The first test drive of the new Mazda6

1-the first test drive of the new Mazda6

Radical and the last restyling in the 3rd generation Mazda6, trying to compete with the German premium brands, He brings to the model and the new, and controversial. A detailed analysis on the background of a worthy competitor we will offer you a bit later, In the meantime - first impressions and judgments of the Far East after the test drive of the new Mazda6, curb 2.5-liter turbo.


Touting a test drive refreshed Mazda6, the press service of the Japanese brand has offered us an airport shuttle. It was a surprise: before that never was. Other companies indeed transported by journalists to the airport, giving the car its brand-taxi. Mazda have also always been a frail position in the corporate sales, The same "six" endlessly behind the Toyota Camry and Nissan Teana - regulars bureaucratic garages. The services Mazda carting me, again the, I never not met, and I was attractive: what car to send me.

As I waited, the appointed time I rushed to the driver not to Mazda, BMV on a ... 5 series. Along the way, the car punctured wheel and went for tire, and I got brand new SMS-ka: dozhydaytes Mercedes-Benz E-klasse. Interestingly! But another "German" is also something went wrong, and I still filed Bavarian "five", but not patched wheel, and the other.

As usual with taxi drivers, the car was in the "naked" complete, that usually causes bewilderment tradesman, and some and completely shock. Rag, inexpensive silver plastic and a small "krupnopikselny" screen is multimediyki, which hit hard the finger, does not tally with our man with the idea of ​​BMW. What pleasure behind the wheel - power seats Give! brushed aluminum! Precious wood and "Nappa" with Alcantara. Pull so positive! Well to do, if pulling our people to the beautiful…

Elegant hunting ...

Shortly speaking, idea to remind us, that there are "poor Germans" and "naked Germans" (skin bones - Fu!) quite logically from the current ideology of the Mazda lineup. "Six" the current generation, which took place the world premiere, By the way at the Metropolitan Motor Show 2012 year, his whole appearance showed, that the Japanese suddenly learned how to create quite a successful global product, which before left only the Germans. And since for many buyers design - it is the most important thing in the car, on the Mazda6 began to pay attention to people with pretensions to consistency, but without a corresponding financial basis for these claims. And so it would remain Mazda to a strong middle peasants, if at the end 2014 year not shied crisis.

It may seem weird, but "naked Germans" (both sexes) in our market - the vast majority of: около 80-95% depending on the size class. It is not our imagination - is Our long-term statistics for the complete set of sales. The buyers of these machines, usually, They have fallen victim to marketing: Only after the purchase they understand, what costs them a love for the brand. Shortly speaking, the whole fraternity, tasteful Beauty possession of famous brands, wrapped Mazda6 looks on, whose appearance and in fact primagnichivaet eyes are not worse than the German.

And it is not necessary to think, that somehow we make an issue of talent managers Mazda: direction in association with associated premium D models- and E-Class has long been taken Renault, Opel, Peugeot, but whence know this broad Russian clients, if he does not go around Europe! Specifically, the fact, that we have no eyes beheld not Renault Talisman, the new Opel Insignia and the Peugeot 508, and makes the Russian box office Mazda6!

The proportion of "upper" kitting Supreme Plus, Executive and Executive Plus is in the structure of sales of "six" was in 2018 year 35%. That's a lot, and really can mean, What do you want, who yesterday wanted to "bare the German" or "naked German woman", minds. In the absence of competition in the field of European values (Camry and Kia Optima - does not count) People just nothing to lean on, not counting as "six". And the people it leans, what, вобщем, It does not diminish its merit.

Where flying arrow?

To tell, that only a motor Mazda6 looks popularity remains in Russia, probably, it would be wrong, but, advantage of it - the key, so with him and start.

Look at this publication in Instagram

Finishing restyling before the change of generations: new reshotochka and not only…

Publication of (@kolesaru) 4 February 2019 in 8:24 PST

We will not discuss the design carefully, especially since it is not indisputable: Matrix false radiator grille suggests the idea of ​​a (albeit indirect) Borrowing from the same Mercedes, and sparkling inset in its present version does effect "konyunktivitnyh eye": designers clearly overdone in place between the grille and headlights. Anyway, visually weighted and deprived protivotumanok bumper indeed seem more solid, sorry for such an evaluation, the term. In all of this quite obvious, that on the scale of "six", this design has exhausted itself. Probably because management decided on such a radical configuration is the current iteration, the last before the change of generations.

And the brakes to the creators of "six" on the exterior! How to Alas, rider, He sat down on the horse and reached full communion with him, under the laws of the Japanese epos, degenerated today into a popular amusement, should shoot an arrow. This very moment the boom run called "yabusame". This fact is not only the pleasure of the driver of his car, it is also a process of improving the car designers and engineers. And in the case of a converted Mazda6 word "yabusame" takes on new connotations.

No, it does not, what are you thoughts, we meant the other one: familiar to every Russian the phrase "the best - the enemy of good". here, eg, what happened in the cabin.

Look at this publication in Instagram

Mazda6 refreshed interior has been updated only half: a lot of new, but the meaning of — lead

Publication of (@kolesaru) 4 February 2019 in 8:20 PST

Full inconsistency - and fired an arrow fly wide of the mark, and well, if not appreciative audience. clear, that artists have already started to look for the next generation of interior touches, clear and search direction, but w, whether it is possible to change the architecture of the central panel, not backed this newest element base? Our claim to the interior redone Mazda6 better inform and highlight on the background of the opponent, so wait for a comparative test drive with the role of the new Mazda6, we'll publish it in the near future.

Fluctuations separately from the party line

It is left in the interior of the case it would be unwise, because the Japanese have proposed new seats now very original ideology. The design of their established way, that the pelvic part of the motionless body of the driver, back is not a tight fit upper body, allowing fluctuations. The calculation was as follows: simulate fluctuations in the oscillations of the body of the upper body so, to create a driver familiar feeling when walking. Another goal — release the driver from all the vibrations and loads, transmitted to the car body from the road at all moving obstacles with any road profile.

Whether it happened? Yes, but only partially. There need clarification: our first test drive Mazda6 took place on the route Vladivostok - Nakhodka, further - back, but after the Big Stone. In Bolshennom Kamen based shipyard "Zvezda" — i.e, it is a relatively prosperous city, but the level of devastation and road conditions here characterizes the inscription on one of the houses: "Mother, Rodi me back!». Between said populated fr road mostly just such. Here, again, we will have to ask the reader to wait for future comparison test, which took place at the capital's roads: it turned, and that the behavior of the suspension, and the same chairs structurally differs depending on the quality of the asphalt.

Not to tell, to rest, does not give the driver a body wrap, forcing him to stay behind the wheel, though chat on bad roads it is well. Besides, despite the declared improve geometrical characteristics of the chair in the region S-shaped meander back, it seemed to me, that bend, sorry for the delights of speech, bent enough, and in addition, range lumbar adjustment frankly inadequate. Отмечу, that the growth of I - 176 cm, and even if I do not have enough, is tall will definitely be missed. This idea and confirmed by my colleague (около 190 cm), who replaced me in the driver's seat. Being somewhat more overweight, He hesitated for far less, but only due to their size: it just fits snugly to the back.

The story about the vibrational procedures would be incomplete without mention of the suspension. techno presentation, which we read Mitsuru Vakiye, Program Manager of Mazda, reported: "Optimized stiffness ratio of the front and rear springs". What does this mean? Mr. Vakiye said: suspension softer. suspecting, it can give the very large fluctuations, engineers increased the diameters of the shock absorbers, passing the hub mounting of the front and rear stabilizers manufactured rigid and "improved" chippers. In practice, it all turned into a fascinating softening effect, immediately revealed in full. The fact, that when I was driving, in the second row I have to sit two obese colleagues combined mass of more than 2 quintals, and the trunk was packed suitcases. With such a vibrant and rassredotachivanii duffel mass dampers with great difficulty coping with their "quenching" function, and the rear suspension is often pierced almost at every pothole, which, as I saw, Far abounded asphalt. At some point, war with galorki me fed up, and I decided to check myself, what is what.

I went back, and both my companion boarded ahead — i.e, we improved the seating arrangements. At a meeting with the irregularities of the machine's nose has become smaller bully, despite the fact that this effect was; wherein the vibration damping become better, but all the same not so fast, as we would like.

Silence and quiet

Meanwhile,, it should be noted and trivial achievements of engineers in upgrading "six". I very distinctly remember, how noisy was the first version to topical generation machines: sound enters the cabin from almost all the cracks, at higher speeds 100 km / h, even when driving on a bad road was difficult to talk: sifonilo, Fognini, Uhallo… Я, may be, some exaggerate, but it is very big contrast compared machine, I tested in the winter 2013 of the year, and the current version of the Mazda6.

sounds, coming to the salon, as before easily split into components: noise from rolling tires, suspension work, aerodynamic mirrors… But our conversation for three for more than 3 hours of the trip proceeded quite smoothly: vote no strained, words are not asked to repeat. This is a trivial victory, We put a bold plus, though marked "room to grow".

Unusual 2.5-liter turbo (PY series), which debuted on the CX-9, together with the restyling of the "six" has found a place under the hood of the flagship car. He gives his particular car not only on the part of speakers, but also on the part of the noise. As is the case with the ergonomics, illustrate them better in comparison with the technical level closest rival, but about something we mention. In 1-x, under intense acceleration turbocharged unit is noisy stronger, than "aspirated" of the same volume; in 2-x, its acceleration is not so very fast, partly, apparently, because, that the crankshaft spins dolgonko. B-3, on the part of the high-tech machine is not so cool. let us say, Engineers have managed single-flow turbine, overlooked which have found widespread construction of twin-scroll (at least, so we verify this Mitsuru Vakiye). Fourth, very expensive motor: for the version with him require 2 244 000.

1-the first test drive of the new Mazda6

The popularity of the overpressure version hard to judge — after all, and the price is higher, and not accustomed to our consumers more turbocharged Mazda in this sector. And suddenly this turbine (Mitsubishi proceedings, by the way) throw trick, and the owner will be nothing left, but to do "yabusame"? Data on the reliability of the unit, mazdovtsami taken into service - again the same in the near sravnilovke.

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