The first test-drive the new Nissan Qashqai

1-the first test-drive the new Nissan Qashqai

Perhaps, none of the cars assembled in Russia does not differ so much from the euro counterpart, as the current Nissan Qashqai. When you look on the list of changes it becomes clear, for whatever reason crossover, last converted event still half a year ago, so long not allowed on our market. improve!


To begin with, that constructively powertrains actually have not changed, Although the settings of the variator, our engineers still had a hand. The base was politrila 1.2-liter turbo (HRA2), despite the fact, what in 2018 year, it accounted for only 1 193 buyer, что составляет 5% of the total sales volume of Nissan Qashqai. This modification does exactly what will live for a short time, what is left to a new generation of launch, but what will happen to it later - it is not clear.

In Europe, with restyling of this engine we have already sent in his resignation — replaced by a 1.3-liter TCe unit turbovanny French series, which goes in tandem with the French box - machine with 2 clutch. Will we sell a version? Is it possible to be integrated under the hood of the next generation Kashkai something non-European? While no one knows. But exactly clear, that on diesel 1,6 liters sold in Russia will no longer be — demand was microscopically. Given its extremely poor traction — small loss.

by the way, option underhood intervention is not excluded, because even when the system is in the Russian pipeline 2016 , our engineers got into the deep structure running Kashkai, and with the launch of a new generation of hand, and look to, reach of the power unit. Restyling transformed unprecedented Qashqai, and let the exterior of the car has long been no secret - we tested the European version as early as November last year, — upgraded Qashqai on the streets have not yet become familiar: actually, prices announced only a few days ago.

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Inside, exchanged only wheel, The main difference - a truncated lower sector. Besides, for some versions - fortunately, as a function — It became available multimedia system on Yandex. It shall be accompanied with a one-year contract operator: it is possible to extend, you can plug your sim card, and it is possible to distribute the web from your phone. But not even making any of these 3 things, the system can be used as a navigator — true, Cards will not be updated, and the stopper displayed - too.

More about the cabin added nonessential functions, such as upholstery leather at one section of the central panel, adjustable lumbar support and heated driver seat cushions and backrests of the lower halves of the side sections back sofa. In the depths of the trunk is now possible to detect not only a full-size spare tire, which until then had no alternative. It is now left in the 3 most "low" versions of the all-wheel drive modification. Everything, which is more expensive or non-driven rear wheels, Now comes only with "dokatka '. According to the designers, particularly owners of the "basic" four-wheel drive Qashqai are more likely to move down to the asphalt, so the likelihood of a puncture at their higher.

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Yet we have not mentioned 5-liter tank and a sensor omyvayki, retaining its level. Regarding the critical braking system (Forward Emergency Braking) — it is made in the form of several truncated, but not in the, what we are used to build it on premium models. Firstly, it operates in a limited range of speeds - from 40 before 80 kmh. In-2-x, responds only to the metal. I.e, pedestrians, motorcyclists, cyclists, concrete walls and cardboard boxes, delivered in the form of obstacles, FEB does not take. The system is programmed to a two-stage impact: first warning signal is given, then in effect the brake, in this case, too, in steps: first they work informatively, then - rapidly, and only at the last moment — urgently. If the driver starts to change course, or he presses on the brake pedal, Electronics cancel the session FEB.

Another group of fundamental changes are not visible to the naked eye - talk about soundproofing. Because of complaints from Russian owners were decently, and the way we are worse, than in Europe (except for Romania), our engineers decided to structurally fix this item. Firstly, changed the windshield and windows of rear doors, in 2-x, reinforced elements are added or acoustic protection, placing them on a motorized board, in front arches, door panels (and front and rear) and at the bottom. B-3, appeared vibration dampers floor panels. by the way, all this beauty, and gave the greatest increase, by weight: the average on a complete revamped Qashqai potyazhelel on 50 kg.

But in practice,? When driving on bad roads at low speeds in stationary modes, when the engine is running at around 2 000 rev / min, and the driver, barely touching the gas pedal, It helps speed, tires are the main source of noise - disturbances from rolling heard very clearly. They echo the exterior mirrors.

When punching gas, when the rotational speed of the crankshaft passes for 4 000 rev / min, 2,0-liter engine (MR20) claims for itself an unpleasant screech, joined by more than the highest voice of the variator. This CVT in Nissan held under RE0F10D code, in Jatco - how JF016E, and in the consumer environment it is better known as CVT-8. On the Russian Qashqai he now comes exclusively from Mexico, 2,0-liter engine as previously collected in England, and connect the two units in Spain, whence come the factory in St. Petersburg.

1-the first test-drive the new Nissan Qashqai

As already mentioned, Our engineers got into the CVT option - now he has sympathetic response to the gas pedal and change the position of the pulley halves is more natural, potochnee, more accustomed to the, who previously traveled to the speed automatic or manual boxes. In fact - no tangible changes. More or less sure of the dynamics in general can only be achieved in manual mode, despite the fact that lovers electronics will monitor frustrated: if the car has become quicker and, then again, this hardly noticeable. In the "machine» Qashqai also shows the wonders of the aggressive recruitment dynamics, and the presence and Eco Mode really is debatable. The fact, that on the road from him no good - it does not save fuel, and in the town it only delays the response of the power unit.

the ability to manually select the steps are very very limited: confident about any slowing of speech is not, and to disperse the selector lever is not needed, because when the arrow tachometer red zone (6 200 rev / min), electronics itself increases the level. As we have informed the technical experts at the Russian office of Nissan, little has changed structurally converter: Modernization is aimed at blocking his earlier. clear, that there is a struggle for every gr fuel, Qashqai but can be called only in economical mode of movement with a constant speed on a highway or road without traffic lights at velocities of about 70 kmh. When this mode is "Japanese" can get completely out of eight liters per hundred. On leaving the highway crosses over flow 11 l. and even higher (depending on the wind), and in city driving with personal Ramp, burdened more and height difference, board computer starts to show a figure below 14 liters, and this despite the 2-passengers in the cabin and without luggage.

The most notable changes in the updated Qashqai happened on the part of the suspension. Recall, already with the production of the crossover to the assembly flow in St. Petersburg 2016 , the Russian version of Kashkai changed the floor panel - this assembly unit it has borrowed from the X-Trail. The new panel was a bit wider, and therefore increased the rear track: Qashqai moved on the entire rear of the cart X-Trail. Subframe at the same time began to set on silent blocks, despite the fact that in Europe, it comes on hard mounts. It gave some blurriness in near-zero steering reaction zone, but, as claimed technical expert Nissan Sergey Losev, which is responsible for all modernization, while significantly improved ride comfort. Compensate for disadvantages tried migrating the suspension and transfer to Russian tire.

In preparing the release of a reworked version of the Qashqai process of change in the suspension continued. For a start it was decided to further increment smooth running at medium and large bumps. The path here is one - make softer springs. We took the unprecedented size - one step at less softness (Corporate etalon). In the free state of the spring length remains the same, and machine sludge and progress have not changed. To compensate for the "softening", We had to increase the hardness of the anti-roll bars. First there were the bars of a diameter of the front 22 mm, Now on version with motor 2,0 are stabilizers 24 mm, and in versions with motor 1,2 turbo - 23 mm. Rear stabilizers were previously in 16 mm, Now all versions - 17 mm. A general, much or little, how these changes are essential? At these sizes, the increase in the diameter of the rod on 1 mm entails enhancement of rigidity to 18%. I.e, front stabilizer much stronger increases the angular hardness of the suspension in the corners, than before.

All these metamorphoses are reflected on the ride? If Qashqai moved single obstacle one wheel, the body actually does not heel. The single crossover body turns back the almost collapses. But something in what the "softening" of the springs, in our opinion, It did not get the car to the benefit of. What kind of modes? This is a relatively brutal ride on the serpentine or hilly terrain, wherein the turns run across from one another, and the driver required constant "relining" course.

What happens in this case,? Because of the softness of the spring body begins to oscillate in a vertical plane with a slope on one of the wheels, at the same time because of the constantly changing load on the wheels, They do not always have time to attenuate these vibrations, and often overlap. And here there is a real danger of a "loose" machine. many will say: on Qashqai so do not go. Yes, the bulk of the buyers goes very quiet, but that it is particularly important to warn about such features of the car: accustomed to good stability in urban conditions, the driver can conceive, as in the "three-dimensional" way, you can for themselves in no way to deny.

prelyubopytny, Sergei Losev did not agree with our observations, informing, that many developmental testing of such phenomena was not observed. by the way! Where is the vaunted system of ARC (Active Ride Control), which is due to pitting operation of the braking devices must create "protivomomenty" and instantly extinguish the vibrations in the longitudinal plane? Sergei told us, that when the ESP settings, this part of the stabilization system is not touched. Maybe, and it was necessary to touch? By the way, on versions with 1.2-liter turbo ARC, as before, not installed, therefore it is better not to base modification aktivnichat. One fascinating detail from nissanovskih techies: maneuverability and stability of the new Qashqai has overtaken the X-Trail.

There we have the least significant claim for suspension. In city driving rear suspension uhaet cool and rattles during the rebound when moving manhole, compounds, potholes and other irregularities. And the larger the wheel, the effect of this more clearly, in particular it is noticeable - until discomfort — of Kashkayah, of complete wheels with a bore diameter in 19 inches.

What else? It remains to add, that all-wheel drive system, nothing has changed: it is worth electromagnetic clutch JTEKT (recall, that this company belongs to Toyota), positive locking which, as before, disabled when 40 kmh.

bumper Qashqai, of course, is notable not only for its consumer properties, which in terms of noise reduction and smooth running steel, certainly, higher. Meanwhile, that our engineers steel allow to intervene in a foreign structure, albeit long and shallow. Whatever reads, but for me personally it is nice.

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