Test drive the rarest pickup ZAZ968MP

Test drive a rare pickup ZAZ968MP

Not, it is not "farm" or "custom"! Yes, This pickup truck with a rear engine location. Yes, this is the modification, which in Russian Wikipedia describes as "for internal transport" (what, by the way, not exactly). And that, This ZAZ on the move and restored with the smallest discharge of from authentic structure.



ZAZ-968MP, 1993 year of production in a body "pickup"
The engine cooling air V4 41 hp, rear-wheel drive, PSG-4
The certificate of registration number - "passenger pick-up".
acquired 2017 , under restoration, restoration completed 2019 year.
Format recovery machines formulates its owner so - "inexpensive restoration with the highest preservation of authenticity".

The owner of the

Vladislav Donets, Moskvich, 32 of the year, economist.
Machines by occupation is not engaged, but it is interested in a hobby. Interests - Russian auto industry. Credo — unsystematic collecting and spontaneous purchases. In addition to the hero of this article owns VAZ 2101 1971 of the year, VAZ-2102 1979 of the year, GAZ-24 1973 of the year, re-export diesel wagon GAZ-24 Scaldia 1979 of the year.

Information about the sale of the car I saw a case, and with its features I was not yet familiar. Googling - realized, that is a rare thing and very exciting. I sold the car man, well-known in the get-together owners of rare cars and "Cossacks" in particular. He found the truck in a village in the Republic of Mari El. The car was in a terrible state - in the village, he rot in the backyard. In the back were screwed rough plank benches for the transport of persons, and he was brim full of empty bottles of vodka ... In the end I got it for a very modest sum 40 000 rubles, that rare car with the documents - not expensive at all.

model history

Not many people know, that Zaporozhye car pickups produced from ancient times! That's just who rarely saw them live, because these cars do not go to the implementation of, and used for internal needs - at tremendous areas between shops constantly needed something to deliver small volumes, but quickly. Such machines are for the enterprise did not leave the area, and registration, obviously, not placed. Although there is an aspect - community old school "Cossacks" fans found out, that was shipped to the needs of departmental sanatorium at the plant about 10 ka quite trademarks and registered in the SAI copies in 70 years!

Officially formalize pickup for mass implementation, as a separate body from the introduction to the documents, it was decided only at the turn of the end of the restructuring and the beginning of the Union, based on the model ZAZ-968M. ZAZ management has assumed, that the similar car can be in demand among the population, Rushing in the wake of troubled period who are cooperative business, who farm ... Especially, niche that was not actually occupied — Soviet industry diversity pickups consumer did not indulge.

Start year of release "mikrogruzovichkov" on the basis of ZAZ-968M with the additional letter "P" in the index is not exactly set. Most of early heading serial car of the, that are known to collectors, dated 90 th year. But the release date is considered to be the end of the 1994 th, For pick-up did not produce, together with the removal from the assembly line flow across species ZAZ-968 and the final transition to the line of Tavriya. Overall, pickups ZAZ-968MP was released about 2500 thousands of pieces - this information is unofficial, but believes in the community "zazovodov" more or less reliable.

The overwhelming majority of these 2-a-half thousand cars remained (in)in Ukraine, because they are actually produced in the post-Soviet era and are no longer exported to Russia. Imported single copies — except that holders, to move to permanent residence in this country. With this in mind,, and because incredibly low corrosion resistance "zazikov", in Russia "Constipation pickup" is the extreme rarity. In the metropolitan area of ​​ZAZ-968MP can be counted on the fingers of one hand.


At the pick-up were the most curves, Body culled ZAZ-968M ... A factory development of the formation of the open cargo bay was very rough and slipshod. The rear part of the roof with struts Cut "on live", and the lower band is welded windows several welding points bent U-shaped tube. Actually, she formed the edge of the truck board. A trim panel in the cargo compartment was made by a similar technology with vnutrisalonnoe! I.e, hardboard (upressovannaya trash) roughly tight black vinyl. obviously, when installed in the open back of hardboard get wet from the rain, Humpback and crumbled ...

Because of these, under favor, "Technologies", rottenness pickups rapidly - even more actively, than ordinary ZAZ-968. After all, the car no one proschityval taking into account the requirements for the open back of a pickup. Respectively, cavity and niches, who in the car, and were protected by glass roof, It turned out to be open to all precipitation, They hoarded moisture and quickly rusted. Aggravated all these vile color quality in recent years, production of the model. Just this instance finished off a long open-air life in a remote village - body works new owner waiting for very large-scale ...

Invalid donor was acquired for restoration project 1993 year low mileage, garage storage and in excellent condition. Since it took for pickup iron, weight trim parts, partly — engine. When you compose the body of the details of the 2-machines there were many problems on adjustment — the end of the era of release ZAZ-968M factory stamps completely worn out and stamped body parts with terrible quality. The doors did not fit openings, locked with the metal of the metal-touch, Clearances hood and trunk did not climb in any gate. During his agony in the village pick-up repeatedly was painted with a brush and a paint have, but its native color was called "corrida" and was bright red. properly, his car and returned with the final works on the body.

Another problem was the quality of existing in the sale of spare parts. It is not in principle ... It is very difficult to buy a normal brake cylinders (them in the car 6 - two on the front drum and one for the rear), hard to find unique stuff — specific clip, Embedded nuts, etc.. For example, and failed to find ... until the inner door handles! At the unique details in the attachment points to the door there is the insertion of the white plastic, which will eventually disintegrate into a powder, and most of the pens become unusable, despite the fact that retain the look ... So long as the handle had to be temporarily put similar — from some Moskvich.

Unusual difficulty was to find a gasket between the stove and the body. This rubber part is very complex shape - it does not replace the sealant, not cut from a sheet of rubber, not print the 3D-printer. Find it not so easy - laying the last years of release, 80-90-x, almost crumble in their hands, but the more the early and still retain the integrity and resilience.

The famous' ve obraznik "air cooling, monogastric carburetor K-133 and the oil-inertial air filter — endless pain almost every zazovladeltsa ... As hosts "constipation" envied the owners of Loisy, which allowed the engine bay without much difficulty to change the native forever overheated "heart" in a much more quiet, balanced and high-torque motor from the "Lada"!

Test drive a rare pickup ZAZ968MP

Trunk - very harshness, it is difficult to imagine, your bags and other luggage will peacefully coexist with the control gear, battery, window washer tank, and petrol "Webasto"!

— Why "Zaporozhets" in front of the trunk?

— Therefore,, that at such speeds it is necessary to look after the little things ...

(An old Soviet anecdote)

Test drive a rare pickup ZAZ968MP

by the way, despite the fact that our sample battery is installed in front of, this is not an axiom - the factory workers on several occasions during the production of the model changed the position of the battery front to back and back. Such "rationalization", offered by engineers and mechanics, welcomed and steadily paid. But the presence of meaning in versions of mandatory criterion was not ...

Test drive a rare pickup ZAZ968MP

Test Drive

I sit down behind the wheel and lift the memory of feelings Wheelchair ZAZ-968 grandfather of my classmate, where we have a nice lighted in his youth (not with his grandfather - a classmate!)… seats, narrow and nearly vertical non-adjustable backs, are actually close to each other - even a small bag with documents on the floor tunnel did not really find place! hand presses the door to the left, Right - passenger. Oddities in the senses adds the finest wheel ("Bagel" twisted plastics rod half centimeters thick), as well as standing vertically tiny pin gearshift lever, which is crowned with a small knob, reminiscent of the marker cap. All is not as, as in modern cars, and it is in the wrong place, where it is waiting for muscle memory - if the car was made for creatures, considerably differ from people physique and physiology ...

Thank God, that at least the spokes traditional tumblers turn indicators, by VAZ "six" - in an invalid version of the 968-th turns posted tiny and awkward switch on the front panel!

Our test drive and photo shoot - it's second in a row out of a pickup from the garage "in the world" after restoration. Asphalt reincarnated car has not really beheld. For this trust we have forgiven him poorly regulated traction and a binding, actuable spurts gas pedal, Naked rope from which overcomes the friction in nightmare Writhing steel tube, leading from the driver's right foot to the motor in the trunk. Wherein, despite the fact that in this hard to believe, on the way from the metro to the Academic Institute, I managed to never die - thanks to perfectly adjust the carburetor!

Actually, in the dynamics of ZAZ-968MP is no different from ordinary ZAZ-968M with a 40-horsepower engine. If you do not be afraid to push the gas (and the majority of drivers "Cossacks" usually stood on the road is extremely sluggish pedaling), Machine overclocking not lose the classic "Lada" and demonstrates a good liveliness, even in the modern street stream. cheerfulness (deceptive) adds booming due to the primitiveness of the exhaust muffler.

Even minor irregularities on a decent road felt uncomfortable because the front torsion Tryasuchev (with steel rods, working on the elastic torsional) pendants. From lock to lock steering wheel makes tugovato 3,5 turnover - maneuvers in confined spaces uncomfortable, and on the speed of the machine control - concept for our pick-up is very conditional. But the brakes, oddly enough, censures did not cause - I was expecting even worse by the lack of vacuum booster with the drums in a circle, but the reaction on the pedal and the slowdown proved to be very comfortable and predictable.

Very nice, that even in a traffic jam did not give itself felt brand Zaporozhye overheating, characteristic, probably, 9 of 10 copies. The fact, that a prerequisite for heavy duty motor-vent were in most cases the two factors - a thick oil-mud "coat" on the engine and liberties in dealing with regular air guide parts. shields, distributing engine under the hood of the air flow from the fan with a belt drive, Drivers loved every possible way to modify and even throw ("So as not to interfere with the cooling!»). In our pickup perfectly clean engine, and all parts of cooling system maintained and carefully secured in their places.

Test drive a rare pickup ZAZ968MP

Not easily get off the driver's seat, I once again look around from this funny little car, and trying to understand - and how, in principle, to be useful and justified the release of a pickup truck on the basis of ZAZ-968M ? That's how I shipped it, let us say, sacks of potatoes or, eg, bricks? Heck, not at all! Behind the cargo compartment not get at all - there at pickup, as well as at least some "constipation", hood with the engine. On the sides of the cast in the car it is possible unless the bags of hay — loading height is very big, fill kuzovok something heavy would be very difficult, and unload - even more so… How to Alas, We need to recognize, that practical and utilitarian point of view the creation of such a modification was absurd, fruit srachnogo Zaporozhye "genius" troubled epoch ...

Generally, Today utility forgotten, the main thing - it's ecstasy and fan, which is a tiny bright red little car on the road gives the owner and all others! Car willingly give place even in cramped traffic, everyone strives to zoom and show thumb. It is worth to own!

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