Son of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

The scion of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

This truck now lives very difficult and sad: most of the "Autoexpert" recognized him Studebaker, and the more advanced the sofa specialists – ZIS-151 either ZIL-157. It is almost forgotten, despite the fact that assessed fairly high in the Great Patriotic this car. It is time to restore a bit of historical justice! So – International M-5H-6.


Many letters in the UK

for sure, many remember the story of, that at the beginning of the second world war and the US government, and South American businessmen built a storm of activity: war, many associated with income. And after the action in the harbor of Pearl Harbor, after which America has officially entered the war, activity on this continent became feverish and altogether. Urgently needed a lot of trucks, who know how to ride on the front line the roads (That is, almost without roads). And there really was not. All, who wanted to make, zasuetilisy. Thus was born the Dodge WC-51 (recognized as the "three-quarters"), Willys MB, GMC CCKW, well,, naturally the same, Studebaker US6. All four of the car we tested — materials are available on the links.

Of course, that at that time more than ever it required the need to harmonize machines. On American trucks were general cargo body, electrical equipment, optics. born of, specializing in the production of standardized parts (recall, for example, United Motors Service, ACDelco future, which with 1918 year belonged to GM). Because we can say, that American trucks in early 1940 had much in common. But along with that there were many differences.

The scion of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

We all remember, as a exquisitely (in comparison with other trucks) Interior looked Studebaker US6. And it nepoprostu: Studebaker produced only passenger cars, at the same time a sufficiently high grade. There's no one in the head does not come, military truck that could be worse than the war itself, and at the same time perfectly sold. So they engage in this nonsense in the form of complex dies and any marketing labels under the hood. Although I will not refute: "Studer" turned out beautiful. Another thing — International.

By the time the M-5H-6 International Harvester Company for more than 100 years engaged in the production of agricultural implements .... Also in 1834 the inventor Cyrus McCormick, founder McCormick Harvesting Machine Company, patented crusher. His son continued his father's work successfully and in 1902 It was renamed in his father's firm International Harvester. About the company, for sure, You can talk for a long time, but I let mention just two curious facts for yourself. In 1-x, this is the company during the second world actively produced one of the most popular American rifles M1 Garand, from which the brave South American same guys thrashed in Korea, and in Vietnam. 2-Second fact more peaceful. I would have said,, even too peaceful.

The scion of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

with about 1960 to 1970 in the United States was a fun subculture as a small commune "joyful Prokaznikov" (Merry Pranksters). Guys are known for, which is very respected LSD (it is a semi-synthetic drugs such, acid, if someone does not know) and promoted its use. They also arranged a tour of America, which in the Russian translation is usually called "dalshe" ( distorted by the British Furthur instead Further). The same title — "Dalshe" — and I got the bus «prokaznikov». The first of these was the International Harvester bus 1939 Year of release, and later it was bought by another — International Harvester 1947 year. And specifically these buses were the first painted in the "acid" colors of the rainbow. A "hippie" Volkswagen T1 are only just copied. So that the palm — у International Harvester. By the way, managing "the naughty" and the main bus driver was Ken Kesey, creator of the novel "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

It's all fun, But back to our truck.

Rough, but firmly

Let's start with the frame. International could be 2 kinds — short (3 785 mm) and longish (4 293 mm) base. Our car dlinnobaznaya, which is well seen on the horizontally placed the spare tire. On korotkobaznym machines spare wheel standing upright behind the cab.

The scion of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

Even the photos can be seen, that the frame is not very wiser. The side walls are here made of very thick metal and have no welds or crimps — just two rovnenko sill. Simply, sledgehammer. And there should be as tightly. But there is no. According to the recollections of those, who on these machines had to war, in korotkobaznym "Inter" broke just the same frame. And they broke down immediately behind the cab. The problem lies not only in the frame, but in the rear of the wagon structure.

Here everything is done completely wrong, as our ZIS-6 or GAZ-AAA. And do not even like the South American and German trucks of the time. The International went their method, and the way this turned out reliable, but very, very hard. In this machine balancers through hinges connect the bottom bridges. Top are the push rods. It turns out a kind of hard box, where the frame only balancers are fixed through springs. Because of all of this to the frame are very strong torsional loads. And since the land between the cab and the rear of the cart spot fixing in korotkobaznoy machine gets rather short, at this point the frame and broke. And here at the truck with longish base frame still could get some "play", predotvraschaya its breakdown.

Front suspension completely typical, with lever shock absorbers of bilateral action. Distinguish it just too harsh, even in those days, "locomotive" springs. Generally, behind them even more wild.

The scion of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

A little more unusual is hidden in the transmission of "Inter". In 1-x, conspicuous anthers front axle, made of leather. Well, and secondly — AWD circuit.

Look at this publication in Instagram

We beheld many razdatok, but this happens for the first time. By the way, very bad seen RK, and the parking brake drum can be seen perfectly. #testdrayv truck # # # voennayatehnika retro #international

Publication of (@kolesaru) 6 May 2019 in 1:35 PDT

This feature provides the very huge speed transfer case Thornton Tamdem Co. By itself, in it there are a number of step-down. Transmission — five-speed, i like u Studebeker.

The scion of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

Now we move on to the motor. At first, with International index M-5-6 were FBC-318B motors (100 l. from.). Then they began to put the FBC-361B, and then changed his. Our machines 1944 model year engine with costs later 111 HP. And if the whole machine gray-green color, the engine here is "red". they say, it could be great to make life easier South American rednecks, not shining literacy, but exploiting these machines even now neubivaemye: engine red color helps them to accurately find, that under the hood is Red Diamond. A is, easier to order parts, which is on sale so far.


Motor Red Diamond-361B

Motor Red Diamond-361B

Motor Red Diamond-361B

This engine overhead valve, but with the carburetor Zenith upflow. Suffice rare combination.

And one more fascinating detail can be found behind the right footrest — Here stands a real brake servo! true, we have it, it seems, does not work.

cab interior M-5H-6 leads to long and remember tractor past the entire International Company. melancholy, citizens. Sad and boring. Neither you vyshtampovok, any interesting design decisions. Despite the fact that, может, it is better, than the modern "piano lacquer" and the tree of the elite types of plastics.

The dashboard nezamudrenaya, like tarpaulin boots: fuel level indicator, ammeters, speedometer, oil pressure and temperature of the cooling water (That is, water). And on the speedometer — cover illumination devices.

A set of switches on the panel is also quite miserable: central light switch (by the way, also unified many South American military trucks), "Leak", egnition lock, fixed gas. And above it all — starter button.

Apparently, Engineers at the International on the panel does not have the strength after working seats. But with him, they tried to. He has the, that at the moment is called the adjustable cushion length. I.e, it can be moved forward or backward, but wherein the rest stand remains motionless at the rear wall of the cab. A very exciting solution. And, It seemed to me, very senseless — comfortable to sit there still nowhere.

Under the seat hidden small tool boxes, and directly under the left foot is the lamb switching between fuel tanks (Two of them are here).

Well, it is time to force it all go!

Crawling on the road

To briefly summarize driving experience of the M-5H-6, that the brain comes to ride a mechanical bull, on which to hang a few seconds. It is exactly the same tryasёt, and do nothing travels. true, bull despite the fact that would be cool on the spot, and turn the M-5H-6 is very difficult: he was clumsy, like a dead mammoth. «Inter» very confident rushing straight, rather loose and in the sand itself showed good fellow. And that is all.

All 111 HP. We went into the engine roar, which the, confess, very nice idling and easily run it cool, What's hot. Surely, this truck is not bad as a tractor or all-terrain vehicle, but go somewhere else how rapidly it is impossible to. His passport and a maximum speed 67 km / h, but in real life ... But in real life at the first bump flying head first into the ceiling, then upholstered seat in the floor. And it — at low speeds.

But good permeability. While I considered crows and staring at something, people staring at a truck, He entered the section with rather loose sand. On an elevated number of "handout" and in third gear gearbox. All, I think, But ... come tractor genes M-5H-6 have the upper hand: has actually idling engine pulled the heavy truck standards even (practically 5 300 kg) machine for hard coat. This petrol motor can envy some modern diesel engines, Ditching Euro-5 and Euro-6.

Theoretically, Transmission can then be synchronized, but without the double soaking ride did not work. Whether age, whether there is truth synchronizers ... Despite the fact that the switch is quite clear, and lack of leverage in only one box — safety "doggy". It does not need to pull up, that it would be more logical, and push down. it's embarrassing.

steering wheel, in my opinion depraved similar appliances, looks fine. Four curved spokes, narrow rim ... Classic!

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Why before the steering wheel rim was not only a huge diameter, but very thin section? British scientists group look into the matter, sitting in the International 1944 Year of release. #truck # retro # testdrayv #international

Publication of (@kolesaru) 16 May 2019 in 10:32 PDT

We will not talk here about, as the M-5H-6 "goes straight" and "keeps an arc". Somehow it passes and holding something. Shaking in the cockpit, I thought about, that the element of this car — no asphalt and no betonka (by the way, on them too shakes mercilessly at every bump and pit). for sure, He is good in the mud, where we are, of course, We did not go — in Russia it is the only way a copy of M-5H-6, and destroy it because of our test drayverskih ambitions would be inhumane. For comfort and speed, it significantly falls short of the Studebaker, but head and shoulders above Zisa (in addition to the motor and virtually 40 HP. weaker, and he bolted directly to the frame — shakes even more, rides more quietly). But these machines, for example, put "Katyusha" BM-13. And still pay attention to the right and left hooks on the front of the frame. Left (when viewed from the front) — native, and it was not right, I had to put a hook on ZIS-151. And they are completely identical. Then continue this theme will not: begin uncontrolled wildness views.

... and a few more facts

On the shortcomings of this car I said. But in the course of its operation often complained more and very quickly overgrown soot spark plugs. Likely, business in our petrol, rather than constructive motor deficiencies, but it is very hurt the reputation of the car in the Russian Army.

The scion of the war and the tractor: test drive International M-5H-6

But a look at this guide for a military truck. I think, These drawings are very cute, isn't it? Germans, for example, sometimes pictured in their manuals naked women. But not for aesthetics, and to somehow make the most Wehrmacht soldiers read manuals. Well, or at least to look at.

And it is impossible not to mention one more detail. In the US, these cars were not so much (they prefer to go to the Soviet Union and China), but they were. And cars with motors Red Diamond played a huge role — They were among the first American truck tractors. Reliability International with this engine, and even on a good road, It was almost phenomenal. Reserve strength bridges, boxes and chassis the car just mad. So that the body shot, We put tow hitch — and in a way. sluggishly, but surely.

We thank the company for providing Retrotruck to test drive a car

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