Ownership experience Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.9

Ownership experience Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.9

According to the canons of journalism, header, want to expound and explain to the reader - a bad headline ... But I still did not find the strength to renounce the use of the first, that came spontaneously to mind - a mix of names of the movie "The Fastest Indian" pro motorcycle racer Burt Munro in the performance of Anthony Hopkins and even become painfully familiar, but unforgettable and undeniable romantic gangster image Jeep Grand Cherokee in our country ...


This modification in the Grand Cherokee 1998 It was recognized as the most spirited in the world of serial SUV! Passport to disperse hundreds - 7,2 seconds (although some sources appears figure 6,8 seconds). Before the emergence of limited-edition Mercedes G-Klasse AMG by then was still very far away. Maserati brands such as, Jaguar and Bentley, even in a terrible dream could not conceive of the development of something, except sedans and coupes, a South American brand though produced SUVs with more powerful engines, Grand Cherokee lost weight and similar dynamics could not demonstrate!


Paul Kuniev, 38 years, Moskvich, It works in the field of IT in the banking sector. A lover of the South American automotive industry, a small collection for the soul contains Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am и Mercury Cougar.


Jeep Grand Cherokee, generation ZJ, 1998 Year of release, V8 Magnum-360 engine 5,9 l, ACH 4 steps.

Ownership experience Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.9

— About a year back acquaintance invited me to pokatushki 1st of Offroad Clubs, then I wanted to add some colorful wheel drive "American" in his mini collection sedans, — Paul knows:

— In the middle I'm focused on the Jeep Grand Cherokee as a more harmonious for the city mid-size SUV, despite the fact that we consider other brands and models. Also search aspect has power - I did not want to handle 250 hp threshold, To avoid paying excessive taxes ... Initially, I found the "Grand" in the wrong generation, that took (ZJ, with 1993 on 1998 year), and subsequently, younger - WJ, be issued with 1998 on 2004 year. But a Jeep-forum came across an advertisement for the sale of a motor with ZJ 5,9 to see in the Jeep community forumchanin - he sold the car in an exciting modification (version of the Grand Cherokee with an engine capacity of Magnum-360 5,9 liters produced only 1998 year), with a known history and in a very respectable state. That, that the seller lived in Karelia, The problem was not - learned the car for detailed photo and went to Petrozavodsk!

By the way, contrary to title, directly to the instance JGC frankly gangster past had. Well, Is that a little. Initially, the car was purchased some new oil tycoon in Moscow (well, we know the essence of oil 90), but after a few years, the car sold, and she went to some edge with a continental climate, where cool and snowless winters have saved her from the capital of nuclear-corrosive reagents street. After that, "Grand" moved to Karelia, where not so long ago, he returned to Moscow.

Today's owner paid for the car 460 000 rubles, that very humane for such interesting specimen. In the capital of such machines in live and near-original form quite a bit - well,, best case scenario, a dozen or two. Most of the Grand Cherokee those years if not rotted, it has long had a drink, a hundred times digested and converted into trofiynye "chops" ...

Ownership experience Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.9


Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ - traditional child his age. The car is extremely rational in everything, no external parts shall not be fake designer pretentiousness, like countless crossovers last decade. No nonfunctional protrusions and vpuklosti; solid plane: wings, doors, hood - all virtually flat, with minimal smoothing circuits. Small front overhang and expressive "hemmed" Lower Bumper — is serious and to the point.

External differences of this particular, 5,9-liter version 1998 year, by ZJ over the early years - a body-colored grille, cooling gills on the hood, which many ignorantly mistaken for a fake bill "farm", thresholds are not straight, but with a slight "arched", plus chrome nozzle on emissions. The only thing, that is non-native — This duralumin discs, relatives were five-way.


Components of this machine - «Limited». So usually designated the most expensive Grand Cherokee, not aimed at farmers and owners of family, and on the business audience. Overall, the cabin special differences from other versions ZJ not - except that the version with the motor 5,9, as it is considered, thicker and pokachestvenney skin and a little more plump and solid seats.

Packaging is very abundant: Wood trim elements, electrohatch, adjustable steering wheel, Power front seats (Both with elevator, and the driver even with the memory), power windows on all doors, Power mirrors, heated front seats, climate, Component Speaker Infinity, two front airbags, Cruise control, trip computer. The fifth door is possible to open a separate window for loading small things - this is a sign of a restyled version spotless; dorestayla have disclosed only cover entirely.

The rear seats is just as soft and amorphous, as the front. Their back can be folded flush with the boot floor, forming rovnenkoe space, suitable for the transportation of cargo or for sleeping.

Ownership experience Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.9

The trunk in this compact SUV by American standards very moderate, plus it gets even smaller, if it is in the normal position will be the reserve (in the photo it was taken). Fact, that immediately under the floor of the fuel tank is located, and there is no normal niches, so the wheel is mounted on a bracket behind the left rear passenger.


Acquiring twenty car, whose whole life from the first kilometers on the odometer was held in ideal conditions, far from Russia, Paul was well aware, that in order to bring it in stock and at the technical level in impeccable condition will require a considerable amount of work. Thankfully, It was the least body problem - a slightly rotted amplifiers in the niches of the front wheels, and a small external rust affected thresholds. The interior has been demolished, trivia podvareny, passing completely flooring laundered (the entire floor had enough of the 1st bottle cleanser - take note, if someone does not know!), whereupon the bottom and sills treated antikorroziantom.

The second most important after the automotive body, obviously, It is the engine. Interestingly, that this very rare for the Grand Cherokee 5.9-liter engine vpryskovyh hard not to be confused with the much more vserasprostranennym 5.2-liter. In fact, the only visual difference 5,9 a blower motor (in 5,2 - viskomufta). This engine is known primarily for a big and heavy Dodge Ram and Dodge Durango, but the Grand Cherokee 1998 , he has other nuances and Settings - if 5,2, as it should be, perfectly digests 92nd, The 5,9 It asks quite unusual for older Americans 98-octane gasoline! Well, or at least 95 minutes from the category of premium branded species, as usual even on the 95th begins detonation — the very sound of, which for decades has incorrectly called the drivers "ringing fingers".

The engine on this JGC, fortunately, proved bodrenkim, demonstrating excellent traction and compression - to climb into it seriously did not have. Thank for preserving the health of the motor later 20 s necessary to its low speed and funny for the huge engine capacity of output power - 245 forces. While, that ITS does he designated as the 200-strong due to appear when the registration is still in 1998 year and stretching so far from the owner to the owner of mistakes ...

By the way, since the car is assembled in Canada, of the grille is shown not caught, Alas, pictured in a thick wire cloth, like irons, isolation, with a three-pronged fork, with flat contacts - powered boiler preheater motor, eating from 110 volt!

After buying a car shock absorbers have been changed in a circle, renovated sunroof (beushnyiy purchased on disassembly and of 2-assembled one), changing connections in the system cool down and make it flush.

In the future owner of the planned replacement transfer case. Fact, that at the moment razdatka step-worth, by dorestayla, Nf249 — normal full-time, where the moment of the center differential constantly distributed between the front and rear axle in the ratio 50:50. But in the original version of the Grand Cherokee should be a transfer case NP249OD, feed under normal conditions, without probuksovki, 95% torque to the rear axle specifically, and 5% the front through viskomufta. The substitution box is required for a return to authenticity, and for a certain fuel consumption. So you need on the roads forced hard block viscous coupling in the "ponizhaykoy" on NP249 missing, and on NP249OD - have.

In move

I sit down behind the wheel and nearly drowning in a puffy chair cloud comfortable ... Under the creaking of the old skin pick up a comfortable position of the steering wheel and seats. Nestle could easily, but some special space is not there - with my 120 kg and 187 cm, need to say, unallocated space is only slightly ...

Before us is a large and almost deserted car park at the business center next to the underground Kolomna - it is absorbed in the management before going on the road. Acceleration from kikdaun truly irresistible, and bass growl Magnum simply delicious (and this without any co-current, at all normal exhaust!) - Unfortunately, Space does not permit "to smoke" as follows.

But the abrupt reversals were scary thing ... Predicted valkost characteristic of any crossover and SUVs, but this I did not expect — even at very low speeds the car coming down the side almost like a sailboat in a storm ... Any modern economical sedan compared with JGC seem sharpened under rough handling sports car! Monstrous engine obviously too heavy and high for abrupt maneuvers - with an open hood strike the eye, how much it protrudes upward from the engine compartment, as if to jump. Profile solid rubber wheels even at full-time 225/70 R16, and currently on the machine are even slightly more than the highest tire 235/70 R16. Well, in principle, any characteristic of an honest SUV on antediluvian by today's times of high beam axle suspension - all of this together strongly protests against any fast ride, Besides from both in a straight line ...

Brakes acceptable for older Americans vyalovaty, If, let us say, to associate with any modern car — but it's not a bug, a feature, to which vpribavok quickly adaptirueshsya, getting used to press the pedal a bit harder.

We leave the highway and go from the underground Kolomna Metro Rizhskaya across the avenue Andropov and TTC. "Grand" willing to respond to the pedal and pret, simultaneously picking up speed, a moderately sharp evolutions of the strip in the strip already, fortunately, not so bad. A four-speed rather briskly and smoothly shift gears, even during hard pedaling by the 60 km / h reaching up to the highest transmission. This is completely understandable - the thrust from the engine through the roof even in the low speed, and whether the transfer of "true", fuel consumption would be really quite indecent ... He, generally, and so it is in the town of 18 to 25 liters per one hundred square meters, although you can fit on a clean track in 11 l. at a speed 90 km / h. In fact,, the previous owner used the car as a daily car, and since he had to go to work, reeling on 300 km, sustenance of almost six liters was very devastating for him ...

Although, that the current owner has changed all shock absorbers in a circle, that, According to him, make cars more softly, especially soft to me it somehow did not seem ... For example,, "Speed ​​bumps" rezinoplastikovogo type were quite rude, although for the driver and passengers, this shake is almost completely quenched by a thick and plump cushions of chairs. But I expect a few more ...

On the whole,, if not to think about the expense of the 98th, vegetable everyday urban riding JGC could be called quite bearable, If when driving in a straight line at a speed of 80-90 km / h do not have to constantly finely taxi, that the old school tugovato "donut" somewhat lacking. Incidentally, in the control management has recently been introduced shock-absorber, as the front suspension slightly inclined to "shimmy". When the car drove from Petrozavodsk to Moscow, the effect on the loosening of control had to feel, so in addition to lifting gear to remove the backlash has been made a little tuning.

Ownership experience Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ 5.9

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