Test drive Lexus LS 460

Test drive Lexus LS 460

They are aging rapidly, rapidly losing value and lose their relevance when the minutest restyling. At the age of ten, their cost is comparable to the price of a new hatchback of a golf class at constantly high repair costs and taxes. But fans of the premium, even second freshness, Comfort does not stop the little things, and slanting eyes of the owners of front-drive crossovers. What is it - live with the Lexus LS 460?



As the head of all Lexus and the commander of the Japanese premium, LS has always been subjected to severe criticism. The main pain points were the lack of historical heritage and secondary design. And if the first could not do anything, from the largely imaginary comparisons of your pet with Mercedes the Japanese fought back as best they could.

Test drive Lexus LS 460 Test drive Lexus LS 460

To an external view of the fourth generation, Taken with minimal changes from the concept LF-Sh (Lexus Future-Sedan hybrid), critics to approach difficult. flag officer, no longer connected defamed him similar ties with Toyota Celsior, full of self-pros. conservatism lines, perhaps, even excessive - it looks clings except for parallelograms pipes of the exhaust system. On the other hand, solidity to the point of arrogance for the executive car has never been a serious disadvantage.

Test drive Lexus LS 460


Inside, clearly felt the link between generations. Classic interior design with a central screen, framed with silver buttons and the same electrical toyotovskie a watch — it was all in the past LS. But the style became subtler. The design of the front panel is now common with the pattern of the grille. Slightly less wood, even better skin, but the build quality is excellent. Interior of this particular car asks lung deteylinga, but is silent as a partisan - creaking plastic in motion will not wait.

The driver with a passenger separated by a powerful central tunnel and in the arms mleyut gently locking the front seats. The situation has. Each drawer is equipped with a lifter, at the door closers, for high-quality music meets Mark Levinson - not personally, but carefully. On the second row, despite the short base — Barsky space, but ventilation and massage still not put on the rank - LS 600h is not yet.

Test drive Lexus LS 460 Test drive Lexus LS 460

In move

The lack of any particularly notable options for rear passengers — a good reason to evaluate the Japanese flagship in terms of driving pleasure. Predecessor, despite the nimble acceleration, remembered primarily softness habits, discourages anywhere hurry. И вот — deja vu. Despite increased to 380 HP. (specific instance of even more powerful, Details are below) power, by pressing the right pedal to the floor, even — still the same juicy pause. God forbid distract rear passengers from the principal affairs.

Test drive Lexus LS 460

massive acceleration, while Lexus is still the most courteous. The speedometer needle on the dial runs with agility sportkarovskim (less 6 seconds even on the passport), but the body is pressed into the seat barely, and the contact of the head with the headrest is no hint. still dutifully, nobly, if not for the low rumble of aspirated, unwinds in a comfortable mode to box 6 500 rev / min. PWR button moves the bar up 7 000 rev / min, exacerbating responses 8-speed automatic, which in the normal mode is difficult to make a complaint - even though at the time it was the debut of the world's first.

On the move LS 460 a bit harder precursor, and then only so, that the 430-th in the comfort mode pnemopodveski lived in his own world, his own eternal ideal road. 4-th LS regardless of the setting firmer, but impartially to Ride can be no claims. As well as to sound- and vibration - in this discipline Lexus than he can teach there, where many still studying.

Lexus LS 460
consumption 100 km

EU urban, l Consumption on the highway, l Consumption in combined cycle, l
19 12 16

A "number four" is far from its parent for a couple of light-years here on the LS control - thanks to advanced electronics. abbreviations AVS, VGRS, ECB struggling with slopes, change gear ratio steering and promote dotormazhivat car - not at the expense of their own importance of sound, and adaptive suspension by, Reiki variable from 3,6 to 2,5 speed gear ratio and the electric braking control, respectively. Overclocking "the floor" on a wet road before 50-60 kmh, now and then I see a glimmer of alarm traction control. Electronics operates smoothly and delicately, preventing failures in the dispersal. This is one example of the work of the integrated dynamic management system (vDicç), which itself can be dosed traction and distribute the braking force between the wheels.

Test drive Lexus LS 460

But even if you have not built up memories, that active stabilizers, shock absorbers with variable stiffness and intelligent brake Lexus turned into a kind of AMG. Brake grip and precise, but without malice sports. Despite the lively responses steering, LS tightly controlled, not recklessly. Roll in corners small, but the desire prohvatit more time does not appear. Risk, zakladыvaya is expressed, lose one's head, how of Audi S8, minimized. The main thing here - the, that everything else in the LS to the maximum and it usually does not require additional payments.

purchase history

Trains few years to Toyota Altezza, Alexander realized, that close and harsh sportsedan not good enough to be the family car. Search reasonable candidates began with the "Germans": Mercedes E-class W212, Audi A6 C6 and A5 Sportback teasers design. Unfortunately, instances with massive V6 and in a normal configuration for the cost within one million rubles distressed state.

Test drive Lexus LS 460 Test drive Lexus LS 460

There can be very useful to look cropped offer Lexus LS 460. Japanese car owner sold it is not particularly active - faster, just studied demand. Meanwhile, the specimen was curious: 2007 year of issue, purchased from an authorized dealer, three owner, home run in 139 000 km and one more thing ... Dynamics, equipment and reasonableness in the details of the Japanese flagship battled Alexander, and he could not resist. the purchase price was 1 100 000 rubles.


"One more thing" in this particular instance - is, that the engine had gone through a major overhaul, and the actual engine run at the time of purchase was approximately 45 000 kilometers. The previous owner of the car has got a disassembled engine, lying in the trunk. Unfortunately, after assembly of the native engine worked unstable. Electronics errors, including nozzles, managed to defeat, but to clarify the nature of the metal sound, appearing on the speed 10 to 50 kmh, It never happened. As a result, the engine was again disassembled and passed major repair, upgrade, using parts from other V8 Lexus. Block taken from five-liter 2UR-GSE with broken Lexus IS-F of Japan, the piston and the cylinder head — by 2UR-FSE with hybrid LS 600h, Suspended equipment left their. rated capacity — 420 HP.

Test drive Lexus LS 460

When faulty electric power steering, It was made repair steering rack. The bulkhead has cost 90 000 rubles, which is much cheaper than buying even old parts. In the preventive purposes were served by air suspension.

Test drive Lexus LS 460

Thus Alexander, LS got in already completely tidy (Though formally ukolhozhennom) a position to. But it was where to put his hands. He began by painting the hood and front bumper, covered with chipped. It was also renovated the left front arch. Judging by the amount of rust inside and outside the filler, its poorly returned more first owner (либо, more possible, his driver). As a result of the parts had to digest, and a high-quality anticorrosive was held before painting.


During his tenure, Alexander will increase the mileage LS 460 to 146 000 km. About tom, he chose twelve Lexus more freshest German business-class sedans, He does not regret. Well, to the transport tax prefers philosophically.


THEN with substitution of the engine oil (Toyota 5W30) and filters — every 7000 km
Fuel consumption in urban - 19 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway - 12 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - 16 L / 100 km
Fuel - AI-95


Big plans for the future, two: obligatory and probable. The first - a high-quality exterior and interior deteyling, and the second - a body kit from Wald.

Test drive Lexus LS 460

FOREST Lexus LS 460

model history

The beginning of the history of the fourth-generation flagship Lexus put the concept LF-Sh (Lexus Future-Sedan hybrid), submitted 2005 year at the Tokyo Motor Show. The serial version of the car appeared in the 2006 year. The buyer was free to choose a standard or long-wheelbase version in the state with rear- or all-wheel drive.

Test drive Lexus LS 460

Lexus LS '2006-17

Expand the list of motors. The base was considered a variant of LS 460 with a V8 4,6 l (360-380 hp) and an eight-gun. 445-horsepower flagship LS 600h hybrid was, who combined petrol V8 5,0 (394 hp) and an electric motor (165 кВт). box here, Unlike LS 460, It was infinitely, drive - only complete.

Test drive Lexus LS 460

Lexus LS '2006-17

Having survived two restyling in 2009 and 2012 year, 4-th LS lasted up to conveyor 2017 of the year.

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