What “secret lists”. Industry and Trade. Who among automakers to allow the automotive industry support programs

Что такое "потаенные списки". Industry and Trade. Who among automakers to allow the automotive industry support programs

This year, two municipal automotive industry support programs have been restarted. Leasing Support Program launched 21 January, but quickly ended: According to our sources, a significant part of the money went to a deal on registration in the long-term lease "Kamaz" vehicles structures "Rosneft". Funds for the program to support car loans (I started with 1 Martha) should last until summer, but, normally, benefit can not all automakers, and only selected. And if earlier the Chinese government ignored only, Now it came and to the other "nationalities".


The Russian government has already more 10 years provides funds for state support programs from the automotive industry, in particular, directly stimulating demand. Not always it was related to the crisis, let us say, in 2010 year, when the market grew, dispatched from the budget 44 миллиардов. rubles. Very weighty sum, considering the then exchange rate. Even in the peak of 2012 m, when the market for new cars in Russia reached almost three million cars, dividing Germany first place in Europe and fourth in the world, in support of the 1st car loans only spent 3,2 billion rubles.

Meanwhile,, unusual sharpness the question of state gained January 2015 of the year: after the crisis at the end of 2014, caused by the collapse of the ruble and a short-term jump in demand, at the beginning 2015 virtually all year recorded sales collapse. Car companies began to count every penny, Including, spent counting on compensation from the budget.

thread 2014 years many "motorists" was not confirmed by documents of the Russian Government responsibilities, about what, author of true article in interviews and behind the scenes read as many "tops", let us say, former head of Nissan in Russia Philip Sayar. At the same time General Director of "Lifan Motors Rus" Stick Tszetszyun still sincerely hoped, that the government return the money for the recycling program and even referred to his meeting with the Deputy Minister of Industry Andrew Dutov, explained, true, that "Deputy Dutov I did not say anything definite. I think, that compensation will be, but we are willing to losses ". As the water watched! Lifan funds from the Russian government did not wait for any 2015 year, no later than, so that Comrade Sun silently recorded losses.

By the way, specifically with 2015 year "Chinese" were in full voice to declare, that the government bypasses their attention. At the same time we are talking about some of the "list", which make up in the bowels of the Russian government "bureaucrats special assignments" and send them to market participants, involved in those or other programs of state support.

You may receive a question, and why now we have decided to offer our readers his moderate ideas on this topic? The reasons for this are two. In 1-x, as soon as the company "Haveyl Motor Manufacturing Rus" on 52,1% owned by Great Wall Motor and 47,9% certain company Tide Technology and Trade, registered in Hong Kong, starts Haval car assembly. In-2-x, 1 Martha, when there was a renewed government program to support car loans, it turned, that this time uncoupled not only the "Chinese". By state subsidies proparhali Volkswagen, Skoda, and partly even Kia. But the most disgusting for these companies is, what they have learned about this evening 28 February.

To begin the second fri. so, with 1 March again earned a state program support auto lending in two forms: "First car" and "domestic car". For some time before the start it was officially announced important boundary condition for the role: model should be assembled in Russia and cost less than one million rubles. But it was just a "demo version". Then there is a new condition, (a), or rather one of the 2-hoo: or the model must be equipped with a Russian engine assembly, or assembly plant, where the model is collected, It must be in possession of a signed special investment contract. In this way, Kia lost two models: Picanto and Soul released in the Kaliningrad "Avtotore" way SKD-4 (the plant is necessary to prepare the body - welded and painted) and about 3 thousand components in the kit. The engines of these machines are imported from abroad, SPIC and its own "Autotor" not yet concluded, despite the fact that planned to turn in February.

Generally, Kia Rio have remained. Motors on it abroad - the 1.6-liter imported from China, 1,4-liter - from Europe, no "Hendi Manufakturing Motor Rus", where collect Rio SPIC signed with the Ministry of Industry and the Government of St. Petersburg More 25 December 2018 of the year.

Что такое "потаенные списки". Industry and Trade. Who among automakers to allow the automotive industry support programs

Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov

But in the Skoda and Volkswagen remained on beans, although models Rapid Polo and they were in the program of the first embodiment of requirements, which the company received in the beginning of the third decade of February. Recall, that at the moment in Kaluga "Volkswagen Group Rus" plant yet Speke. request, for which the Germans are willing to invest as much 40 billion rubles, It is in the works. but, in the model designation, that in the Kaluga and create, establish, Including, and the engine 1.6 MPI series EA211. Modifications Skoda Rapid and VW Polo with this motor - basic. This motor is already several years in Kaluga localized, wherein, deep enough: crankshaft - completely Russian (and manufacturing, and mehanobrabotke), and coming from abroad, the cylinder head and the unit itself is treated in Kaluga lines. I.e, The engine allows Skoda Rapid and VW Polo participate in the program.

And on the eve of the start programs from the company comes to "new edition" requirements: "ERA-GLONASS" system module must also be Russian. To circumvent this requirement, to succeed in today's program, does not seem possible. Firstly, This extraordinary unit is automatically re-certification procedure, and that — and long-term, and expensive, besides, that to the expectations of professionals, money, dedicated to car loans run out by June. In-2-x. Today, the government needed a Russian module "ERA-GLONASS", but that will come in handy tomorrow? Commercials can at any moment change the requirements a suitable side. We were talking with speakers in Skoda in early March, on that moment — and there were no solution for this dilemma. We asked a logical question: they could not previously assumed, Knowing, how to link the work of "ERA-GLONASS" car with certification, it is necessary to choose a Russian company? "We ourselves are now ask ourselves the question" — It was the answer ...

By the way, the 1.6-liter unit EA211 Germans from Kaluga export to two European companies, and sufficiently large quantities. In 2018 year about 44 thousand. Our motors have been sent to Europe. Export The program has been designed including taking into account the logistical subsidies, which could cover up to 80% costs of transportation of export products. Is it much or little - 44 тысячи? Для сравнения, in 2018 year with Russian engine 1.6 MPI series have been sold EA211 55 thousand. Polo, 12,5 thousand. Octavia и 31,9 thousand. Rapid. I.e, many. of course, that the termination of "logistics subsidy" payments will not do better profitability of export production of engines. We asked, "Volkswagen Group Rus", whether they will keep export volumes, taking into account the full, It has become clear, the lack of prospects for this program there, but the response has not yet received.

We had read about the machines on the list of state car loan program, which sends the RF Government on banks. We have the list and, it is not difficult to guess, there's no just mentioned models, but also Chinese, that, in this case, held on the first edition of the rules: "Russian assembly" and "Price to 1 million rubles ". The Lifan us to comment on the situation did not become, but Gennady Pavlov, Director of "Chery Auto Rus", I copied all the responsibility on banks. "We have been in this situation more 2014 year, and we know, that we do not participate in state programs of support and will not participate. We then explained to the government, it is the banks themselves are not willing to work with us. We have spoken with the banks, they confirmed, it is their decision ". Still would, having on hand a list of government with machines, which will compensate, it does not confirm? Which bank will work for themselves to the detriment of!

Now let us return to the beginning of the year and remember, that the government has renewed the lease program from the state support 21 January. Imagine for yourself, we have on hand, and this "undercover list». true, some leasing companies, included in the program, probably, did not know, that he is "undercover" and void sumnyashesya published it on their own sites. But our sample — from the government-mail.

Recall, that segodnyaschy iteration of the state program to support leasing focused on commercial vehicles, but, in the form, in which the list originally came to us, there were no vans Peugeot and Citroen, collected at the plant "PSMA Rus" in Kaluga on a full cycle, (a), potochnee, the method CKD-2. We rang five leasing companies, starting with the status of VTB-Leasing and further down the list, it turned, what, really buy French vans under the state program can not be! Here again, the lessor can understand: if the government says in advance, that such a model will not be compensation, Why then operate at a loss? true, almost a week after, As we began to "inquire", vans Peugeot and Citroen miraculously included in the program.

In the present state of our list of the lease program attention is drawn to two lines. Firstly, the program allowed Lada Largus. Yes, yes, if anyone knew, regardless of the performance of interior and exterior, Lada Largus - is a light commercial vehicle, certified in our market for the category N1. 2-th line - an explanation of the UAZ position: "all models, except Hunter and models based on it ".

Remember the recent wave of information on the subject of, that UAZ Hunter «became a truck"? I do not know, wondered whether despite the fact that our colleague would have one question, why it happened, (a), more precisely, why only passenger UAZ suddenly changed category. The thing is, that "Hunter" demand falls. Last year, he found a 1445 buyers, though, that Patriot, which is more expensive, than 200 thousand. rubles, has sold in the 10 just great. Management expects UAZ, that category N1 will increment selling it by the following government programs, aimed at the commercial transport.

You ask, and what our valiant army, her that, not necessary "Hunter"? Not, no longer needed. The fact, that some time ago changed the tactics of warfare: It is according to the latest concept of the need for command and staff car disappeared. Ministry of Defense of the ability to maintain UAZ, but it is a drop in the sea. So, at the end of last year UAZ Pickup abruptly walked Sales Toyota Hillux. That's just the promotion of Minborony. The fact, that action in Syria, our military just useful pickups, of which there are doing carts, placing something heavy caliber and nibudt bystrostrelyayuschee on the loading platform.

It remains to highlight one more question: and why we abut on the Chinese factor in the form of "Haveyl Motor Manufacturing Rus" plant? The fact, it is the first private Chinese assembly plant in the Russian countryside. Money invested enormous - according to various sources, the total investment will be between 18 before 25 billion rubles. The Chinese certainly, with characteristic meticulousness, We examined all the mistakes of the current investors in their attempts to gain access to funds, allocated within the framework of state. By the way, with nedavneshnih pore CEO of representation Haval Motor Rus - Frenchman Jerome This with extensive experience in the automotive sector of Russian market. Shortly speaking, by HMMR longer otmahnoshsya, This is not a "Derways", constantly in the field of law enforcement agencies.

Great Wall factory started to build in 2014 was on the ground just opened an industrial park "nodes". Great Wall loudly called "anchor resident", show plots of federal channels, Chinese shook hands. The following year, the park set up another degree - extraordinary economic zone "nodes", within which "Haveyl Motor Manufacturing Rus" plant area is not hit. And now, Attention. A resident of the industrial park has a total of only some "special benefits at the regional level", can benefit from the role of the park in the regional target programs, in this case, "Improving vkladyvatelnogo climate in Tula region". The most significant benefit - reduction of the rate of income tax to 13,5% and property tax to 0%.

And what is a resident of the Special economic "nodes" zone? Property tax, land tax, transport tax, VAT and imported duty - 0%, income tax for the first 5 years old - 2%, following 5 years old - 7%. After this period to 2065 year income tax - 15,5% instead of the conventional 20%. Plus - More trivia. Shortly speaking, Chinese people must already feel cheated and I can hardly imagine their emotions, if the Ministry of Industry zavernot their application for SPIC. Generally, all the details on this subject - at the end of the month, we just coming meeting with the plant manager HMMR Chan Syaoguanom already mentioned Jerome This.

Meanwhile,, most want the speaker on the topic - Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Government Denis Manturov Press, at least the last, for we do not yet available. To our request, decorated with the utmost rigor of ministerial rules do not meet the Ministry of Industry, a briefing on nedavneshnem, Carried out under the auspices of the Euro Business Association, press approaches were not possible, and questions from the audience — only for AEB members, that, понятно, erred in particular. by the way, representatives of the automotive industry at a briefing for some reason was not observed, Surely not invited?.. We were at the briefing, and, like Zhvanetskogo, ascertained, that "the Minister of the meat and dairy industry, there are very good looking", But "accumulated problems". For example, can we consider the role of rules in state programs of artificial instrument of redistribution of demand for certain models, And money for taxpayers, they are — customers of these new machines and these "certain models" in particular?..

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