Test drive Exeed TXL

Test drive Exeed TXL

Let us briefly recall: Exeed - a new “premium” Cherry brand, aimed primarily at the local Chinese market, but eventually plans to bring the machine and in the Russian Federation. TX - debut model brand, and TXL - extended its modification. Immediately after the presentation of the car, we have made it a short overview, and now we complement that picture sled impressions and details, which escaped from us when we first met.


Repeat with depression

Many blamed the Chinese manufacturers want to copy everything in a row. Chief designer Chery Kevin Rice, previously responsible for the European design office Mazda, and before that worked at Opel and Italdesgn, partly agreed with this. But also noted the difficult position of Chinese manufacturers: they simply do not have their school. If the Yankees, Europeans and Japanese own style took shape decades, the Chinese at this time was not. Manufacturers from China had to go all the way almost a decade. By itself, take place without the help of others all the way from the pontoon body to modern lights-scholochek it would be difficult.

And do not find in the guise TXL features Range Rover. Such trends are really ...

In addition, stylistically Exeed will alienate Tiggo. It should be restrained and serious, but Tiggo - this is a game of curves and creativity. Anyway, they say about this direction in the future.

I TXL appearance seemed quite harmonious. And without that rather big car (4 775 x 1 885 x 1 706) See more because of the fringing edges of the side glass doors wobbly while maintaining the black racks in any body color.

Some comments I had a car, standing on a board. Then he looked the other TXL — on any other car I no longer meet the curves of different color bumpers. And with the doors would be necessary to work better. more precisely, with moldings and rubber seals. Everything is glued crookedly, molding and still not one hundred percent.

Всё это, of course, поражает. After the exhibition, international salon, thousands of journalists from around the world, are under the magnifying glass will consider the car ... And yet, year after year we have to fix the offensive stuff here.

On tank, antifreeze and ball bearings

Get more or less complete information on the new techno crossover still hard, so we'll watch it yourself.

About this car we were in charge of the motor in the first review. This 1.6-liter engine turbovanny 1.6TGDI (SQRF4J16) a series of third-generation Acteco. And it really looks modern. Well, by Chinese standards.

Test drive Exeed TXL

Block — duralumin, two phase shifter. And new for this series of Chinese engines appeared quite a lot. And nearly all new items designed to reduce fuel consumption.

For example, 1.6TGDI put on steel overrunning clutch generator. And yet pererablotali cooling and lubrication system: Now the engine runs at the lowest oil pressure, and losses of the new oil pump is also decreased. Piston group, too, has changed a lot. Skirts have pistons protivofriktsionnoe coating based on molybdenum sulfate.

In a word, intention to reduce fuel consumption was definitely. Happened? Well, in practice to measure flow until there was nowhere. But judging by the technical characteristics, average consumption in various models in the TX and TXL should range from 6,8 to 7,4 l. on 100 kilometers. By itself, these flawless figures from life a little out of touch. But there is excellent news.

Look at this publication in Instagram

We continue to slowly Kolupaev EXEED TXL. We found this information here. Manual it confirms. Cheers, you can do without HBO! #Cherry #exeed #tx

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By the way, if the drain gasoline from here, может, not difficult, then pour the antifreeze will be much harder. Apparently, suffering from an excess of plastic material in the country, Chinese did fully protect the dead engine compartment. Available only accessible to the washer fluid reservoir and - all of a sudden! - before the filling tube conditioner. But even so, to pour antifreeze, protection will have to take, unscrewing the screws. Such is the unobtrusive "zavlekalochka" the dealer.

The car, on which we are going to ride, boasts a contribution to her Getrag professionals, who participated in the development of a new semistupnogo robot with two clutches 7DCT. But we already had read about, that Russian TX / TXL to that box will not be - considered the Chinese, we do not like bots. Can, it is so, but variator, who will stand on our machine, we also do not recognize. But nowhere to go: gidrotransformatornyh AKP have no Exeed, Mechanics - especially. Laksheri same.

Test drive Exeed TXL

M3H platform allows to put CVT or DCT, as well as to apply a full or front-wheel drive. true, is feared, that all-wheel drive TX / TXL we may not be. view, the wait is not so long.

Both the front, and the independent rear suspension, spring. And if you lie on your belly and crawl under the car, it can be seen, A what, eg, ball bearings immediately riveted. It's great - they can be changed without replacing the lever assembly. But decent protection from the bottom of the bottom, I did not see - there is only plastic anthers. Drive through the woods on this machine, for sure, not worth it. And if it is with the CVT - the more.

Who knew life ...

Now we'll move to the salon. Here there really is a reason to rejoice for Chinese! He is not only a very nice outside, but also comfortable, functional, "Odorless". And yet it is spacious enough. To the shortcomings of'll take only the abundance of black "grand piano lacquer" — Mara, he is very easy. Yes, and upholstery materials doors are already beginning to suffer from scratches.

Besides the "glove box" in front of the front passenger of a small glove box and have the driver. Many can not be put back, but just glove - just.

Test drive Exeed TXL

Not forgotten about and rear passengers. In addition to their personal interior lights, there is also two USB-charging from the end of the driver's armrest. In this case, the rear seats also niskolechko not closely: Me with growth 1,8 m completely enough space in your lap, and over his head, and the side. And if we add more and a good volume of trunk (good to the eye - it was not possible to find even these figures), it turns generally excellent. But behind the wheel of a still better.

A better here because of the many just needed a modern car such level "buns". I will not rewrite the presentation, just say, that is all. Even the adaptive cruise control, which runs until 150 km / h.

Let's try to go. Immediately pleases comfortable fit - even here we guessed the length of the seat cushion, where many somehow try to save. true, lateral support expressed very weakly, but so far it does not matter. Sit comfortably - and it's great.

Test drive Exeed TXL

2-oh pleasant shock - insulation. Motor at low speeds can not be heard, and looking ahead, I note, that even the sound of the wheels is not itself too loud. And the car wrapped in are not the narrow 19-inch tires 225/55. translate joystick (and the automatic transmission selector is really more like a joystick, than the lever), dent pedal to the floor — and ... And nothing. Boat thinks. About, I traveled! more precisely, quietly shifted the car from a place. As might be wait, 1,6-liter engine for such a machine - it is not serious. In addition, there is another snag.

Most power 190 HP. only available when 5 500 rev / min, and before these revolutions (practically — the beginning of the tachometer red zone) motor still need to unwind. And it is in the heavy machine does not hurt, then turns. It was only when he begins to yell "Zurbagan" voice Presnyakov, Exeed starts to go. And still not very fast. Not a "premium".

But if the floor sharply ottormozitsya, and then just as sharply to turn in rotation, heavy crossover behaves quite adequately. Naturally, he was a little "falls" in the bank, but its weight is forgivable. And electrical helpers nothing to blame: our Juza, no demolition, no drift, they were not allowed. We leave again on a straight section. Again, hard to not hide the tears of resentment for the motor.

Test drive Exeed TXL

Could be, the situation will correct the appearance of the two-liter turbo engine of the same series Acteco, which has already passed the tests. But so far - no. What a shame. If this car a bit better collect and put her usual engine (and better - and hydromechanical box), The situation would have changed radically. But how will go Exeed in the Russian version of this turbozhuzhzhalkoy and variator - it is generally difficult to imagine.

In China, which was presented this car, there is a strange dessert - a croissant with wasabi. outside is sweet, steady snutri. Having tried once, second usually do not take. This is such a very subtle hint.

Test drive Exeed TXL

We have not uttered, when it is possible to wait for the appearance of this car in Russia. If the new Tiggo 8 despite the fact that would be something clear (it has already sent to the certification in Russia, so that it is possible, By the end of the year, "eight" from our dealers will), then with Exeed yet harder. What if you're lucky, and Chinese by the time the test will finish its two-liter engine? That's happiness will be ...


you like a beautiful interior with lots of LCD-screens;
I want to have a car with a "full ground meat";
You have a big family.

You do not like EXEED TXL, IF:

you believe, that the premium may be only the "Germans". Well, even "the Japanese";
you want to go quickly;
sometimes you want to knead on a crossover dirt.

Test drive Exeed TXL

Pollyou would get yourself Exeed TXL?

Yes! I like

We need to look at the price and feel, but I will not dismiss


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