Test drive of the updated Mazda CX-9 crossover

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

Mazda company, confidently striving - at least, in words - in the premium segment, updated flagship crossover CX-9 for the Russian market. The efforts of developers were aimed at, the car was perceived as the more expensive-looking, and the sensations of driving. How they did it, we estimated on the roads of the Kola Peninsula.


The other day, I examined in detail the test peer review of Japanese car, and all with one voice complained about rigid suspension: breakwater, great rides only on smooth asphalt, and on potholes and dirt road - everything is bad: Mazda CX-9 is converted into shaker. Route P-21 "cola" - the main transport artery Kola - quality infinitely far from German highways, and therefore a comfortable travel is not expected. Imagine my surprise, when instead of kicks and other brutality Mazda CX-9 showed a smooth ride at the old Volvo models! The suspension is now copes well with the entire range of irregularities and thus is not prone to a buildup - that is necessary for long-distance travel! How did it achieve such progress?

The narrow configuration to a rough life

Organizers test drive before the last day concealed configuration to the suspension, forcing journalists to listen to their feelings without being told in the form of pictures of the presentation. I confess, a day or two, I was waiting for a trick - the breakdown of some, inappropriate behavior and the bases, but the suspension Mazda adequately fulfilled all the hardships and privations, including leading from the "Coke" to the village Nilmoguba 30-kilometer section compactor, where the writing fraternity valyl all means, if this special stage rally Sweden. On the third day I, finally, calm and, giving way to the pilot partner, quietly asleep, to arrive at the finish presentation rested and come to terms with the change of paradigm mazdovskoy suspensorial.

It turned, that in the modernization CX-9 engineers changed status suspension springs so, In order to reduce friction in the shock absorbers, and in the last added rebound spring, which substantially improved energy intensity. The rear pillars support for reducing the vibrations introduced polymer sleeve. Besides, a steering kinematics changed: there are new front steering knuckles and hub with a rigid bearings, while the rack is now more rigid rubber feet. It allowed, one side, make the wheel a bit easier (before many complained, that the "steering wheel" Mazda CX-9 is very heavy), and on the other - to improve the reverse link in the corners. On the primer unparalleled steering proved to be excellent, giving the driver a pleasant accuracy and virtually no loading his arm vibrations, but on the road I did not have an exact zero, and the force with an increase in the angle of rotation increases very progressively - it would be desirable to slightly decrease. Yet the least, by the standards of a full-size SUV tuning control can now be unequivocally called good.

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

Also, the developers assure, that the Mazda CX-9 has become much quieter, short of the acoustic comfort to want the standards of the premium segment. In particular, increased thickness of the insulating material on the floor and on the ceiling, there were additional mats, refined power unit. How to Alas, evaluate results fully prevented very booming studded Nokian, drowned out when driving on asphalt all other sources of noise pollution, but the snow can be noted very discreet sound of the engine, to silent suspension and good insulation wheel arches and underbody at the "firing" road debris.

A good good not otыskivayut

The power unit modernization is not affected: Mazda CX-9 is still equipped with an uncontested combination of 2.5-liter petrol turbo Skyactiv-G (231 hp, 420 nm), 6-step hydromechanical machine and technical level unsophisticated wheel drive system with an electric PTO clutch rear wheels. About tom, that on the roads with the "iron" to do nothing, More last spring told my colleague Sergey Arbuzov in the framework of the Mazda CX-9, the comparative test with Volkswagen Teramont, but in my off-road route, and there was no, and "rally" section of the clutch broke down without failures and outages due to overheating.

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

Average fuel consumption on the route was about 12 L / 100 km, and in the suburb of Kirovsk, where you can not accelerate more 70 kmh, and the traffic is very "watery", I still managed to reach the passport 7,2 L / 100 km. May be, a modern multi-stage automatic transmission Mazda CX-9 could be sensitive to temper the appetite, but by golly, I would not risk it: segodnyaschy "shestistupka" works so gently and efficient, that she does not need any manual mode (especially, it really does not work), Our Sport mode, in which the gas responses are very sharp. clear, that the current standards of the premium segment of the six gears - a little, but not fact, the box with a lot of steps will be as comfortable driving thrust and will not stumble at each of the numerous switching in an attempt to save fuel glass.

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

It is not necessary to find changes in the exterior of the Japanese crossover: change appearance until early, the car looks completely true and even fashionable, and the only outward sign of the update are "eyes" cameras radial review mirrors and a symbol on the front of. these cameras, of course, very dirty, especially feed, for which it is necessary or washer, or retracting mechanism, but overall aerodynamic study of the body in terms of good gryazezaschity — at least, front side windows and mirrors while driving virtually zamusorivayutsya.

Wood instead of gloss and no sensors

The interior renovation point, but all of the case - the most fundamental in the video lists:


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Out of order, what's left overs, I mention the salon frameless rearview mirror, LED ceiling lights, new armrest in the second row with 2 the USB-port and more pleasant to the touch upholstery of the back of the backrest of the second row seats, to sitting on "galorke" It was nice to prop up their knees. Adults with growth 180 cm and above to do in the 3rd row is nothing - there was a close, that is, the landing was more honest car formula would indicate how 5+2.

To ergonomics of the driver's seat I have exactly one comment: a little lacking Steering wheel column hight - hunt to move up closer to him. Front seats perfectly profiled and three or four hour drive in their body does not get tired. Landing at the wheel of many, by the way, Personally it seems to close because, that the Mazda CX-9 is highly raised central tunnel, on which the rotary push multimedia system control washer. Last, by the way, too little refreshed:


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In elderly multimedia system # Mazda in relation to the updated crossover CX-9 has advanced functions. #mazdacx9 #mazdalife #mazdarussia #mazdaclub #mazdaworld #mazdalove #mazdafamily # mazda # mazdasx9 # mazdakluʙ

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A screen with a diagonal 8 inches rather luxuriously installed in the front panel is covered with leather, but his schedule (especially as regards cartography) - is yesterday. The response speed also leaves much to best, but in fairness, we note, it higher, than other more expensive competitors. The screen is responsive to touch, but only during the stay, and I believe, it is very true: use the joystick to move a lot safer, very sorry, many automakers from him shall be removed in favor of purely sensory interfaces. joyfully, that Mazda did not go on about this bad fashion, and hunting to believe, do not go in the development of a new generation of multimedia systems.

Quality finishing materials in the CX-9 is really a premium level, including in areas, which are usually hidden from the eye, and at the helm there was contrasting stitching to match the color inserts in the cabin. The most very popular object of criticism - the big gap between the front panel and door cards. They really could do a smaller, but Vesselin, that at least they are symmetrical and have no bias. It is also gratifying, that when driving on a dirt road, none of the parts of the interior did not utter a single sound, which is also indicative of a high-quality fit and assembly.

Best Bose audio system with a dozen speakers and one subwoofer, packed in "dokatku", It sounds good, especially if you're a fan of electronic, rather than symphonic music, but "bass" by default through the roof and require manual adjustments to the minus.

From trivial minuses I note the absence of the regular equipment even though that would be in the form of a heated windscreen options throughout the area and a panoramic glass roof - it is important for the premium tourist car.

Surcharge for comfort

Refreshed CX-9 is now available for order from dealers: Prices begin from 2 795 000 rubles for a basic set Active, whereas previously asked 2 848 000 rubles. The attraction of unprecedented generosity to the background of the general rise in price? To chagrin, no: in the database is no longer Leather, and tissue, due to what happened to reduce the price of admission on board the flagship crossover Mazda. Other equipment rose, and the top version with Exclusive Nappa leather trim Auburn stands now 3 357 000 rubles (It used to be 3 149 000 rubles).

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

Last year, Mazda CX-9 found in our country 1 667 buyers (model, recall, localized "otvortochnym" way to Sollers plant in Vladivostok). For comparison, let's say, that the Volvo XC90, to which the Japanese crossover approached on the part of driving comfort, in 2018 razosholsya year in Russia in circulation 2 210 copies. Direct competitors, these models are unlikely to be - it was too different from the marks Mazda and Volvo philosophy, but perceptible, if not radical, improvements in the chassis will probably CX-9 for the benefit - to see them, enough short dealership test drive, thousand-and not run on the Kola Peninsula.

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

Test-drive Mazda CX-9 crossover refreshed

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