Test drive Peugeot 406

Test drive Peugeot 406

To confess, cars from the PSA have tarnished Russia's reputation in terms of technology: Some still remember the "fears" gidropnevmatiki in Citroens, others hold the tooth in bad motors Prince late 00s, others add about Stealther torsion beam in the rear suspension, which costs a fortune. Generally, Peugeot elderly in the secondary market – frank unmarketable. The more fascinating to learn, how was 15 406 years of ownership the first model. All years in the same family, careful operation, standard version with petrol aspirated and mechanics ... Sounds firmly! And indeed, cost of ownership proved to be insignificant, although they were expensive and trouble.



The history of the automotive industry knows many examples of successful "product placement". Here and Ford Mustang in the film "A man and a woman" by Claude Lelouch, and numerous vehicles agent 007 in the immortal "bondiane" But ..., perhaps, specifically a full role, I played by Peugeot 406 in the global blockbuster "Taxi" by Luc Besson turned him from a good car into a cult model. A ride on the iconic car — it's the same pleasure, how to go to a good French film. Of course, for those, Who knows ...

In street flow Peugeot 406 not amazing designer delights and unusual forms. As a matter of fact, responsible for the kind of car designer Laurent Rossi basically refused to follow fashionable in the 90s trend biodesign and bet on traditional values ​​and continuity with more than popular 405-th model. As a result, and now, after 14 years after the September 1995 the Prime, the car does not look like a living fossil. Simply elegant and harmonious sedan with very clean lines and by ordinary.

by the way, exterior design gives realize, that the car — of the last batches, issued shortly before, how this model was replaced by conveyors 407-I. This they say and fog lights, and the presence of shiny strips under the grille.


Inside the age of the model there is a much more acute. And the instrument composition with five kruglyashami, and architecture of the front panel — all of today's standards, looks like a rustic. I'm really not talking about the screen of the onboard computer, more like a calculator, an indicator of my student youth… Surprisingly the presence of the analog oil temperature indicator, nor does it control lamp, a pointer device. Похоже, such a set of instruments went from sports car version.

Clarion audio system sounds completely decent, but to establish in its place the head unit with a touchscreen and GPS-navigation, in principle, impossible, That has to hang the holder onto the windshield mounting bracket for the phone on the suction cup. But the very existence of such player's CD-ROM drive and the vehicle SR equipment climate control support, this car is version Final Edition.

finishing materials do not cause any prirekany: and collect all the quality, and pleasant tactile sensations, and encircling the "cockpit" plastic strip "on the Karelian birch" gives the interior a certain tone of respectability, komuto although some certainly seem, that the strip in the vicinity of the black and gray plastic looks a little alien. In this case, the driver's seat ergonomics, as such, It causes mainly positive sensations. Get in the driver's seat — no problems is not, reguliroovk enough, as well as their range.

Chetyrehspitsevy wheel hub cumbersome, without become familiar computer controls, media system and cruise control on spokes, also provides age. Generally, manage the radio helps joystick under the Right-hand stalk tumbler, only update — making it necessary only to touch, because the joystick is completely enclosed by thick spokes. Generally, car owner, Sergei, claims, that when you get used, use the joystick to really convenient. One way or another, adaptation, and to the use of a joystick, and to the horn button, located, in accordance with French tradition, in the end of the right steering column toggle, It requires a certain amount of time ...

Sami chairs just do not like the, who are accustomed to a rigid and tight fit in the car DM. They are wide and myagenkie, and at first it seemed to me, they lack lateral support. That is, it seems to be as it is, and the top, and lower, but some are not very pronounced. However, the move turned out, that work to hold the driver in place a carcass enters and upholstery chairs: such a soft and pleasant to the touch velor, as it turned out, It has a remarkable friction clutch, and took his place behind the wheel, you practically glued to it!

And God knows, This feature of the interior is very handy, in fact goes Peugeot 406 worthily. But before you try the car on the move, Looking back with a sofa and luggage. "Himself for a" sit down without any particular problems, Although his legs, naturally, not incorporated, and the third, sydyachemu the center, the passenger does not envy, especially on long haul. The trunk is not very large, 430 liters, but caring owner has expanded its functionality, equipping allowes to hold the load. In any situations, for example, if you are going out of town, to ski, rescue hatch in the rear-arm sofa. By the way, in the back seat of so many 406's over the early releases no armrest, Our lyuchka ...

Test drive Peugeot 406 Test drive Peugeot 406

on the go

1-th, than a self Peugeot 406 while driving, This extraordinary smoothness. joints, minor irregularities, rails, "Speed ​​bumps" — all swallows car with such ease, it may seem, that you're behind the wheel of a Citroen Xsara single platform hydropneumatic suspension Hydracive.

It would seem that, that a car with so-comfortable suspension in turns to be the rolls and imposingly. But here and there! Even very frisky turns 406 th goes like on rails, with minimal roll and a distinct increase of the reverse effort on the steering wheel, and only on the straight and he really behaves, as the high-speed TGV express. In many ways this is a tribute to the rear multi-link suspension thruster.

If that causes a feeling "floating" on the road, it is a relatively high profile tire dimension 195 / 60R15. Generally, it also improves driving comfort and ... It is worth noting a good noise isolation: "Blanket" under the hood, felted material in the trunk and on the Lockers. Unlike many modern classmates, tire noise and soaring sand from the road in the cabin is not actually heard.

Test drive Peugeot 406

Naturally, driving 406 th'm tempted to repeat the exploits, Naseri who performed in movies Besson: sportsedanami chase with German and Japanese brands, turning around to rally layout, bring down a passing police radar air wave ... Only in the movie hero he rode a taxi driver in a car with a three-liter V6, and even forced (if it does not take into account the "magic of cinema", but in this case under the hood 1.7-liter naturally aspirated four EW7J4 power 117 HP. Generally, and it is combined with five-speed mechanics allows to go actively and zadoristo, easy to stick in the flow and confidently to overtake on the track.

Test drive Peugeot 406

Truth and consumption in town get pretty decent: it does not fall below 11.5 L / 100 km, even if you do not "put pressure on the slipper". If you go a little gambling, it goes somewhere 12.5 l. But on the track, allegedly Sergei, Car eats little, even lower flow goes about 6.5 l., and at a speed far 90, (a) 110-120 km / h. Peugeot fully capable of supporting speeds of up to 170 km / h, but at the same flow rate, naturally, some grow. Compared with contemporary French model, 406 inhibits the second not so dramatically, and enables accurate dosing of the force on the pedal. At the same time of the electric vehicle is equipped with only the assistants ABS.

Test drive Peugeot 406 Test drive Peugeot 406


This car was lucky: from the date of purchase in the showroom in 2004 , he remained in the same family, and operated in a relatively gently. The father of the present owner, Sergei, I lived and worked in Dubna, so that the machine has been used for commuting, the country, Well, once a year — on leave, to Crimea. As a result, the current day mileage of the car was only 118 thousand kilometers. agree — not so much for 15 years.

Due to the life in the not too "salty" Dubna and careful handling of the car body is in virtually perfect condition, the more that Peugeot 406 It is known for superior corrosion resistance, and its paintwork famous strength. This was confirmed by an external examination, and inspection of the lift in the special service center Major Auto.

Test drive Peugeot 406

The only (and rather mysterious) problem with the thresholds. At the time, Sergei's father managed to hush up the right threshold, scratched it before galvanizing. so here, machine jammed threshold went years 10, and nothing was, no rust! But the left threshold is not so long ago began to "blossom", although no physical damage on it and there was no! May be, Welding received rough part, may be, even a reason ... In general,, riddle.

Rest — little things: the car torn off the lower "lip" of the front bumper (a common situation with Peugeot 406 our criteria), but due to senile cataract caps headlamps changed to Taiwan from Depo. Several times sought to repair the muffler: progorala gofra (and, looks like, This item soon again will demand replacement), and the exhaust pipe at the entry site specifically muffler.

In all the years of significant interference engine is not required. On the run around 70 thousand kilometers. lambda probe has been replaced, and once in the control computer brand new firmware has been flooded. Oil motor does not eat up, and, According to the owner, there were no cases, he had to add oil between replacements.

The oil is used only recommended, Total 5w40, and substitution is made once a year, when run 7500 — 10000 km, that is, even in the advance mode (prescribed service interval for Peugeot 406 is 15000 km).

What else can be noted — this engine loves home candle — double-ended Eikem. We tried to put different, and NGK, and even some, but the difference in the elasticity of the engine to obtain a very substantial. Roughly the same can be said of the engine sensors: car likes original sensors and dislikes non-original. Peugeot 406 in general he does not like interference in the electrician, and many prirekaniya associated with this — in particular, installing alarms, which impose salons and insurance companies. And for the 406 th alarm, in essence, and do not need, they do not steal. Plus costs immobilizer, and it is stitched specifically in the "brains", and a change unit, as a "Zhiguli" (opened the hood, unprecedented set block and left), will not work. Its anti-theft system in Peugeot's powerful enough, and it's one of the reasons, on which the hijackers do not want to deal with them, and if they are stolen, only for disassembly for parts. How to Alas, our attempt to assess the condition of the engine and electrical units fell by modern diagnostic system: equipment generated an error 0307 ("A communication error with the transponder"), so experts recommend the center could only make out the transponder and check the status of contacts.

Test drive Peugeot 406

But with the way, suspension, brake situation is somewhat different: here aftermarket parts can be even better than the originals ... For example,, Factory-installed brake discs Stoch and claimed by replacing 25 thousands of kilometers., but ATE drives, to which they have changed, are still, and though henna: residual thickness of the front 22.8 mm (with a minimum of 22), and rear — 9.8 mm (with a minimum of 8). inspection, true, showed, the wires on the right front brake pad wear sensor are broken and require substitution. The rest of the experts Major Auto when viewed from the lift revealed free lift Rear anti-roll resistance of the right post, and the need to replace the current drive the right gland and hose, connecting with hydraulic tank. Generally, nothing criminal ...

Nothing supercritical was not in the history of repairs. Anyway, allegedly Sergei, there was no option, the car stood on the road without the ability to continue driving. first 10 years I only consumables, Well, stabilizer, though not so often, how to write about it on the forums. generally considered, that substitution is required by 30 thousands of kilometers, but in this case the first time I had to change stand on 60 tyschah.

At the age of about 10 years have begun problems with the air conditioning, and it had to change the climate control unit. With him went cunning story: because the machine was out of the last batches, ordered by VIN-number part is not reached. It turned, that the car was not installed on the vehicle unit, and from coupe! We had to pick up on the model.

And this was showed inborn disease of almost all Peugeot, as failure of the steering column toggle: left lever, responsible for the inclusion of turn signals, I did not shut down when returning the steering wheel in the zero position, and then just started to live their lives. On the converted 406-x with their multiplex wiring block changes only entirely, and the new costs about 230 euro. In the web there are a lot of articles about the methods of the bulkheads paddles tumblers Peugeot, but, as practice shows, the effect of such repair is short, so we had to buy a block on dismantling. Through 13-14 years have taken some awful station; the culprit was the oxides outdoor whip antenna connector.

Test drive Peugeot 406

And because of the severe troubles, that happened with the car, Sergei remembered only the mysterious story of the steering rack. After flowed own rack, it was decided to change it to a used, but repaired in an industrial environment. After a while, when you turn the steering wheel from the neutral position to the right began to emerge distinct metallic sound of, which is uniformly amplified. Then he began knocking accompanied by a groan nadryvistym, while on the straight the car a little griping. In the course of troubleshooting has moved front suspension, including support bearings (unhealthy place Peugeot 406, bearing age slaughtered gryazyuku). Finally, beushnyiy rail given to the bulkhead. The effect was short-term: after some time, knocking back. Fortunately, rail saved the home, and after it is returned in place of the bulkhead. the problem went away.

Test drive Peugeot 406

Sergey and told another problem. Peugeot have such a feature: have cast wheels for many models of this brand is no central hole. This means, that you can balance the wheel is not in any tire service. Need a special hub adapter. And to find a tire — the whole problem ... In Moscow they, of course, there is. This is mainly large companies, such, as the RLD. And often, these adapters is there, where there is a cargo service, that is where the balance and a passenger, and cargo rubber.

model history

Work on the successor to the popular Peugeot models 405 We started in the early 90-ies of the last century, and in September 1995 Year unparalleled sedan D-segment with an index 406 It was officially presented to the public. Initially, the car was equipped with petrol engines XU Series: 8-valve, volume 1,6 l, 65 kW / 88 hp, and 16-valve (1,8 l, 90 or 110 hp, For Russia 97 l. from.), and 2,0 l, 132 l. with. (for RF 90 125 l. from.). Range of complementary two turbodiesels XUD series: 1,9 — liter, power 90 l. with. and volume 2,1 l, 110 l. with. They aggregated 5-speed manual gearbox. The following year began with the release of this model coupe and wagon, as well as versions, Equipment 4-speed automatic transmission. At the same range of engines filled up petrol turbocharged P4 (2,0 l, 150 l. from.) V6 and ES series (2,9 l, 194 l. from.). In 1998 year politrila appeared turbodiesel direct injection DW series (2,0 l, 109 l. from.) and gasoline engine series EW (2,0 l, 135 l. from.). In 1996 the car has been nominated for the title of "Car of the Year", but lost FIAT Bravo / Brava with the smallest gap in 15 points. Climb to the highest level it has turned out in the following, 1997 year.

Peugeot 406 Since '1995-99

Peugeot 406 Coupe ‘2003–05

Peugeot 406 Break ‘1995–2004

In 1999 model year endured restyling: changed the form of bumpers, grille in the form of body-colored slats gave way to black, honeycomb, changed headlights, there was a horizontal bar in the center of the rear lights, expanded the list of additional equipment. Power volume V6 2.9 L was increased to 207 l. with. At the same ZF automatic gearbox was replaced with a "machine" of its own design, which in the cold began to fail due to malfunction of the built-in thermocouple. Engineers quickly redesigned, and lack of missing.

Test drive Peugeot 406

Peugeot 406 Since '1999-2004

In 2000 model year received new engines EW Series: 1,8-liter unit, which rose to power 116 l. from., and 2.2 — liter, power 158 HP. In 2001 year line up for EW engine with direct injection volume 2.0 l (140 l. from., in the Russian Federation has not been delivered), and turbodiesel DW 2,2 l, 98 133 l. with. attractively, that 1997 year in the Russian Federation delivered "four hundred and six", designed for 92-octane gasoline. Motor Model denoted VIN in positions with the second to eighth, and if the average mark the three-digit code - F, This motor is in Western Europe, if 6 - For RF. From the end 2001 year for Peugeot 406 We began installing new adaptive automatic gearbox, more convenient to maintain and repair (eg, the hydraulic unit of the box changes as a single unit, without complete disassembly of the unit). Finally, in 2003 , Peugeot 406 I was recently, before rebinding to 407-th model, exterior update: appeared shiny edging and inserts on moldings, and expanded standard equipment list (in particular, the car appeared folding mirrors).

Among the other success, in addition to the fabulous success of the model after the shooting of films "Taxi" by Luc Besson, it is worth mentioning the victory, scored by Laurent Ajello in the racing series ADAC Deutsche Super Touren Wagen-Cup, and set in 2002 year world record efficiency, when the diesel Peugeot 406 HDi able to overcome on one tank of fuel 2348 km between Melbourne and Rockhampton.

Test drive Peugeot 406

Peugeot 406 Since '1999-2004


How to Alas, the price of French cars in the Russian secondary market falls catastrophically fast. To date, the market value of Peugot 406 similar age and picking is from 170 before 220 thousand rubles, In most instances, however runs long since passed for a couple of hundred thousand kilometers. Sell ​​a car for next to nothing in the beautiful state of the running at the owner's hand simply did not rise… Generally, Sergey has decided to quit "Pyzhik" as the output of the machine a day or, for the soul, especially, that the expenses he is currently the owner does not burden. But the pleasure of Peugeot management 406 much so, that can give modern computers on wheels, not so much by engineers, After all, how many advertisers ..., as it has been said, take a ride on the iconic car — it's the same pleasure, how to go to a good French film.

Test drive Peugeot 406

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