Does it make sense to buy a cheap antifreeze?

Does it make sense to take a cheap antifreeze?

In this article we will talk about the qualitative antifreeze, Is it justified the price compared to its cheaper counterparts, which at the moment is very much on the market coolants.


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Currently, many motorists do not remove a huge attention to the selection of antifreeze, but because the coolant is one of the main functional vehicle fluids, along with engine oil, fuel and brake fluid. It retains an impeccable temperature range for operation of the engine, protecting against excessive wear of vehicle parts, oil coke and soot deposits. Pouring coolant substandard, you risk to face a number of severe problems, such as overheating of the engine, corrosion, cavitation, as a consequence - an expensive car repairs.

What is the safe use of low-quality coolants?


Overheating - the source of the most severe problems in the operation of your vehicle's engine. More 90% defects, which arise due to engine overheat, It occurs particularly due to the use of poor quality coolant.

Details of the motor and engine oils are designed to work in a particular thermal regime, with an increase which takes oil decomposition and engine parts are deformed. The consequences of overheating of the engine are a compression drop due to decreasing resilience of piston rings or the deformation of the cylinder head, and even jamming of the pistons in the cylinders, which leads to a motor failure.


Why is it necessary to fear of corrosion of cooling system parts? A layer of corrosion on the walls of the radiator and the engine becomes the channel insulator, that corrosion has a thermal conductivity 50 times less, than the metal CAM. As a result, the vehicle engine overheats and has been operating at unacceptable temperature values.

If the cooling water are particles of corrosion products, it can "jam" thermostat, clogged radiator, ignite or leak the pump bearing.


A cheap coolants contain in their composition outdated additives, which during operation of the vehicle precipitate, thereby provoking corrosion. That is why the cheap Cooling liquids must be replaced every year.

How can choose high-quality antifreeze for your car?

only choose the color of the coolant is prohibited. If you are in the car was filled with a reddish or green antifreeze, it does not mean, the next time you need to fill in your own vehicle coolant precisely this color. Color antifreeze it is only dyes, which do not affect its properties and from different manufacturers can be released.

We do not recommend to buy antifreeze, which are unclear cheap, In this case, you risk to run into a fake and low-quality products. Coolant can be inexpensive because of the composition of components, that it contains.

When buying antifreeze should also pay attention to the label - it must be perfectly glued, this must be specified details of the composition of the product and contact the manufacturer's data, as well as the number and batch series.

You can not connect the antifreeze. In an emergency,, when necessary top up, and you do not understand what kind of anti-freeze has been filled in your car's cooling, in this case, you'd better pour distilled water.

The composition of the water and antifreeze is ethylene glycol, and a set of additives, which determine the quality of antifreeze!

modern antifreeze — it sverhtehnologichny coolants, which have a lifetime of at least 5 years, possess excellent protection against corrosion and cavitation, that provides long-term operation of the vehicle without problems with the cooling system.

And in a cheap antifreeze glycol unscrupulous manufacturers replace consistency toxic methanol and glycerol. Coolant with this lineup definitely harm your car. And if you do not want to change too soon, eg, pump, it is better to overpay, but be sure of the quality of the product. It makes a huge mistake car owners, trying to save on antifreeze. These savings can result in sudden engine repair costs. casting cost and operating cost are different things.

Let's review, What to do, so as not to run into a fake when purchasing cooling water:

— Purchase only the cooling water, which have official approvals automakers, and also used at the first casting on the conveyor.

— Before you buy antifreeze pay attention have ravenostvo whether performance characteristics and composition of coolant your vehicle.

When choosing a high-quality anti-freeze recommended that you pay attention to antifreeze FELIX, which produces a popular company "Antifreeze-Synthesis", not only in Russia, but also in the CIS countries.

If you have a question to the selection of cooling water specifically for your car, then use the web site, and you will easily be able to pick it up.

Does it make sense to take a cheap antifreeze?

The entire line of antifreeze Felix hundred percent meets all the requirements listed above, which rely Largest automakers. Moreover, number of car factories (such as AvtoVAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, KAMAZ, MAZ, UAZ, GROOVE, LADA-Izhevsk, GM-Uzbekistan, Asia-Auto) it uses antifreeze Felix as the first fill. brand products are produced on the basis of the highest grade of ethylene glycol and thoroughly with clean water with a specially selected additive package. For this reason, the cooling water FELIX excellent job of cooling engines all modern cars and trucks, and above all - the import of cars, protecting the motor from overheating and overcooling, despite the extreme temperature and load limits.

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