5 most useless avtogadzhetov with AliExpress

5 the most worthless avtogadzhetov with AliExpress

Chinese online shopping predstavyayut a lot of useful accessories for the car, but at least there and frank trash, Causing unless abundant frustration. Here are five of the most absurd and useless accessories, on which we strongly recommend not to spend money.


Electronic "turbo"

This is the real star of our antireytinga — fantastic scam, pohlesche than sadly famous «Fuel Shark»! Device, various modifications which are of 1 500 to 3 500 rubles, It represents a powerful fan in the housing, which clamps on embedded into the engine intake path - before airflow sensor. On a theoretical level, fulfilling the same role, as a conventional turbocharger, gadget is designed to raise the pressure in the inlet, allowing to increment the amount of fuel burned, thereby increasing the capacity of the motor.

To begin with, A what, as it is funny, but, likely, for this technology - the future. Sooner or later supersede the classic turbine, driven by the movement of the exhaust gases, as the electric power steering is now replacing hydraulic steering system. In electric turbines has a cool dignity - complete absence is not something that turboyamy, but, in principle, any restrictions on the turnover: electrical charging system can reach full power to idle engine speed, with no delay, no inertia!

That's just the power of the electric motor of the present (instead aliekspressnoy!) electric turbines must be very large. Even for the minimum amount of engine supercharging 1,5-1,6 liters to 0,4 bar (that many engines are able to maintain in the "atmospheric" firmware control units) It will need electric power of about 5 kilowatt! And more, for awareness: to develop such capacity, electric turbines motor should consume from 12-volt bortseti several hundred (!) ampere, connected to it by wires to a width of a finger and switched dorogushchim power unit. Because technology until electric boost is at the stage of development — for example, Such turbines are experiencing Volkswagen and Audi, reinforcing their power 48-volt electrical system. In addition, even in mass production, "independent" boost is unlikely to cost less than a few thousand dollars. But the fact, that is offered to Ali for two or three thousand rubles - a full, wide garbage, which is not something that will not boost, but it did not even compensate for the rotation of the propeller resistance in the intake tract, generated by the same prop ...

5 the most worthless avtogadzhetov with AliExpress

"Megastabilizator voltage"

specific device, not having a common name - each manufacturer emphasizes that feature title, that it seems to be more attractive. Among the advantages typically announce:

increasing the torque and improving the response of the gas pedal;
alignment of idling;
increasing the brightness of headlights;
fuel economy;
improving properties audio sound;
increase the service life BATTERY.

The essence of the device - a battery of multiple parallel high capacity supercapacitors in the box. It just connects parallel terminals regular BATTERY. Oddly enough, this is not a scam in its purest form - the connection to the battery backup tank receiver plays a role in the compressor, smoothing sharp dips with an increase of air consumption. Such electric buffer (It is significantly larger in capacity, than this Chinese bagatelle) really facilitates operation of the starter battery, slightly prolonging her life. It helps to avoid sound distortion and powerful audio system, resulted in a peak load on the power source with the bass pulses at maximum volume. true, improvement idling and light range can be either with defective generator, or on machines like the Oka, which in traffic tend to stall when the fan is switched on ... do not need the whole, properly and serviced the vehicle, this tchotchke. And out of whack and tattered life better address the causes, rather than a consequence of, Just hanging Chinese junk, where fire safety is a huge issue.

5 the most worthless avtogadzhetov with AliExpress

Linden alarm

Seeing this device, at first I could not believe my eyes than ... Who exactly 2019 year? Or me, how Marty McFly, for some reason, failed in merry 90th?! After specific time in the magazine "Radio" and other literature for radio-Homebrew published flashers scheme on svetodiodike, which simulate the missing alarms and protects the machine from the encroachments of punks school age ...

But now it's not even funny - especially, for 250 rubles ... Plastic translucent box the size of a cigarette lighter are invited to stick in the double-sided tape on the driver's door trim around glass. Yes, modern Chinese version of the simulator is much more advanced alarm, homemade than from the 90 - he did self-contained, because it is powered by built-in battery and is recharged from the sun (for the first charge there is even a microUSB!), and automatically starts flashing at dusk. But, as 20 лет обратно, its security properties are zero, because the acquisition of the gadget definitely not recommended.

5 the most worthless avtogadzhetov with AliExpress

Stickers on mirrors

For those, who do not have heating exterior mirrors, Chinese predstavyayut transparent plenochki-coated nakleechki, not allowing the rain drops linger. properly, coverage, forcing the drops to drain completely, — not a myth, They have long and well-known. But buyers to plenochku superfluous imposed high requirements, For traders pretty cunning in photos, demonstrating perfectly flawless look with a label and an almost complete invisibility due to drops — without it ... In fact, these cheap accessories can slightly improve visibility in rain, but only slightly, which is confirmed by numerous photos of the, who bought and leave feedback in the comments to the goods. Coating tolerably contributes from large droplets, but against a small drizzle it is ineffective. Additionally layer fugitive and disappears after, like a dirty mirror a few times will rub cloth ...

5 the most worthless avtogadzhetov with AliExpress

umbrella holder

In principle, itself for itself accessory is quite reasonable and useful, a fortiori, that in some of the auto business class and above these from time to time there are nominally. But the problem of this particular Chinese Share - the fitting on the double-sided tape!

In fact, from "aliekspressnyh" products, used to fix the elements of the passenger compartment double-sided tape, you can purchase and use only those, that have a weight of no more than a ten coins and are attached to a horizontal surface — everything else falls away after parking the car in the heat and quickly, either very quickly. plastic hook, holding umbrella, unstuck under its weight for a few days, and drilling holes in it, To attach it with screws, It deprives many crafts that nice principle of «Plug and Play» and generally make any sense ...

5 the most worthless avtogadzhetov with AliExpress

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