Like every year to ride the new Nissan crossover

Like every year to ride on the new Nissan crossover

Most new car buyers still are "old-fashioned", buying a car on credit, and pay it, after three years selling cars, to issue a new. However, there are those, who have tasted the advantages of leasing programs, that make owning a car is not burdened with any service, no insurance, any taxes, any other associated costs, and the car can be exchanged for a new at least every year. Specifically, such a program jointly developed and Major Nissan. How it works, and what benefits?


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Those, who are familiar with the scheme of the lease, just guess in the "simple solution" is one of such proposals. A distinctive feature of the service from Major - constantly updated vehicle: the contract for the rental car is signed for one year, after which the customer can redeem the car or on favorable terms, or, it is more logical for the leasing scheme, change it to a new.

What is the benefit?

to understand, what offers benefits, rather compare it with the standard purchase cars on credit. As an example, take the "medium" option: за Nissan Qashqai 1,6 million rubles. 1-th condition of its purchase on credit - this is the initial fee 450 thousand. Obviously, Credit accompanied by the compulsory insurance of collateral: for CTP and comprehensive insurance will have to pay 50 thousand, and another in 30 cost thousands of life insurance, which also asks the majority of banks. Things like carpets in the salon and the motorist set at the time of purchase from the crowd seem inconspicuous - but even for them 5-6 thousand will have to spend.

Like every year to ride on the new Nissan crossover

Nissan Terrano '2016 asl.

So, at the same time paying about 540 thousand, customer leaves the dealership. Taking into account the average annual mileage in the first year of ownership of the machine he will need to go through this one thing, purchase a set of winter tires and twice "pereobutsya". Taking into account the cost of the TO-1 12 thousand and a decent winter tires, as well as mounting and seasonal storage of tires on current maintenance will take another thousand 60. Throw 5 thousand vehicle tax for the 144-strong car - and actually get the full cost of vehicle ownership, not including optional "special stages" such as substitution of "music", seat covers and the rest.

And the third item of expenditure when buying a car on credit - it is actually the loan itself. In our conditions provided kazhdomesyachnogo payment 37 thousand for the first year will have to pay 444 thousand rubles. Adding to this amount, the size of the initial payment, as well as the cost of insurance and car ownership in the first year, we get around 1,1 million rubles - and ahead there are still a few years of the loan, service, of mandatory insurance, etc..

Like every year to ride on the new Nissan crossover

Nissan X-Trail (T32) '2017 NV.

Against this background programm "simple solution" fully justifies its name. The bottom line is, A what, by car, pretty easy to come to a showroom with a package of documents, make an advance payment, kazhdomesyachnomu equal to one - and go on a new car. It is not necessary to insure themselves or, no cars at their own expense, You do not need to pay for registration with, no need to pay extra for floor mats and even THEN: everything is included in the payment kazhdomesyachny. In view of the, that the leasing scheme, the actual owner of the lessor is registered in the name of Major Pros, transport tax, insurance and registration pays exactly he. Thus, to leave the cabin on the new Nissan Qashqai, in this case it will be necessary 33,5 thousand rubles - and no unaccounted for additional costs.

2-th advantage of leasing - no need to pay for the service and maintenance of the car: All this is also taken into account in the payment kazhdomesyachnom. By purchasing a car for the use of programmke "simple solution", the client receives a "complete" winter tires, free tire and seasonal storage of wheels, as well as TS-1. Simply put, can only refuel the car and drive it - everything else is taken care of in advance.

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Nissan Qashqai 2017 n.v.

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Nissan Terrano '2016 asl.

Well, the third plus leasing program - is, that even with the full car insurance, his service, maintenance and vehicle tax payment kazhdomesyachny still remains below, than traditional credit offers. For our Qashqai for 1,6 million he is 33,5 thousand rubles. Multiplying it by 12 months and adding the advance payment, we'll get 435,5 thousand rubles - this will be the total cost for the first year of ownership of the machine programmke "simple solution".

Like every year to ride on the new Nissan crossover

Nissan Qashqai 2017 n.v.

And another plus: these costs can be significantly lower, after participating in the program not only Nissan Qashqai, but others are popular crossovers represented Terrano and X-Trail. Thus kazhdomesyachny payment for the larger Nissan X-Trail is not very different from that calculated above for Qashqai: crossover configuration SE Yandex cost 36,5 thousand a month. But Terrano markedly cheaper: front-wheel drive car in the Elegance + version will cost only 26 thousand a month, and all-wheel drive - by 28 with thousands of small.

Should I take, to sell?

Taking into account all, Tell that above, те, who are used to change the car quite often, and not drive it for five to seven years, have the opportunity to take an interest in such a proposal. In fact, besides the already mentioned insurances, taxes and service the machine must be also profitable to sell - either put in a trade-in, getting a bit less money, but to gain a discount on the latest machine. The leasing scheme and these experiences nullified: sell anything do not have to, all amounts, including the residual value, fixed and known in advance. Generally, if you really want to always drive a new car, Think - is it worth buying, her, to sell?

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