlak" floats over the road, and realize, what there is coverage under the wheels, hard. Everything seems to be smooth, and only light buildup of body states that, that some relief under the wheels have.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

Thin side rails and large enough mirrors make even better overview, than many modern cars. And great, that is visible from the driver's seat hood edge: "Mug" in the Volga still long. And enhanced database also complicates maneuvering in cramped criteria. Volga and so is not characterized by the ability to spin on a dime, and when it is longer at the base 30 cm, and it is quite clumsy. Not to be unfounded, I give an example. Eight-wheelbase minivan GAZ-3221 — 2 900 mm. And this is as much 20 see less, something in the "Burlaka"! Despite the fact that, sure, It has long base has its advantages. for example, "Burlak" goes well in a straight line. If you get it to disperse.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

As I read, check out some features of the behavior of vehicles on the road would not let the weather. But even in the snow was a natural, do not differ in brake efficiency. And they work as something incomprehensible: like, you push on the pedal, the machine slows down, but not quite clear, from what: whether working brakes, or just somewhere alone for himself lost kinetic energy. And I have great doubts about the effectiveness of the brakes on a car laden.

Tyazhkaya Shreds "Burlaka"

GAZ-2304 did not become a mass-produced cars, despite the fact that plans for him were great: the installation of more modern engine ZMZ-406 150 hp, and another diesel engine and all-wheel drive transmission. Release planned in a relatively huge by the standards of that time, circulation. President of JSC «GAS» Nikolai Pugin in 1994 was read, that the number of all issued Volga in 1995 year (and "Burlak", which was supposed to be a passenger conveyor, It belongs to the "Volga") should make 150 thousand copies, of which 110 thousand — it is actually the Volga, but 40 thousand cars — "Boatmen".

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

But in 1996, GAZ-2304 and remained prototypes, which dragged on all kinds of exhibitions in hopes to intrigue potential buyers. In general, interest in the car was, but ... But the introduction of the frame and did not allow a start to establish the production of a passenger conveyor. Yes, and politics itself is changed plant: there continued to gather in three shifts GAZ-31029, and commercial success Gazelle rescued all desire to engage in "Burlak".

Yet this topic is "stalled" not immediately. There is another very similar machine — 17310 'Trophy'. truth, GAZ plant itself to them my hand is not very: these machines are built CJSC "Hydraulic Plant" in Kimovsk Tula region. According base was GAZ 3110, sometimes — 3102. truth, these machines are markedly different from the "Burlak", they were not the only other cab, but the frame. But they have become fully serial and even almost popular: at one time they were made of 20 Pieces per Month. But "Boatmen" just did no more 30.

Тест-драйв ГАЗ-2304 "Бурлак"

Generally, "Trophy" — that's another story. which, true, also I have long ended: last "Trophy" was born in 2006 year.

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