Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

I remember, in our technical colleges Zilovskoye, which gave the country not only half a minute 10 automotive journalists, but tolerable, and several editors, in one of the classrooms at the lift desks someone struck funny pictures. Among other things - "remote lecturer management" with positions: "Lecturer goes there", "Lecturer goes the wrong way", "Lecturer spinning on the spot". After a week of a comparative test with the Skoda Superb and converted Mazda6 I remembered these artistic Exercise: Superb, my mild taste, goes, but "not there", and the Japanese "six" - specifically, that turns on the spot, although its artistic image and headed for in the current generation of its peak.


In the past, the front-Skoda Superb with a 2.0-liter 220-hp motor from Audi (CHHB index) purchased 162 man, of which 119 choose, expected that, Ambition for the basic version 2,2 million rubles. Not a very popular version? Yes, and we took it in a comparative test just so, that even before the first Russian sled presentation restyling Mazda6 into our hands was the standard "six" with a 2.5-liter turbo engine, and Skoda at nominal featured was the first suitable machine for comparison. However, as it turned out, best sparring partner for the Mazda6 now and do not find in Russia.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Turbovannaya "six" with a new market for our appearance went on sale at the end of last year. The car immediately showed their capacity, leave no doubt, that in the first quarter of 2019 it will furnish a rival Czech version. It is unlikely that Skoda is very upset, because the Czech sedan to our country import, Margin him - the highest, and last place in the brand's sales structure is predetermined: all other Skoda, represented in Russia, we also collect and (certain rare modification, like Laurin&Klement, does not count).

In this case, questions like "why can collect Superb Kazakhstan, and we - can not "is not baseless, since our southern neighbor assembly goes on otvortochnomu cycle, that we somehow just unnecessarily - for his government no longer accrues benefits. But what about the Mazda6, that in the Far East, too, is going to "screwdriver"? Yes, right you are, but there the factory Mazda Sollers has benefited at all from the automotive assembly, although its deepening commitment from companies, too, have, and assembly of the engines, which will establish definitively only by June month.

In these 2-sedans in the Russian market quite accurately different ways-track. Skoda has always tried to present a very wide range of versions of Superba — breakwater, not bast soup slurp, one foot already in the premium. Mazda, in front of, not being able to compete with a member of the VW family latitude accomplishments, offers the least, which guarantees the highest interest of our buyer.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Three weeks back, I was driving on the restyled "six" on the route Vladivostok — Nakhodka Director Mazda Russian representative Andrei Glazkov Marketing. Andrew was sitting in the backseat and a half hours commented on the work of the rear axle (the road is not in Moscow!), Meanwhile, I asked, why the same Superba in Russia a version with all-wheel drive, and Mazda6, available in Europe with all the leading body in dvuhobomnom, we have not sold. The only argument of the head marketer - a specific attitude of Russians to diesels: Mazda6 4WD comes just with the engine on fuel languid. "Remember our failure with the diesel CX-5? Once again, we will not try to ".

What is right, that is true - sale of diesel CX-5 were tiny, less than half percent of the total sales volumes. Generally, and dizelok, despite the complexity of the design (height adjustment of the valve lift at the outlet shaft, piezo injectors) It did not give the expected profitability. Here is another question: and if necessary at the moment to do a D-class sedan, and even in carts designed with a transverse arrangement of the power unit, four-wheel drive?

Winter - driver, triumphing ...

Our benchmark fell for the most snow time this winter capital, so that both participants had the opportunity to answer this question. more clearly, I would even say, categorically, without oscillations and vibrations in the voice announced verdict Skoda: "Not, not needed".

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Admit, I do not remember such snow-covered roads of the capital, We were in the end of January — early February. Usually a lot of snow in the central narrow alleys and courtyards, and here, despite the painful efforts of public utilities, in the snow were all huge urban highways.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Authorities bezotstupno advised not to sit behind the wheel, but I sat in the Skoda and drove - at first slowly, then all the faster and more exciting, and then completely forgot, that under the wheels - a mosaic of tightly compacted snow and icy asphalt. Traction under the wheels of change at ten times per second, I maneuvered - in some places smooth, somewhere sharply, but with the course of the machine is not actually slid. Electronics, by itself, fire ceaselessly, especially system simulating differential lock brakes, but no clicks, rattle and a sharp strangling motor. Only in the latter case - with a strong "torsion" donut — the supply of traction on the wheels a bit weakened, but then returned to normal, set gas pedal.

And I wanted voskriknut: "To which the technology has come!». Admit, I do not remember, so that the machine middle segment electronics fire rescue, one side, so delicately and unobtrusively, with another — effectively. true, Despite the price of our test copy, the word "economical" comes to mind last.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Its share in the sum of memories invested accurate, but, to my taste, very lightweight wheel, grippy brakes sufficiently high sensitivity and suspension. At this pt focus more. With an active maneuvering resilient members warn strong body roll, together with a slight wheel first enters the driver, especially inexperienced, misleading: the illusion, that Superb - it is a small car vysokomanovrenny, who easily rebuilt, takes sharp turns, simultaneously accelerates and brakes. Not, it is not quite so, although the same powerful engine, that even in Comfort mode provides a terrific start, and on the road show strong ability to recruit speakers when moving from stationary mode, also plays into this illusion.

Though the Superb - it is not compact class, and relatively heavy, inertia car. To verify this, a ride on a "popular" version with Superba "peredutym" malokubaturnym TSI under the hood.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Actually, what this remark? К тому, that such playfulness machine turns solid fuel consumption: lively city driving, filled up with snow, will cost 17 L / 100 km and above, and a light wheel can so weaken the vigilance of the driver, that one beautiful moment that is simply not to catch the first loss of its electronics vigilance symptoms. On the other hand, such overkill with snow on the road - it's still an extreme situation. You just need to be quiet pressure on the gas and not angrily turn the wheel.

In limbo

Superba suspension though not rigid, but our connections feels uncomfortable - and the passengers of the car with her. With a dull "bumkanem" rebound overcome holes and single transverse obstacles. Generally, add comfort can again rate decrease. Meanwhile,, the question arises: Why does he pay? For confident driving on dry roads? Yes, Electronics Superba better than many sovladevaet with bad weather, but still for our test version requires nearly three million rubles, and it's not the most expensive equipment! May be, foolish to take Audi A4? There, at least the last, for "troshechku" and four-wheel drive, and powerful motor.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

As to the Mazda6, metamorphoses of its suspension in reystaylingovoy version we have carefully told in the first test drive, but he walked on dry and very bad roads between Vladivostok and Nakhodka - two obese passengers in the back seat groaned in my car, speed sighed and asked to subtract 90 km / h to 70 ... Prelyubopыtno, what would they say, I drove that route to Superb ...

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

In Moscow, "six" felt much better than, than native Far East, and demonstrating a higher smoothness, than when driving on asphalt Warped, and the best stability. Meanwhile,, namely Superbu, and not very well-Mazda manage the effect of "carpet-plane" — i.e, motionless body while driving, but the engineers are not yet able to combine it with a smooth working off passage of obstacles. Yes, Skoda - this is not a premium!

The main difference from the suspension Mazda6 Shkodovsky — presence of tangible first vertical oscillations when crossing an obstacle wheels 2. That it gives the feeling of swinging, amplitude. Not to say that it caused some discomfort special, if a point on the upper body is not bent - or the longitudinal axis, when the car is moving in a straight line, or across - in a turn. Generally, If we talk about the ideal suspension, it probably, it should be a bit softer, than the Superb, work connections, but do not allow the machine to make such variations, how Mazda. Interesting, that the "vibrational" feature appeared in the "Japs" is a restyling: her suspension for something made softer. It is not our imagination - the "softening" of the elastic parts we officially confirmed Mitsuru Vakiye, Program Manager of Mazda.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

With regard to the behavior on snow-covered ground, then there is "Japanese" inferior to its European classmate in the sense, that carry it starts very early, and electronics work is not so sterile, despite the fact that do not exceed the critical threshold. Anyway, "Mazdovskoe" chassis with the new "reworked" settings, which has gained a hefty dose of criticism from fellow journalists on the first test, It looks like busting product options, rather than as a way to mean a decision.

properly, installation of new springs, absorbers and stabilizers sleeves — This is not a cat sneeze. In this constructive shaking facelift does not usually accompany. Dont clear, what caused these changes, however constructive improvement suspension characteristics could not achieve the Japanese.

application of force

Both machines - automatic box with old-fashioned today, the number of stages - 6. At Skoda it is partly explained by the high-impact engine: it was his time (350 nm) can digest FD6D9011 DQ250 series (02Е) with 2 wet clutch. For smooth operation it is actually closer to the classic "fluid mechanics" — at least the last, some obvious inconvenience to the driver does not deliver.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Salon Skoda Superb

Another thing, I would like to - once we are talking about an expensive car such as the Superb — obtain despite the fact that the opportunity to fully manual operation. Here, even in the sports and nominally "manual" (M — Manual) mode electronics, just by holding turnover in the red zone, It resets the stage and does not give the "twist" the engine. This "protection durachiny" with nondisconnectable ESP — not seriously.

Generally, Japanese classic unit on Mazda along with the base gives only one sport mode, the choice of which is only slightly improved engine response to the movement of the gas pedal, and the transfer switch at some huge speed.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Mazda6 Saloon

The only situation, wherein Fluid Japanese looked preferably, all connected to the same snowfall. In one night we left the car in the parking lot, that night turned into virgin snow - not that that was not easy to get out of there, but at some point the situation seemed hopeless Superba: his "double-clutch" snapped his clutch, getting entangled between the first and second transmission. As a result of the snow captivity he tore the car our most experienced colleagues and concurrently dzhiper amateur Andrew Sudbin. But Mazda6 fully in peace, with minor slippage, even without turning off the ESP furrowed the entire site. And further: both the AKP can be "automatic" mode control petals. In Mazda they are great.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

And Skoda - wonderful!

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Skyactiv-2.5T engine has been "normal" degree of compression in 10,5, and not in 13,0, all "atmosfernik» Skyactiv, but more in the nature of it - from his relative in the near aspirated 2,5 l. Perhaps because, These motors are virtually unified in design? Overall, even at their "geometry", namely the diameter of the cylinder (89,0 mm), stroke (100 mm) and even the working volume - 2 488 cm3.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

Generally, a feeling, that Japanese engine difficult to untwist, with the reactions of the situation is not so dire, and the noise even at half throttle him much more, than from the Czech — excuse me, German — unit, already since the Middle crankshaft revolutions. true, specifically, "Japanese" showed, that part of the economy it is not just no way inferior to the "Germans", but on the contrary, surely surpasses it, while the denser stream, and the motion rhythm of a "ragged", the difference is tangible. Generally, at relatively moderate ride through the town average load experienced driver on both machines without difficulty out of 11 L / 100 km.

Comparative test-drive Mazda6 and Skoda Superb

What I mean? Against the background of its own competitor of the Mazda6 test on the sum of consumer properties seems not that far behind, but rather "not a modern". And from, that in comparison with other classmates — let us say, Toyota Camry — "Six" seems clear winner, Mazda should not be easier to managers of the Russian branch, because with Toyota, we gathered on a full cycle, "Six" can not compete on price. Moreover, updated interior "six" sometimes causes a slight bewilderment: with the restyling of an inch increased central screen, change the style and font style scales, and here all the harmony parted. tell me, Why white lighting of the speedometer made more "cool", than on the outer sections? And not in this case - you remember, that someday the last in a generation of restyled model was accompanied by such strong changes in technique? What for? Spinning on the spot?

so, dry residue… Our test unit Skoda Superb worth 2 863 900 rubles, Mazda6 - 2 374 100 rubles. It would seem that, the difference is big - half. but w, in parts - only one-sixth, thereabouts.

At the same time there is a strong enough Japanese car backlog on a number of options. Fold the rear seat backrest in the Mazda, you can only open the trunk and dornuv for a special cable - from the passenger compartment can not do it. Ski hatch Mazda in no (how to ride in the winter at the resort with passengers?). Heated steering wheel - single stage (and thanks for that), while in Superba — three-stage, and the seat cushion warms unevenly: somewhere fries, in some places more cold, while in Superba — ровно. About prostenkuyu yaponskuyu multymedyyku, once seemingly unique and bold, and now - its outmoded, and you should not read: this stranger from the past, especially when compared with the European system Superb.

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