Test drive cross-coupe Changan CS85

Test drive cross-coupe Changan CS85

In related news updates on the Chinese and only debate that on the next "killer" - is a extremely popular Hyundai buried, the Volkswagen, else who abruptly. Changan CS85 - from the same cohort of "Assassins with their hands tied": face, he came out good, Kormos - fashion, and dimensions - seems to be identical with the BMW X4. However, we have a mock-loud speculation will not do - and not only because of, that CS85 while locked on its own domestic market without the possibility of someone something to prove, but also because, that the X4 to it in any of the senses is simply not mature enough. truth, literally on the days of the car made its debut in Russia, with whom he could completely butt - Renault Arkana. Let's try to learn from an ultrashort test drive awareness, how successful this correspondence fight.


Velikodushnaya aziatchina

One of the main advantages of external CS85 - it is the overall balance and proportionality. waist: Design Chinese cars, already staying at the ripening stage, It has not blameless, and often promising concepts in product lines are distorted cars, giving rise to imbalances. Among the pleasant examples are the Lifan MyWay - the highest and quite large seven-seat crossover, which was so tiny wheel arches, that looks like a bodybuilder, who does not know about the existence of "a day or legs".

Changan have similar flaws there: in front of, favorable traits turned out to stress, and undistinguished brighten. For example, the proportional wheel arches visually further increased uncolored plastic, a prestigious sloping roof line, relating it to the so-called "cross-coupe", outlined with silver roof rails. Throw right signposted waist line under glazing, so that designers love crossovers, and chromium are typical strokes on bumpers and rear optics - and obtain completely uniform and harmonious way.

Test drive cross-coupe Changan CS85

Generally, and not without drawbacks. At the sight of "three-quarters" in the eye throws "shortage" of the wheels, who are sitting too deep in the arches. At equivalent track front and rear wheels 1 565 mm body width almost 30 centimeters more - 1 845 mm, and this difference can be offset completely "shoe". However, the top 19-inch wheels with regular tires of dimension 225/55 R19 too narrow and have a big enough departure.

Well, another feature, which is fully able to disguise in the proportions - a large overhangs at not the longest wheelbase. Обычно, speaking of comparisons with BMW X4, all mention only to the overall length, that the "German" at all 3 centimeters more - 4 752 mm vs. 4 720 mm. But at the same wheelbase it exceeds that in Changan for good 16 cm - 2 864 mm vs. 2 705. Premium status requests of spaciousness in the cabin, and the longitudinally extending powertrain effect - hence the difference. Changan same wheelbase of inferior even to one of the main novelties 2019 of the year, about which we had read in the beginning - a cross-coupe Renault Arkana, which has 2 721 mm wheelbase limits. Thus in general the dimensions greatly exceeds CS85 "French", which has only 4 545 mm in length - that is,, on 17,5 cm shorter. Here's another Chinese cross-coupe in size no longer similar to Changan: We are talking about Geely FY11, with whom we met in person a month back. The total length of the "Chinese buffet" on 12 see less — 4 605 mm, but the wheelbase is virtually identical: 2 700 mm.

techno base, underlying CS85, largely familiar to us from the crossover CS75, that even in version dorestaylingovoy, but we sold. borrowing a platform, cross-coupe received 5 mm wheelbase increase to (in CS75 is exactly 2 700 mm), but it retained independent suspension - MacPherson at the front and rear mnogoryichazhka. Thus all, that "naroslo" top - his: common body panels have CS85 with the "primary source" is not.

Test drive cross-coupe Changan CS85

And motor palette in "kupeobraznogo" crossover own: until it is made up of the 1st two-liter engine, but it should soon be replenished more moderate and favorable for China's 1.5-liter. Today's motor is equipped with a supercharger and direct injection, allowing it to develop 232 HP. and issue 360 Nm torque in the range of 1750 to 3500 оборотов в минутку. By the way, despite the boost and direct injection, Chinese are officially allowed to use gasoline with octane number not below 92.

Another nice news for the consumer - is, that is paired with two-liter engine running 8-speed conventional automatic transmission from Aisin, and works, As we found out a bit later, quite smoothly. Against this background, a little ambiguous, you can accept the fact, that the company to the upcoming 1.5-liter engine dispatched 7-speed mechanized carton with two clutches in an oil bath. But from the "entry» CS75 CS85 another difference at the moment - is the lack of all-wheel drive versions. In fact, variations in cross-coupe with all-wheel drive, implemented, as well as on fellow man, means multi-disc clutch, They were declared, but as long as the price list are only front wheel drive cars - and the appearance of the 1.5-liter engine does not promise to change in this respect,.

Almost in the latest fashion

Against the backdrop of trendy-looking interior CS85 may even seem very traditional - are classics longer, than high-tech. For example, wide-screen multi-media system is not submitted in the form of a tablet, and typically entered into the front panel, The panel meets not "aluminum" or "carbon fiber", and banal black glossy plastic, and the overall architecture of the lung. Lovers look for in a "Chinese" secondary design decisions in the first 30 seconds quickly list a clearance of speakers in the doors, which we have seen in the Mercedes, wheel of the BMW and the selector lever from Audi - mission accomplished, Now you can relax and look around.

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Front seats, covered with perforated red kozhzamom, which defines all the color contrast in the cabin, comfortable: profile rather flat, but soft pillow, and the side assist unobtrusive, but perceptible. For the benefit of tactile sensations that works, that all the "zone of contact with the outside world" is finished plastic and upholstered in the same kozhzamom: under the left elbow - myagenkaya insert, window-sill insert with stitching - myagenkaya, as the front panel, a box under his right elbow - "leather". Against this background is doubly insulting to look at the black plastic in the center console of the working zone: if the insert in front of the passenger is not functional, here glossy panel is covered with fingerprints and woefully creaking at hand.

However, the focus of the driver is not addressed here, and on two screens. Тот, that is located in front of the eyes, to place on the dashboard - optional: the database then 7-inch display, well, we, in the best version - on 10,25 inch. Graphics guileless, but the resolution is not bad, and the picture is not scattered on pixels. The same is true for the screen multimediyki with some unusual aspect ratio: He greatly extended horizontally, giving a final format near 1:3.

Test drive cross-coupe Changan CS85

This orientation has a practical application: The screen may affect more than one application at once - similar to the division of the desktop on your phone. On the whole, more than good functionality - here and navigation, and online music services, and even access the web with 4G and the ability to distribute the web on Wi-Fi is already in the base version. There, true, screen on 10 inches, and not 12,3, like we have. But here was not without a spoon of tar: advanced multimediyka turned out to be not very frisky: responses capacitive screen is not always instantaneous, and thoughtful system - even when scrolling through screens happen "freezes". Generally, capacity "iron" here a little lacking.

Between the central screen and manual selector buttons located combo box, combining the physical and tactile buttons. It looks interesting, but to use a combination of expected raises questions. More "analog" keys are convenient - here next to control heating and seat ventilation are buttons supporting systems: Parktronic, radial viewing and control strip. But beneath them it was "a mixed climate unit - and if the" rocking "of temperature and blowing intensity control buttons just grope blindly, the prospect of adjacent touch sensor buttons are not amused. Yes, and here is located the monochrome screen, showing climate settings, not too much contrast and the sun disappears in the general gloss.

Organization of placement of small things in the cabin is comfortable: in addition to the 2-large cupholders, hinged lid covered with glossy, there is a large, but rustic decorated box under the right elbow, and the additional compartment is located between them: there hid a set of 12-volt power outlet, two USB and MicroSD card slots, which the, unfortunately, nothing covered. Well, apart from the main front glove box there is a small folding pocket, located on the left knee of the driver. It's a pity, that the door pockets are flat and do not have vyshtampovki Bottle.

Test drive cross-coupe Changan CS85

In our tests the, obviously, It was the top-end equipment, but something that gives a clue, sensation that saving on the details will not be in a more moderate. For example, windows with closers on all doors immediately, and the individual lights is not only the front, but also for the rear passengers. The test car was the climate control dual zone ionization, but the one-zone included already in the basic set, as well as the hatch, that we have "grown" to the panoramic roof with electric drive. In addition, in the basic equipment includes front and side airbags and absolutely diode optics, and among the options - curtain airbags, automatic control of the distant light, adaptive cruise control, circular scanning system, bandwidth control and so on. Among unusual for us aspects may be noted, heated seats that occurs only in the top version - but there he, along with seat ventilation and memory on two positions.

Back row did not bring revelations: in store sufficient legroom, but without the "victims" has not done. Compared with Changan CS75 back sofa cushion probably dropped a few centimeters, but even with my height in 175 see the gap between the top and the ceiling was the least - people will have to be located higher than the average reclining. This favors the, that the backrest is adjustable tilt. truth, heating is not here - just two of the features USB-connector, and those are only available in top-end configuration.

Trunk - also without the frills: Chinese volume numbers do not result, but feels it is about 400 liters a simple volume. opening wide, and the shape of the aft baggage expected outstretched, but it is limited in height. Guests - only lights on the edges and pockets, but no nets, Rails and other resources of the organization are not foreseen.

Impression, but outlook

Unfortunately, to get acquainted with the machine in motion has been allocated very little time and, and space: at our disposal was broken into two "tracks" the runway of a small airfield. Acceleration and deceleration section, spread, snake from cones - that's the whole "test bed". So that the present opinion on the car build, of course, It did not work - but the first impression is quite possible.

Test drive cross-coupe Changan CS85

on dispersal, despite the curb weight in 1,7 tons (1 665 – 1 730 kg depending on the equipment), CS85 behaves decently. Dynamics, of course, moderate - but since the motor output at peak thrust since 2 thousand revolutions of its shortage is not felt, despite the fact that there is no margin under the pedal. Interesting, It behaves like a 1.5-liter Changan, because already there engine feels enough, what is called, without a large supply. However, it is worth noting, that the setting of the power unit devoted plenty of time, being able to get the most from the combination of its own motor and 8-stage hydromechanical automatic Aisin. Link rovnenko, Switching smoothed - the truth, AKP some "regrets" the motor, switching a bit earlier, Turnover achieved than in the red zone 6,5 thousand. Nevertheless, against the backdrop of some Chinese cars, who "do not go to the proper volume", CS85 is quite provides the, what you expect from him.

Noise insulation is successfully coping with the sound of tires, but to disperse approximately 4,5 thousand sound of the engine is already perceptible breaks in the salon. But aerodynamic noise until 100-120 km / h is very moderate - to the motor does not mixed. truth, unclear, Were regular tires Yokohama Geolandar G91, in which the test car was wearing - own contribution to the moderation of the background noise, they probably brought.

You can remember about them, and to speed the snake, where CS85 did not feel out of place. Suspension does not call very dense or collected - it is expected tends to comfort, and not to the sport, which results in a moderate, but tangible roll on perestavki. But the wheel Electric Power, though does not give clear feedback, however, does not allow itself to delays in responses. With slow maneuvering it felt artificial force, and near-zero area there is a small blur, which, however, It does not turn around the need to taxi on the line. But not the slightest claim does not appear on the brakes - they are tenacious and clear, easy to predict inhibition, and after a sudden stops with 130 km / h, they are not forced to a question no odor, or configuration of the pedal effort.

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Would chance to lasso market?

In the absence of the supply CS85 plans for our market, as well as the debut in the same class of the new blockbuster potentsalnogo represented Renault Arkana, We can only speculate about, how successful would become their competitiveness. After all, for this comparison, a fully objective reasons. Now Russia sold soplatformenny Changan CS75, and he stood by 1,4 to 1,55 million rubles excluding discounts. In China, the price fork wider: from 95 800 to 154 800 yuan - that is,, about 900 to 1,45 million rubles at the current rate. In this way, without taking into account differences in local prices trim even have "overlap" with the Chinese.

Against this background, doubly exciting two facts. Firstly, prices sold at the moment CS85 with two-liter engine found in the range from 136 900 to 169 900 yuan. The ruble is on 1,3 to 1,6 million - that is,, Changan best is quite a bit more expensive than we debuted Renault Arkana, that stands up to 1,5 millions of the most complete. AND, by the way, almost the same, as mentioned earlier, and Geely FY11, who recently appeared in Chinese showrooms in value from 136 to 209 yuan — i.e, from 1,25 to 1,95 million rubles. A 2-x, It will soon be available in China due to go CS85 version with a 1.5-liter turbo engine - and the previously announced prices for it are from 1,1 to 1,3 million in terms of rubles! I.e, even if the "throw" a hundred or two on "delivery", Changan still would have been in the same price range, and that the new crossover Renault. Well, the difference in size and equipment we already know all.

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We slightly compare this car with Renault Arkana and Geely FY11. What kind of parallels come to mind when you gaze at #Changan # CS85? #Changancs85 #chinacar #chinacars #suvlife #suvs # cars # car # cars # kitayskieavto

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Naturally, in sales and consumer preferences Renault have two heads taller than of any Chinese brand - for example, Changan CS75 in Russia last year, has sold the least 100 штук, while the French have sold 40 thousand and Duster 30 thousands Kaptur. But Arkana - an unprecedented product and more image-niche. And who knows, what the results might show CS85 equal to her criteria, if the buyer could vote ruble ...

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