If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

How to be, if the distance from civilization you "dead" battery in the key fob alarm? Shops near no, spare batteries too,, and use the emergency release via alarm button «valet» you do not know ...


"And what is the valet?»

One of the many laws of Murphy sounds, it seems, more or less like this: "If any problem is likely at least one percent, sooner or later there will be sure to ". In other words, I write this article has spurred is the third similar story, What happened to my friends, despite the fact that before even a single such case seemed to me very unlikely ...

One of my friends went on a fishing trip, not very far from civilization, but not too close. Returning from the river to his car, he was unable to start the engine - the battery in the key fob village alarm. Door unlocked, waited, until otkrichit siren, and began to ring up friends…

About the availability of spare batteries in the glove box or purse with documents, which simply needs to be in every responsible motorist, I did not ask - it was clear, such that there is no ... But «valet» button on that?! Discouraged, I vyznat, that the "Diamonds" my friend has no idea - not that it, nor how to use it ...

Alas, common problem. Hidden «valet» There is a button on absolutely all models and brands of car alarms, and it is intended for just such cases - that in the case of discharge fob batteries, its damage or loss could start the engine and drive away. But to use it, need to:

1 — know, what it is, in principle,;

2 — know, where it is placed in your car;

3 — know, how to get in «valet» mode;

4 — know the code «valet» button.

Often, the same happens, signaling that the nuances of the work other than the banal "open / close" owner unknown — unscrupulous installers too lazy to explain, where there is a button, forgotten to give instructions to the alarm, changed the code to a full-time "111" or "123" on the new, but forgot to say about it, and so on. In the case of, if the vehicle was purchased old, and alarm system inherited from the machine, the emergence of problems with the "jack" more possible ...

As a result, one thing remains: trying to revive the shrunken Keychain with battery. We assume, that all around you there are no other machines, to whose owners can be accessed with a dubious request to borrow 5 minutes the battery from your keyring mean ..., try to apply for a battery current from an external source. And the first, that we create - shall open Keychain, to find out the type of battery, установленной в нем. A more precisely - its tension, because it is very different.

These different batteries ...

Suppose to begin, that we are unusually lucky, and, open Keychain, we found inside the "nano-finger" type A27. These batteries were previously uncommon, but today are used infrequently and are usually found in an old alarms. A27 — 12-volt battery, and the battery in the car - also a 12-volt! means, without any tricks you can apply for the battery contacts in the key fob power directly from the starter battery terminals under the hood. For this we shall need two wires, stripped at the ends — if you have not turned in the tool box, will have to dissolve the knife on the USB-cable wiring, exactly where they have. polarity (positive to positive, minus to minus) better comply, but an error, generally, not terribly, For trinkets are usually protected by installing batteries "inside out".

If the village of battery in the key fob alarm If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

Consider another option. We were not lucky, and in the key fob was 3-volt «pill» type CR2450, CR2032 or similar, with «3V» inscription. Means, we will need a voltage source 3 volts and the same two wires, stripped at the ends. The power supply is suitable battery of any phone, voltage having 3,7 volt. It's a bit more, what we need, but in general, no big deal. Even better would be, if the phone battery will podsevshih - from 50% and the least. Neatly palmed off the tips of the wires under the transmitter battery, and the back end is pressed against the flat contact phone batteries. And show the wonders of the gutta-percha, pressing any semi-free finger on the key fob button.

If the village of battery in the key fob alarm If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

Not to tell, that often, but catches and such embodiment oddish: 3, two thin-volt batteries CR2016, included alternately. The pins are inserted into the key fob "stacked", one above the other. And this "stack" of images in tandem with the power supply voltage 6 volt. In this case, we will help ordinary USB-adapter into the cigarette lighter, which gives 5-5,5 volt. It is almost six and quite enough. To connect to the battery must be cut from the USB-cord connector microUSB-«папа», clean up the harness and slip the ends under the "stack" batteries: red for plus, Black - a minus. Well, the USB-cable, respectively, plug the adapter into the cigarette lighter.

If the village of battery in the key fob alarm If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

1,5 Volt - just horrible ...

Well, at the end of the most problematic option - and, as luck, the most frequently occurring today in the screen charms and feedback. It is powered by a single 1.5 volt AAA element - "mikropalchika". And get away from the battery car field 1,5 Volt is very difficult ...

If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

1-th, that you can try - technique, well-experienced tourists and popular topics, who was walking to the school radiocircle. Necessary, removing the plastic wrap, energetic mash battery by tapping the body on all sides and slightly warm it lighter / match / hot water. It often happens, that such torture invigorate it so, it gives more almost a quarter of the available energy in the beginning, which certainly enough despite the fact that one would have to open doors - and most of us do not need to!

Еще один вариант, worth mentioning — battery charge! Yes, you heard right. Individual alkaline batteries can be partially regenerated, returning them to the outside by a charge current supply. In the Soviet era the amateur literature total deficit of this subject has been given considerable attention, although in general the battery charging process has been ineffective, and recover them even 50% container managed infrequently. But we are in the more profitable conditions in comparison with the Soviet Homebrew! We are not fighting for a significant resource recovery — from batteries, we need, that she worked in the key fob despite the fact that for a minute, allowing the motor to remove the lock and start the engine.

For this, with the correct polarity, We connect our 1.5-volt alkaline battery to the starter Batteries. But not directly, of course, otherwise it may overheat simultaneously, burn your hands and even a little babahnut. We will connect it through a dropping resistor, which will act as a 21-watt lamp of a stoplight. In this case, the charging current will be a little less 2 ampere.

If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

But even this current is able to rapidly heat the battery, so you need to supply current in small doses for a few seconds, controlling the temperature of the batteries fingers. After spending a decade in a row on the charge techniques 2-3 seconds and spending the whole fuss with wires and lamp minutes 5, we have successfully fully recharge a dead-AAA alkaline battery capacity to enable transmitter and send a command to disarm!

If the village of battery in the key fob alarm

Well, the best advice to prevent a similar situation - always keep in the glove compartment of the spare battery! Thrifty and ready for the complexities of various road and the car owner himself avoids just coming out of trouble, and others can help out!

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