Test-drive amphibious UAZ-3907 "Jaguar"

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

This machine developed a very long time, even by Soviet standards. We built all 20 copies, but burst it did not become. Very sorry: other such we simply did not have. What went wrong?


Running on the spot

The story of this car is ridiculous (if you can say so about a military all-terrain vehicle) from the very beginning. The Ministry of Defense ordered a car at the Ulyanovsk Auto Plant under the management of the chief designer in 1976 year. And to fulfill this order, had to urgently organize a special department, which would be engaged in the development of special off-road vehicles for the needs of the army and agriculture. An unprecedented department was created in 1977 year and immediately took up his first order, for which he was organized. So the first step was made into the quagmire of the bureaucracy. I would have said,, frantic jump.

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

People in uniform from designers achieved a lot. Firstly, this car was supposed to be an amphibian. In-2-x, he should have been able to carry a trailer with a carrying capacity of up to 750 kg. Well, apart from the fact, carry goods, personnel and all, what is being pushed into it. It's better — far and flawlessly.

The military had already managed to fall in love with the good old UAZ-469, because this car was taken as the base for the future amphibian with an exotic name «Jaguar». Potochnee, her military version 3151. At the same time, designers did not begin to be locked in tight frames and allowed them to create «breaking bad». And they were able to do it at UAZ, adored and practiced. Therefore, only documentation for amphibians was developed for two whole years, leaving not so many native parts from the original 469th.

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

clear, that most of the differences were dictated by the need to build a floating car. We decided to use propellers as propellers, and for this it was necessary to design not only these very screws, but also a power take-off for their. And more — steering wheels, helping to drive the car afloat.

There is a bike, that at the first tests «Jaguar» these rudders in the water fell off, but the car obeyed the driver perfectly — steering wheel and wheel drive was common. And then they decided to abandon the rudders altogether, limiting control on the water only by turning the front wheels. Such a scheme was successful., and on our machine today it is used.

Ulyanovsk specialists are seriously engaged in “improving” the serial gearbox. So, that essentially made a new gearbox with other gear ratios and with synchronizers on all 4 gears. However, we'll talk about technology a bit later, and now back to the story.

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

In the first half 1980 the first four years «Jaguar». Serious tests were made for them.: they were forced to climb roads from Astrakhan to Yakutia and even the Pamir mountains. And the customers were satisfied: cars and drove great, and swam well. Though, they say, two very first «Jaguar» drowned — the body had to be redone.

It would seem that — everything, came to success! Car got out, the military is happy. But no. Not those people — military, to walk happy. Well, only the parking brake would not work or the water pumping pumps. They wanted more and more. For example, option «Jaguar» for border guards. Here, true, the moment is not clear: border guards then obeyed the KGB, not the Ministry of Defense, but, apparently, they could affect the acceptance of the car by the military.

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

Modification for the KGB dubbed an offensive name «Cormorant», but two things nevertheless built and sent them for tests. Walked already 1986 year.

The next three years of testing stretched. kind of, to 1989 year, the military again slammed their hats on the floor and pronounced — fine. Take. Factory workers breathed a sigh of relief, despite the fact that some of them even several years ago even managed to get awards for the development of this machine.

But now the military was rightly brewing another question: but we generally need it? With the country the devil knows what's going on, and here is this UAZ ... And in 1990 year they announced to the factory, what, they say, excuse me, no money, but you hold on there (well, or something like that). And to 1991 the year the project was completely buried.

Build something civilian based «Jaguar» it was hard then: no one had money at all. And they, who did they have, UAZ was not interested. As a result, the history of this car ended with the construction of a total of twenty most experienced cars, one of which remained in the UAZ museum. We kicked her out for a test right from the museum’s shield. by the way, will be in Ulyanovsk — look there. There is curious.

The car did not undergo any significant restoration.. FROM 1989 years she preserved well, so there is simply no great need for a harsh restoration. Yet the least, we will try to treat her very carefully.

Heavy plump

Looking at «Jaguar», hard to believe, that its base is the 469th. Let's be honest: from the 469th, only bridges remained untouched. But almost everything else or new, either perfectly redone.

Let's start with the body. Don't you think, that he is noticeably larger, than the body of the 469th? It seems not in vain. Dimensions “Jaguar” — 4 070 x 1 890 x 2 080, and “bobika” — 4 025 x 1 805 x 2 015. kind of, the difference in numbers is not very big, but by sight. The increase in length is partly due to, that frame and ahead, and extended a little back: it was necessary to put a winch somewhere, and to the base — two propellers.

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

And in everything else, the body of the “Jaguar” is not similar to the body of the UAZ-469. in essence, he — airtight boat, and the bottom is also covered with metal. logically, what's with all the winches, screws and razdatkami “Jaguar” went on 400 kg heavier than the 469th. In addition, he has a hinged breakwater ahead, which also has its mass.

I already said about the gearbox — she is synchronized, and for the UAZ of that time it looks very unexpected. But the main “trick” of the box is not in it, and in a permanent all-wheel drive. Yes, this is not part-time for civilian “bobik”. After all, along with two permanently turned on bridges at the disposal of the driver there is also a lowering. true, a lowering can be needed even before the impenetrable mud: the motor here is not the most powerful, and the usual 2.5-liter UMP-414 with 77 "Horses". For a heavy car — not rich, so that a reduced row of handouts can come in handy quite unexpectedly.

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

Well, about bridges and nothing to say: if they are from a military UAZ-3151, something exactly with lowering final drives. The people sometimes call them — "Soldiers" (not to be confused with conventional bridges without gears — "Collective farmers").

Pendants are also not just copied from the UAZ-469. The rear spring suspension is the same, but the front — not quite. In front there are rear “long” springs, not shortened, как на 469.

Well, now let's see the car inside.

Doors to the world of luxury

To sit in the "Jaguar" must be careful. The main pride of this car — her doors — can be considered some of its problem. The fact, that the lumen has a rather vile form with a protrusion in that place, which is easiest to rip a piece of meat from the back. I got off with a sweater.

But inside the door looks more interesting. I would have said,, advanced. Down below she has special constipation, which tightly press it to the lumen, making it waterproof. On other UAZ there is none.

Test drive amphibian UAZ-3907 “Jaguar”

The front panel of the “Jaguar” in comparison with the panel “bobika” — just luxury. apparently, it’s not in vain that they called him “Jaguar”. I can not tell, how to explain such generosity of designers, but they made her indecently beautiful for an army machine. Imagine, there is plastic! And the appliances are in the wells. They themselves are ordinary — oil pressure gauges, cooling water temperature, speedometer, fuel level and voltmeter, but also placed conveniently, and look pretty. But the ignition switch is without a key. Its role is played by the “flag”, which stood on many military vehicles of the USSR.

What is really a lot here — so this is leverage, sticking out of the floor is just as chaotic, like french fries from a bag in a fast-food restaurant. There are six of them.. Count yourself: winch, Transmission, propellers, demultiplier, differential lock and parking brake. Fine, that you can’t miss the gear lever — he's right at hand.

In the center of the dashboard is a fuse box. And it is comfortable: here it will not flood with water, and if necessary, you can quickly replace the burned (and more — wrap a bug or stick a coin, that for UAZ, many consider the norm). Case, right in front of the passenger — pen with a hint of tenderness. For some reason, usually they were just metal, cool and hard, and here she is soft. Lord, how lucky these military men are ...

Passengers in the rear compartment lucky less. They have fairly rigid benches along the sides and a ceiling light. A spare tire gets in the way at their feet, and hold on to something that can only be for each other.

Well, let's try, how it behaves on the go?

A little sorry

Did, what pleased me immediately after turning the key? The sound of the motor UMZ-41610.

This in-line engine is the most old-school: four-stroke carburetor with upper valve arrangement. Here, even the timing drive is not made with a belt or a chain, and helical gears. It works very quietly and evenly with us.. The fastest, this is the merit of the plant specialists, museum technicians, but still…

Mumble of the engine ends immediately after pressing the gas pedal. Satan awakens in the motor, filling the whole car with his drone. Steel box, completely devoid of sound insulation, resonate, like a good concert piano. Personally, I do not see anything disgusting in this, although, naturally, I went here for several hours. May be, on a long test drive I would hate this noise, but during a short trip to the sound of the engine I was tolerant.

Common memories we have already set out here:

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Riding an UAZ amphibian. for sure, year that way 1980 everything would be fine here. But some have been too much trouble for designers. #test drive # all-terrain vehicles # UAZ

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Add some details. Ergonomics turned out to be good for a Russian car. Of course, sitting on a short cushion is not very comfortable, but it's stuff. But the back is adjustable. Lever KP, pedal, steering wheel — everything is standing there, where it should be. true, the rim is usually thin and slippery, and taking into account the slowness of the car and the lack of power steering it really becomes a problem.

Suspension behaves very interesting. The front suspension of the “Jaguar” is noticeably softer than the rear and unevenness is not so noticeable. May be, the reason for the shock absorbers that leaked during Gorbachev’s, maybe, in long springs or heavy weight — hard to say. At the same time, on a rough road, the car does not “goat”, but noticeably scouring the front axle, why keeping it on the line is a little tricky. There are no troubles on a flat road. Since we saved the car, did not try to develop maximum speed. It is declared in 105 kmh, but at such a fantastic pace for the "Jaguar" pace I did not have to ride: it was possible to slap on the back with a "stocking" of the bridge from the factory representative.

The car accelerates only in first and second gears. Already on the third she pretends to be a deadly unhealthy asthmatic and accelerates only at high engine speeds (which are determined by ear: no tachometer), and this motor spins reluctantly. Of course, 77 HP. for this machine is not very enough. And if as an all-terrain vehicle she is good, then the dynamics on the highway seem obviously insufficient.

However, with the pull of the Jaguar to leave straight to the side it may seem like a virtue.

But at speeds up to 60 km / h the car seems just the perfect way to go hunting, fishing or hard drinking. I'm even sorry, that ordinary civilians were once deprived of the ability to buy this rare car. He had no analogues in the USSR. The rarest monsters for the Ministry of Defense (VAZ-E2122, ZiS-485 BAV, GAZ-46 "MAV" or LuAZ-967) does not count, so that “Jaguar” could completely become one of a kind. But the times were not the same ...

Generally, UAZ has many more exciting cars, which can be considered serial, but hard to reach for the average buyer. for example, sports UAZ pickup, prepared for rally raids. However, we'll talk about him next time. And even make a movie with this car in the "leading role". I think, will be fun. Terribly interesting.

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