Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

At the turn of the 90s and the two thousandth all vying rushed to create "abolyutno unprecedented and unique" car class, combining cars and off-road properties - SUV. The Mercedes invented something RAMS, and then they started arguing with BMW for the right to call it M-class. BMW was slightly behind, but with might and main developed the future X5, along the way naming her sav (спорт activity vehicle). The Japanese took the front-wheel drive platform from their own Lexus ES 300, added a four-wheel drive with a center differential there and, I remember, how successful everything turned out with luxury LS 400, named their brainchild SLV - luxury vehicle sport. So he was born - Lexus RX 300.



Outside, one of the first-born premium crossover class does not pull on the revolutionary. Unlike the second generation GS, already having his own stylistic ambitions, the appearance of the RX is emphasized neutral, if not plain.

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

Rear optics in the style of the first IS - the only liberty, that allowed designer Makoto Oshima. Twenty years ago, family crossovers have not yet sought to defeat everyone with a brutal pseudo-sports look.


You don’t feel inside the sports spirit either: sound interior, hospitable, but absolutely measured. Landing is optimal no matter what, you are sitting in electrified front seats or on the back sofa with longitudinal adjustment.

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

And the inhabitants of the land of the rising sun managed to get the convenience of getting into the car: you just enter RX - no need to bend down, like in a sedan, or climb up, like an SUV.

Tasteful leather interior, thoughtful and comfortable. Pockets everywhere, shelves and niches plus a multifunctional sliding central boxing armrest. Designer refinements? Perhaps, The "minivan" center console with the selector of the machine taken upwards does not pull it, but the decision stuck - she moved on to the next generation RX.

In move

По традиции, pledged by its first models, Lexus made it easy for customers flour choice. Unlike Toyota Harrier’s own right-hand drive brother, what was available with inline “fours”, RX was only six-cylinder. Three-liter V6 with index 1MZ-FE, what is familiar to owners of the Lexus ES300 and Toyota Camry, develops completely decent 220 HP. In 1996, he was in the top 10 best engines in the world according to the magazine Ward, and at the beginning of the two thousandths in the USA he was “condemned” after a collective lawsuit by the owners, provoked by the thickening of the oil during operation. Yet the least, in general, the unit was not bad and withstood production until 2007 of the year.

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

V6 confidently pulls the crossover on the bottoms, but sharp accelerations at the highest speed - not his element. Not in a hurry and his partner: even after restyling, the RX did not manage to part with the four-speed automatic U140. Box slowly rummages through gears, that, together with the pensive gas pedal, which is traditional for old Lexus, immediately discourages rushing somewhere. Natural Vegetable RX, having time to leave 9 seconds when accelerating to 100 kmh, naturally, hard to name, but the word Sport from the abbreviation SLV in his case should be put in last place. And where did the Japanese when choosing the Japanese name Harrier come from associations with a winged predator ...

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

Impress a smooth ride RX ready, but only on their own terms. It spreads softly along cleared city roads, not noticing the tram tracks, compounds of asphalt and large pits. However, it is worth moving down to a country path with an endless small ripple of ice hillocks - and the body begins to tremble with a slight trembling, making you slow down. by the way, similar dual nature show many Lexus. Breed sign?

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

In the first sharp turn, it becomes clear, that the engine with the box is still set up "true": suspension finally removes questions about active driving. Trying to drive in the BMW X5 style is doomed to failure in advance, not only because of the incomprehensible steering effort for such exercises. If you overdo it with speed, then Lexus starts to frightenly tilt, mores to fall to the side.

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

Fuel consumption in the combined cycle

12 l 100 km

In the absence of sport, the RX presents a focus on the essentials. Lulls soft suspension, good sound insulation creates peace, and a decent clearance indulges pretense permissiveness. Don't forget, that the all-wheel drive in the RX is devoid of any off-road chips. Automatic center differential lock with viscous coupling - the only, which increases the traction capabilities of Lexus on slippery surfaces. More to him, generally, and not necessary - the apparent similarity of the transmission scheme with the Niva does not mean, that it should ride the same.

purchase history

Owning a second-generation Lexus GS, Maxim firmly hooked on Japanese premium. Therefore, when two years ago it became necessary to buy a car for the wife, the question of choosing a brand was not, and the first generation RX was the only option. A specific copy was purchased a couple of days after the announcement. Converted Crossover 2000 years of production in the Canadian specification attracted the original TCP with two owners and a small mileage for a car of this age in 240 000 km (o tom, how many 10 thousand could leave him, no one will say). After the bidding, the purchase price amounted to 315 000 rubles.


Diagnostics before the purchase revealed a contradictory picture. Everything in the chassis, not counting shock absorbers, was normal, but all the details of the suspension were covered with corrosion. This generally confirmed the story of the previous owner about a long ordinary car. Вдобавок, despite, that the bottom itself was in fair condition, the rear wings in the area of ​​the doors were practically absent. But there were no questions to the motor and gearbox - no smudges, no signs of impending troubles. Motor, by the way, was no longer native: the previous mistress of the crossover ignored the oil pressure drop indicator that appeared, resulting in damage to the cylinder head. In the classic "Japanese" style, there was no talk of repair about repair - the engine was simply replaced by a contract. Another conditional plus was the control rail, recently repaired and warranted.

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

When repairing the wings, one could limit oneself to patches - but such a repair is short-lived, therefore, rear wings from Toyota Harrier were ordered from Vladivostok. With them came springs with springs and all the rear levers about stock.

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

Apart from the “tinny” questions, minor electrical problems also occurred.. For example, when the driver’s door didn’t close with the key fob, the servo motor of the door lock has been replaced. Due to natural wear and tear, the air-conditioning damper boards of the air conditioning system became unusable: it did not go out correctly set the temperature, the climate rushed from one extreme to another - then in the heat, then in the cold. Maxim made repairs without the help of others - good, he had spare valves from the Lexus GS. Although they are recognized by the body, but they’re absolutely identical in guts.


RX is intensively operated in winter - in the warmer months, Maxim and his family usually move to the GS. Since the purchase, mileage has increased by 35 thousands of kilometers.


THEN with substitution of the engine oil (Wolf VitalTech 5W-40) and filters - every 10 000 km
Fuel consumption in urban - 14,5 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption on the highway - 10 L / 100 km
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - 12 L / 100 km
Fuel - AI-95


There are no technical troubles with a crossover right now, and only the salon asks for attention, where to restore front seats. But in the long run, Maxim plans to purchase a next-generation RX from V6 to 3,3 l.

model history

Presented in 1998 Lexus RX became the company's second all-wheel drive model and one of the founders of the premium SUV class. Crossover was only available with 3,0 V6 power 220 hp, and for the most part with all-wheel drive. Transmission - Four-Step Automatic. After restyling 2000 years, the crossover entered the European market.

The career of the first RX ended in 2003 year with a total circulation of 370 000 realized instances.

Test drive Lexus RX 300 I

Lexus LX 300

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